Weekend Show – Rick Bensignor and Matt Geiger – US Market Weakness, Higher Rates, Gold Vs Gold Stocks, Copper Equities Outlook

March 16, 2024


Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! On this Weekend’s Show we discuss potential weakness in the US markets, breakouts in gold and Bitcoin, copper breaking above $4 and Bitcoin recently over $70k.


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Rick Bensignor
Matt Geiger
    Mar 16, 2024 16:26 AM
    NatGas Week: My Take

      Mar 16, 2024 16:28 AM

      After the normal looking November NatGas high, a natural corrective downtrend began, soon to become the collapse which initially stalled in December. Relatively strong rallies into early January were negatively punctuated by a bearish pin bar top. Then a more severe downtrend continued. This was fueled by Biden’s late January revelation that new LNG licensing will be restricted – an edict obviously planned for months in advance.

      The most bullish aspect of near-term NatGas pricing was dealt a knockout blow. Many top shelf analysts were caught off guard, with the exception of some Elliott Wave people. My guess is that this market is being driven to extreme lows so that deep pocket manipulators can attempt to monopolize our most viable energy resource. Future details will be documented here.

        Mar 16, 2024 16:08 AM

        Thanks BDC. Interesting thoughts on the Nat Gas markets both technically and fundamentally. Yeah those Biden administration energy policies on the new US-based LNG terminals were ridiculous, and did catch many energy investors off guard.

        There may be some more pain in store in the widow maker, but I’m interested to start accumulating some natty gas stocks over the medium-term (next 3-6 months) as I believe we’ll see $3+ prices by the end of the this year preparing for winter.

        Thus far I’ve just been accumulating Birchcliff, but I may add in Antero, and buy back into EQT Corp at one point (which I had a couple of good position trades in last year).

    Mar 16, 2024 16:36 AM

    Here’s my latest article that went out to Substack subscribers yesterday:


    >> Opportunities With Mid-Tier And Junior Royalty Companies – (Part 1)

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    Mar 16, 2024 16:22 PM
    Mar 17, 2024 17:02 AM

    Excellent, I am following up on cory’s Interview of Labrador Gold approx 3 weeks ago. Any idea as to when we can tune in to it? Palisades Gold Radio has a great interview with Bob Coleman and Steve St Angelo on the intricacies of the pm markets. It is quite long, but eye opening in my opinion.

    Mar 17, 2024 17:19 PM

    Double Jeopardy!

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