Christopher Aaron – GDX and SIL Charts Breaking Down, What Can Be The Catalyst To Change The Downtrend?

June 29, 2023

Christopher Aaron, Founder of iGold Advisor and Senior Editor at the Gold Eagle website joins us to dive into the GDX and SIL charts. He points out a couple recent key trend breakdowns and how these could be foreshadowing moves in gold and silver. We also ask about potential upcoming catalysts that could turn the PMs more positive. To wrap up Christopher switches the focus to the natural gas sector, where he is bullish. 




Click here to visit the iGold Advisor website to keep up with Christopher’s market commentary.

    Jun 29, 2023 29:47 AM

    Added-SILV @ $5.57
    NFGC @$ 4.59

      Jun 30, 2023 30:54 AM

      Heehaw Marty (shout out to It’s a Wonderful Life). My 2 biggest positions in my portfolio outside of the metals themselves.

    Jun 29, 2023 29:57 AM

    Christopher A…… Simply epic…I cannot remember hearing this fella before..where was I?…He is arguing a low in gold later 2024 or more likely ,even possibly farther out in 2028…the crack up boom hyperinflation/////////I have to take his info. to heart….

    Incredible guests…really incredible…..thank you i am not worthy….glta

    Jun 29, 2023 29:23 PM

    I thing Christopher will consider /NG in bull mode when it breaks out of this weekly down channel…or how ever he determines that…so technically on weekly chart price is still traveling in down channel…..the weekly sub-channel to the upside is very immature still……daily has a swing high in today so could begin travel to lower channel trend line in daily view or soon…glta

    weekly channels green….

      Jun 29, 2023 29:21 PM

      Yeah, I was encouraged to hear Christopher’s comments on Nat Gas being in that bottoming range, even in in the short-term it may need to rest for a bit. Personally, I’ve been starting to get positioned in some gassers and looking at a few different names in the space.

      I bought 2 tranches into EQT Corp in late April/early May (after speaking to Dan Steffens about it a few times and reading over his research and analysis on the company as more of “gasser”), and am up about 24% in it so far, and it pays a dividend. Also in Comstock Resources, but sold part of it recently. If natty gas gets back up in to the $3-$4 range over the next year, a number of these types of stocks should have nice upside torque.

      Jun 29, 2023 29:15 PM

      I think NG already has a superb looking low in place. It’s hard to ask for a better looking rounded bottom from which to launch BUT I think it will run into serious resistance around $4 so I do not think that a bull market is imminent. Still, there will be worthwhile action for the longs.

        Jun 29, 2023 29:18 PM

        The quick and massive plunge we’ve witnessed will probably help intermediate term upside but is the result of long term damage as well as the cause of (more of) it.

          Jun 29, 2023 29:40 PM

          It’s interesting that NG would have to fall about 50% to reach its 1994-95 levels but priced in gold/real money it would have to TRIPLE to reach its 1994-95 levels.
          Inflation is one insidious thief which is why those in power love it so much. Not one in a thousand is able to diagnose what’s happening.

    Jun 30, 2023 30:31 AM

    Metals down and miners up. Gold even made a new low yet the miners performed well.
    SIL broke uptrend support 5 weeks ago and the downside consequence of that is pretty much wrung out.