Jeff Christian – The Potential Of Gold Producers Investing In Juniors, Gold Supply Outlook and Current Investment Demand

September 28, 2023

Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at the CPM Group joins us to focus on the state of the gold market from the physical side as well as on the company front. 


We start with the gold companies and ask if Jeff sees any of the major or mid-tier producers injecting capital into the junior stocks. We also ask about some of the car and electronics companies that have signed deals in the critical minerals sector.


On the gold investment demand side we have Jeff provide an overview of the factors holding gold in a relatively tight range. 




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    Sep 28, 2023 28:15 AM

    We live in a World where everything is manipulated all of the time. Sometimes the banks don’t report a trade, this is more evident when you don’t use a broker but simply direct trade through a portal provided by the banks. Many times, I place a trade and it doesn’t show up in the volume category. When it comes to money anything and everything can happen and does. We don’t live in a world that is squeaky clean so you must take that into account when trading anything or buying anything for that matter. The used car salesman is in charge and always has been. There are different levels at different times. When it comes to money most humans don’t have a grasp on their emotions or the treatment of people they profess to love. DT

      Sep 28, 2023 28:55 AM

      Ditto and thanks for the Bobby M report

    Sep 28, 2023 28:46 AM

    Long some JNUG (stop 22.59).

      Sep 28, 2023 28:21 AM

      Stop s/b 24.59.

        Sep 28, 2023 28:56 PM

        Added some.

          Sep 29, 2023 29:58 AM


    Sep 28, 2023 28:29 PM

    GLD has tested its 100 week EMA for the first time this year and hit 2 fork supports in the process…