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December 23, 2023

Unfortunately there is no political weekend show this weekend.


We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! 



    Dec 23, 2023 23:38 AM

    Thanks Cory….

    Hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas……

    Dec 23, 2023 23:00 AM

    Merry Christmas……….. 🙂

    Woodrow Wilson’s Christmas Grift of 1913

    We think of thieves as conducting their work when no one is looking, such as breaking into a house while the owners are away. But the most successful thieves have done their stealing in plain sight, on a grand scale, while the owners were home and often with their tacit approval, though with sleights of hand that few are able to detect. Such a theft occurred when Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on December 23, 1913.

    Dec 23, 2023 23:22 AM

    A further comment on flat earth idiot believers……
    I have often said in this forum that I like to travel.
    I was last in Australia and New Zealand about three years ago.
    The moon, whatever it is, does not have a smooth surface, but is pock-marked with craters.
    If you believe in a flat earth, perhaps you can explain why the moon appears to be upside down when viewed from Australia or New Zealand, compared with how it appears when viewed from the northern United States.

      Dec 23, 2023 23:39 AM

      Since you are the science guy…..Got any pictures of the upside down moon. that you can
      provide for us.. ?

      I am not going to do the homework… I am just covering the bible questions… .. thanks

        Dec 23, 2023 23:43 AM

        Perhaps someone currently living in Australia or New Zealand could post current photos of the moon, Please.

      Dec 23, 2023 23:41 AM

      The upsidedown moon was addressed in question 10 of the 21 questions video. The system with all these celestial objects mounted and moving in the firmament, although quite complex, can explain anything. 😂 Retrograde motion of the planets is another question elegantly answered by the heliocentric model.

        Dec 23, 2023 23:20 PM

        Yes, the flat earthers can explain most anything related to the earth, sun, moon and stars.
        Because we actually deal in facts and truth.

        You ballers hang on to the gravity lie like OJ and gloves that don’t fit. 😂

        The funny thing about the moon being upside down on the other side of the circle. It actually depicts how close it actually is. Which tells the firmament story.

      Dec 29, 2023 29:27 AM

      Why we Still don”t go back To The MOON ? It’s All Layers 24 / 7 !

    Dec 23, 2023 23:28 AM

    Why are so many Journalists Being Killed in Gaza …… A must watch , imo.
    My answer …. Because the Murdering Zionest SCUM in Isreal , do not want the World to witness the WAR CRIMES , & GENOCIDE that they are performing in Gaza.

      Dec 23, 2023 23:40 AM

      Ounalists do have a propensity to place themselves in dangerous locations by virtue of their work.

      Dec 23, 2023 23:11 AM

      Exactly, they dont want what theyre doing advertised.

      Yeman seems to be helping with their attacks on Israeli shipping.
      That could draw in the americans, I’ve seen multiple reports, some say lots of countrys want to be involvd others say some nato countrys dont intend to be involved.

      Iran has said they could shut down the mediteranian, seems a long way to go for for Iran to me.
      But, it does indicate that people are getting tired of Israel.

        Dec 23, 2023 23:22 AM

        Not use Israeli shipping….most shipping and 21 rocket attacks on American targets, as of 12/21/23, since mid November.
        The basic problem is Islam has no tolerance for ANY other religion,, and America has a weak President.

          Dec 23, 2023 23:59 AM

          Irans major religion is Islam.

          The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism as official religions. Article 13 of the Iranian Constitution, recognizes them as People of the Book and they are granted the right to exercise religious freedom in Iran.

            Dec 23, 2023 23:27 AM

            Iran used to have many, many Christian churches. How many active Christian churches does it have now. ZERO. How many Jewish synagogues does it have today? Zero.

            Dec 23, 2023 23:14 AM

            Iranian Christians have played a significant part in the historical Christian mission: currently, there are at least 6000 churches and 100,000–150,000 Christians in Iran.

            Traditionally however, Shiraz, Hamedan, Isfahan, Tabriz, Nahawand, Babol and some other cities of Iran were home to large populations of Jews. At present there are 25 to 35 (depending on the article) synagogues in Iran.

            Iran’s Jewish community is the largest in the Mideast outside Israel – and feels safe and respected

            Before revolution 100,000-150000 after 12,000-15,000.
            So, a reduced number would be a more accurate statement, zero is not true.

