EMX Royalty – Company Introduction To 40 Cashflowing Royalties And Continued Revenue Growth

Shad Marquitz
October 28, 2022

David Cole, President and CEO of EMX Royalty Corp (TSX.V: EMX) (NSYE: EMX), joins us for a comprehensive overview of how the Company was formed, their unique triple-pronged approach to growing value, and a summation of their royalty portfolio of assets.    We start of by getting Dave’s background in the exploration and mining sector, and how the success of Franco Nevada encouraged him to start EMX over 19 years ago.  The initial focus was on generating value using the prospect generator business model, which generates royalties on projects sold or optioned as the fruits of the initial exploration and value creation.  The other 2 prongs of the business model focused on royalty acquisitions, like the transaction with SSR Mining, and then the Company also has substantial strategic equity positions in other mining companies.


David outlined that EMX Royalty holds a portfolio of  262 land holdings, 171 royalties, and 40 cash-flowing royalties; of which 5 are on actively producing mines.   Many of the other royalties are generating revenues due to defined pre-production payments, option payments, and gate payments.   We review the 5 key producing royalties, and discuss a few development projects that should represent more near-term revenues as they move into production over the next few years.  Next we discuss the value of the large basket of equities invested in 3rd party mining companies as a additional value driver and providing more optionality for the company. 


We wrap up with a review of the financial strength of the company, key strategic shareholders like SSR Mining, Newmont Mining, Franco Nevada, Stephens, and  Sprott, as well as unpacking the remaining Sprott loan due in 2024, and the confidence Dave has in their existing cash-flowing royalties and ones coming online to address the debt as it comes due.   This was a sold introduction to the company, team, business model, and key assets. 


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  •  In full disclosure, Shad is an existing shareholder of EMX Royalty Corp.