HighGold Mining – Introduction To The Johnson Tract Gold-Zinc-Copper Project In Alaska

Shad Marquitz
September 29, 2023

Darwin Green, President and CEO of HighGold Mining Inc (TSXV: HIGH) (OTCQX: HGMIF),  joins us for a Company introduction to the Johnson Tract Gold-Zinc-Copper Project and the emerging Ellis Zone in Southcentral Alaska, USA.


We start off by reviewing how this company came together in 2019, and how the prior exploration work has delineated a resource at the JT Deposit of 1.05 Million ounces @ 9.4 g/t AuEq Indicated (40m true width), with 0.11 Million ounces @ 4.8 g/t AuEq Inferred resources.  The company just completed an 8,000 meter drill campaign which included some geotech holes into the JT Deposit, and exploration holes testing along strike and at depth.


In addition to about half the program being focused on testing the newly emerging second area called the Ellis Zone.  On Sept. 6th news was announced on the first 2 holes from this year’s program from the Ellis Zone, with assays returning 2.2 m at 57.0 g/t AuEq (49.9 g/t Au, 25 g/t Ag, 1.5% Cu, 8.4% Zn) in hole # DC23-070, including 1.1 m at 80.5 g/t AuEq, (71.40 g/t Au, 29.7 g/t Ag, 1.5% Cu, 11.7% Zn).  The company plans to release a resource estimate on this new zone later in the year. 


We have Darwin provide a big-picture look at how they envision this Project developing moving forward, as they continue to derisk it with metallurgical work, road permitting to compliment existing infrastructure, and they are seeking to build an underground exploration ramp to more effectively drill at depth and potentially utilize this in a scenario for direct shipment of ore in the future. 


Another key catalyst for the Company was the spinning out of their earlier-stage exploration properties in the Yukon and in Timmins, Ontario into Onyx Gold Corp (TSXV: ONYX) (OTCQX: ONXGF).  We cover the rationale here to daylight value in this new exploration company, and how it also benefits HighGold shareholders with the 12% equity interest they maintained in Onyx Gold. 


We wrap up having Darwin share his background in the mining industry, and highlight some of the key members of the management team, the board of directors, key strategic shareholders, and the Company financial overview. 


If you have any more questions for Darwin regarding HighGold Mining, then please email us at or




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    Sep 29, 2023 29:40 AM

    (HIGH) (HGMIF) HighGold Mining – Corporate Presentation – September 2023:

    Sep 29, 2023 29:50 AM

    HighGold CEO Darwin Green presents at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek in September 2023

    00.00 Introduction: A lot accomplished since start of 2023
    01.30 Our people: We pride ourself on our technical strength
    02.50 Capitalization structure: No warrants
    03.50 The Johnson Tract: A project that shines on true widths
    04.50 Spinout: Largest shareholder of Onyx Gold, which is drilling this year in Yukon’s new Snowline District and the Timmins Gold Camp in Ontario
    05.30 Plans and catalysts: An active year ahead for Johnson Tract
    07.00 Johnson Tract highlights
    07:35 Progressive partnership with CIRI Alaska Native Corp.
    0822: Development optionality: Standalone operation or direct shipment
    09:44 Near tidewater with road and port easement rights
    10:10 De-risking underway
    11:48 The Johnson Tract district: 10 km of prospects
    12:35 Ellis Zone, DC prospect
    13:10 Summary, Q&A

    Sep 29, 2023 29:44 PM

    Hi Ex, it looks like you finally got them on the show, you must have twisted their rubber arm a lot. I have not listened in yet, but I will! DT

      Sep 29, 2023 29:50 PM

      🙂 Yes, we met up again at the Beaver Creek conference, and when meeting with Darwin I also got to meet their new VP of Corporate Communications, Nicole (who seems excellent, and used to be with Sabina until they got taken over by B2Gold earlier this year).

