CVW CleanTech – Project Financing Support Letters Received, Next Steps For Implementing The Technology In The Oil Sands

January 2, 2024

Akshay Dubey, CEO of CVW CleanTech (TSX.V:CVW – OTC:TITUF) (“CVW” or the “Company”) joins me to discuss the December 3rd news release, announcing the recent receipt of multiple project financing support letters. These letters have come from “prospective financial institutions, including Canadian and global institutions, to provide project financing” to implement the Company’s reprocessing technology in the Canadian Oil Sands. If you missed the first interview with Akshay, where we discussed the Company’s technology, click here to listen to the full interview.


I received a number of questions on the back of the intro interview focused mostly on financing to move the technology into the oil sands. Akshay explains what a complete financing package looks like, how an oil sands operator will be involved and the next steps to move the CVW technology into the field.


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Click here to visit the CVW website and read over the Company’s Corporate Presentation.