Craig Hemke – Gold’s Longest Losing Streak Since 2018, What Data Could Turn Markets, Where’s The Recession?

August 17, 2023

Craig Hemke, Editor of the TF Metals Report website joins us to discuss the recent losing streak in gold, what data and events he is looking ahead to and when the recession that so many have been calling for will hit. With most sectors moving lower this month some people are throwing out the idea of an upcoming recession and how low that could push markets down.




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    Aug 17, 2023 17:41 PM

    Craig always makes me feel like he’s on my/our side!

    Aug 17, 2023 17:59 PM


    Aug 18, 2023 18:11 AM

    This I find disturbing! How many Americans actually hold stock on margin during the summer of 2023, there seems to be no way of computing, but it is probably safe to put the figure at more than 10 million when you figure how easy it is to trade with a cell phone and everyone has that ability these days. I have margin money, I have a home equity line of credit, it is so easy to get loaded up with debt like dumb pack animals. DT

      Aug 18, 2023 18:39 AM

      Sheeple are dumb , you saw how dumb they were getting jabbed and wearing mask..😆

    Aug 18, 2023 18:18 AM

    Impact silver stopped out on minor breakdown below previous swing low….ISVLF…..probably will now release the kracken…it is what it is…glta

      Aug 18, 2023 18:34 AM

      A move out of Impact into Santacruz.

        Aug 18, 2023 18:51 PM

        It will have an impact! 😉 DT

        Aug 18, 2023 18:32 PM

        Interesting thread guys. I still hold positions in both Impact Silver and Santacruz Silver and like the potential for both companies to get rerated higher, and really surprise investors to the upside when they do take off in a better sentiment environment for the silver and base metals stocks.

      Aug 18, 2023 18:04 PM

      It’s been many years since I’ve had as many shares of IPT as I have now and my stake could soon hit a new all-time high.

    Aug 18, 2023 18:30 AM

    Investors aside…can you imagine this sort of gut wrenching and soul crushing effect on management? ….heartbreak city…just my opinion…glta