Jordan Roy-Byrne – US Markets vs PMs, A Long Term Cart Outlook

January 25, 2023

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold joins us to discuss the set up in gold and silver compared to US markets. We also look to silver’s recent under performance to gold over the past 5 weeks. Finally we have Jordan look at a 20 year chart of gold and share what he thinks is important to note. As Jordan outlines there’s a lot to like about the setup in the precious metals.




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    Jan 25, 2023 25:52 PM

    There is a sense out there that something has gone wrong with socialism, the system as it is now has dragged tens of millions of families down toward hunger and want. We in the west have made many enemies with our foreign wars. America needs an economic plan which will prevent disaster from happening, without relying on the government handouts. DT

    Jan 25, 2023 25:01 PM

    Globalism and Socialism don’t work. We need to realize that the ways of the past made us a great society, you can’t teach new dogs, old tricks, the wisdom of the past is what we must return to, there isn’t an alternative. DT

      Jan 25, 2023 25:44 PM

      DT these two posts belong on the other side, not here.

        Jan 26, 2023 26:48 AM

        You never post, you just complain. How many years have you been lurking around here, not contributing but quick to complain. You need to take your happy pills. DT

    Jan 25, 2023 25:31 PM

    Authoritarianism and Fascism don’t either. What we need is a Republic and Regulatory Authority consistent with an existing Constitution. Corruption undermines Law.
    Now can we get back to stocks and investment opportunities.

      Jan 25, 2023 25:29 PM

      Globalism, socialism, fascism all fall under authoritarianism and more importantly collectivism. The controlled opposition “Right” media won’t talk about that fact because it is key to making the masses understand what’s really going on. There is a war on individualism which means there’s a war on individual/natural rights and self-ownership. The nationless puppet masters want the US to be like every other country and they are getting their way quickly.

        Jan 25, 2023 25:46 PM

        Yes. No solutions in sight due to all the damage. A bunch of self-fulfilling prophesies with destructive means to ends.

        Jan 25, 2023 25:54 PM

        Thanks for keeping us focused with the Charts and interpretations. It is not easy during these tumultuous days.

    Jan 25, 2023 25:59 PM

    Harry Dent say’s gold is going to $900 in 2024. He’s trying to make a dent in the price of Gold.

    Jan 25, 2023 25:54 PM

    look at natural gas, and its proxies such as Boil and UNG fund. It will soon be next to free. Tough to compete if you’re into cheap alternative energy sources.

    Jan 25, 2023 25:41 PM

    Wait until the mass population wakes up to detrimental effects of the jab. The airlines are now looking to hire pilots that haven’t taken the jab…..

      Jan 25, 2023 25:52 PM

      I might sell my unvaxxed blood a little here and there to pay for my morning coffee.

    Jan 26, 2023 26:26 AM

    (SCOT) (SCTSF) Scottie Resources Intercepts 34.5 G/T Gold Over 4.7 Metres On Blueberry Contact Zone

    January 25, 2023

      Jan 26, 2023 26:39 AM

      That’s yet another fantastic 100+ g/t meter intercept at Blueberry for Scottie Resources, and the market sold of SCOT by 5.5%. Gotta love these inefficient markets.

      This exploration team is killing it with great drill results for a year now, and granted the share price is up 65% off it’s September bottom, but then again so has most of the PM sector. This thing should have gone up multiple-fold over the last year based on the pattern of successful drill hits, but either people are shrugging these off, or simply are unaware of what is going on here.

      This project is right next to the development and near-term producer Ascot in the Golden Triangle, and they have hit over and over again consistently… Why SCOT is not getting more love from drill junkies is quite puzzling. (??)


      – January 12, 2023
      Scottie Resources Intercepts 8.21 g/t Gold Over 19 Metres On Blueberry Contact Zone

      – January 5, 2023
      Scottie Resources Intercepts 194 g/t Gold Over 2.40 Metres On Blueberry Contact Zone

      – December 6, 2022
      Scottie Resources Intercepts 31.8 g/t gold over 4.00 metres and 6.82 g/t gold over 6.85 metres on D-Zone target adjacent to Blueberry Contact Zone

      – November 10, 2022
      Scottie Resources Intercepts 9.79 G/T Gold Over 25 Metres on Blueberry Contact Zone and Reports Mineralization at Depth of 390 Metres

      – November 8, 2022
      Scottie Resources Extends Strike of Blueberry Contact Zone to 1.45 Kilometers and Reports Intercept of 4.24 g/t Gold Over 16.96 Metres

