Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – Featuring Dana Lyons and Jayant Bhandari

August 13, 2022

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Edition! We are truly in the middle of a summer rebound. Almost every sector, outside of energy, has been rising. We start of this week’s show by diving into a wide range of sectors focused on where they each go from here over the next couple months. For the resource investors we wrap up the show by discussing different jurisdictions and the investment environment around each.


We hope you all enjoy the show and have a great weekend!


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  • Segment 1 and 2 – Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of The Lyons Share kicks off the show by outlining his forecasts for the US markets, gold, oil, the US Dollar and yields. Dana is still in the camp that this is a bear market rally but it is very interesting to the slight changes in some of his fund’s models. Click here to keep up to date with Dana at The Lyons Share.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Jayant Bhandari, Private Investor and Consultant joins us to continue our conversation different jurisdictions in the resource sector and the investment attitude towards them. We focus on some of the more active (resource company wise) West Africa countries and Scandinavian countries. All from a general company valuation and investor interest angle.


Exclusive Company Interviews This Week



Dana Lyons
Jayant Bhandari
    Aug 13, 2022 13:37 AM

    Great interview!

    I could not disagree on most things Dana mentioned they really validate all I’m seeing myself.

    Basically In a nut shell

    1. US dollar targeting 101 or better said it’s monthly 10 day moving average. It sure looks like a no brainer before resuming higher..

    2. Equities should find some more jump till end of month possibly 45% retracement from its low while dollar dips. Then look out it will fall off a cliff for the next 4/5 months

    3. Gold/silver/miners have bottomed/rounding out and will go higher for the next 4/5 months before a mini pause

    The one that really left me thinking was Dana mentioned rates going higher for the eye can see. Did I hear this correctly? Every other guest or expert including the ones I follow have said the fed will reverse course on rates eventually.

    I like his take with the chip away higher with metals.

    In regards to oil hui/xau/gdxj will outperform oil for the next 2/3 years that’s what I see. Perfect storm for the miners 🙂

    Just had a second listen he was talking bond rates going higher for years to come. Makes more sense

    Cheers to all

      Aug 13, 2022 13:26 AM

      Glenfidish: There is a consensus out there that a “Fed Pivot” will occur. Once the economy cools or goes into a recession most believe they will stop raising and start cutting rates. I haven’t seen any polls on the subject but the percentage of talking heads that believe this has got to be very high. What if the Fed doesn’t do that? What if they drop another 75 or 50 basis point rate hike at the next meeting then a string of 25 point hikes at subsequent meetings? People are being too simplistic here. The Gov. & Fed have a war in Europe, a possible war in China and the Eurodollar market to “play” with. Perhaps “they” have bigger fish to fry and willing to have a mild recession to reset expectations and punish a few of the US’s enemies at the same time? Imagine what a mild recession in the US will do to the Chinese economy and what it will do to fuel prices world wide? We need to get Europe through the coming winter – it will take years to get natural gas flowing to Spain and Europe (Germany) from northern Africa. That is something the “Vlad” won’t want to see.

      I know it is a trite thing to say and normally annoys me to no end but “there is a large picture here to consider” and if a recession slaps down Russia and China at the same time it makes life easier in Europe why not? We, the US, Canada and Mexico, along with our European friends can survive a recession while we load up the Ukrainians and folks in Taiwan with ever war toy imaginable. And if we can get the side benefit of getting Europe off Russian gas and oil well so much the better. I’m hoping the powers that be are playing the long game here.

      And if I sound like I’m a old fashion American nationalist good, Canada, the US and increasingly Mexico are gonna do pretty well in the future. Thanks God for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and Canada and Mexico. Sometimes its best to admit a few hard facts.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:59 AM

        Hi Mike, people must realize that The World no longer revolves around America, Russia and China will do just fine in this environment, China has the manufacturing and Russia has the raw materials, and they are allies. America on the other hand is hugely in debt, they are continually fighting wars within their country, The Drug Wars, The Crime Wars, Border Wars, Budget Wars, and externally The Foreign Wars. If you want to rule The World the only way to do that is through financial penetration and not The Military. America is in decline and to turn that around they must balance the budget, Bring The Troops home, and Dump the Welfare state. It is not going to happen they will just keep printing money until there is a massive pinch in credit and a collapse, Crash! DT

          Aug 13, 2022 13:03 AM

          “Dump the welfare state”. Not sure what this would entail, but when 40-50 percent of the households don’t have $400 in savings, that could be real dangerous to the wealthy. We might have a French type Revolution on our hands. Bring out the guillotine! Might be tough on the 10% who own most of the wealth. Personally, if I were of the 10%, I’d much rather pay some taxes to support the welfare state than hang from a neighborhood tree. Just sayin’.

