Dave Erfle – The Fed Pivot Leading Gold and The Miners Higher

December 14, 2023

Dave Erfle, Founder and Editor of The Junior Miner Junky joins me to discuss the Fed statement, dot plot and Powell’s press conference impact on gold and gold stocks. It has been a very strong couple days for a wide range of markets but gold, silver and the underlying stocks have outperformed. We focus on what follow through needs to happen to keep the upward momentum going and more importantly how he sees a more bullish outlook filtering down to the smaller gold stocks.


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    Dec 14, 2023 14:05 PM

    Thanks guys. Good facts as always. My explorers still getting the some up, some down treatment, but green for the week. They have only “tweaked” the algos. Based on what I am seeing in IBKR, there are concerns about the “validity” of US trading markets. I will leave it at that as the problem could be massive. I don’t know.

    Dec 14, 2023 14:21 PM

    I fear this rally will stall if gold keeps dithering around $2050 or less. I would like to see gold around $2100 and silver at $25 to maintain forward momentum in the precious metal mining stocks. Capiche? DT

    Dec 14, 2023 14:16 PM

    The week isn’t over yet silver has already had its greatest volume in history. All previous records were tiny by comparison.

      Dec 15, 2023 15:35 AM

      Wow… did not expect that spike in volume!

        Dec 15, 2023 15:35 AM

        my/Si data shows 326,200K traded not in the millions…could be a data glitch?…glta

          Dec 15, 2023 15:00 PM

          I wondered about a glitch myself. As for the number, notice that every prior week is in the tens of millions with a few going over 100 million. Maybe stockcharts is breaking contracts down into ounces? For example, SIH4 (Globex code for silver) has traded 54,000 contracts today which is equal to 270 million ounces.

          Dec 15, 2023 15:20 PM

          Yup, it was a glitch. The chart now looks normal if you click on my link again. But notice that normal volume is still around 30 million per week. Last week was almost 37 million.

    Dec 14, 2023 14:34 PM

    I see where mining stocks are turning, but there is more consistent movement in those that are in indexes, ETFs, Mutuals or Institutions. The ones outside the scope of managed money will need some algo tweaking. Also, Congress did give the market makers authority to cap precious metals at 2% if needed. I think that was after the theft of 2008 as they probably figured at some point demand would be unmanageable after their long term intervention sanctioned by the Government.

    Dec 15, 2023 15:37 AM

    As gold continues its march higher and higher the significance is that the dollar is weaker and weaker, and inflation will increase with the downward drift of The Dollar. The Reserve Authorities are beaten, just another way to tax the public, and they are too stupid to see why their standard of living will continue to be eroded. No matter how you cut it the Bankers always win despite their policies. DT

    Dec 15, 2023 15:17 AM

    FREAKY FRIDAY AGAIN………………………. have a great one….. 🙂

    Dec 15, 2023 15:00 AM

    Somebody or some entity picked up clumps of shares of ELR at the ask this morning to see that when very few shares have been changing hands is unusual. This doesn’t look like “Mom and Pop” buying! As always DYODD! DT

    Dec 15, 2023 15:37 AM

    Although I don’t own Calibre Mining and have owned it in the past and I still like it, investing in the junior resource space is incredibly risky and one minute you are on top and the next not. If someone who has supported a position in any stock and things change as they always do, and you feel an investment has changed by all means relate that to other shareholders. They can make up their mind as you have but it would be foolish to say nothing if others that follow you aren’t informed of your position. Investing is very mercurial even if you are in the bluest of blue stocks. DT

    Dec 15, 2023 15:08 AM

    Firstly, I do not “pump and dump” stocks, or receive any monetary compensation from Kitco, any of the companies I invest in, or promote in my interviews and Kitco weekly articles. I invest my own capital into high-risk juniors, while not only providing my subscribers with a 24 hour notice before doing so, but also provide JMJ members with all of my personal trading information which is updated each week.

