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Ed Moya reviews the continued bounce in most markets, despite a great deal of economic data continuing to be...
Mon 23 Jan, 2023
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Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins us to discuss today’s market moves, where the tech sector is leading the way. After all...
Mon 9 Jan, 2023
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Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins me to share his thoughts on the market sell-off today. On the back of...
Thu 15 Dec, 2022
John Rubino, Founder of the Dollar Collapse website, joins us to outline some of the key market trends from nations trying to trade around...
Mon 12 Dec, 2022
John Rubino joins us for a wide-ranging discussion on the macro factors that have improved in the precious metals...
Mon 14 Nov, 2022
Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold joins us to share his outlook on the continued pullback in gold and PM stocks....
Wed 19 Oct, 2022
Josef Schachter, Founder and Editor of the Schachter Energy Report joins us to focus on the recent price moves in the energy sector and...
Wed 21 Sep, 2022
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Craig Hemke discusses the recent bounce in most markets after the FOMC press conference and GDP numbers were...
Thu 28 Jul, 2022
Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold joins us to recap the 9.1% inflation print for June. This was slightly higher than...
Wed 13 Jul, 2022
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Weekend Show – Jesse Felder and Doc – A Different Outlook For Metals, Who Do You Think Is Right?

  It was a very bad end of the month and quarter for markets broadly but especially for precious metals stock investors. Gold and silver…

Sat 2 Jul, 2022

Marc Chandler – Weekly Wrap Up On The Macroeconomic Factors Moving The Markets

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner of Bannockburn Global Forex and Editor of the Marc To Market website, reviews the macroeconomic factors moving the markets.

Fri 1 Jul, 2022

Jordan Roy-Byrne – Copper Below $4, Energy Selling-Off, All This Pointing To Disinflation and Possible Recession

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold joins me to focus on copper and oil. Both of these commodities have pulled back in…

Wed 22 Jun, 2022

Weekend Show – How To Beat The Bear Market While Central Banks Continue To Hike Rates

  Fed week did not disappoint with the Fed hiking rates by 75 basis points which caused markets to fall further into bear market territory….

Sat 18 Jun, 2022

Sean Brodrick – Concerning Macroeconomic Factors Causing Markets To Anticipate A Recession

Sean Brodrick focuses on some of the macroeconomic factors that have him worried, and the market expectations that a recession is on the horizon.

Thu 16 Jun, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – All About Investing During A Bear Market

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show. This week we focus on investing during a bear market. The consensus is that we are still early…

Sat 28 May, 2022

Brien Lundin – Key Macro Factors Driving The General Equities And Precious Metals Markets

Brien Lundin, Editor of The Gold Newsletter, outlines the key macro factors that he is watching as signal, and what he is tuning out as market noise.

Thu 26 May, 2022

Marc Chandler – Inflation vs Recession and How The Fed Will Fight Both

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global Forex joins us to discuss the two main themes commentators are discussing, inflation and recession. With the Fed…

Fri 13 May, 2022

Mike Larson – Late Cycle Assets Continue To Preform But That Doesn’t Mean A Recession Is Imminent

Mike Larson, Editor of The Safe Money Report joins me to focus on the sectors that continue to outperform this range bound market. As Mike…

Thu 21 Apr, 2022

John Rubino – Falling Bond Prices and Rising Inflation Put Pressure On The Consumers Wealth Effect

John Rubino discussed the challenge to the ‘wealth effect” with falling bond prices and higher interest rates, paired with rising inflation in prices and market volatility.

Mon 11 Apr, 2022

Weekend Show – Featuring Jesse Felder and Axel Merk – Just How Likely Is A US Recession?

Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show! On this Weekend’s show we are joined by Jesse Felder and Axel Merk. It was a slower week…

Sat 9 Apr, 2022

John Rubino – Inflation, Fed Policy, US General Equities, Bonds, Gold As We Near Inflection Point

John Rubino discusses inflation, Fed policy, US general equities, bonds, gold, interest rates, and more as we near a major market inflection point.

Mon 14 Feb, 2022

A Global Recession Is Upon Us But How Long And How Devastating Will It Be?

With cities and economies around the world shutting down it seems to be a guarantee that a recession is upon us and potentially already here….

Tue 17 Mar, 2020

The FedEx/Amazon News And How To Trade It, Plus Targets For The S&P

Allison Ostrander, Director of Risk Tolerance at Simpler Trading kicks off today with comments on the big down day for FedEx shares on the back…

Thu 19 Dec, 2019

Introducing a new guest Peter Hanks, Analyst at DailyFX – A big Picture Look At The Markets

I am happy to introduce Peter Hanks, Analyst at DailyFx. Peter and I take a look at the big picture for the markets and money…

Mon 18 Nov, 2019
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Hour 1 – Featuring Jesse Felder, Rick Bensignor, and Matt Geiger

This first hour is full of extended segments with topics ranging from overall US markets health to opportunities in depressed markets, and of course comments…

Sat 26 Oct, 2019

Hour 1 – Recession Fears, Trade War Updates, and Investing Strategies

This weekend you get a full two hours of market and economic commentary. In the first hour I focus on the many predictions of a…

Sat 12 Oct, 2019

With the bond market screaming recession are you seeing it?

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show shares his thoughts on a possible recession in the face of what the bond market is…

Tue 27 Aug, 2019

Balancing out recession fears with a natural market pullback

Eddie Ghabour, Co-Owner of Key Advisors Group shares his thoughts on the potential of a recession in the next 12 months while also balancing US…

Wed 21 Aug, 2019

Looking ahead to Jackson Hole and the G7

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me to share his thoughts on the US markets and all the recession fears that are on…

Tue 20 Aug, 2019
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