    Dec 23, 2023 23:44 AM

    Meanwhile excess deaths due to the covid vaccines seem to continue:

        Dec 23, 2023 23:51 AM

        One possible explanation, of course, is that the Deep State in all Western countries is happy with killing off population, and thereby having fewer mouths to feed in the coming food shortages.

          Dec 23, 2023 23:33 AM

          Don’t…forget…the ponzi schemes of socialist insecurity…and…medicare…

    Dec 23, 2023 23:05 AM

    SGT report has a vid or two about the bible, spirits,unseen evil controlling us, nephalim.
    Tucker Carlson wondering what is happening.

    Seems to be right up our ally Jerry.

    Tucker Carlson Sounds the Alarm: ‘Hostile Demonic Entities Control Humanity’
    JFK, Aliens/Demons, Nephilim, Northwood, Earth, Bush Fam, Colorado BOOM! Rabbit holes, Pray!

    Dec 23, 2023 23:56 AM

    I’ve been there–it is a powerful spiritual experience. So, here is Pepe Escobar.

    This might interest you too Jerry, a christian church in Russia.

      Dec 23, 2023 23:35 AM

      ” WOW “……. Beautifull.

      Dec 23, 2023 23:00 AM

      You will never see anything like that built in the USSA….a monument to George Floyd and to trans, yes….(and it would look like a sh*t house)…but anything like that? No…

      Dec 23, 2023 23:20 PM

      thanks b……… for the video of the church…

      b…. did you say you had a spiritual experience at the church?

        Dec 23, 2023 23:57 PM

        Pepe Escobar did, I’ve never been to Russia.

        I posted awhile back a vid about the Russian military and their christian religion, they really are convinced they are fighting evil, the globalists.

    Dec 23, 2023 23:21 AM

    Your tax money at work…Demonrat butt buddies….end of empire, Sodom and Gomorrah stuff..but just another day in the District of Criminals….

    Demonrats at work…and you are paying their salaries, benefits….pensions…etc….get back to work, tax serfs….

    Dec 23, 2023 23:34 AM

    Demonrats at work…and you are paying their salaries, benefits….pensions…etc….get back to work, tax serfs….

      Dec 23, 2023 23:12 PM

      Just business as usual…in FUBAR Nation….our rulers would have it no other way…they are out to destroy what’s left of your culture…and of course, to destroy you…

      Heck of a week for the Left. Gay porn in the Senate, swearing in ceremony on child porn in Virginia, tranny tap dancers in the White House, and Satanic statues in Iowa.

    Dec 23, 2023 23:57 AM

    …more censorship here….as usual…

    Dec 23, 2023 23:38 PM

    Now Malacca straits closed to Israeli ships

      Dec 23, 2023 23:05 PM

      Irish, what do you think is going to happen to the USSA in 2024???

    Dec 23, 2023 23:13 PM

    Just having some fun posing some questions and poking around the ball a bit.

    Is there a word for how water stays on a big spinning ball, but won’t stay on a small spinning ball? Or is it a term? What is that word or term?

    If the earth is spinning from the west, eastward 1,000 miles per hour and the atmosphere is not, how can a plane land on a north/south runway? And what is the word that describes that? Or term that describes that?

    The earth is spinning 1,000 miles per hour from west, eastward. Atlanta to LA X is 2,000 miles.
    A jet goes 500 miles per hour. It takes 4 hours to get from Atlanta to LA.
    It takes 4 hours to fly back from LA to Atlanta.
    What is the word or term that causes zero effect of the spinning earth regarding air travel?

    It should take a little over an hour to get to LA from Atlanta, and you should just wait until the earth comes back to you to go back to Atlanta.
    The earth will outrun the plane.
    And what word or term explains that?

      Dec 24, 2023 24:37 AM

      Chartster… Have you studied any physics? Newton’s laws of motion? Conservation of momentum? The earth is not spinning fast enough enough for surface water to be moving even close to escape velocity. Why don’t you like gravity? How about electricity and magnetism?
      Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and all the bloggers 🎄

        Dec 26, 2023 26:37 AM

        I know enough about physics to know that Newtons theory of gravity and Einsteins theory of relativity are nothing more than pseudo science.

