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Weekend Show – Two Fund Managers Share Their Outlooks For US Markets, Oil and Gold Stocks

Welcome to the KE Report Labor Day Weekend Show! We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the show.    This weekend we…

Sat 2 Sep, 2023

Weekend Show – We Focus On The Investment Angle For Both Development And Royalty Companies

  Welcome to the Weekend Edition of The KE Report. On this Weekend Edition we focus on two types of resource companies; development stage and…

Sat 29 Jul, 2023

Weekend Show – Mike Larson, Joe Mazumdar and Matt Geiger – Markets and Metals Commentary For The Active Investor

Welcome to a special Canada Day and almost July 4th KE Report Weekend Show!   We are now done with the first half of 2023!…

Sat 1 Jul, 2023

Weekend Show – Mike Larson And Matt Geiger – What Comes Next For Markets and Metals?

Segment 1 and 2 – Mike Larson, Editor In Chief at the MoneyShow kicks off the show by sharing his outlook for markets. We discuss…

Sat 27 May, 2023

Weekend Show – This Weekend’s Show Is For Investors Looking At PM and Energy Stocks

  Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! Precious metals and energy stocks continue to move higher so we focused the entire show on these…

Sat 15 Apr, 2023

Weekend Show – Metals And Energy Focus With A Dive Into The Stocks

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show. We are in a slow time for major economic data and central bank meetings so we take a…

Sat 4 Mar, 2023

Weekend Show – Resource Fund Managers Share What They Stocks They Like

  With all the resource investment conferences this week in Vancouver we decided to feature two different Fund Manager focused on the resource space.  …

Sat 28 Jan, 2023

Weekend Show – Metals Focused Fund Managers Share Different Portfolio Management Strategies They Are Employing

Welcome to this week’s KE Report Weekend Show! On this Weekend’s Show we are focusing on the resource sector by first chatting with 2 fund…

Sat 10 Dec, 2022

Weekend Show – Doc and Matt Geiger – A Fund Manager and a Technical Trader Share Their Outlooks For PMs, Commodities and Markets

On this Weekend’s Show we feature two of our favorite guests, Richard Postma (AKA Doc) and Matt Geiger. Doc provides a technical outlook focused on…

Sat 5 Nov, 2022

Matt Geiger – Thoughts on recent investments in gold, battery metals, phosphate and silver stocks

Matt Geiger, Managing Partner at MJG Capital joins us for an extended conversation focused on investing in resource stocks.

Mon 22 Nov, 2021