Weekend Show – We Focus On The Investment Angle For Both Development And Royalty Companies

July 29, 2023


Welcome to the Weekend Edition of The KE Report. On this Weekend Edition we focus on two types of resource companies; development stage and royalty companies. These types of companies offer very different investment opportunities but as you will hear from our guests you need to be selective in the companies and teams you invest in.


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  • Segment 1 and 2 – Brian Leni, Founder and Editor of The Junior Stock Review kicks off the show with a focus on development stage resource companies. We ask about the types of companies Brian invests in with a longer term investing strategy. We also discuss the high price predictions for metals associated with the electrification narrative.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Matt Geiger, Managing Partner at MJG Capital keeps our focus on resource stocks while sharing his outlook for royalty companies. More specifically the small and mid size royalty companies. We also recap a recent site visit Matt attended in Brazil to Bravo Mining and Lara Exploration.

Brian Leni
Matt Geiger
    Jul 29, 2023 29:28 PM

    RED ALERT! Heartland Tri-State Bank Fails! Uninsured Depositors BAILED OUT by the FDIC!! (Bix Weir)

      Jul 29, 2023 29:51 PM

      Happened on FREAKY FRIDAY……………….. at night….. lol

        Jul 29, 2023 29:15 PM

        Hi Jerry:

        It is difficult to arrive at even the vaguest idea of what these banks are worth because their investments are so interrelated that they don’t even know what their holdings are, even investment professionals don’t have a clue because the banks haven’t kept records of how this investment is tied into that investment. They really don’t care until they must show proof, because they rely on the hope of profits. When the profits disappear so does the credibility of any bank. DT

          Jul 29, 2023 29:46 PM

          Hello DT………… thanks for the reply…… I agree 100%…….
          I posted an article in the ORPHAN SECTION…………. on BIS……
          I think I might post it here…..
          OOTB Jerry
          12 hours ago
          BIS….., this world is ruled by evil financial elites, who operate in the shadows of society, concealed from the public. By moving their operations behind the scenes, the rulers could be protected from the wrath of the people. But they also needed to shield themselves from the prosecution of governments, so they created for themselves so-called “sovereign states”. A sovereign state is a small area that is not submitted to the laws of the land, and is, in essence, untouchable.

          An example of such a sovereign state, is the Bank for International Settlements, which oversees more than 50 central banks – making it one of the most powerful financial entities in the world.

          The BIS became a sovereign, untouchable entity in 1987 through the Headquarters Agreement which was negotiated with the Swiss Federal Council. This agreement includes the following:

          ✔︎ Full inviolability for all buildings of the BIS, and the land beneath and around them, indifferent to who owns them.

          ✔︎ Full immunity from criminal and civil prosecution and proceedings for the bank as such.

          ✔︎ No payment of taxes on transactions and salaries of personnel.

          ✔︎ No disclosure to governments regarding the activities of the BIS.

          ✔︎ Not subject to any jurisdiction.

          The Bank for International Settlements cannot be prosecuted, doesn’t need to inform the government of its activities, pays no taxes, and is not submitted to any jurisdiction. It can do whatever it wants.

            Jul 30, 2023 30:14 PM

            DiMartino Booth – ‘Controlled demolition’: Expect more bank failures as Fed keeps rates high

            Kitco News – Jul 27, 2023

            “Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO and Chief Strategist at QI Research, joins Michelle Makori Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News to discuss the ongoing impact of Fed policy on the U.S. economy. They also discuss the ongoing crisis in banking and commercial real estate, and the prospects for gold and equities in a ‘higher for longer’ scenario. ”

            0:00 – Reaction to July FOMC
            3:11 – How ‘higher for longer’ will manifest
            7:37 – Recession masked by stimulus
            13:07 – Expect a real recession
            14:58 – More bank collapses to come
            19:26 – Commercial real estate collapsing
            23:00 – Equities are trading on hope
            23:51 – More in gold and munis, zero in equities


            Jul 30, 2023 30:17 PM

            EB Tucker – We Are in ‘Financial Purgatory’, the Fed Can’t Save Us This Time

            The Jay Martin Show – July 25, 2023

            “Financial Author E.B. Tucker believes the financial markets are in a sort of purgatory between realities, and the Fed is just as uncertain about where things are headed as investors are. E.B. thinks the era of cheap growth that allowed countless inefficient companies to expand is coming to an end, and a reckoning is on the way for the markets that investors should be aware of.”

