Ed Moya – Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, What’s The Contagion Impact And Will The Fed Pivot?

March 13, 2023

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst At OANDA joins us to discuss the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and what the fallout could be for other US banks and Fed policy. We also discuss the market reaction where the US Dollar is down but most markets/sectors are up (except for the financial sector). Leading the charge today are gold, silver and the underlying stocks. 




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    Mar 13, 2023 13:11 PM

    With tens of trillions of longer term bonds paying low yields and now trading at serious discounts on the dollar ………..hold to maturity is an ugly place to live, once a decade long stagflation sets in…………low yield and mark to market capital losses has created the need for a new form of QE 2.O………Jerome needed a new name so now we have “BTFP”………..Bank Term Funding Program…. or (Buying The Fooked-Up Paper)

    ……this should plug the leak for a few more weeks!

    Nice to see that the Gold Shorts are having a spiritual experience ………!!!!!

    Mar 13, 2023 13:30 PM

    Nearly all banks in the United States are FDIC-insured, which means even if a bank were to fail, your money is protected. The FDIC insures each bank account up to $250,000 per depositor per account.
    So why is government bailing out every asset of the bank, that’s not right, especially when the bank CEO sold over $3M of stock before bank was closed. Also all bank management got nice bonuses too right before closing.
    Instead of bailing out whole bank they should sell all bank assets and just cover the $250K of each depositor and just close them permanently. Tired of paying for everything this country already paying for too much, wars, military bases in other countries, student loans, illegal aliens, etc, etc. I quess it ends when we go belly up and loose worlds currency then we’re screwed. These politicians are so corrupt, they get full medical coverage for life even if they don’t win re-election and most are already rich, pay your fare share politicians, and like Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, trump, apple, Microsoft etc, all will never pay there fare share because the tax system allows these shell corporation all over world, they got all their money hidden, just ask hunter !!!

    Mar 14, 2023 14:14 AM

    Market Stress Indicators React Sharply After U.S. Bank Failures

    By Amanda Cooper, Yoruk Bahceli and Naomi Rovnick – Reuters – Mar 13, 2023

    “Financial market stress indicators reacted sharply on Monday after the failure of three U.S. banks within five days, which prompted a rethink among investors on the outlook for U.S. rates and triggered the biggest rush into bonds since at least 2008.”

    “State regulators closed New York-based Signature Bank (NASDAQ:SBNY) on Sunday, two days after California authorities shuttered Silicon Valley Bank, a lender that focused predominantly on start-ups. Crypto-focused bank Silvergate said last week it would also have to wind down its operations.”

    “SVB is the largest bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis last week, sending shockwaves across global markets…”

    Mar 14, 2023 14:09 AM

    Gold/ Silver ratio falling out of overbought situation to collapsing… (;-D