John Rubino – China Riots, Oil Dropping, Another Crypto Exchange Bankruptcy and Recession Worries For 2023

November 28, 2022

John Rubino, Founder of the Dollar Collapse website joins us to outline a some of the major market and economic worries he’s been watching. We start with the riots in China, then move to the drop in oil prices, which ties into recession fears for next year, and finally discuss the crypto space where we just had news of another exchange going bankrupt.




    Nov 28, 2022 28:39 PM

    If oil moves down it could be good for the consumer, but the media is talking up electric cars, there could be a push by The Central Bankers to buy up some of these oil companies at fire sale prices. The consumer no longer has control of the markets as much as they used to. There isn’t a shortage of energy especially oil, but there are invisible hands that control the media that can convince the public of anything as witnessed by covid. DT

      Nov 28, 2022 28:46 PM

      If you can convince the public that electric cars are the immediate future although the electrical infrastructure cannot support any of this new technology. It won’t be able to for many years until enough power plants can be built, not to mention all the other metals required to have electric cars as a viable option. If you cancel The XL pipeline because it is not needed, but then immediately pretend to try and buy more oil from Venezuela and Iran, it would be very easy to convince the man on the street that oil prices are dropping because there is an oil glut due to a slowing economy, and the acceptance of electric cars. DT

        Nov 28, 2022 28:33 PM

        Here’s an interesting stat

        The most jarring statistic of this week came from Morgan Stanley energy analyst Martijn Rats, who noted that while 72 per cent of new cars in Norway are electric vehicles, oil consumption in the country hasn’t changed.

        Also. Decarbonization of the global economy is a tall, tall order. Renewable power will have to triple and quadruple from its current 16 per cent of the total to replace coal, oil and natural gas.

          Nov 28, 2022 28:40 PM

          Decarbonization of the global economy is a moronic criminal order that only complete fools would believe is legitimate.

            Nov 28, 2022 28:15 PM

            I doubt even Gruesome Newsom in California takes his decrees about no fossil fuels seriously, so he isn’t a complete fool. Close, but not quite.

            Nov 28, 2022 28:21 PM

            There’s no way that sleazy Newsom takes his decrees seriously. Remember when he was caught dining at The French Laundry while his lockdowns applied to everyone else? The complete fools I was referring to are the millions of imbeciles that voted for the dirtball and others like him.

            Nov 28, 2022 28:27 PM

            Hi Matthew, can you interpret this in simple terms, Brixton Metals Corp. forms bullish “Triple Moving Average Crossover” chart pattern. This is from Trend Central. Thanks, LOL! DT

            Nov 28, 2022 28:48 PM

            Hi DT, I don’t know which 3 MAs Trend Central is referring to but the significance of the triple MA crossover is that it signifies a new trend, in this case a bullish new trend.
            MA selection would be based on the scale of the trend that you’re attempting to play. Big money might skip the daily stuff altogether and watch weekly MAs like the 20, 50 and 200 while more active traders might choose daily chart MAs like the 5, 10 and 15 which just got into bullish order today:

            Those are just examples that I do not endorse using by themselves but the utility of MAs is probably far greater than most traders realize. At least that’s my perception. Too many traders seem to prefer to complicate their lives with systems that make success more difficult but I digress.

        Nov 28, 2022 28:22 PM

        Chinese are into it, opening multiple coal fired power plants around the country… daily. Where is the oxygen going to come from in this country?

          Nov 28, 2022 28:18 PM

          In the mountains around Lake Tahoe, there are air quality sampling stations. In air samples taken from there, flecks of ash have been found that are unique to coal found in China.

          Made it all the way across the Pacific.

    Nov 28, 2022 28:42 PM

    The only thing certain is that Biden won’t win a second term. Unless all the illegals somehow vote. But the silent majority that voted in Trump, should have their ducks in a row by then. (Jettison Mitch McConnell)

      Nov 28, 2022 28:52 PM

      Hi Buzz, Do you really think they have elections anymore? DT

        Nov 29, 2022 29:13 PM

        Much cheating has happened on Mitch McConnell’s watch, so he must be in bed with Nancy Pelosi’s French poodle

    Nov 28, 2022 28:40 PM

    Oil Surges As Speculation Over OPEC Cut Outweighs China Concerns

    By Ambar Warrick – – Nov 28, 2022

    “Oil prices jumped on Tuesday as traders bet that recent weakness in the market will invite more supply cuts by the OPEC, while anti-government protests in China and hawkish signals from the Federal Reserve worsened the outlook for demand.”

    “Oil marked a volatile start to the week, initially tumbling as much as 3% as Chinese protests against the government’s strict zero-COVID policy intensified. But prices recovered later in the session, ending Monday a shade higher as markets bet that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will step in to support prices. The cartel is set to meet on December 4, its last meeting for the year, to decide on production.”

    Nov 28, 2022 28:45 PM

    Asian Stocks Surge On China Reopening Rumors, Stimulus Measures

    By Ambar Warrick– – (Nov 29, 2022)

    “Most Asian stocks bounced back from recent losses on Tuesday, with Chinese bourses leading gains after Beijing rolled out more stimulus measures, while social media rumors suggested that the Chinese government was considering the scaling back of its anti-Covid policies.”