      – October 11, 2022
      Scottie Resources Extends Strike of Blueberry Contact Zone to 1.2 Kilometers with Intercept of 9.12 G/T Gold Over 16.15 Metres

      – September 13, 2022
      Scottie Resources Extends Depth of Blueberry Contact Zone to 360 Metres with Intercept of 7.07 g/t Gold Over 24.55 Metres

      – August 30, 2022
      Scottie Resources Drills Intercept of 13.3 G/T Gold Over 12.5 Metres in First Holes of 15,000+ Metre 2022 Drill Program

      – March 8, 2022
      Scottie Resources Extends Blueberry Contact Zone to 720 Metres and 225 Metres Depth with Intercepts of 34.6 g/t Gold Over 11.86 Metres

      – February 22, 2022
      Scottie Resources Intercepts 9.0 G/T Gold Over 7.39 Metres and 14.5 G/T Gold Over 3.65 Metres at Scottie Gold Mine Project

      – February 8, 2022
      Scottie Resources Extends Blueberry Zone to 225 Metres Depth with Intercept of 15.3 g/t Gold Over 13.49 Metres

      – January 14, 2022
      Scottie Resources Intercepts 11.8 g/t Gold Over 6.57 Metres and 37.2 g/t Gold Over 3.71 Metres at the Scottie Gold Mine


      What in the world to investors want to see?

      That is a pattern of sequential successful drill hits, which is demonstrating the Blueberry deposit growing along strike, at depth, in prior untested gap zones.

      Personally, I look at dozens of mining stock news releases every day, and follow hundreds of companies, and there are not many gold explorers putting out numbers this high, consistently, that don’t have substantially higher market caps than Scottie. Crazy.

        Jan 26, 2023 26:22 AM

        How many drill results are left from the 2022 drill campaign Ex???…..if my memory is correct .golden triangle is one of those area plays that has a seasonality like trading to it as there is a lull from mid winter to early spring as there is no news flow cuz the drill programs are on hiatus….just a thought. Don’t follow Scottie that closely but obviously I should be.

          Jan 26, 2023 26:03 AM

          I think Scottie still has a number of holes still to report. You are correct Wolfster, about the seasonality factor in the Golden Triangle’s available year to drill. However, in an odd twist of fate, the assay labs have been so backed up that they’ve still had results to release to the market in Dec, Jan, and likely through Feb/March. (usually a time when Golden Triangle companies are more quiet). The same thing happened with Dolly Varden in the G.T. where they still have a number of holes to still report.

          My comments on Scottie were more in reflection to the great drill results they’ve already been putting out for a year now at Blueberry. One hole like they’ve put out should have created a little buzz, but a dozen great holes in sequence should be raising some eyebrows, but so far it hasn’t. It just seems odd to me, but maybe they are just underfollowed.

          I have had a position for a while, and they are KER site sponsors, so I’m biased, but I’d think more investors would onto this story by now. I guess we’ll try to line up Brad on the show again sometime soon and have him break down what is going on and how much drilling they still have to release.

        Jan 26, 2023 26:58 AM

        I can tell you right off the bat that when you see a name like Scottie Resources it doesn’t tell you what they do. Promotion is a big part of life, if you are walking down a street and you come across a shop and the name of the business doesn’t give you an instant clue as to what their business is, you are already beaten. What does Scottie Resources do, now if they called themselves Starburst Gold I would instantly know and would want to learn more. Then I would be drawn to their drill results. DT

          Jan 26, 2023 26:45 AM

          If you’re Scottish any name or image that gets the bagpipes going off in your head, is an instant draw and you’d want to know what’s going on with Scottie.

            Jan 26, 2023 26:08 AM

            Hi Terry, take an entertainer like Liberace, it’s not enough to be a great piano player, you need a candelabra sitting on your piano, a gold sequined sports coat, diamond rings shaped like a piano, a good-looking chauffeur dressed to the nines driving a Rolls Royce, I think you get the picture. DT

            Jan 26, 2023 26:09 AM

            Good points DT and Terry on the name not saying what they do (in relation to commodity or stage of company), unless you are Scottish. Haha!

            Still, there are plenty of successful companies whose names don’t say what they do, so I don’t buy that. Did Great Bear, or Kirkland Lake, or Agnico Eagle have gold or silver or something definitive in their names to get them where they are?

