Joel Elconin – Weakness This Week In US Markets Lead By Tech, Gold and Silver, A Pop In Bitcoin

June 23, 2023

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the PreMarket Prep Show and Editor of the PreMarket Prep website joins us to recap the market moves this week, that were broadly lower. US markets were lead lower this week by tech. Precious metals also struggled this week with gold down around 2.5% and silver down 7%. The standout this week was Bitcoin, up over 15%, driven by some major US institutions introducing ETFs and a new exchange.




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    Jun 23, 2023 23:13 PM

    I am finally seeing some appreciable green in my portfolio today; I think I will crack open a few of my favorite beers. Maybe just maybe the resource stocks are about to whipsaw higher. Is this the beginning of a Bull Market for precious metal? Maybe we are on the cusp of a wild advance which would make all that has gone before this seem trifling or mad. The stock market for precious metal could be about to enter a sensational phase. I believe in mass psychology, the herd is starting to snort. They don’t call me a snake oil salesman for nothing. I believe I have just acquired GOLD FEVER! Ha, Ha, Ha! DT

      Jun 23, 2023 23:47 PM

      I hope you are right as I am tired of sending Wall Street kids to summer camp.

    Jun 23, 2023 23:00 PM

    SLV 61.8% Fibonacci retrace and first test of 200 week MA in 3 months….