Craig Hemke – Weaker Data Driving Markets, Recession Potential In 2024, How Gold and Gold Stock React To It All

November 17, 2023

Craig Hemke, Editor and Publisher of TF Metals Report joins us to recap the recent generally weaker economic data out of the US and around the world, that has shifted investor sentiment bullish. Fed rate hike expectations are pretty much gone while rate cut expectations next year have taken hold which excites investors.


While looking into next year the recession outlook is critical so we ask Craig what type of recession he is expecting. We tie this all into how gold and gold stocks might react to a recession and falling stock market. 



Click here to visit Craig’s website – TF Metals Report.

    Nov 17, 2023 17:49 AM

    New Theory: If you own a stock associated with Barrick, it will be outside the scope of the daily intervention algos.

      Nov 17, 2023 17:10 AM

      My account just went negative. Isn’t that strange timing.

        Nov 17, 2023 17:55 PM

        They are tracking your account Lake…. 🙂
        do some background on CEDE… and company… lol……. 🙂

    Nov 17, 2023 17:57 PM

    The other day I was listening to Rick Rule…….. now he is recommending COAL…. the rock… 🙂

      Nov 17, 2023 17:18 PM

      I was listening RR also and picked up some Renya Silver which has expanded its options since the last time I owned it.

    Nov 18, 2023 18:27 AM

    Speaking of Rick Rule, another stock he mentioned was Hercules. He mentioned he had good feelings that they have a copper resource as he saw the core that was sent for analysis. That pre-results comment is rare for him.
    Bayhorse Silver has some interest as they are near Hercules but they have not admitted to previously drilling for copper but announced that they were going to drill for it after the Hercules potential discovery. Bayhorse has noted copper of some level in previous sampling or drills. Anyway … they got a few days of pop for the possibility of copper. Permitting may be an issue as they may be in a different jurisdiction.