    Dec 23, 2023 23:53 PM

    You boys should watch this….

    Your rulers are pure evil pieces of sh*t….

    Dec 24, 2023 24:25 AM

    Yup they’re evil, and the only people doing anything about them is Russia,Yeman etc.
    We have an Our Country Our Choice movement but that wont be enough, Trump?
    He didnt pardon Assange, bombed Syria, murdered Solimani, moved the embassy for Israel, did not release jfk files or investigate 911, no Hillary investigation going from “IN JAIL!” to “she’s a nice person” so imo he is a tad questionable at best.

    Any hope we have of this evil ending or being restrained is the multipolar world led by Russia.

    Until the globalists lose enough influence we will pay or it, we should expect another round of price increases due to resticted shipping.
    Thanks Israel and Biden.

      Dec 24, 2023 24:55 AM

      He still needs to answer the JAB question….. Imo

    Dec 24, 2023 24:38 AM

    Iran-US war over Gaza would result in $200 oil + Why Russia sanctions were doomed to fail – Jim Rickards

    Dec 24, 2023 24:59 AM

    Russia sanctions were bound to fail because oil is a world-wide commodity and NOT ALL COUNTRIES ARE SANCTIONING Russia. Likewise for other commodities.
    But as for $200 a barrel…….that’s BS.

    Shutting off the Sue’s canal and Red Sea for transportation is something different, and more likely to cause significant price hikes in Europe.

    Dec 24, 2023 24:23 AM

    Climate Change:
    It’s not CO2, it’s. The sun…..

    Dec 24, 2023 24:10 PM

    Gaza weapons cache kept in kindergarten.

      Dec 24, 2023 24:58 PM

      And Merry Christmas to you

    Dec 24, 2023 24:04 PM

    Music 🎶 for you and your family

    Dec 24, 2023 24:34 PM

    Moving towards WWIII, although who is allied with whom is less than clear…….

    Dec 24, 2023 24:47 PM
    Dec 24, 2023 24:58 PM

    Season’s Greetings…..

    Dec 26, 2023 26:35 AM
    Everything points to wards a global future of COOLING over the next few decades.
    What is the optimum temperature at which most plants grow? Yes, it varies slightly by plant specie, but it is a lot closer to 90 degree F, than 70 degree F.
    Why do we have greenhouses?
    Why do plants grow more in the tropics to form Jungles?
    What is the optimum concentration of CO2 for plant growth?

    Much more than current levels……..

    SO really WHY DO POLITICIANS try to scare the populace over “climate change”

    It’s about control and taxation, you suckers!

    All teachers that promote global warming worries to our children should be fired, because such teachers are ill-educated liars.

      Dec 26, 2023 26:46 PM

      …we are just tax mules….sorry 🙁

    Dec 26, 2023 26:20 PM
    Time to fight back.
    The climate change agenda CAN GO AWAY.>. JUST REFUSE TO COMPLY.

    Dec 26, 2023 26:17 PM

    BOYS! YOUR tax dollars at work!

    Maybe…not a complete waste…given the trans and meth crazes….plus…this country is full of Demorat monkeys…some even visit this blog…

    Gambling Habits Of Transgender Monkeys On Meth

      Dec 27, 2023 27:35 PM

      Larry….what do you think of this??? Any chance it becomes reality in our short remaining lifetimes??? Maybe an option for failed root canals???

        Dec 27, 2023 27:47 PM

        So far, they have regrown teeth in animals like ferrets and expect to have success testing it on young children with anodontia, a condition that stops them from developing permanent teeth.

        Dec 28, 2023 28:27 PM

        Well ED…I had read probablyt housands of literature studies in our journals reporting all sorts of grafts and bone implants and tissue guided regeneration on rat models…none of it worked on humans…I mean rats are much more robust and much less apt to tissue reject any and all sorts of stuff….Limited bone grafts actually regenerate in humans and those titanium implants do work well but are less hardy in humans than their original natural roots…So I am a bit skeptical…
        But does it really matter> the next solar nova cycle is due 2046 and people will have bigger worries than keeping their choppers …instant pole reversal instant torch job on one side of earth and instant ice age…..This is some of the things being presented by reputable geo-physicists…not fools or flakes

          Dec 29, 2023 29:04 AM

          Thanks, Larry. For decades I’ve heard about wonderful treatments and cures that “are right around the corner.” It’s a corner that doesn’t seem to exist. I don’t think the medical industrial complex has cured a single disease in over 50 years.

