Craig Hemke – Banking Collapses, Yield Curve Reversal, Is this Just The Start?

March 16, 2023

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins us for a discussion focused on the recent US bank collapses followed by a reversal in the yield curve. Before the news on the few banking collapses the yield curve was so inverted the last time we saw this was back in the early 80s. The short end of the curve crashed after the news but the overall yield curve is still inverted.


We discuss the market shift this week back towards risk-on as markets bounced and are up for the week. Craig thinks this is just the start of major issues for the system and it will further lead the Fed to pause hikes and possibly cut rates later this year.




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    Mar 16, 2023 16:48 PM

    Bob Moriarty: We’re Going To Have More Change In The Next Six Months Than We’ve Had In The Last 50 years

    Energy & Gold w/ Goldfinger (aka Robert Sinn) – March 16, 2023

    “Less than one month ago I spoke with 321gold founder Bob Moriarty and he was adamant that the stock market was in big trouble. As it turned out, his timing in that assessment proved to be spot on. In this month’s conversation we discuss the sudden banking crisis in the US, and the prospect that this crisis goes global. We also spend some time discussing precious metals sentiment and why we could still be early in the rally in precious metals.”

    “Without further ado, Energy & Gold’s March 2023 conversation with Bob Moriarty…”

      Mar 16, 2023 16:04 PM

      Sad, that Bobby M…. is not here anymore…..
      I did not agree with him on a few things , but, still some great info.

        Mar 16, 2023 16:19 PM

        Agreed. I always appreciated getting Bob M’s input, and still do.

          Mar 16, 2023 16:25 PM

          Bob M always thoroughly researched his information, you couldn’t back him into a corner, unlike The Fed. DT

      Mar 16, 2023 16:53 PM

      One big can of worms…….
      Clearly, this SVB CEO sitting as a board member on the San Francisco Fed had some pull. Maybe they overlooked certain things because they were friends with him o

    Mar 16, 2023 16:51 PM

    The Fed may provide as much as $2 trillion in liquidity relief for banks after the SVB collapse, JPMorgan says

    Filip De Mott • Market Insider

    “The Fed’s Bank Term Funding Program may inject $2 trillion into US banking,” JPMorgan said.

    The emergency lending mechanism was created after SVB’s failure to help prevent similar bank runs.
    “The usage of the Fed’s (Bank Term Funding Program) BTFP is likely to be big,” JPMorgan said.

    “After the collapse of three lenders last week, the Federal Reserve may inject up to $2 trillion into the banking system,” according to a Wednesday note from JPMorgan Chase.

    “The estimate comes after the central bank’s weekend announcement that it’s creating an emergency loan mechanism dubbed the Bank Term Funding Program. The initiative is meant to prevent the kind of run on deposits that sank Silicon Valley Bank last week after it sold a bond portfolio for a $1.8 billion loss.”

      Mar 16, 2023 16:03 PM

      So in other words , the FED is bailing out the banks again , to the tune of $2 trillion , they will never stop.

        Mar 16, 2023 16:20 PM

        Yep, the Fed is bailing out liquidity issues from bad banking risk management, off the backs of the people by further diluting the amount of dollars in debt that are created to backstop and prop up the house of cards…. It’s also kinda like the reverse repo funding for liquidity purposes. If the Fed wasn’t there to inject new money constantly there would have been a banking implosion long ago…

        Mar 16, 2023 16:22 PM

        By the way IrishT….. Happy Saint Patrick’s day mate!

    Mar 16, 2023 16:06 PM

    From the ORPHAN SECTION…. 🙂

    15 hours ago
    This guy David Jensen interview on SGT report is the most Spot-On of ANYONE you will hear in the financial arena. His comments of current, past and future events are 100% correct.
    His explanation of the bond market and the financial crisis is superb!

    OOTB Jerry
    10 hours ago
    Ha, I just listened ,,,,, did not see your post first…… it was a great listen..

    OOTB Jerry
    9 hours ago

    Mar 16, 2023 16:23 PM

    Mouse money. Just making people think it already exist. Lies on top of lies is the plan.

    Mar 16, 2023 16:51 PM

    What most people don’t realize is that the criminal mind rises very fast in the financial world because they go for the source. It’s like prohibition, the gangster knew that the amendment that was passed would be very difficult to enforce, it was a gigantic problem, and the public wanted to enjoy drinking particularly after the end of The First World War. The gangster didn’t care about the moral issue he only saw the stupidity in the law and the huge profits that could be made filling a need. The criminal mind fits very well into the world of banking and money. DT

    Mar 16, 2023 16:10 PM

    Anyone know whatever happened to Jim Sinclair? Is he still alive?
    His website has been down for a long time.

    Mar 17, 2023 17:14 AM

    gold eclipses its jan high, stellar come back. With the exception of the generals nem aem fnv, the penny arcade is dead in the water. Oh the underperformance going on two years yet that’s what’s held and accumulated. The bag holder’s nightmare.

      Mar 17, 2023 17:38 AM

      You’re ridiculous. The smallest and most speculative miners always underperform during a correction. Have you noticed how low the volume has been in such miners lately? The nightmare that you perceive is really nothing but a final wringing out of investors like you, the dregs. Generally speaking, those selling now are the same people who buy the “pullbacks” right after a major top.

        Mar 17, 2023 17:30 PM

        was wrong out end of january and very happy for it. Can buy more for the same cash virtually every day.

        While you predict your BS, over and over and over again, where gold is nearing all time highs, which you don’t hold or recommend with all your technical savy, but have used it to justify a collection of dregs ipt, ktn, bbb, and on and on. Chief of which was the upside predictive value of ipt. Really???

        The sad part you keep distributing your absurd kool aid.

          Mar 17, 2023 17:14 PM

          You’re completely full of shit. My bullishness is understood by most here because I’ve made it clear that I’m positioned for the big picture and not daily chart gyrations. You know damn well that I’ve repeatedly posted monthly and quarterly charts and talked about my scenario still being alive. There should have been no way for you to construe my positioning as short term oriented. If you understood the language and the charts you’d know that you could have been a buyer every day from last July through October without regard for daily chart highs and lows and you’d still be in the money right now. [I of course did not recommend buying every day but instead highlighted periods of great weakness which happened to be precisely when you and yours were most confidently bearish and bitchy.] The objective fact of the matter is that you Doc and Joe were wrong to be bearish throughout that big buying opportunity just like you were wrong to be bearish recently when mother nature served you three with a fantastic second chance to somewhat make up for last year’s stupidity.
          You obviously don’t recognize or know what to do with great risk-reward setups nor how to manage the risk of such setups failing.
          Enjoy paying more for everything when you finally suffer enough FOMO. If you’re buying the tiny caps in worthwhile size good luck getting the volume you’ll need at a price you like.

      Mar 17, 2023 17:45 AM

      Btw, I said from the beginning of this correction over a month ago that it was corrective of the new uptrend that began last fall while you and a few others thought it was the resumption of the bigger downtrend that began last spring. Unsurprisingly, you even bragged about your cash position on days when you should have been buying and said there was no hurry. You, Joe and Doc became extra bearish as the miners fell back to test the February low and form a double.

    Mar 17, 2023 17:22 AM

    Added 60K – BKRRF @ < $.222

    Mar 17, 2023 17:55 AM

    I posted this on another site; the 2008-2009 analog seems strong.

    Weekly Gold Spot Chart

      Mar 17, 2023 17:14 PM

      Brian, for this analog to be predictive, would be good to see whether silver and sector equities performed same during the same time period 2008-2009. Certainly not the case now.
      If they happened to keep pace vs now, I’d be at least cautious.