            Aug 13, 2022 13:43 AM

            Really good comments in this thread here from Glenfidish, Mike, DT, and Silverdollar.

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts, outlook, and insights with us here at the KER crew.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:39 AM

        Mike, you’re thought process is right on. The F will raise again in September; it’s just a question of how much—my wager is 50 bpts. Long term technical charts generally ferret out the future—-right now they’re saying the F will be more aggressive then most folks think. Also, there’s more to this game then most people think—they may want to put a “hurt” on the $CRB since Russia continues to benefit from higher prices.

        Aug 14, 2022 14:51 AM

        Your government is your enemy..For they have sold us out, to the racist , jewish supremacist. They have remarried, are, or have given their offspring away to these satanist. Atheist Ashkenazi & Shepherdic people’s need to denounce these rabbis, for they also are in danger.. Sincerely…Where are the Men…Poppie *…

      Aug 13, 2022 13:13 AM

      Good comments Glen. Dana always seems to be pretty accurate with his calls. I was surprised he wasn’t nibbling on any energy stocks. I have been doing some trading on the precious metals as I am seeing a lot of inverse head and shoulders on the stocks I track with a few that have broken out and look like they could complete their measured moves at or near the first week in September.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:47 AM

        Agreed Charles. Good comments from Glenfidish and Dana is typically accurate in his calls and has been the last few years. His quantitative models, technical analysis, an sentiment/breadth signals typically have him on the right side of the trade and Cory & I always appreciate getting his outlook on the markets.

        As for the energy sector, he does feel it will go up higher longer term, but in the near term, he mentioned he’s not seen his signals switch over to where they’ve switched back to a buy, so he’s just waiting for that before getting in. If oil was to pull back down into the $80s then that would probably wash things out a bit more and flip the script back to accumulation mode.

        Aug 14, 2022 14:52 AM

        Thank you Charles 🙂

        Also thank you for your insight it’s much appreciated.

        Thank you Ex for the acknowledgement.. As Jerry mentioned you and Cory have done a really good job and the sky is the limit. We appreciate it.

        Cheers amigos

      Aug 13, 2022 13:54 PM

      I agree with 100% of what Dana had to say down to every detail.
      Beware the consensus among experts about the Fed pivot. Most have already been wrong because they expected it to happen before now. When all the experts agree, the risks are worse than when all the retail crowd agrees.
      Yes, a pause or even silly “pivot” will eventually happen but it won’t mark the end of inflation or rising interest rates for long.
      Dana’s short term view of the stock market lines up with my comments and charts about SPY yesterday.
      As for the gold space, like I said recently it’s 2018 again but better. It’s not common to see gold or GLD rise for more than 4 weeks straight but the odds of them doing so now look good.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:56 AM

    Brilliant show w brilliant guests…I learn from virtually every guest your shows host…Great discussion and questions…appreciated…

      Aug 13, 2022 13:49 AM

      Thanks Larry. Yes, we are blessed to have such a nice range of informed guests invest their time with us here on the show each week, and it was great getting both Dana and Jayant’s perspectives for this weekend show. Really sharp guys.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:13 AM

    Ex…………. you have done a great job………. recreating the KER…………….

      Aug 13, 2022 13:17 AM

      Agreed Jerry. Another great show by the KER team. I like the longer “double” segments that allow for wider ranging and more in-depth discussion with each guest.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:58 AM

        Thanks Charles – that is good feedback to receive. We like the “double segments” as well, because to your point we are less rushed and can go around the horn and hit each of the markets, or dig in on topic in more detail – like the jurisdictions with Jayant.