          Well, I better get back to work. Next year is shaping up to be brutal. My local politicians and bureaucrats have a couple more tax increases they will push through. The tax increases never end.

      Dec 27, 2023 27:27 PM

      And then…there’s this…if the stuff in Japan doesn’t work out…

      Gives a whole new meaning to “potty mouth.”

      “New teeth grown from urine – study”

    Dec 27, 2023 27:08 AM

    Proof Positive that netanyahu , & his gang of EVIL IMP’s are going with THE GREATER ISREAL PLAN .
    And the world is too SCARED to stop them.

      Dec 27, 2023 27:52 AM

      Yeman is doing what they can, Iraq,Syria,Hamas,Hezbolah are kind of interested as well.
      So, its not the whole world thats afraid of Israel.

        Dec 27, 2023 27:48 AM

        Hi SF …. Point taking . But so long as America , ( a country ” THEY ” control ) has their back , they will never stop what they are doing in Gaza , & the South Bank. The American Govt. could stop this tomorrow , but they are not allowed to by their owners.

      Dec 27, 2023 27:22 AM

      You just don’t get it, Irish.

      As long as Hamas exists, Israel citizens are always going to be vulnerable to surprise murdering attacks.
      1,200 citizens killed on October 7, was a declaration of war on Israel.
      Israel will attack until there are no Hamas members left, even if it means the death of 50,000 Gazans.
      Fair or not, that is how it will play out.
      And if Iran decides to escalate, the world will be in WWIII.
      And yes, I think Israel knew the Hamas was coming, but underestimated the potential slaughter on October 7. Now, politically, Netanyahu has little choice……He is forced to eradicate Hamas.
      (I don’t think that, in practice, can be done.)
      Further, ultimately Israel will lose…..simply by being out-bred.

        Dec 27, 2023 27:11 AM

        Whats happening in Gaza/Palastine today , started many decades ago. When you spend that long Murdering people , & stealing their land , its just a questing of time before things blow up in your face.
        I do not condone what Hamas ( an entity created by Isreal itself , to counter the PLO ) did on OCT 7.
        But the evedence seems to point to the fact that Isreal knew it was going to happen , & did nothing to prevent it . WHY = Because they needed an excuse to go in there & finish what they started , many many years ago. ” THEY ” want a greater Isreal. If America were to pull their Navy out tomorrow , & tell them no more weapons , then Isreal would pull their forces out the next day. Oh BTW there is evidence that the IDF were responable for the deaths of some of the 1,200.. In order for Isreal to eradicate/kill ,Hamas they will have kill EVERYONE in Palastine , to be sure they have done the job.

          Dec 27, 2023 27:33 PM

          Spot on Irish… Israel wanted an excuse to slaughter any and all Palistinians in Gaza… Their genocide is far beyond “proportional” and justified… Call it Israel’s final solution.

            Dec 27, 2023 27:42 PM

            ou are probably right, but Israel never stole the land…….it was PAID FOR.
            Unfortunately the Palestine leaders who got the money, like Arafat, never distributed it to farmers from whom the land was taken……and the British or the League of Nationsnever did anything about it.

    Dec 27, 2023 27:26 AM

    The once great nation , The American Republic , has become a Pox on the World , at the behest of its Owners …. The Zionist’s.

      Dec 27, 2023 27:13 PM

      Sadly you are correct about the U.S.A.. It is in a state of terminal decay…….started a long time ago, but accelerated by the senile Biden.
      Whether you like it or not the U.S. has kept the world mostly in peace…….with its “peace through strength” policies.
      Unfortunately the MIC has also used its strength to make powerful Americans rich, at the expense of the U.S. tax-payer and the world.

