Weekend Show – Matt Geiger & Jeff Christian – Analyzing Metals Stock News, And Where Prices Are Going

June 29, 2024


Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show! This weekend’s show is focused on resources stocks and metals prices. We discuss a number of key news releases for the past couple of weeks and outline the true drivers of gold, silver and copper prices. 


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Extended Segment – Matt Geiger, Managing Partner at MJG Capital kicks off the show by sharing his insights on recent news out of Bravo Mining (drill results), Skeena Resources (a US$750Mil finance package), and Victoria Gold (mine failure). We also discuss how Matt is viewing the pullback in resources stocks, mostly from the junior side. Please note, we recorded this segment on Wednesday. Since that date the share price action is Skeena has been strong with the stock up 13% on Thursday and 10% on Friday.
  • Click here to visit the MJG Capital website to learn more about Matt’s open ended fund.

  • Segment 3 and 4 – Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at the CPM Group wraps up the show by recapping a recent Q&A webinar with clients, focusing on the relationship between a potential U.S. recession and precious metal prices. He delves into historical precedents, like the 1980-1982 double-dip recession, and examines factors driving gold, silver, and copper prices. We also explore the growing skepticism around the green energy transition narrative and the economic contraction concerns impacting metal supply and demand. Lastly, he provides his forecasts for metal prices and investment trends in the coming months
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Matt Geiger
Jeff Christian
    Jun 29, 2024 29:11 AM

    As NVDA and semi sector implodes from being overweight, I “think” TSLA is next in the line to taka a new leadership position.

      Jun 29, 2024 29:57 AM

      Do you know how dangerous a stock like Nvidia is. It is currently trading at around $123 US per share. They have 24.5 billion shares outstanding. If Nvidia loses $1 that means 24.5 billion dollars disappears. Nvidia is like Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all The King’s horses and all The King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Nvidia is so bloated and overpriced and pumped full of hydrogen that it could easily drop ten dollars in one day that would wipe out $245 billion. It could easily retrace 50% in one month and wipe out 1.5 trillion dollars. On the elevator down it could hit $20, or even go bankrupt. Meanwhile long before that happens if you have a margin account like one million other investors you will receive a call from your broker that “You have been sold out”!

      Pigs Get Slaughtered! DT

        Jun 29, 2024 29:41 PM

        In 1929 after The Great Crash $10 billion disappeared. If we have a Big Crash now $10 Trillion could disappear! LOL! DT🤣

          Jun 29, 2024 29:10 PM

          The Great Crash-1929! Of course it can’t be repeated! LOL! DT

            Jun 29, 2024 29:18 PM

            The WASP elite loss of power is, in some cases here, told by members of the winning elite. Unless I missed it, nowhere is the Federal Reserve mentioned: its intrigues in priming the pump on the way up and then pulling the plug to initiate collapse. Pump & Dump. Churchill was on the floor of the exchange when the fireworks began in earnest, possibly gloating. BDC

          Jun 30, 2024 30:51 AM

          “History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.” — Mark Twain et. al.

        Jul 02, 2024 02:28 AM

        Can’t be any more dangerous than your typical junior mining stock. Just look at these charts: pure capital destruction, many down 80 to 90 percent from their highs.

          Jul 02, 2024 02:57 AM

          The juniors don’t affect markets like Nvidia will they have small market caps with most less than $50 million unlike Nvidia which has a three Trillion-dollar evaluation. I am not talking about individual investors but the whole market being taken down by the outrageous evaluation of one stock. If you don’t understand that you must be a Nvidia shareholder. If you can’t see the TOP by now you will soon see the BOTTOM. It won’t be pretty for anyone whether they hold Nvidia or not. DT

    Jun 29, 2024 29:12 AM
    NatGas Week : Crossroad
    Turn Soon or Deeper
    Now At 38.2%

    Jun 29, 2024 29:47 PM

    Opportunities With Mid-Tier And Junior Royalty Companies – Part 6

    Excelsior Prosperity w/ Shad Marquitz 06/29/2024

    Jun 29, 2024 29:42 PM
    Happy Birthday Energy Rich America
    How Lucky We Are!

    Jun 30, 2024 30:09 PM

    New Found Gold has been taken to the woodshed and what is really worrisome is that the monthly close is the lowest in over three years with the lower BB bending down. In spite of that, I believe I’ll take an initial small position in this stock as a reminder to continue to watch it to see if technically it continues to break down for the foreseeable future for even better purchases.

      Jun 30, 2024 30:25 PM

      I think it is going lower, I have been watching it too, there are no buyers in most of the juniors I think it could drift lower. Another stock I’ve been watching to buy more is Eloro Resources, it has been clobbered but I don’t think this is the bottom. DT

        Jun 30, 2024 30:03 PM

        DT, I agree. I just purchased a small initial amount of Eloro recently and will add a little more tomorrow since on the daily and weekly charts it is challenging its’ previous recent low in February and it’s abutting up against the lower BB on the weekly charts. However, the monthly chart looks very unforgiving right now and signalling the potential of lower pricing. The MACDs of both the weekly and monthly charts are very concerning as well. But as I’m buying I’ll be plumbing the lows in the future.

    Jun 30, 2024 30:46 PM

    TLT is a short term sell vs GLD. It topped at fork resistance a few days ago…

    Jun 30, 2024 30:33 PM

    Victoria Gold must rapidly secure landslide site: expert

    Colin McClelland and Blair McBride – Northern Miner – June 26, 2024

    Victoria Gold (TSXV: GCX) must quickly stabilize its Eagle gold mine site to prevent another landslide and a spill to neighbouring property, a landslide expert says.

    The company suspended operations and said it’s investigating an accident on Monday at the Yukon site’s heap leach pad. It’s about 375 km north of Whitehorse. No one was injured.

    Photos show a 1.3-km failure of material down a slope after “a very deep-seated rotational failure in the heap leach,” Dave Petley, author of The Landslide Blog, a leader in landslide analysis, said by email.

    “This needs rapid action to secure the site, in particular ahead of any rainfall,” Petley told The Northern Miner.

    “There are a few worries now. The first is the potential for release of sediment or fluids beyond the mine boundary – a pollution incident. The second is the possibility of further mobilisation of the landslide mass, in particular as flow failure. The third is the possibility of a further failure of the heap leach – the rear scarp of the main rotational landslide is very steep, so instability is possible.”

    Jul 01, 2024 01:13 PM

    I thought the breakout above 2G would finally stick for the junior space, but the charts are just eroding away again. Should have sold in May and gone away. It seems like one really has to sell the rips in this sector and then re-position after the inevitable sell-off.

    Jul 01, 2024 01:16 PM

    Q2 volume for silver was the greatest since Q3 2020 and the picture is BULLISH.