      It was great to have Darwin on the show this week and introduce HighGold to the KER crew, and now that we did the high level overview, on the next interview we can dig in and get a bit more granular with the drill results as they get reported.

      HIGH is one I’m considering as a speculation, especially now that it has had a healthy pullback while simultaneously they’ve been continuing to build more value… so the risk/reward setup is getting more and more attractive. I don’t have much capital left to deploy, but may harvest a few more gains in the Uranium stocks that have been surging for months to plow into a few more PM stocks. Either that or I may have to start a paper route in the morning to make a bit more money to throw at these depressed PM stock valuations… as it is accumulation time just like last September was.

    Sep 29, 2023 29:07 PM

    Looks like Docs prediction of 1850 gold was correct.
    Good call Doc. 😉

      Sep 29, 2023 29:25 PM

      Yep, it was a good call from Doc.

      Jordan made the point a few months ago that Gold could pull back down to a confluence of moving averages in the $1830-$1850 range, and reiterated that again earlier this week when it was flirting with the $1900 level a few dollars on either side of it.

      Christopher Aaron also made the point months ago that it was unlikely for Gold to break out to a new high on the 3rd attempt last time earlier in the spring, and that it would most likely pull back down to the mid $1800s before attempting the next rally higher. He mentioned it would be more likely that Gold gets the juice needed from that correction to break on through to the other side on the 4th or maybe 5th attempt. We’ll see if that is what plays out.

      It appears these guys technical outlook is playing out well, and we are getting closer to those support levels in the yellow metal. The sector is now getting bombed out enough where it is time to sit up and pay closer attention for good accumulation points.

    Sep 29, 2023 29:39 PM

    And down the drain the PMs go again!!!!
    It’s almost like higher interest rates and a strong dollar have some kind of negative affect on PMs, right?
    And just wait until the 50dma crosses under the 200dma for gold and silver, it’s right around the corner.
    And all those PM miners? They’ll get CRUSHED!!!

    Do it now, SELL!!!!!
    Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Get help, tell someone who loves you what you’re doing and GET HELP!!!!


    Take all that money and put it in a money market and collect 5+ percent and don’t look at the stock market for another year.
    There, you just got the best financial advice this entire year.

      Sep 29, 2023 29:04 PM

      Haha! I love it when some anonymous guy comes on and yells at everyone in all caps with multiple exclamation points after each sentence, telling everyone what they should do as if they alone hold the keys to truth. That’s some classic Joe…

      It reminds me of when he went on a similar rant last year at the exact same time of year (Sept 24th last year), 2 days before PM stocks bottomed and then they went on an 8 month rally higher, with most stocks up double-digits, and some of the better ones up triple digits.

      He’s nailed a couple of other bottoms with similar rants within mere days of their lows which is a unique talent. So seeing him resurface now, after watching such a corrective move already happen, does pique my interest to possibly pull some cash out of deep savings to deploy into more PM positions in the near future. He’s been a fantastic contrarian indicator about 3-4 times now before prior sector rallies.

      BTW – I don’t disagree with his point that socking some money away at 5% in money markets is a very low stress way to ride out some of the market uncertainty; especially for people that aren’t adept at trading, and that just want to set it and forget about it.

      However, let’s be real here… people aren’t speculating in junior PM mining stocks for 5% returns. Haha! These stocks go up and down 5%-10% on many days as a regular part of their volatile nature. Inflation is still running in the 3%-4% range, so that’s only a 1% real return. Sure it beats the risk of having a loss, but there are no outsized gains to be had without taking outsized risks… that’s how it works.

      The savvy speculators are regularly looking for oversold conditions to accumulate into for the eventual multi-bagger pops we see coming out of such depressed levels, over and over again.
      Additionally, they sure as heck don’t decide to finally sell after corrective periods are getting long in the tooth… that is a losing strategy. The simple concept is to buy when its low (not sell to go cower in cash), and conversely to actually sell when prices are high and overbought on the technicals. It is tragic comedy to suggest selling at each low, and then to go missing in action every time the sector rallies up double-digits and triple-digits pretending that didn’t happen. Gotta love it!