        Sometimes the guest only has enough time for a single time segment, and sometimes (like with Rick Bensignor) we even had them take up 3 segments if we lock into a good discussion. All of it changes from week to week when we are scheduling with guests, or when we think about which topics are of more significance (sometimes due to macro news).

        We also try to think about in lieu of the weekend show being broadcast on 25 radio stations in the US and how we edit them to fit into 4 segments for that, and mentally how to break up each of those as we are recording.

        Thanks for everyone that listens to the KE Report and shares their ideas, insights, and feedback here on the blog. It’s a solid community, and many of our guests report back they are impressed with the caliber of comments and information shared on the forum here.

        Ever Upward!

      Aug 13, 2022 13:52 AM

      Much appreciated OOTB. Your contributions always have been very much appreciated Jerry!

      That is nice feedback to receive, as Cory & I work very hard to keep all the balls in the air with the website content, bring on informative thought leaders, and sourcing interesting company interviews to highlight for investors here.

      Now we’ve hopefully figured out a lot of the podcast posting snags we were having the last few weeks, and have the show going out to wider number of podcast platforms from now on.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:34 AM

    Dollar Index : Possible Turn : Expander Top – Double Bottom – Breakout?

      Aug 13, 2022 13:58 AM

      Better: “Diamond Top”

      Aug 13, 2022 13:22 AM

      BDC…it is interesting w dxy….if you draw a channel from the recent swing low up it looks totally different…it looks like the dollar fell out of the up channel and is close to retest from below…if rejected it goes back down…should happen next week…glta…no one knows except the globalists…lmao

        Aug 13, 2022 13:06 AM

        Larry, the ‘tweezers-like’ bottom this past week, with related potential downtrend break north, could very well be the tell. Yup!

          Aug 13, 2022 13:29 AM

          More Dollar Index clarity:
          Daily w/CrowLine (Base January 2021).

            Aug 13, 2022 13:48 PM

            bdc…yes that line certainly looks to be supportive…my charts are off…but if you look on daily volumes of UUP…see that HUGE green volume within the past 10 trading days….I want to see if that ends up the line in the sand…thus stabilizing down tendency in dollar action…glta

            it is really a difficult call, at least for moi….

            Aug 13, 2022 13:56 PM

            That huge volume is most likely distribution which is of course bearish.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:53 AM

    Wow… 25 radio stations. I didn’t know that. I suggest you guys replace CNBC so we can get more valuable information off the main-stream-media. Keep up the great work. Ever Upward!

      Aug 13, 2022 13:35 PM

      We are proud of that ant thank you for the compliment.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:41 PM

        Thanks Al. Good to see you posting. You deserve to be proud of the Korelin Economics site. You guys are doing a first class job!

        Aug 13, 2022 13:02 PM

        Hi AL…. Have You jumped ship , known as the Orphen page , launched by OOTH . or are You just missing Shad ……………………….lol

          Aug 14, 2022 14:07 AM

          thanks for the mention of the ORPHAN SECTION………. 🙂
          wonder if, the Radio stations pick up any of the wonderful insight of the Orphans… lol…… 🙂

            Aug 15, 2022 15:42 AM

            Haha! IrishT and OOTB, you guys crack me up. 🙂

      Aug 13, 2022 13:57 PM

      Hi Lake……. Yeah sod the likes of Cramer….. the real deal is available at the KER… for free.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:25 PM

        Yes. A lot of diversity of knowledge as opposed to a scripted agenda.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:12 PM

    ‘Structurally Higher Inflation Than Investors Appreciate’

    Jesse Felder – The Felder Report – Aug 13, 2022

    Aug 13, 2022 13:19 PM

    I was interested in Jayant’s comments particularly his enthusiasm for Ghana, where KGC recently sold Chirano mine located smack dab in the middle of all that Ghana gold.
    I understand KGC is on a mission to become a North American focused company but doesn’t make sense to give up such an asset in Africa and then go develop an open pit heap leach Alaska project at Man Choh, with a plan to truck ore to their Fort Knox mill hundreds of kms away. But, they’re the experts.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:01 AM

