Weekend Show – Dana Lyons and Doc – A Major Focus On How To Trade Gold, GDX, Bonds and US Markets

December 2, 2023



Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! It was an exciting week for gold and a promising turn in the gold stocks. Gold closed November at an all time monthly high while many stocks, including the majors, experienced a couple high volume up days. Taking this all into account we focus on the precious metals and how to trade the stocks and metals. We also have our guests comment on the US markets as the broad averages just had the biggest up move since the pandemic.


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of the Lyons Share Pro website kicks off the by sharing his current positioning and trading strategies for gold (GLD), silver, GDX, bonds and the broad US averages. We also discuss the potential of new highs in the markets next year followed by another correction and possible bear market.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Doc is back with us to breakdown the charts for gold, GDX, GDXJ, silver and US markets. We also have him outline which gold stocks he thinks are up from here and which ones might have a little more weakness in the near term. 



Dana Lyons
    Dec 02, 2023 02:56 AM
    NatGas Week: Deeper
    December Gift?
    Gold Spunk

    Dec 02, 2023 02:32 AM

    I remember when Doc started nibbling at Walbridge Mining at 28 cents. I started at .18, and just rounded out a position at 7 cents or so.

      Dec 02, 2023 02:26 AM

      Buzz, good for you—-I’m happy I only started “nibbling”—-I’ll have to look at wallbridge again since I haven’t added to my position since I talked about “nibbling”.

        Dec 03, 2023 03:37 PM

        nibbling is not a trading why are you considered expert source……unless being trapped for years is your idea of success…like selling pills that fail to improve health and increase poor health…Chronic patients are exactly like chronic underwater stocks…At least you are comfortable….lol

        If you have not noticed, once a pattern defined stop is violated it is just another wrong pill guess…

      Dec 02, 2023 02:38 AM

      If you like the Wallbridge Fenelon project the safest way to invest in it would be GROY which holds a 2% royalty on it.

    Dec 02, 2023 02:48 AM

    I don’t understand how so many high-level investors can possibly think that interest rates will start to come down in the new year. If anything, The Fed will be forced to raise rates as inflation is due to return with a vengeance. For the last 110 years since the inception of The Federal Reserve America has printed an overabundance amount of money to float its economy and handed most of that money to a few of its cronies at the top. That was why the roaring twenties ended in The Great Depression, and they are still doing it. Gold was $20 when The Fed was created in 1913 and it is now almost $2100. How is that possible? LOL!

    Just look at the massive debts America is carrying at all levels of government, the public and many businesses are tapped out as well. America’s currency is now being challenged by the Asians; this is the first time in 80 years, they have had competition.

    Americans don’t know how well off they have been for so long. The US dollar is going to start falling and inflation in real terms will start rolling over the American heartland as other countries keep dumping their currency and buying gold. Gold has value fiat currency has no value and The World can see the difference. When all these dollars sloshing around the World start flooding back to the United States as they now are what do you think will happen to the purchasing power of the mighty dollar. America has to import many of the goods it needs to survive by printing worthless currency. This worthless currency can’t possibly hold its value.

    The Federal Reserve won’t be able to navigate through the mess they created. Chairman Powell knows this, and the public is waking up to gold’s latest move. This whole problem has been created by massive amounts of money printing and it has to stop. The only solution is to bring back honest money backed by gold. There is no other way out of this impending disaster. The Federal Reserve does not have a magic wand, it is controlled by humans that have relied on printing money illegally for 110 years, even when their currency was backed by gold. The only solution is to have a gold backed currency where The Fed or its equivalent is audited on a yearly basis. DT

      Dec 02, 2023 02:10 AM

      Well put , DT , You are correct.

        Dec 02, 2023 02:20 AM

        Hi Tony, Thanks, remember family and friends, stay happy and healthy, and I won’t let the hieroglyphics man get to me! DT

          Dec 02, 2023 02:29 PM

          DT, perhaps a cyber attack will be used to “square the books” if you know what I mean…

            Dec 02, 2023 02:45 PM

            Hi Matthew, I know what you mean, and it depresses me because if people can’t understand what I just said they will never understand the implications of AI. DT

            Dec 02, 2023 02:42 PM

            Fascinating stuff…and once again our good friends the Israelies are involved…and of course the Mossad…

          Dec 03, 2023 03:00 PM

          Gold has value fiat currency has no value and The World can see the difference…… BIG DITTO ON THAT ONE…………………………. GOT GOLD….. Phyz in your wallet, …. if, not you’ll be sorry… 🙂

      Dec 02, 2023 02:17 AM

      In Defense of some Americans, most are appreciative of the history of success the US has had and realize all of it is being taken away by the undermining of the Constitution and massive corruption by the wealthy and Special interest groups who are transferring wealth.
      So … some Americans have threatened the future of all Americans. The corruption is not isolated to just America. But, points well made in general.

