Kootenay Silver – Company Introduction And Exploration Update On 4 Silver – Gold Projects In Mexico

Shad Marquitz
October 12, 2023

Jim McDonald,  President and CEO of Kootenay Silver (TSXV: KTN) (OTC: KOOYF),  joins us for a comprehensive company introduction and exploration update on their 4 silver – gold Projects in Mexico.  We start off getting an update on the 50,000 meter multi-phase drill program at their high-grade Columba Silver Project, and the plan in the first phase to drill 12-15 holes over about 3,000 meters.


Next we pivot over to news out today where the Company has announced an updated mineral resource estimate at the Promontorio-La Negra Project in Sonora Mexico. The resource estimate is an update of the Promontorio deposit and a maiden mineral resource estimate for the La Negra deposit 7km to the north. The two deposits (previously 2 different Projects) are part of the Promontorio Mineral Belt and after this resource are now considered a single Project.


Highlights from the 2023 Mineral Resource Estimate include:


  • Increased Grades of the Promontorio deposit of 24% for Ag, 21% for Au and 22% and 21% for Pb and Zn respectively.
  • A resulting 68% increase in Measured and Indicated (M+I) Ag Equivalent (AgEq) Metal content at the Promontorio deposit
  • Promontorio M+I mineral resources of 140.8 million ounces AgEq contained in 42.1 million metric tonnes averaging 104 grams per tonne,
  • Promontorio Inferred mineral resources of 39.8 Moz contained in 14.6 Mt averaging 84.9 g/t.
  • La Negra Indicated mineral resources of 22.0 Moz AgEq contained in 5.3 Mt averaging 129 g/t.
  • La Negra Inferred mineral resources of 4.6 Moz contained in 1.2 Mt averaging 115 g/t


Next we get a quick update and overview of the La Cigarra Project, and what the future catalysts there will be to move that project forward, in a better metals pricing environment.   We wrap up with getting Jim to outline both the experience of their management team and board, and the financials, key stakeholders, and plan for a share consolidation.


If you have any questions for Jim about Kootenay Silver, then please email us at either or



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    Oct 13, 2023 13:48 AM

    Hopefully KER show listeners appreciated this interview with Kootenay Silver.

    We’ve seen many comments looking at KTN from a technical charting perspective, from a trading and position sizing perspective, and some discussion of the optionality of their silver & gold resources in the ground to potentially higher metals prices.

    In this interview we strived to provide a nice fundamental overview of their 4 key projects in Mexico, and in addition to the news about the resource update at La Negra & Promontorio into now a combined overall project, we worked to highlight the exploration focus on the 50,000 meter drill program at the high-grade targets at Columba.

    Oct 13, 2023 13:35 PM

    Kootenay is both a bargain and a strong buy in my book but that’s based on my bullish outlook for silver.

      Oct 14, 2023 14:13 AM

      Thanks for your charts on this website Matthew, time for PM investors to wake up and see the opportunities… the world is calling the Fed bluff. IMO the UAW strikes are the beginning of the end of their current narrative.