Weekend Show – A Focus On Investing In Resource Stocks With Joe Mazumdar and Matt Geiger

September 30, 2023

Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show. On this Weekend’s Show we focus on the resource stocks. While gold stocks have struggled there has been some very impressive news and investments in critical metals.



Joe Mazumdar
Matt Geiger
    Sep 30, 2023 30:58 AM

    Great show and interviews

    Last Weekend I said that the bottom is not in yet, as Sell Joe is missing

    Yesterday he finally came back and made his Sell Sell Sell message

    I am not a technician, but probably we are close to a bottom in precious metals

    I see a lot of good bargains

      Oct 02, 2023 02:40 PM

      Gold at $1820

      Will 1800 hold?

      Next support at $1780

    Sep 30, 2023 30:17 AM
    NatGas Week : Percolating!
    Consolidation for the now.

    Sep 30, 2023 30:02 AM

    MG probably right about the Royalty for Federal Land mining was a rogue suggestion probably from a banker or bank influenced person that wanted to maintain intervention in mining to perpetuate the fraudulent paper market.
    The second thing about Gold/precious metals not supported the same as base metals, I agree with MG again except for the possibility of increased demand coming from a shut down of the Government by certain factions of our leadership. Yes, debt got us here, but once all of them took us down the road of unpayable debt, it is a little late to declare the country bankrupt and destroy the Democracy and Constitution. This will guarantee an autocratic government with hyperinflation and loss of property to the citizens. Taking the bankrupt road rather than the world-wide restructuring that is necessary, will make gold/silver physical highly in demand as one of the few actions one can take to survive a dictatorship as well as possibly leave the country while it migrates through banana republic status back to a point of democracy after we are all dead and our children starve.

      Sep 30, 2023 30:06 AM

      Never-Payable Debt is the basis of MMT.

        Sep 30, 2023 30:17 PM

        We won’t know who the bad guys actually are if we are not able to audit The Fed and Exchange Stabilization Fund. We may be shocked at who is profiting from money printing. Social Programs get the blame only because they are visible funding versus secret funding.

    Sep 30, 2023 30:11 AM

    A clear bear wedge, I don’t think GDX is done yet with negative price action

      Sep 30, 2023 30:09 AM

      If you’re right I’m guessing the downside at 5 to 6 percent but the dip below the August low could have been it especially with it being the end of the quarter (which might explain yesterday’s action). With the BPGDM at its second lowest reading in 8 years and the DSI for both metals below 10 and in the 90s for the dollar, a low here should not surprise us. Oh yeah, and Joe made his appearance which might be the best indicator of all, lol.

        Sep 30, 2023 30:53 PM

        I agree Matthew. We might be “close” to bottom and if one buys mining shares at these level, it will still be a profitable trade. These kind of extreme reading comes once or twice a year and this might be it. But there are no gaurantees.. cheap gets cheaper or it can go sideways chop chop. Risk reward is definitely to the upside.

    Sep 30, 2023 30:37 PM

    SORRY … I just had to post this here . …. This is true investing … Enjoy.

    7 hours ago

    Just because , i can !!!

    Sep 30, 2023 30:40 PM

    Bear Creek Mining got badly mauled on Friday, the fear herd moved in and stampeded and slaughtered their stock price down almost 47% on Friday. That was a buying op but most here are still engaged in the standby’s, SCZ, IPT, KTN, nothing wrong with that but there is a whole other world out there. BCM came out with a news release on September 28th where they had a hit of 62.6 G/T AU over 5.2 meters. The market yawned but BMO Bank of Montreal just provided financing to them because that intercept was near their Mexican Mine (Mercedes) which has been a producer for many years. Bear Creek Mining also has another property in Peru where they have identified a large silver deposit. My point is while the doldrums are with us there are opportunities, but you must be receptive and alert. DT

    Oct 01, 2023 01:27 AM

    With a new quarter starting now this quarterly NYSE vs Gold chart is worth watching:

    Oct 01, 2023 01:46 PM

    Spiraling Toward A ‘Debt Crisis’?

    Jesse Felder – The Felder Report (09/30/2023)

      Oct 01, 2023 01:40 PM

      The idea that The Fed can handle the debt crisis is ludicrous. The Federal Reserve has only operated under its belief that they are around to assist borrowers by lending money for the purpose of making speculative loans or maintaining speculative loans. The Boards policy has always been to control the interest rate and thus control the money supply for their own special interests. They have no new policies and haven’t since their inception in 1913. They will stand aside when this mess that they have created blows up in their face, just like they did in 1929. DT

        Oct 02, 2023 02:02 AM

        Fake FED… Like I have said for decades,πŸ˜΄πŸ‘

        Oct 02, 2023 02:43 AM

        The Fed Agenda is to transfer wealth and they could not have done a better job. The US is on the brink of destroying the Constitution and Democracy. Did it only with the banking system.

          Oct 02, 2023 02:49 AM

          The elected and appointed officials (politicians, Agency appointees and Judges) have facilitated the thefts and as co-defendants are now gutless to act.

            Oct 02, 2023 02:08 AM

            If Trump committed Fraud πŸ€”πŸ€£, what does that say about FED fraud πŸ€₯😎

            Oct 02, 2023 02:52 AM

            Largest theft in the history of the world facilitated by a government and elected officials.

            Oct 02, 2023 02:56 AM

            πŸ‘πŸŽ― again πŸ‘πŸͺ›

          Oct 02, 2023 02:40 PM

          The form of democracy that the US has been practicing for more than a century is unconstitutional and don’t forget that central banking is what makes leftist dreams (nightmares) possible.

    Oct 02, 2023 02:11 AM
    Michael Boutros – Technical Analysis:
    02:59 – US Dollar (DXY)
    33:48 – US Treasury Yields (10Y & 2Y)
    37:26- Gold (XAU/USD)
    45:55 – Silver (XAG/USD)
    52:09 – Crude Oil (WTI)

    Oct 02, 2023 02:58 AM

    Nevada King halted for news. Not sure if that is good or bad since news inappropriately hit.

      Oct 02, 2023 02:29 PM

      These days it’s SELL, SELL, SELL! GOT GOT! LOL! DT

      Oct 02, 2023 02:29 PM

      Nevada King released bonanza results in the last hour of trade and it was able to get +37-38%. Hope someone picked up a few.

    Oct 02, 2023 02:03 AM

    Wide spreads occurring in miners. My guess they are taking sell prices down while leaving buy prices firm. Some bogus manipulation for cheap shares.

    Oct 02, 2023 02:03 PM

    “I don’t care. I’m buying more!” ~ Bill Murphy, 2002