            Beam me up Scottie….Resources…


            Jan 26, 2023 26:19 PM

            Hi Ex, there are a lot more companies that change their name to say what they do than ones that don’t, and they change their name because of that, by adding gold or silver or iron mining, whatever the case might be. Blackrock Silver, Dolly Varden Silver,Guanjuato Silver,Summa Silver, Vizla Silver, Silver Tiger. That makes them instantly recognizable. DT

            Jan 27, 2023 27:33 AM

            Hi DT. Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I think it would help to have the commodity listed in the name, so Scottie Gold, would be a better name than Scottie Resources.

            Regardless, their drill results for over a year now have been largely ignored, but I don’t think any newsletter writer has really championed their cause, so maybe it’s just a lack of awareness of what they’ve been doing.

        Jan 26, 2023 26:01 AM

        Computers in the hands of people that have servers should not be allowed near the markets. 😵‍💫

    Jan 26, 2023 26:51 AM

    Something’s Gotta Give

    Jesse Felder – The Felder Report – January 25, 2023

    “We’re at a fascinating juncture here in the markets. Stocks have sold off hard for a little over a year now but have rallied once again in the short run. The result is that the S&P 500 Index has formed a fairly tight coil or pennant pattern over the past several months. And, as my friend Peter Atwater points out, this coil is merely a visual representation of a fierce battle going on in the markets.”

    “This tug-of-war between bulls and bears is centered on the trends in inflation, monetary policy and the economy. The recent rally in stocks has been driven by the idea that inflation will rapidly come down back to the Fed’s 2% target, without an economic recession as catalyst, allowing the Fed to end and even reverse its rate hike campaign later this year. As to inflation, CPI swaps are now pricing in a rapid decline in inflation over the course of this year.”

    “But if earnings are going to soar in a way that would preclude recession, then it would likely mean that inflation won’t come down back to 2%, as my friend Julian Brigden suggests. Markups have been a significant factor in both the strength of earnings and inflation over the past couple of years. And if inflation remains elevated, then the Fed may find itself coming under a great deal of pressure to keep interest rates elevated longer than the market expects if not raise them even higher than they have already indicated.”

    “Of course, if the Fed is forced to raise interest rates even higher, the currently elevated probability of recession will grow even greater. A number of indicators, such as the Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index, suggest recession is not only likely but may have already begun. This perhaps helps to explain why many markets are so sanguine regarding inflation and also why they expect the Fed to be cutting rates later this year, rather than hiking.”

    “And if the Fed is going to cut rates later this year, against its most recent guidance which suggests rates will remain elevated for a prolonged period of time, they would like only do so in reaction to overwhelming evidence that recession has begun and inflation pressures will continue to wane as a result. Of course, this may not be the positive catalyst stock market bulls might hope for; just the opposite.”

    “So either we avoid recession and earnings will show strong gains, forcing the Fed to get even more hawkish than markets currently expect (bringing on recession at a later time) or inflation will come down in reaction to a steep recession that will allow the Fed to cut interest rates once again. Neither scenario sounds particularly bullish for the stock market, especially given the fact that valuations remain at historically extreme levels.”

      Jan 26, 2023 26:49 AM

      I saw something where it was suggested that The Fed is going to change the way CPI numbers are calculated again. The CPI index is already skewed to the point where it doesn’t include housing and energy, the two largest components of a household’s needs. It wouldn’t surprise me if they change the CPI ratings in their favor again. This will fool the public in the short term, but it will also cause more pain when the correction occurs.

        Jan 26, 2023 26:07 AM

        Dollar Index gerrymandering likely too!

        Jan 26, 2023 26:11 AM

        Yep, I saw that too, that they’ll change the way CPI is reported soon. The FED and their bankster cronies and government and main stream media apologists are very good as massaging numbers in reports to reflect the narrative they want. Rinse and repeat…

    Jan 26, 2023 26:32 AM

    Was certainly an interesting close for impact with a nice little burst of buying at the end of the day but a lot more volume is needed for it to get through that .40’s resistance I think but Matthew would know better.
    Regarding the afternoon little pop in PM’s I might be totally out to left field but I find a lot of times those moves between 2-5pm in the PM’s are almost fake moves and never have follow through to them. This time appears no different as all those gains are gone again when I woke up this morning

    Jan 26, 2023 26:02 AM

    Santacruz Silver Reports 2022 Full Year Record Production of 15,010,871 Silver equivalent Ounces.

