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Jayant Bhandari focuses on the macro picture in thermal coal and metallurgical coal, as well as a few companies he feels offer a compelling value...
Thu 23 Feb, 2023
Jayant Bhandari, Private Investor joins us to focus on resource stocks, mostly the juniors. Select stocks, in a wide range of resource companies, have...
Tue 24 Jan, 2023
Jayant Bhandari focuses on how he is managing his portfolio of junior gold and silver mining stocks and 4 companies he...
Fri 23 Dec, 2022
Jayant Bhandari, Private Investor, joins us for a focus on the broad resource stock sector especially focused on the juniors. It’s been a bad...
Mon 28 Nov, 2022
Jayant Bhandari, Private Investor, joins us to share his thoughts on the gold narrative we have all heard where high inflation and negative real...
Wed 19 Oct, 2022
Welcome to another KER Weekend Show. We now have Q3 behind us and it was not pretty. There was some light at the end...
Sat 1 Oct, 2022
Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show!   On this Weekend’s Show we focus a bit more on the energy and resource sector driving...
Sat 10 Sep, 2022
Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Edition! We are truly in the middle of a summer rebound. Almost every sector, outside of energy, has...
Sat 13 Aug, 2022
Welcome to KE Report Weekend Show! On this Weekend’s Show we focus on true investment opportunities and ideas in specific sectors. It’s now accepted...
Sat 9 Jul, 2022
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Weekend Show – A Focus On Resource Investing, North American Jurisdictions Breakdown and Silver Insights

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show. It was another boring week until Friday when the CPI data showed inflation is not slowing which caused…

Sat 11 Jun, 2022

Weekend Show – Investing Game Plans For A True Bear Market; US Markets, Gold and Silver and Commodities

Well that was sure an ugly week for the financial markets. Nothing was safe from the selloffs that carried over from last week and picked…

Sat 14 May, 2022

Jayant Bhandari – A Look Into Aztec Minerals and Salazar Resources

Jayant Bhandari, private resource investor joins us on this Easter Monday to share two stocks he is investing in. The stocks are Aztec Minerals (TSX.V:AZT…

Mon 18 Apr, 2022

Jayant Bhandari – Inflation, Rising Commodities Prices, And Finding Value Creation In Mining Stocks

Jayant Bhandari joins us today to reflect on the run higher in commodities, inflation, and finding value creation in mining stocks.

Fri 25 Mar, 2022

Weekend Show – A Focus On The Break Outs In Commodities And Looking Down The Stock Food Chain

  It was another great week for commodities across the board. With the war between Russia and Ukraine intensifying this week the main benefactors continue…

Sat 5 Mar, 2022

Weekend Show – Investing In This New High Volatility Market

What a wild week in markets! 2022 has flipped the narrative from what 2021 gave us in terms of easy money and easy markets.  …

Sat 12 Feb, 2022

Jayant Bhandari – Thoughts on LaSalle Exploration and Montage Gold

Jayant Bhandari joins us today to highlight two Companies he is interested in after recent news releases. These Companies are LaSalle Exploration and Montage Gold….

Tue 18 Jan, 2022

Weekend Show – A Look Into 2022 With Jesse Felder, Jayant Bhandari, and Jordan Roy-Byrne

On this Weekend’s Show we look ahead to 2022 to predict what the main catalysts will be for financial market. With so much expected to change this year and couple wild cards on the horizon there is no doubt there will be a lot for us to discuss in the New Year. H

Sat 25 Dec, 2021

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – A Focus on The Precious Metals Selloff and Stock Recommendations

It was another choppy week for markets and metals. With the key driver right now being the Omicron variate and how countries are reacting it’s hard to predict where we will be in a few weeks. Therefore we decided to focus on the big picture for precious metals and more so on some select resource stocks. 

Sat 4 Dec, 2021

Jayant Bhandari – Recapping Recent China Economic Data and 3 Resource Stocks Jayant Likes At Current Levels

Jayant Bhandari, Private Investor and Consultant joins us to first discuss his assessment of the Chinese economy and how the Country has dealt with the Evergrande situation. We then switch focus to 3 stocks that Jayant likes.

Thu 4 Nov, 2021
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The disconnect between gold and gold stocks – Here are the stocks Jayant likes

Jayant Bhandari joins us to share his thoughts on the continued disconnect between gold and gold stocks. We’ve talked about this topic a lot over…

Tue 31 Aug, 2021