    Rick Rule interviewing Ross Beaty

    Ross is a nice guy

    Nice examples about buying low and selling high

    I like Ross‘s philosophy of protecting his shareholders and staying in the same boat with them. He his a good exception in this regard.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:24 AM

    It is at times like this that are breeding grounds for opportunists. During The French Revolution in 1793, Napoleon and his brother were walking along The Champs-Elysees in Paris when they noticed The Parisian Mob storming The Directorate. Napoleon who was a captain in The French Artillery rushed back to his barracks, immediately assembled his men, and artillery pieces, and rushed them to the Directorate and opened fire on the mob. Once the mob had a “whiff of grapeshot” they quickly dispersed. Napoleon for his foresight and decisive action was made a general with a much bigger army, and then sent to Italy where The French Government felt they would be safe from him. Big Mistake! LOL! DT

    Aug 14, 2022 14:04 AM

    Five Chinese Central State-Owned Enterprises (“Central SOEs”) apply for delisting from the New York Stock Exchange [August 12, 2022]

    Summary: PetroChina, Sinopec, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical, Chalco and China Life Insurance notified the New York Stock Exchange on 12 Aug 2022 of their intended application for voluntary delisting of their American depository shares and terminating the relevant ADR programs. The question now is if this is an example set for mega-cap Chinese internet and platform companies to follow.–state-owned-giants-seek-to-delist-from-the-new-york-stock-exchange-14082022

      Aug 14, 2022 14:32 AM

      After what the American exchanges and depository banks did to Russian stocks, it’s no wonder.

        Aug 15, 2022 15:39 AM

        Wall Street wants a market containing stocks they can more easily manipulate for theft.

      Aug 14, 2022 14:40 AM

      Good one BDC! The Chinese have learned from The Russians, if you invade Taiwan how safe will your assets be in the hands of Washington. This is probably only the start of moving back their business interests to mainland China and decoupling from The US. What about all The American industry that is offshoring in China. This is a big deal. Will The Americans now start to realize how vulnerable they are from the conditions they imposed on Russia. This is signaling a return to isolationism not globalism. If you can’t trade amongst nations a “Depression” will soon be the result. DT

        Aug 14, 2022 14:04 AM

        Klaus Schwab and The Globalist’s from The World Economic Forum have set in motion a movement that they couldn’t see, isolationism not globalism will be the result of their meddling in the affairs of The World. They thought they could dictate how everyone on this planet would live, they got it wrong and they have set in motion the exact opposite of their intentions. People and nations don’t want to be dictated too by a few powerful and rich snobs that can’t stop thinking they are smarter than everyone else. DT

          Aug 14, 2022 14:27 PM

          HI DT… I posted this on the other page yesterday.

          Aug 13, 2022 13:13 PM

          The people around the World are rising up & pushing back against the WEF/DAVOS crowd.
          “THEY” got too greedy. “THEY” took too much, too quickley,from too many, “THEY” cocked-up. The people ARE awakeing. And are pushing back. Expect to see civil war break out all over the globe.

            Aug 14, 2022 14:36 PM

            IT, that is why I wanted to talk about Napoleon, because when things get really bad and the public can’t pay their bills and afford shelter, they will accept a totalitarian Government. Dictators come from a society in crisis because the people are desperate for change, and the status quo is failing badly. DT

        Aug 14, 2022 14:13 AM

        Someone recently mentioned ‘supply chain warfare’. With American(US) physical industry driven off-shore or languishing, well educated technicians aging or retired, too many young ones woke-educated by design, and ignorant immigrants (or mercs) being flooded in, it’s a case of treason at the highest levels — on all sides!

    Aug 14, 2022 14:58 AM
    Aug 14, 2022 14:20 PM

    Off topic: I found the following interesting exchange on another financial site…

    First guy:
    According to some the redshift Hubble saw must be due to light slowing as it travels rather than an expanding universe. JWST images are shaking things up.

    Crackpot science, or the day everything changed?