    “China’s blue-chip Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300 index surged nearly 3%, recouping all of its recent losses, while the Shanghai Composite index added 2.2%. Hong Kong stocks also rallied, with the Hang Seng index jumping over 4%.”

    Nov 28, 2022 28:11 PM

    2023 Will Be A Rollercoaster Year, Bitcoin To $9k And Gold To Shine

    Small Caps – Nov 25, 2022 #Video

    “Gareth Soloway, chief market strategist of, joins Small Caps to discuss what the technical charts are showing may be next for the markets.”

    Nov 28, 2022 28:21 PM

    SMRs Seen Playing Key Role In Repurposing Coal Plants

    Reuters – Nov 18, 2022 #Nuclear

    “Small modular reactors (SMRs) could play a key role in plans to replace the heart of coal-fired power plants with a low- or zero-emission heat source. Coal-fired plants have a capacity of over two terawatts worldwide, or around 36% of all power generated…”

    “A coal-powered plant provides a reliable baseload against wind and solar intermittency and has valuable energy assets which would be expensive to replace, including transmission connections, cooling water access, real estate holdings, and a skilled workforce. Far from scaling back on coal use, global operating coal capacity grew by 18.2 GW in 2021, or about 0.86%, according to the Global Energy Monitor.”

    “TerraPraxis, in its study ‘Repowering the Global Coal Fleet by 2050’, and an increasing number of SMR developers say the solution is to close down the plants’ polluting elements – mostly the boiler – and replace them with an energy source that has as close to zero emissions as possible while reusing the surrounding infrastructure already in place.”

    Nov 29, 2022 29:46 AM

    Today looks better and the opposite of yesterday. First time I have seen that happen.🥹

      Nov 29, 2022 29:46 AM

      Much better than yesterday…just turned red after a green open.

      Nov 29, 2022 29:53 AM

      The magna mining is certainly starting the day of strong….. in my dream world Emerita stays down this low as I get take profits from Brixton and Magna over the next few months and then Emerita goes back to its old highs or higher after I’ve accumulated more. 😎

        Nov 29, 2022 29:31 PM

        I added again to Magna and also had a proper move in Mine Mile. Emerita is still plagued with trolls, but had a good day.,

    Nov 29, 2022 29:02 AM
      Nov 29, 2022 29:59 AM

      Yeah, that was a stellar hole put out by HighGold and it had quite a rocket ride higher on that news earlier today, that has corrected down a bit today from where it was in the mid $0.90s but still a nice market response overall.

      I had talked with Darwin and his IR lady at the New Orleans Investment Conference and have been trying to reach out and coordinate getting them on the show soon, but now everyone will be ringing their phones to discuss this recent drill news. I’m happy for their team and nice to see another company getting rewarded on the back of drilling success.

    Nov 29, 2022 29:26 AM

    Added to : VZLA @ $1.02
    SLVTF @ $.149
    Sold 15% of NFGC @ $4.51

    14% cash position still

    Nov 29, 2022 29:44 AM

    For those who appreciate my calls here goes!

    Brixton has a short term target of .25.5 which will provide very little resistance imo and blow through it to hit that .29-.31 level. There is a possibility of breaking through these numbers and going directly to .46-.50 but it’s 50/50 with calls sometimes. Either scenario has us pausing complete month of December into a daily bullish wedge formation. December now imo will become a red monthly for hui/xau/brixton etc. Can I be wrong? Yes but I’m sticking to this call.. January would see a major breakout for brixton if the plan go accordingly


      Nov 29, 2022 29:22 PM

      By short term .255 you meant today????🤣🤣🤣…. Nice volume too

        Nov 29, 2022 29:36 PM

        I want tomorrow to finish at .28 or higher. 😉

          Nov 29, 2022 29:34 PM

          You and me Matt 😃💪

          Im betting it will 🥳

            Nov 29, 2022 29:09 PM

            Great call Glen and great chart on BBB above Matthew.

            Nov 29, 2022 29:03 PM

            Thank you Dan 🙂

        Nov 29, 2022 29:33 PM

        You got it wolf 🙂 the call was made and posted before it happened.


    Nov 29, 2022 29:09 PM

    Denison Mines, DML. First paragraph…

    “TORONTO, Nov. 29, 2022 /CNW/ – Denison Mines Corp. (“Denison” or the “Company”) (TSX: DML) (NYSE American: DNN) is pleased to announce that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (“CNSC”) has completed its conformity review of the draft Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) submitted for the proposed in-situ recovery (“ISR”) uranium mine and processing plant (the “Project”) planned for Denison’s 95% owned Wheeler River project (“Wheeler River”). The CNSC determined that the draft EIS met the requirements for the advancement of the Environmental Assessment (“EA”) process. Denison is also pleased to report that the federal technical review of the EIS, which is being completed under the provisions of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (“CEAA 2012″), has now commenced.”

    Nov 29, 2022 29:39 PM

    I see that there are 308 sellers of Kootenay Silver at $0.11. Maybe a news letter put out a sell opinion on it. I can’t find any news on it from today.

    * BTW, the total volume of ask at that price is 495,000 shares so it looks like a bunch of small holders. *

      Nov 29, 2022 29:07 PM

      … back down to 155,000 /4 at $0.11 at the end of day. I don’t have any idea how that crap can happen unless it has something to do with trading on ‘alternative’ platforms.