    In regards to Calibre, I was formally a shareholder and covered the stock in my newsletter until I had to issue a sell alert when the stock broke support at C$0.85 and came down towards my entry price on the U.S. Nicaraguan sanction news. See below my email to management after this unfortunate incident took place:

    “Due to the specific nature of the U.S. sanctions being placed on Nicaragua regarding the gold mining industry, I am unable to recommend purchasing Calibre stock to my subscribers at this time. After selling my position in Calibre last week, I have placed the stock back on the JMJ Watch List in hopes of these sanctions specifically targeting the Nicaraguan gold mining industry being overturned.

    Over 65% of JMJ subscribers are U.S. investors like myself. After the U.S. government specifically targeted those involved in Nicaraguan gold mining, my main concern for U.S. Calibre shareholders is the possibility of us being barred from trading the stock in the near future.

    Moreover, there is the possibility of the Canadian government eventually placing similar sanctions on its citizens involved in the Nicaraguan gold mining industry.

    It is most unfortunate this has happened to your company, which is doing a great job in building a mid-tier gold producer during a challenging time in the sector. I will continue to follow your progress and wish you the best of luck, hoping for an opportunity to purchase Calibre shares in the future along with recommending the stock to my subscribers once again.”

    Moreover, in my recent KER interview I stated the Marathon take-over was a great deal for Calibre shareholders, but not attractive to Marathon shareholders.

    In future, I suggest you do proper research and due diligence on KER guests background and credibility regarding his/her trading/recommendation track record before accusing them of being disingenuous and/or lacking credibility. Thank you for listening and best of luck with your investment in CXB.TO.

      Dec 15, 2023 15:08 PM

      Great comments that you shouldn’t have had to waste time making. Marc is the king of baseless attacks around here which obviously makes work for those who need to set him straight.

    Dec 15, 2023 15:31 AM

    Junior Miner Junky
    Good response Dave to the above unfair and inaccurate comments. Sorry you had to even comment. Thanks for all you do and you are one of the Best out there in factual data and truthful information. Hard to beat that combination.

    Dec 15, 2023 15:31 AM

    Ti-Butch, LOL! With attitude like yours you should do just fine! (NOT) DT 😁🤣

    Dec 15, 2023 15:43 AM

    Ti-Butch, I forgot, have a good day, Happy Holidays! LOL! DT 👍

    Dec 15, 2023 15:08 AM

    Ti-Butch, you are a funny fellow, you must be someone important, I know who you are, you are “The Head Clown at Buckingham Palace”. DT ✔🤣

    Dec 15, 2023 15:11 PM

    It’s called reading the comments below your own interview. WTF is wrong with you? 🤪

    Dec 15, 2023 15:26 PM

    You’re a hapless buffoon to think that capitalism is the problem or the tool wielded by the globalists for domination. They despise capitalism which is why it doesn’t exist anywhere in any form even approximating the true definition of the word. They are central planners who arbitrarily make up laws as they go and spread collectivism everywhere using their criminally stupid leftist puppets. They despise individualism and the capitalism that it ensures so they’re erasing both while ignoramuses like you aid and abet.

    Dec 15, 2023 15:39 PM

    When someone calls Ti-Butch an ignoramus, the trouble is he doesn’t understand what that means. LOL! DT

    Dec 15, 2023 15:24 PM

    He said his piece to set the record straight. Why would he go beyond that and risk allowing you to think he respects you? And no, I am not a subscriber of his and never have been. You are just too full of 💩.

    Dec 15, 2023 15:40 PM

    Alright guys I’m going to step in here and cut off the comments for this posting as they have deviated from the point of the comment section.

    You all know I like the discussions that happen on this site but when we get to name calling and no longer sharing insights it goes downhill…

    Everyone has their own opinions and no one is perfect, especially in the world of investing. So let’s all please move on from this back and forth.

    Marc or Ti-Butch, I have known Dave for a very long time now and I promise you he is not out there trying to pump any stock so he can sell into the volume. He is one of the most honest people I know in this sector. You guys disagree on Calibre and that’s ok. Dave was upfront the whole time on his investment in the stock and why he sold when he did. It’s what makes a market. But please let’s stop name calling.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!