Jordan Roy-Byrne – Balancing Technical And Intermarket Analysis With Macroeconomic Drivers

Shad Marquitz
October 25, 2023

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, outlines both the technical and intermarket levels he is watching on the charts but balances that out with the macroeconomic data driving market expectations.  We start off getting some pricing support and resistance levels on gold, silver, GDX, and GDXJ, and a look at how gold is performing in relation to currencies, general equities, and bonds.  Jordan has pointed out that it’s not just geopolitics that are driving this move, but also includes the forward-looking expectations around inflation, real interest rates, unemployment and the labor markets, and the potential for a recession in the months and quarters to come creating a mix of nuanced factors for investors to consider.




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    Oct 26, 2023 26:35 AM

    Appears Retail continues to pay for Wall Street and Hedge Fund thefts. Meanwhile the entire Mining Industry remains quiet.

      Oct 26, 2023 26:02 AM

      For a Thursday, the “News” sounds like Friday. Possibly the Miners are Fed-up with the “sell the News” action and are waiting for the criminal Comex and LBMA to implode on themselves. After all, despite taking losses all year long, we are entering tax loss season and managed money bonus time. Neither of those events are good for free and fair markets, nor is lack of regulation of those that believe they should self-regulate themselves. Surprised they haven’t proposed to remove all “safes” from banks. Entitlement seems to be a little misplaced these days as no one ever intended Wall Street to have The Fed as their personal source of income.

        Oct 26, 2023 26:15 AM

        The Business Plan for Wall Street has been entrenched in Criminality to achieve earnings. This is reflected in who is elected and appointed to Public Office and what Laws are passed and rescinded. Unfortunately Democracy does not survive when people support this form of Business Plan and only become aware and involved “after” democracy has been taken from them.