      Dec 02, 2023 02:52 PM

      DT, I agree that we are in for long term inflation BUT that is not necessarily incompatible with a short term scenario in which the next six months to a year will see interest rate cuts.

      Interest rates in the inflationary 70s had such swings which did nothing to long term inflation which ended in 80-81 when Paul Volker hiked rates to 21%. Imagine that happening with current US national debt of ONLY 33 trillion.

      The debt is going much higher. So are interest rates.


        Dec 02, 2023 02:27 PM

        In 1982 I had to renew a mortgage at 22 3/4%, my principle was very low because houses were selling for $35,000 just a few years prior. In six months the mortgage rates had gone down to 16%, so I easily survived. That would not be the case today. DT

    Dec 02, 2023 02:39 AM

    Doc like to know your thoughts on oil and into next year Jan-March if stock market starts to sell off gold stocks could take hit do you have pull back target for gdxu and stock market.

      Dec 02, 2023 02:24 AM

      Paul, with a potential “recession” on line for 2024 and the way the oil chart looks right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if oil breaks down farther—it’s at risk right now on the charts. I owned some oil stocks in the past and sold them and now some of those are breaking down again and I’m in no hurry to get back into them since I believe they have farther to fall. OPEC+ are talking again about production cuts and I bet they also are looking at the possibility of oil breaking lower.

    Dec 02, 2023 02:06 AM
    Focus : Wesdome Gold
    Possible Buy Zone
    38.2% Gap

    Dec 02, 2023 02:17 PM

    Why Commodities Are Sailing Into A Perfect Storm Of Higher Prices

    Richard Mills – Ahead Of The Herd – Dec. 2nd, 2023

      Dec 02, 2023 02:51 PM

      Hi Ex, I don’t believe in global warming, it may be what’s happening now, but global warming or global cooling has been going on forever the only difference today is that we think our technology knows better. Meteorology is an inexact science. If weather could be predicted the farmers would know when to plant crops and when not too. Too much about weather patterns can never be known because the effect on weather doesn’t always come from our planet. It can come from solar storms or from the gravitational pull from asteroids, or comets, or the moon. DT

        Dec 02, 2023 02:52 PM

        You are a meteorologist now DK, a Dick of all trades?

        Dec 03, 2023 03:15 PM

        Hi DT. Yeah, I didn’t post that one for his opinions for or against global warming; but more so just his thoughtful analysis of the commodities sector, and international trade and business effecting the supply/demand picture. Sometimes to get to some good research, one has to endure/discard segments of a piece that may not resonate with one’s belief system.

          Dec 03, 2023 03:10 PM

          Hi Ex, I agree, I read a lot of his articles, and he does a lot of research that is very valuable. I just get fed up with the climate change narrative as well as the electric vehicle push by all governments who haven’t done any Due Diligence, but they throw taxpayers money at an idea, and it fools a lot of people. Covid is the perfect example. DT

    Dec 02, 2023 02:30 PM

    Key observation about interest rates. Election year coming & Democrats want to win. Nevermind inflation, they’ll cut interest rates to goose the economy.

    Dec 02, 2023 02:52 PM

    This long time reader & seldom poster wants to thank both Cory & Shad for doing such great work since Al retired. You are a great team! Yep, gold leads silver in a new bull market, but this time borders on rediculis……….I will not even mention the stocks:(

      Dec 02, 2023 02:28 PM

      Thanks Chris for those kind words, as we greatly appreciate them and that you think we are a good team. We are working hard each day to bring folks here some good guests insights and compelling company overviews for the KER crew. We appreciate you listening to the show.

      Ever Upward!

      Dec 03, 2023 03:17 PM

      👍 +1

    Dec 02, 2023 02:02 PM

    Copper is climbing aboard the silver and gold express but it doesn’t have the same momentum-based green lights just yet…

    Dec 03, 2023 03:32 PM

    Gold up $48 a few minutes ago. Reminds me of the old days when corruption wasn’t blatant.

      Dec 03, 2023 03:06 PM

      Start of something new…. year end run up… 🙂
      Another oil country just said good bye to the dollar… Saudi… going with the BRICS…

    Dec 03, 2023 03:03 PM

    When they do not like the double entry included in your post…. it goes to moderation, then someone will release it….. just do not put more than one web site in your post….
    even then, you might get blocked… then it will appear later , if, you are lucky… 🙂

    Welcome to the KER…..

    Dec 03, 2023 03:35 PM

    Here’s an interesting fact for all those dollar bulls/paper bugs out there: The USD is currently trading at 103+ which is right where it was in December 2016 when gold was $1150. So why isn’t gold a thousand bucks lower right now? Hopefully most here know the answer.