            00:00 Introduction
            01:38 Market on Steroids
            07:20 There’s a Reckoning Coming
            17:55 Real Cost of Cheap Growth
            26:25 Need to Take Risks
            28:35 How is E.B. Allocating Capital?
            34:30 Mining Royalties
            38:46 KoBold Metals Story


            Jul 30, 2023 30:13 PM

            saw…..the interview with Booth , yesterday….

        Jul 29, 2023 29:45 PM

        Good that FDIC is loaded up with budgeted funds (NOT) to cover uninsured (probably corporate) risky investments, so Taxpayer debt levels are not increased more for corrupt insider practices. But they will be and somebody will want to defer infrastructure funding again, as a result. How long are we going to watch this?

          Jul 29, 2023 29:41 PM

          The people will watch it until they can not afford to buy gas and or feed themselves.

          Revolutions happen when enough people get hungry, otherwise people seem to be able to put up with just about anything.

    Jul 30, 2023 30:41 AM

    If stock prices in the conventional markets start to decline for several days in a row we could see a startling and sudden pinch in the money supply. The interest rate could jump without direction from The Fed and speculators with margin accounts will get the dreaded call, Pony Up or else! DT

    Jul 30, 2023 30:12 PM

    Bob Moriarty: The Most Destructive Crash in Financial History

    Palisades Radio – Jul 27, 2023

    “Bob Moriarty, a former Marine Corps fighter pilot in Vietnam and founder of 321 Gold and 321 Energy, once again shares his insight on the recent protests in France, which he believes is a result of the EU’s unlimited immigration policy, rising inflation, and a worldwide revolution due to governments destroying the middle class.”

    Time Stamp References:
    0:00 – Introduction
    1:26 – French Protests
    7:48 – Sanctions & Suicide
    9:20 – Nordstream & Wars
    12:08 – Winter in Europe
    18:15 – Escalation Risks
    23:54 – BRICS & New Currency
    30:37 – Sentiment & Capital
    38:29 – Rates & The Next Crisis
    40:28 – Miners & Explorers
    43:09 – Mining Stories
    53:00 – Gold & Dollars
    54:33 – Warming Narratives
    57:37 – Wrap Up

    Jul 30, 2023 30:20 PM

    Investors Go ‘All In’ On The Soft Landing Narrative

    Jesse Felder – The Felder Report (07/29/2023)

      Jul 30, 2023 30:26 PM

      Cracks Emerge In ‘Bull’ Market As Rates And Commodities Rip Higher

      Mott Capital Management – Seeking Alpha – Jul. 30, 2023

      – Oil and gasoline are putting upward pressure on headline inflation expectations.

      – The short-volatility appears very vulnerable at this point to unwinding.

      – Rates on the long-end of the yield curve are very close to breaking out and ripping higher.

      “This past week could have been a significant inflection point for markets. The Bank of Japan made a major policy shift on its yield curve control, while the ECB hinted at slowing its rate hiking cycle, and the Fed suggested it doesn’t see inflation hitting its target until 2025.”

      “On top of that, commodity prices continued to surge, again bringing headline inflation risk back into the mix, while rates on the long end of the US Treasury curve are on the cusp of breaking out. Meanwhile, equities showed the first signs of cracks forming in the short-volatility trade…”

    Jul 30, 2023 30:31 PM

    It is interesting to note the technical reversal in Gold last week from the dip to $1941.70 on Thursday to the weekly close at $1999.90 on Friday. That move took pricing below the KAMA and 55 day EMA and then solidly above it in real whipsaw move, post Fed-speak and Bank of Japan yield curve and interest rate relaxation.

    So Gold right back up under $2000 (within spitting distance of all time highs) on the December contract (which most platforms are now displaying as the key front-month futures contract), and yet the PM mining stocks are still mostly asleep.

    Jul 30, 2023 30:37 PM

    Spot gold is currently about 1957 while the front month is August. The “most heavily traded” distinction switched from August to December on Friday but if you’re buying physical coins, rounds, bars, etc., then spot is the price to look at.
    The “continuous contract” is obviously tracking December now and looks great:

    Jul 30, 2023 30:05 PM

    Multiple sources of resistance just above for the dollar:

    Jul 31, 2023 31:58 AM

    Monday Open:
    Holding Breath and Attitude…