      Jan 26, 2023 26:13 AM

      Santacruz Silver Consolidated Fourth Quarter 2022 Production Highlights:

      Silver equivalent produced of 4,722,004 ounces (+460% vs Q4 2021),
      Silver Production of 1,793,973 ounces (+463% vs Q4 2021),
      Lead production of 3,409 tonnes (+236% vs Q4 2021),
      Zinc production of 23,673 tonnes (+587% vs Q4 2021).

      I’d say those are pretty big increases over their production last year in Q4. Granted they’ve got more mines now, but that is called impressive growth my friends….

    Jan 26, 2023 26:00 AM

    Monday’s high in silver was taken out today, so there is officially a swing low in silver now, FWIW.

    Would have been nice to see a follow through to the upside but at this point any upward move is going to constitute a break out, and it’s hard to see silver breaking out to the upside before the FOMC meeting next week. The next 2 weeks of trading should be interesting.

      Jan 26, 2023 26:49 AM

      I think you are right about nothing happening until The Fed Meeting. The message remains that The Fed will determine “winners and losers” and not the Markets.

    Jan 26, 2023 26:37 AM

    Garbage day when the parasites suck blood.

      Jan 26, 2023 26:46 AM

      The Vampire Squid is coming to get you! 🤣

    Jan 26, 2023 26:51 AM

    Humm………….. I think a few got it wrong……….Food and Shelter…….never changes…..
    Gold prices remain down as U.S. new home sales rise 2.3% in December, beating consensus forecasts

    Jan 26, 2023 26:53 AM

    What a crazy day for the metals, especially silver. talk about whipsaw action.

    silver still looking good on the daily chart. On a very very short term basis, I would like to see silver close above the 20dma at $23.91 over the next few days. the next up leg may have already begun with Monday’s swing low.

    For gold, price should close above the upper 100 day bollinger band (100,2) for the next month at least. It’s at $1922.32 and rising sharply. That being said, I wouldn’t put it by the banksters to close it below the upper band for a single day and then recover it the next day.

    Putting my cynical hat on for tomorrow, I am going to guess that we get a gap down open in gold (especially if we close below $1922 today), only to recover the entire loss and close positive by the end of the day. Then again, if gold manages to close at or above the upper 100 day bollinger band today, today’s drop may be the only correction we get before the next leg higher.

      Jan 26, 2023 26:15 AM

      I just recorded an interview with Craig Hemke, that I’ll post this afternoon, where we were doing a play-by-play coverage of the options expirations in Silver and Gold and how prices were let run earlier this week and earlier today, only to stuff them back down again right before the COMEX (Crimex) closed.

      That may explain some of the whipsaw action seen in the PM metals prices today.

    Jan 26, 2023 26:18 AM

    Silver is on the cusp of going ballistic to the upside. I am going to try to stay conservative and say $28 is a reasonable target in the next couple of months, but I think there is a good chance the 2012 top is tested and potentially exceeded.

    I think the set up in silver:yen setup speaks to the potential power of this move.

    Jan 26, 2023 26:56 AM

    If Jordan thinks fed will have to cut rates later this year because of a server enough recession he in la la land. Inflation will come down some but will be remain high in the areas where fed can’t control it. They need to slow down economy and put people out of work etc to stop the inflation in people coming out of lockdowns and want to spend money and go on vacation, etc start to break free of that lockdown mentality, so fed has to slow it down by putting them out work, destroy their nest egg and create fear. They won’t rescue stocks unless they screw up and cause depression but they will stop raising rates but will keep them high enough for lot longer to accomplish their goal. It also want to inflate USA out of this major debt crisis that is coming.
    Gold is making it’s move after 2 year sell off and when it tips and starts it’s move down it will be repeat of last 2 years of consolidation again. So as Joe would say start taking profits in your miners and just keep your core positions open don’t look for the HR and get sucked in thinking $3K gold or $5K is right in front of you.

    Jan 26, 2023 26:09 AM

    Music from Jaws starts now: 3 stocks I briefly mentioned yesterday in one of my posts are the hardest hit today. I have gone to the bomb shelter. Back tomorrow.

    Jan 26, 2023 26:36 AM

    Looks like a lot of Political talk developing on the MINING SECTION……..
    Humm…….. wonder if, Owl should start combining the section again….

      Jan 26, 2023 26:35 PM

      I guess you don’t know who is in charge. DT

        Jan 26, 2023 26:29 PM

        Humm……….. I know Owl, has lost control of his computer… 🙂

    Jan 27, 2023 27:44 AM

    Eric Nuttell, on oil, will be on BNN at 12:00 noon Eastern Time today.