Guanajuato Silver – Comprehensive Update On Optimizing Operations At All 4 Silver-Gold Mines In Mexico

Shad Marquitz
December 5, 2023

James Anderson, CEO of Guanajuato Silver (TSX.V:GSVR – OTCQX:GSVRF), joins us to provide a comprehensive update on the strategy to optimize operations at all 4 producing silver-gold mines and 3 processing facilities in central Mexico.


The Company produces silver and gold concentrates from the El Cubo Mine Complex, Valenciana Mines Complex, and the San Ignacio mine; all three mines are located within the state of Guanajuato, which has an established 480-year mining history. In addition, the Company produces silver, gold, lead, and zinc concentrates from the Topia mine in northwestern Durango.


James highlights the corporate incentives with personnel to focus on grade and economics at each mine, and points to the addition of Carlos A. Silva as Chief Operating Officer, who will starting working in January, as another key step in optimizing each of the mining operations on a move forward basis.


We wrapped up touching on the financial health of the company with the news announced today, December 5th,  that it has closed a US$7.5 million Gold Loan Credit Facility financing with Ocean Partners UK Ltd. The unsecured loan facility is for a term of 36 months, is repayable in equal fixed monthly installments of gold totaling approximately 191 troy ounces per month for a period of 30 months, following a six-month grace period.  In addition to paying back a prior loan with Ocean Partners, James breaks down some of the key areas of development that will see this capital utilized, and shares the key catalysts for investors to watch out for in the next few quarters.


If you have any follow up questions for James or want more information on any of the assets please email us at and


* In full disclosure, Shad has a position in Guanajuato Silver at the time of this recording.




Click here to visit the Guanajuato Silver website to read over the recent news releases we discussed.


James also had an article recently featured over at Mining Discovery, where he laid out the case that on Wednesday October, 11th that we had “entered into a new bull market for precious metals.” That looks to have been a very prescient call. To read that article and the rationale behind it from James, then please click on the link below:

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    The Fastest Growing Silver Producer In Mexico: Guanajuato Silver CEO James Anderson

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