Jordan Roy-Byrne – What Are The Odds Of A Major Market Correction Pulling Everything Down?

November 23, 2022

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold joins us to discuss the potential of a market crash next year and if it happens what would happen to the precious metals. He is seeing a very set up in gold compared to the times before market crashes. We also discuss the trends Jordan sees of the US Dollar and interest rates through next year.




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    Nov 23, 2022 23:32 PM

    Thanks for all you guys do and have done. Time to stop work until Friday. The algos don’t like Turkey so let them watch the store.
    Thanks again for all you give us and all your sharing of knowledge.
    Happy TDay

      Nov 23, 2022 23:27 PM

      Much appreciated Lakedweller2. We’ve actually still got a number of interviews to post over the next 2 days, and more content on the way… “No rest for weary,” as the saying goes… 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well sir, and to all our US listers and contributors.

    Nov 23, 2022 23:41 PM

    When I lived in Korea we used to get our turkey dinners catered by the US army base in Seoul and those folks did a terrific job with their turkey dinners. At least it’s one good thing the military complex does around the world.

      Nov 23, 2022 23:38 PM

      When I was in Saudia for one year, they used to fly in steaks with other supplies on Fridays. We looked forward to it.

      Nov 23, 2022 23:26 PM

      Seriously fool??
      What about the military being in Korea to protect your ass.

    Nov 23, 2022 23:36 PM

    For a slow trading day before thanksgiving it was an interesting last hour for Brixton. 1/2 it’s volume and closed up after being below .20 most of the day.

      Nov 23, 2022 23:43 PM

      My account lingered all day long, grinding downward to almost zero at end of day … then in the last 2 minutes it popped to high of day. That is usually Emerita shorts getting out but today it was that plus Brixton and Golden Lake going up.

    Nov 24, 2022 24:45 AM

    The US dollar is “DUST” in the wind, China and Russia are getting ready to implode “The World’s Reserve Currency”, and replace it with a gold backed monetary system. DT

      Nov 24, 2022 24:28 AM

      DT – The Dollar Index bounce following its recent spike low was very weak, never near 38.2%, having been throttled at 108 even. Retest now ongoing.

        Nov 24, 2022 24:29 AM

        BDC, the tone of the forecasters whose lightest words carry weight, is not exuberant. Even on this site we are seeing more predictions of reckoning ahead. I don’t want to seem alarmist, but all the signs point to Rome, easy enough to see if you look around instead of straight ahead. DT

          Nov 24, 2022 24:20 AM

          When did Rome begin to die?

            Nov 24, 2022 24:49 AM

            Rome is still there. Cost more to visit is all.

            Nov 24, 2022 24:14 AM

            BDC, Rome began to die shortly after the assassination of Julius Caesar (when The Praetorian Guard started deciding who should rule), but it took four hundred more years of decay before the barbarians finally knocked over their aqueducts and the city of Rome went from one million inhabitants to thirty thousand literally overnight.

            When Britain held The World’s Reserve Currency their Empire lasted around 80 to 90 years. Britain’s decline came mostly from fighting and financing foreign Wars, in Afghanistan (The graveyard of Empires), South Africa (The Boer War), and The First World War. Britain lost sixty thousand men and their equipment in one day at The Battle of The Somme. The US is on the same trajectory as Britain. DT

            Nov 24, 2022 24:35 PM

            DT – No doubt that the Roman Republic culminated in that assassination; but, much earlier when slavery became an institution, the seeds of destruction had been sown for both Republic and Empire. The purveyors of such today, however expressed, continue to attempt world dominance.

            Nov 24, 2022 24:59 PM

            Today there is no excuse for repeating history. There are too many ways to know better. That indicates there are too many dysfunctional self interested anti-social personalty disorders and not enough criminal enforcement. Sounds like a mental health crisis.

            Nov 24, 2022 24:29 PM

            Unfortunately, there is too much criminality enforced by our ‘leaders’.

            Nov 25, 2022 25:58 AM

            There is too much deregulation by Politicians opening the door for greater political corruption in the area of Central Banking, Wall Street, Corporate Control and Election Financing. Then there is very little Legal Action against those that commit criminal acts in those areas despite the “Criminal Statutes” not being removed. Just because a function is deregulated doesn’t mean “theft is not theft” and “fraud is not fraud”. Undermining Legal Institutions is a primary goal of Totalitarian Leadership and that is because they plan to commit criminal acts to remain in power. The scary part is that the people put them into power and point at others for their loss of freedom.

            Nov 25, 2022 25:14 AM

            Classic example of undermining law: Supreme Court passing Citizens United creating the “corporate person”. The Justice Department puts 5 felonies including one for manipulating precious metals on JPM. Only the JPM Corporate Person charged and pleads guilty. No Corporate Human Criminals even charged and Jamie Dimon stays in control of a recognized criminal operation.

            Nov 25, 2022 25:31 AM

            Destruction of Glass-Steagall was the most recent worst.

      Nov 24, 2022 24:12 AM

      Euro first