        Sep 30, 2023 30:28 AM

        I’ve loaded up on SCZ, KTN and IPT ,my only TSX.v stocks as that is a crooked index, and have been day and swing trading them and DML, BTE and ATH. It’s been fun but requires a lot of attention, sometimes too much attention is a bad thing too, 😁!!!

        Joe, you da man!

          Sep 30, 2023 30:42 AM

          BTW, I was watching BNN when they cut to Bloomberg and the lady said that PMs are down while the dollar is up but they have very little use anyways… how do they let such stupid crap like that on national TV? Silver is one of the most if not the most versatile metals known, oh well, it’s just the PM investors she riled, no big deal…

          Sep 30, 2023 30:17 PM

          Hi Dan. Thanks for sharing the positions you’ve been trading. I’ve considered adding to my SCZ position, am already overweight in IPT, but don’t currently have a KTN position (having just added DSV as one of my big “optionality” plays in silver instead).

          I did get the opportunity to meet with Jim and Raj from Kootenay in Beaver Creek, and they went over their work strategy to update 2 of the 3 resources to prepare them for a bull market, and they are doing drilling at their higher-grade vein targets at Columba. I’ll likely reach out soon to have them come on the show and overview their past work and future plans, as I know a few different folks follow the stock.

          On the energy side, yes uranium and oil have been one of the bright spots in the resource space the last few months. Speaking of trading the energy stocks, I’ve been having fun with the uranium stocks as well, including Denison you mentioned above. Yeah, Baytex is one I’m strongly considering adding into the fold and just was looking at it again the last few weeks on several occasions. Not as familiar with Athabasca Oil but will check it out mate. Cheers!

            Sep 30, 2023 30:32 PM

            It’s a tough market out there to speculate on a direction but the world needs energy and the lefty magical energy push is running out of fools to fool and won’t be able to keep up to the electrical demands to come.

            Both ATH and BTE stand to benefit from the Transmountain Pipeline completion at the end of this year or later. By late next year it should be in full service and greatly help egress of heavy oil from the Alberta Oilsands to the BC coast, that should help forward contracts a lot and decrease the spread between WTIC and Alberta Heavy Crude, that’s the guess for now anyways, haha.

            As an Albertan seeing the reticence of the greenies to let our oil out, I always expect more tactics to delay any production increases but the tide is turning, IMO.

        Oct 01, 2023 01:46 PM

        To be fair, while there was 1 or 2 saying sell when ipt was about $1.25 and others here were saying ipt is great, the sell people have been absolutly correct.

        Listening to Doc saying gold was on the way to 1850 and others were saying “time to buy” and disparaged Doc, well, Doc was right.

        My point of course is that a sell opinion shouldnt be sneared at so readily.

        Remains to be seen if PMs dump from here, they might.

        Personally I like Bobs thinking but that doesnt mean I’m right, Bobs been wrong before. I would think most people have been.

      Sep 30, 2023 30:20 AM

      Joe, GDX went up 50% following your antics of one year ago and is still up 27% today. Even a mediocre trading can easily beat your recommended 5% money market.

    Sep 29, 2023 29:06 PM

    Good laugh Joe, thanks. Like the time Seinfeld brought out the pez dispenser in the theater. The pianist, George’s girlfriend found out and dumped poor George because of it.

    Sep 29, 2023 29:42 PM

    Welp, seeing more articles about weak hands/strong hands. I’d buy that argument, except that strong hands have become progressively weaker as junior sector continually scrapes bottom….

    Sep 30, 2023 30:22 PM

    You see Shoe Polish Joe is a negative that becomes a positive when he visits this board. He is not known for content, but he unites others and brings us all together. Even Ex has mellowed towards him. LOL! DT🤣