Weekend Show – Doc and Josef Schachter – Metals, Energy and Markets

August 19, 2023

Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! The downtrend continues so we try to make sense of which direction markets, metals and energy move next. 


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  • Segment 1 and 2 – Richard Postma, AKA Doc kicks off the show by sharing his long term outlook for gold, silver, gold stocks, copper, oil and the US markets. Doc sticks to the longer term charts and highlights the stocks he is watching as barometers for the certain sectors.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Josef Schachter, Editor of The Schachter Energy Report wraps up the show with a focus on oil and natural gas. We start with the main macro drivers and price targets then drive down into the dividend paying stocks, growth stocks and energy infrastructure stocks he likes.
    • Josef’s conference is coming up on October 14th in Calgary. If you are interested at all in investing in energy stocks it’s definitely worth your time. Click here to sign up and please let me know if you’ll be there. I’ll be there and am happy to meet up!

Josef Schachter
    Aug 19, 2023 19:08 AM

    Waiting for GOLD DSI to dip under 10 before purchasing any mining stocks. Gary Savage posted a video about the possibility of a bloodbath phase. He maybe correct, usually metals don’t bottom without some kind of catharsis. Maybe AEM will dip below $30 .. who knows. It’s good to be in cash and earn 5% interest ..just sayin.

    Aug 19, 2023 19:18 AM

    Doc, I think you are correct in gold going down to about $1800 or a little lower, but how low for silver? I am still holding my mining shares, even though they have lost significantly, as selling them and getting back in is problematic. I will hold until they finally go up and holding is not as painful as missing the eventual highs.

    Aug 19, 2023 19:38 PM

    Tightening Financial Conditions – Disorderly Disinversion, Rate Sensitivity, The Petrodollar Doom Loop, Jackson Hole Preview, Over? Did you say the risk-off episode is over?

    Barry C. Knap – August 19, 2023

    Aug 19, 2023 19:42 PM

    Succinct Summation of the Week’s Events

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    Aug 19, 2023 19:44 PM

    Navigating The Growing Liquidity Hole

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    Aug 19, 2023 19:45 PM

    Gold Futures Moving Towards Key $1900 Support into Jackson Hole

    David Erfle – Friday August 18th, 2023

      Aug 19, 2023 19:03 PM
        Aug 19, 2023 19:14 PM

        Of all of some of the major producers, CDE technically looks promising here. The monthly BBs are narrowing nicely and pricing is right at the lower BB. I’m purchasing down here since a waterfall event for the stock is probably not in the offing as it is for other producers. Pricing may push the lower BB down slowly over the next couple of months but the stock appears to be bottoming nicely. The last significant low was a intra month low of $1.62 in January of 2016. Even if the stock plumbs that low again, the patient investor should do fine in the future.

        Aug 20, 2023 20:54 AM

        Agree Matthew…..the miners have a positive divergence regarding Breadth as the price is sinking downward….This is the opposite at tops….So I remain bullish…All I need is a bullish reversal candle w volume for my shot…glta

      Aug 19, 2023 19:36 PM

      You got it last week perfectly timed.

    Aug 19, 2023 19:04 PM

    Does Richard Postma have a newsletter I can subscribe to.

    Aug 19, 2023 19:41 PM

    Avi Gilbert calling for an alien invasion to spark a parabolic rally in PM’S.

    Aug 20, 2023 20:43 AM

    Doc clearly does not follow the COT. With banks now net long in both metals he can’t be serious about a fall to below$1800. Every time the commercials/bullion banks are neutral or net long metals go higher. This is the game they play. By the way the specs are massively short- and they will be cleaned out as they always are. This is the time to buy metals – time is running out.

    Aug 20, 2023 20:45 AM Aston Bay
    Take a look.

    Aug 20, 2023 20:48 PM

    Looks like same thing going to happen on another Monday … price suppression.. I remember the good old days before JPM became an active bullion bank, and Goldman didn’t have authority to draw from the Fed window, that when something negative happened like the rumor that Iran was working on Nuclear Power, that event alone would drive Gold up $50-$75 overnight. Not anymore as a real event has no impact on metals prices, but rather the alternate universe prices dominate through intervention. For those that are in favor of undermining the Constitution, this is what you get. Those that think the Law somehow is rigged, this is what happens when it is undermined. For those that think there is a Deep State that somehow controls the Government, check out your local Central Banker and Corporate billionaire. The guy that works trying to stop usury rates is not your Deep State enemy … it is your banker that is setting the rates. Ask yourself why Consumer Protection was put under The Fed, and who put it there. You did know that Consumer Protection was designed to protect you from corporate abuse and bank abuse. No.. well it was. Don’t look up who McAlvaney worked for or who moved it to The Fed. Don’t even look at who established it. Your Deep State doesn’t get investigated because the Deep State bought up your Media and then shut down investigation snd that wasn’t some guy in the mailroom. It was money interests, elected and appointed officials. That State isn’t very Deep. It is in your face and throwing smoke everywhere it can and the American people can’t decipher the difference between Constitutional law and Mafia Organized Crime procedure. Here we go into another Monday with intervention and no one cares.

      Aug 20, 2023 20:21 PM


        Aug 20, 2023 20:25 PM

        Not Don McAlvany(ICA), or is that CIA?

          Aug 20, 2023 20:14 PM

          Mick Mulvaney. I think he started out being in OMB.

    Aug 21, 2023 21:18 AM
    NatGas Week: Gold Too
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