Scottie Resources – 20,000 Meter Drill Program To Commence At Blueberry Contact Zone

Brad Rourke, President and CEO of Scottie Resources (TSX.V:SCOT – OTCQB:SCTSF), joins us to recap the 2022 drill program and roll out the 20,000 meter drill program for 2023 for the Blueberry Contact Zone at the Scottie Gold Mine Property, in the Golden Triangle of BC.


We start off reviewing the success of the exploration team in drilling a diamond pattern over the Blueberry Contact Zone in 2022 over 17,000 meters, and with 15% of the holes being 100+ g/t meter intercepts, stepping out and filling in areas of the mineralized panel and proving their thesis that they were not just hitting ore shoots in prior years.  Next we have Brad outline the 20,000 meter drill program for 2023 where there will be target drilling,  further stepping out, stepping down in depth, and delineation of the ore body geometry and scale, along with filling in some areas between prior step outs.  This drill program will also allocate a small portion of the meters for following up on drilling at the C&D Vein and following up some targets around the Scottie Gold Mine target.


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  • In full disclosure, Shad is a shareholder of Scottie Resources.



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Figure 1: Recently revised gold grade contour model depicting the distribution of mineralization based on the drilling to date (including all of the 2022 data) along the Blueberry Contact Zone, and the location of pierce points through the geological model. (CNW Group/Scottie Resources Corp.)

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    Jun 16, 2023 16:33 PM

    Here is a really good video that has 3D modeling maps of the prior years drilling, and targeted drill hole areas for this year’s program:


    Scottie Resources (SCOT) (SCTSF) 2023 Drill Program Announcement:

    Jun 13, 2023

    The 2023 drill program will begin in just a few weeks.

    0:00 Location, Claims, Infrastructure
    1:03 Mineralization at the Blueberry Contact Zone
    1:17 Drill Results at the Blueberry Contact Zone
    1:40 Graded Contour Model Video of the Blueberry Contact Zone
    2:50 2023 Drill Plan for the Blueberry Contact Zone
    3:06 2023 Drill Plan for the Bend and Stockwork Areas
    3:23 2023 Drill Plan for the Scottie Gold Mine
    3:38 2023 Drill Plan Summary
    4:03 Opportunity Summary