Weekend Show – The Pivot Party, What It Means For 2024, a Fund Manager’s Insights on Gold and Carbon Stocks

December 16, 2023



Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! It was a week for the history books all courtesy the Fed and Jerome Powell. The markets had a pivot party on Wednesday with gold and the large gold miners really doing well. 


This Weekend’s Show is focused on the significance of the Fed pivot and what changes for investors in 2024.  


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx and Editor of Marc to Market kicks off the show with a deep dive into the Fed pivot, the data that contributed to the pivot and which markets he thinks are in true longer-term uptrends. On Marc’s website the day before the Fed meeting Marc perfectly called the pivot! Unlike many other commentators this was the first time Marc made this call.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Matt Geiger, Managing Partner at MJG Capital wraps up the show with a focus on resource stocks. We discus what it will take for the junior stocks to start performing better, highlight some recent private equity and streaming deals, and look at the carbon credit sector.



Marc Chandler
Matt Geiger
    Dec 16, 2023 16:42 AM
    NatGas Week: New Dawn
    Resistance Break!

    Dec 16, 2023 16:26 AM

    If Marc is right gold in 2024 tests 1950-1995 range and 2135 area on upside what does that do for gold miners???
    If gold closes below 2k level which is suppose to be new solid resistance level doesn’t seem like 2024 is going to be the big breakout. I guess it could be just another consolation zone in 2024 and again it’s always the following year for breakout when analysts are wrong. Hope to hear from all the experts to see what their expectations are for miners. I’m just average guy trying to capture that big breakout in miners that I been hearing about for last few years. What I’m worried about is if 2024 is just another consolation year and recession pushed out to 2025 after election then still have to possibly deal with bigger sell off in stocks and that could drag down gold miners and it could be later 2025 for next breakout. Don’t hear the $3K in gold much lately but maybe 2100-2500 at best in next 2 years. I guess most predictions 3 years ago was we would see 2500-3k in 2023 what happened, inflation ran costs up on all miners building mines and borrowing money at high rates diluting their stocks. Just rambling on because I’m in dark and a beginner at best.

      Dec 16, 2023 16:24 AM

      My sentiments exactly, Paul!

      Dec 16, 2023 16:52 AM

      Expertise these days has turned into caution as markets may not be as free and fair as they were before computers.
      Technical analysis can be good as it can show where we have been and possible trends as to where we are going. What is somewhat variable is the validity of the data being distributed into the system making the “input” to technicals not as reliable as it once was making historical data and therefore projections prone to being influenced by false input at all points including the present. That creates unexpected consequences.
      We have also noted that historical/traditional fundamentals can be seemingly ignored by electronic interference in the data process.
      There is also a current issue highlighted by “Save Canadian Mining” group to correct lack of Regulatory action either by Government functions or basic fiduciary duties of Brokerage activities in preventing illegal trading issues such as Naked Short Selling, spoofing, etc. The Southern District of New York recently ruled on a Naked Shorting Case that responsibility falls on the Broker/Brokerage firm to prevent corrupt activities within their control and be liable for them.
      So the issues are great in the mining space and they are beginning to act against questionable activities that have little to do with markets and everything to do with theft.
      We all hope that when Wall Street realizes that certain ways of doing business become unprofitable and possibly career ending, We all can get back to feeling more comfortable with the “fairness” in order to make some educated and profitable projections. In the meantime, read everything you can about a potential investment, decide what level of risk or de-risking your comfortable with and over time you will develop trust in various sources that seek as much fact and truth as possible in a system that is intervened in by those that seek unfair advantage as an agenda.

      Dec 16, 2023 16:30 PM

      If I was a beginner now knowing what I now know I would stay mostly away from the junior resource sector and concentrate on the large cap stocks, like Barrick, Newmont, and Agnico Eagle. When we enter a gold bull you will see juniors jump like crazy but if you don’t understand human psychology, you will lose money, 95% of all investors fall into this category. The large caps will probably give you a 300-400% return with very little downside if you buy in now but you still must know when to sell. They too will go down when the market turns. You can’t hold any stock for a long period of time, all stocks are meant to be traded and that is what most investors don’t understand. If you hold stocks the “nifty fifty” would still be around and none of them have survived and that will be true of the “magnificent seven”. Many years ago, I worked at Sears when they were a big retailer in their day. They did exactly what Amazon is doing now only they didn’t stay with their business model and transition to computer ordering from warehouses. Amazon will not survive either something maybe a change in management or an inability to adapt to newer technology will take them out by somehow who has a better business plan. You as an investor cannot become complacent or you will lose your money. This is a dangerous game, it is gambling, don’t ever forget the risks. DT

        Dec 16, 2023 16:11 PM

        You forgot LOL!

        Dec 16, 2023 16:20 PM

        Ditto DICK…………. on the beginners…

          Dec 17, 2023 17:54 AM

          It doesn’t matter what anyone says, rhetoric is Dust in the Wind, investors must feel the pain and they will. DT

            Dec 17, 2023 17:51 PM

            This song sucks

            Dec 17, 2023 17:35 PM

            Brumple, it is not a song for someone who is at your stage in life. I hope you have got your affairs in order. Most people don’t like realism, but I do. LOL! DT

    Dec 16, 2023 16:11 PM

    If I had to do it over, I would have forgotten everything I knew and handed my money to a broker right after the 2008 crash since they rigged markets and corrupted data. I didn’t think they could hold it together this long with the massive debt, altering accounting rules, citizens united, lobbying and buying politicians, bribing judges, missing whistle blowers, rotating bankers through political positions, off shoring trading desks, front running, spoofing, naked shorting, de-regulation, derivatives, Dodd -Frank, false data, algorithms, etc
    The magnificent 7 is not a fluke nor is mining stocks being at the lowest values of all-time due to Intervention and limited Regulation. As many have said, until Bankers are motivated to end corruption, they won’t. If they aren’t stopped then their system has to fail. Then mining stocks go up as Gold is recognized as money rather than an “ancient relic” threat to fiat. Loss of value of fiat, unpayable debt, loss of Reserve Currency, Wars all are what makes their ”Game” starting to fail.
    (Time to make a visit to and read everything in site.)

    Dec 17, 2023 17:27 PM

    Bob another whiner