Weekend Show – Two Fund Managers Share Their Outlooks For US Markets, Oil and Gold Stocks

September 2, 2023

Welcome to the KE Report Labor Day Weekend Show! We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the show. 


This weekend we are featuring 2 Fund Managers, each sharing their outlook for US markets, including tech, small caps, and growth stocks, as well as oil, and gold stocks. Each guest provides some helpful tips on what to look for in certain charts and individual companies.



Dana Lyons
Matt Geiger
    Sep 02, 2023 02:36 AM
    NatGas Week : Up Into Fall
    Relentless : Twin Peaks

    Sep 02, 2023 02:38 AM

    In this video Bob M talks about CBDC’s, the Western based debt system and the shutting down of gold and silver coin dealers (@ around 16.50 mark). DT

      Sep 02, 2023 02:13 AM

      The common understanding of East vs West (however otherwise articulated) is highly flawed. Geography became outdated, from a geopolitical perspective, centuries ago. Unless clearly seen as questions of philosophy now at odds, folks are at risk of being easily manipulated.

      This ‘West’ exists within BRICS too!

      Sep 02, 2023 02:37 AM

      thx DT

    Sep 02, 2023 02:14 PM

    Friday was a good day but not confident yet that intervention won’t continue.

    Sep 03, 2023 03:19 AM

    Rick Ackerman interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA, The Mother of all Deflationary events is coming, and this will be much worse than 1929. Commercial Real Estate in San Francisco is mentioned, an 11-story building that was valued at $160 million just sold for 41 million. Tax revenues for San Fran will be all re-evaluated, for much less. I am out of this market! DT

      Sep 03, 2023 03:38 AM

      I just wonder how they will fund the state and local government pensions when stocks go in the cr@pper. The cities, counties and states can’t print money so they keep raising taxes and “fees” and float more bonds. Nearly every election where I live they manage to get a tax increase or bond passed, but at some point that won’t be enough to continue the ponzi.

      But they will bleed us white to keep the government pensions funded because the government employee unions are very powerful, especially SEIU, cops and fire around here. Local politicians here can’t get elected without their support.

    Sep 03, 2023 03:02 PM

    Higher for Longer Spells Trouble- Loan rollovers at higher rates prove fatal for some companies

    Jay Taylor – Sep 2, 2023

    Sep 03, 2023 03:04 PM

    PCE Inflation Report Bang On Expectations – Where Does That Leave U.S. Interest Rates? Contributor Group – Forbes – September 1, 2023

    July’s PCE headline and core inflation both ticked higher but in line with analyst predictions

    Investors are increasingly confident of a pause in interest rates from the Fed in September

      Sep 03, 2023 03:25 PM

      I know it’s important to tell both sides of the story, but mainstream media only reports one side, and I don’t believe for one moment that inflation is tamed! LOL! DT

        Sep 03, 2023 03:04 PM

        Agreed DT. I wouldn’t think inflation is tamed, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see inflation keep ticking up a little bit, like it did the last 2 months. Energy prices are rising, and that isn’t going to help lower the CPI numbers, nor are so many companies announcing they are raising prices to boost margins simply because they can (under the guise of inflation).

        Obviously the cause of all this inflation is the runaway fiscal policies with bloated insanely expensive bills passing the government, where magical money is being created from nowhere by means of runaway money printing by nefarious central banks. We simply see symptoms of this playing out through the inflation in goods and services prices captured by these phony-baloney government reports… but it is the data (for better or worse) that most are parsing out to forecast in their models.

        As for telling both sides of a story… yes, it’s nice to look at both the bear and bull case for most markets, and over different time horizons (short-term, versus medium-term, versus longer-term) Personally, I like to consume and post both mainstream and contrarian media articles to showcase what the financial consensus is amongst the talking heads out there. Both groups have biases and hidden assumptions in the way they report, digest, and comment on data, and which they choose to highlight, along with which inconvenient data (at odds with their thesis) that they choose to ignore.

        I like seeing what the main stream financial media is reporting, and to a point, much of it is just the means to acquire the key metrics or statistics of how certain economic reports are coming in, along with change of direction month-over-month or year-over-year trends. This endless sea of macroeconomic news that is churned out every week, is the data the market is chewing on and commenting on. However, it is nice to counterbalance that with some of the contrarian voices and independent thought leaders interpreting things in a different or unique way. It’s nice to get a range of opinions and thoughts on how the macro trends are developing, as the truth is usually somewhere in the middle of the extreme views, and different outlets or people pass the torch on accuracy for periods of time, but few are correct all the time or even most of the time.

        Ever Upward!

          Sep 03, 2023 03:19 PM

          What on earth is happening? Business is bad and credit is inflated, the stock price of the FANG stocks looks dangerously high. Suppose all the traders who had been buying at these inflated prices tried to sell at the same time. How long can you hold these stocks at the top. The future possibilities of the FANG stocks looks dismal to me. If stocks start to move upward the public can’t buy, they are broke.

          All of a sudden you will see a storm of unexpected selling and your portfolio will lose 80% of its value. There are no buyers and when the sellers wake up there will be a stampede to get out from under. DT