    Second guy:
    Very interesting. I wonder why this hasn’t been a hot topic for discussion. Here’s why…
    “Readers may well be wondering at this point why they have not read of this collapse of the Big Bang hypothesis in major media outlets by now and why the authors of so many recent papers have not pointed to this collapse themselves. The answer lies in what I term the “Emperor’s New Clothes Effect”—if anyone questions the Big Bang, they are labeled stupid and unfit for their jobs. Unfortunately, funding for cosmology comes from a very few government sources controlled by a handful of committees that are dominated by Big Bang theorists. These theorists have spent their lives building the Big Bang theory. Those who openly question the theory simply don’t get funded.”
    Sounds very familiar, huh. Just like Big Pharma and Big Medicine, Big Science doesn’t want anyone to upset their apple cart and prevent them from making grant money from Big Government. Better to censor than have to answer questions.

    Third guy:
    I have a close mate whose father was a professor of anthropology and head of the dept at a well respected University. He wrote a research paper on why the missing link will never be found,(because it doesn’t exist) and provided evidence etc.
    The University told him the paper will never be reviewed and do NOT publish it or else you’ll be shown the door.
    So much for science.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:24 PM

    Silver is going to smoke commodities (in general) for the next year or two, probably two.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:37 PM

    SILJ just issued its first 8,17,9 weekly MACD buy signal since February and did so from its lowest level since the 2020 crash. The February signal happened after a 17 percent rise and preceded another 22 percent rise. The current signal happened after a 23 percent rise and looks much better overall.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:09 PM

    SLV took back its 200 week MA after 6 weeks below it…

    Aug 14, 2022 14:42 PM

    Looking at Asante Gold(ASE), the company that bought Chirano mine from KGC. Does anybody know anything about this company?
    They recently did a financing by selling forward a portion of their Bibiani mine production, which seems like a pretty good idea.

    Aug 15, 2022 15:31 AM

    Alternate Universe back in town …

    Aug 15, 2022 15:21 AM

    Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (NSC) plays the central role in the Group’s core securities business. As the leading securities and investment banking company in Japan, we provide individual investors and corporate clients with a broad range of services, including investment advisory services and securities underwriting.f

    Aug 15, 2022 15:22 AM

    FAKE FED…………. just pulled a FAST ONE>……………
    article at 321 gold.
    Without Any Legislative Powers, the Fed Is Rewriting the Law and Creating a Permanent $500 Billion Bailout Facility for Wall Street

      Aug 15, 2022 15:04 AM

      Looks like Congress arguing about peanuts for the taxpayer while locking in a bigger daily theft for the banks. But, we will continue to argue about the wrong things….go figure

        Aug 15, 2022 15:41 PM

        What Congress……… kind of a joke at this point…….. worthless for WE THE SHEEPLE……

    Aug 15, 2022 15:31 AM

    GASXF – Added @ $.7097, will add again @ $.63

    Aug 15, 2022 15:59 AM

    Michael Boutros –
    03:17 – US Dollar (DXY)
    22:56 – Gold (XAU/USD)
    28:55 – Silver (XAG/USD)
    46:32 – Crude Oil (WTI)

    Aug 15, 2022 15:47 AM

    Added to Blackrock Silver and Gr Silver while they were having a Bluelight Special.

      Aug 15, 2022 15:46 AM

      Good point on the sale today on miners. I joined you by getting a starter position back in Blackrock today, (had traded out of it and wanted to have waited the 30 day wash period).

      In addition, I just picked up a position back in Wesdome today. I done a nice trade in Wesome last year but then felt there were better opportunities; however, in light of the recent pullback, it seems more like a sure mover when the sentiment improves in the sector. Nice to buy some quality while it on the clearance rack.

        Aug 15, 2022 15:43 PM

        Agree on Wesdome but have never owned it. It got away from me early and always made different choices. Good buy.
        Summary of today: In addition to Blackrock and GR above, I also added to Lion One, Cabral and NG Energy. Lion One had some drill results that sounded pretty good. Cabral won some random contest between 3 0r 4 Juniors so I added, and NG Energy price drop. (forgot: a few more to Stillwater Critical)

          Aug 15, 2022 15:42 PM

          Somebody else mentioned GASX above but I wonder about companies in Columbia with the new government.

    Aug 15, 2022 15:15 PM

    Today’s high so far for UUP happened (to the penny) at its KAMA and one cent below a very important price pivot.

    Aug 15, 2022 15:08 PM