Jayant Bhandari – Why Are Gold Deposits Getting Very Little Value From Investors?

August 15, 2023

Jayant Bhandari, private resource investor joins me to focus on the precious metals stocks that have a resource (“ounces in the ground”) but that resource is not garnering much/any market value. It is a sign of a bear market where investors are not speculating in the sector. There is also a bigger picture theme where building mines has gotten more expensive, there are less major miners out there to acquire these projects and the financing environment has dried up. We discuss it all.




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    Aug 15, 2023 15:14 PM

    Better listen to the #1 song on I-tunes @ about 1:40 in this Wealthion video.

    Aug 15, 2023 15:04 PM

    We won’t see a company like SilverCrest Metals skate unhindered into production in 7+ years maybe ever in our lifetime