    Dec 27, 2023 27:05 PM

    Chartster… How do the flat earthers explain why the distance from Seattle WA to New York City (2,408 miles) is less than Los Angeles CA to NYC (2,451 miles)? Seattle is farther West than LA, right? Seattle 47.6 N, 122.3 W… LA 34.05 N, 118.2 W… NY 40.7 N, 74.0 W

      Dec 28, 2023 28:39 PM

      I explained Atlanta to LA-X
      And it really doesn’t matter how far Seattle is from NY. If the earth was spinning as you ballers think, the earth would out-run the plane to NY. You’d never get there.
      Oh, unless there was gravity holding the air and earth spin together. Which contradicts its self.
      The same gravity that holds water on a spinning ball, upside-down.
      The “theory” of relativity.
      The real conspiracy theory. 😂

        Dec 29, 2023 29:27 AM

        Hi Chartster… With conservation of momentum planes start off moving with the surface of the earth… They can’t just “wait” for the Earth’s rotation to reach their destination… Okay, maybe those longitude lines are “rigged” to converge at the north pole, but then they should diverge at the south “non-pole” and distances between them in the southern hemisphere would be huge… But I suppose the flat earthers believe they are specially drawn to converge over land and diverge even more over water…

          Dec 29, 2023 29:33 AM

          Flat earthers believe in a stationary non-rotating earth. One where the arctic circle is a wall of ice that holds all water body’s level. Which is why sea level is the same within the circle.
          And the local sun, moon and stars revolve around us. Its real simple.

    Dec 27, 2023 27:08 PM

    Tucker Carlson talks about his new network…..

    Dec 27, 2023 27:15 PM

    Lunatic laws in blue states:

      Dec 27, 2023 27:40 PM

      Who is the lady at the end of the video? Is that your wife?

    Dec 27, 2023 27:43 PM

    With the world believing there’s a senile idiot in the White House……

    Dec 28, 2023 28:06 AM
    Dec 28, 2023 28:16 AM

    It took some digging and a calculator but so far in 2023, WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORISATION our dictator has given away $52.8 Billion, in forgiving student loan debt.
    (He is buying votes with OUR money)

    Dec 28, 2023 28:22 PM

    …hey b….you out there???

    Looks like you are going to see something new in your bathrooms…

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to Install Tampon Dispensers in Men’s Bathrooms

    “Back in the day, when only women menstruated, we had to pay for our own products. But now that men menstruate too, these products, as of this week, are mandated to be free in all Men’s washrooms in all federal workplaces including Parliament Hill —where this photo was taken today,” she wrote.

    Got that, b? How many Loonies is that going to cost??? Better get back to work…to pay those taxes….

      Dec 29, 2023 29:36 AM

      Its the end of an empire, people and governments go nuts at the end.
      Remember, Canada supports nazis, the genocide in Palestine and sold weapons to Saudi to kill the children of Yemin. Canada supported the Iraq invasion as well…all the good stuff that happens.
      It wont matter what government there is in Canada, just as it doesnt matter in the states, the entire parlement gave the standing “O” to the nazi proving they are all idiots and hypocrits.
      We dont talk about that now proving Canadians can ignore and forget what our government does as well as americans do.
      So, we get womens products in mens facilities.
      For entertainment we wait to see whats next. 😉
      I can hardly wait.

        Dec 29, 2023 29:27 AM

        …Yes…End of Empire stuff…a Buffet of Buffoonery…your tax money at work…our rulers are nuts…or maybe they just have quite a sense of humor…either way…we pay…

    Dec 28, 2023 28:33 PM

    Oh my…. maybe the lizards got Jimmy…on his plantation…he just disappeared without a trace…

    Massive Lizards Invading South Carolina Have State Officials Warning Residents to Be on High Alert

    Dec 29, 2023 29:17 AM

    Biden’s America Surrenders to War Criminal Netanyahu
    Vital US interests are sacrificed to avoid offending Israel and its Lobby

    How can someone call themselves a “patriotic” american and support Israel?
    How can someone believe they are a “decent” person and support the genocide?

    Dec 29, 2023 29:35 PM

    Let’s see if this will post…………….?
    What really scares me is Biden’s lack of reaction to the essential closure of not only the Red Sea, but also the Straits of Malacca. This will have a very severe impact on many goods that the U.S. imports.
    Clearly it is the senile presidents position that the U.S. will no longer keep the world’s shipping lanes open to everyone.
    There will be a heavy price to pay……in loss of goods AND severe price increases which result from scarcity.

    Dec 29, 2023 29:14 PM

    Unfortunately there is no political weekend show this weekend.