Weekend Show – Matt Geiger & Dan Steffens – Investing In Gold, Silver, Oil and Nat Gas Stocks

April 20, 2024



Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! This week was dominated by geopolitical news out of the mid-east. We covered the day to day moves in Daily Editorials so on this Weekend’s Show we stick to the larger trends in place for commodities and commodity stocks.


Commodities have drastically outperformed markets this month. How long will it continue? How much more money will rotate into commodities and when will it filter to the junior stocks? We ask all these questions in this Weekend’s Show!


Segment 1 and 2 – Matt Geiger, Managing Partner at MJG Capital kicks off the show by sharing his thoughts on the gold and copper prices. We discuss how Matt is viewing private placement opportunities, how he thinks junior companies will fund work programs for this year, and what stocks are set up best to play catch up to the gold price… Click here to learn more about MJG Capital and the resource fund that Matt runs.


Segment 3 and 4 – Dan Steffens, President of the Energy Prospectus Group wraps up the show with a focus on the oil and natural gas sectors. We cover the key drivers of price and Dan shares 2 stocks in his small-cap growth portfolio; Riley Exploration Permian and Surge Energy. We also have Dan outline an upcoming luncheon in Houston he is hosting featuring InPlay Oil. If you want more information on the luncheon please email energyprospecus@gmail.comClick here to learn more about the Energy Prospectus Group.



Matt Geiger
Dan Steffens
    Apr 20, 2024 20:33 AM
    Gold Week : Volatility

    Apr 20, 2024 20:36 AM
    NatGas Week : Consolidation
    Wedge Resolution Coming

      Apr 20, 2024 20:06 AM

      Using current NG1 pricing,
      UNG/USD as reference only,
      1.456 is my downside target.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:23 PM

    Commodities Update – Week In Review And The Week Ahead – Part 11

    Excelsior Prosperity w/ Shad Marquitz – (04/20/2024)

    Gold, Silver, GDX, GDXJ, Copper, COPX, Oil, XLE, Nat Gas, URNM

      Apr 20, 2024 20:02 PM

      Ex, thank you for the report. BTW, the NatGas chart space is occupied by Oil. BDC

        Apr 20, 2024 20:04 PM

        Thanks for the heads up BDC. I got the Nat Gas chart updated now, but lots of folks already read the article with the oil chart accidentally in that slot. Good eye though, and much appreciated.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:38 PM
    Dollar Century: Gaps

      Apr 20, 2024 20:39 PM

      Back in 2014, here at KER, I noted a significant Dollar Index gap (.50+) left over from 2003, and that it could fill. It did so later that year into 2015. Today I’ve found on the monthly chart that an earlier 2002 wick gap exists between 114.40 and 114.54. Unfortunately, confirming daily chart data is not available; however, no matter because it had subsequently been tagged in September 2022.

      My rule is that Dollar Index gaps, to be securely closed, must be covered multiple times, or else a ‘shadow gap’ remains (somewhat like painting white over a dark porous surface for full coverage). Because of this, even though a long term bear flag is apparent, there is a very real possibility that the 2022 high of 114.78 will at least be tested. BDC

        Apr 21, 2024 21:12 AM

        Updated: “The Bullish Case”

    Apr 22, 2024 22:44 AM

    Appears by the correction of the physical before some miners have moved or are in the lowest part of their long term channels, is that most miners become irrational targets for “easy money” take overs. Orchestrated criminality by managed money. (This thesis can be supported by what M&A happens during weakness. All M&A is not a positive event when it occurs due to intervention.)

    Apr 22, 2024 22:43 AM

    Miners in green have dropped back about minus 45% since gold topped. Still better than first of year but relatively no movement in total value. Just alternating values to keep status quo.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:53 AM

    Just noticed in this mornings news that NFG is buying some property from LAB for an exchange of shares. Share value during intervention is not necessarily reflective of resource value. NFG has held its value or appreciated during recent intervention activities, whereas LAB has mostly been in a downward trend. Therefore a share exchange is distorted in favor of NFG. Let’s see what other things might happen in the near future.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:08 AM

    NFG will become a powerhouse when it takes over Maritime Resources. They want the Pine Cove Mill which at present is way underutilized. New Found Gold owns property adjacent to The Pine Cove Mill where they can truck their ore from Queensway and store it for Pine Cove until they make a move on Maritime. IMHO, as always DYODD. DT

    Apr 22, 2024 22:13 AM

    The management at NFG are also in charge of NKG, that should tell you something. DT