Politics Weekend Posting

Hi everybody.  Sorry for the delayed post here in the politics section, but I didn’t realize one hadn’t been posted for this weekend.  Cory has been out-of-pocket due to a family matter, and I just got back home to get this up and posted for folks here.  (hat tip to OOTB for the heads up on the other blog).


May everyone have a prosperous weekend!


  • Excelsior
    Mar 02, 2024 02:33 PM

    THANKS EX……………… appreciate …. :

    Mar 02, 2024 02:49 PM

    It’s sad to see, what was once this politics commentary is now quickly ending

      Mar 03, 2024 03:50 AM

      Hello Andy …… Ditto.

    Mar 03, 2024 03:45 AM

    CDC Tells People 65 And Older To Take More COVID-19 Booster Shots************

    SUNDAY, MAR 03, 2024 – 09:20 AM

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that adults aged 65 and above get an additional dose of the updated 2023–2024 COVID-19 vaccine following a heated debate by an advisory panel on the issue.

      Mar 03, 2024 03:50 AM

      THE ORPHAN SECTION……. and it’s demise….. can be attributed to the JAB……..
      Stupid sheeple did not listen, and have not been listening…
      Gates as we told everyone…. 19 years ago… was not your friend…
      Seattle shit show….. and the sheeple fell for it…

        Mar 03, 2024 03:09 AM

        Agree Jerry… The JAB corresponded with the downturn… Would it be wrong to say that the JAB contributed to Owl’s 🦉 wife’s death as well as Owl’s decline in health? And with Owl’s decline, Jim M overwhelmed Owl’s ability to keep an open mind and diverse guests.

          Mar 04, 2024 04:44 AM

          I think that is a good assumption…

      Mar 03, 2024 03:17 AM

      The heated debate:
      “During the panel discussion, members debated intensely about the wording of the recommendation. Some wanted a stronger wording, such as “should receive an additional dose,” in the recommendation, according to a report by the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy Research and Innovation Office at the University of Minnesota.

      However, other members disagreed, pointing out that evidence does not support the need to add “should” in the vaccine recommendation.”

        Mar 03, 2024 03:25 AM

        When a committee gets bogged down discussing minutiae, you can be confident that real important issues are not being discussed…. Like what does all the data really indicate?
        Who in there right mind would recommend a “vaccine” that the filtered data shows is only minimally effective for less than four months?

    Mar 03, 2024 03:53 AM


    southfront fan
    19 hours ago

    Colonel MacGregor & Gerald Celente – Democracy Is a Sham, Our Republic Is In Ruins

    Gerald Celente

    Mar 03, 2024 03:36 AM

    IMO, a major reason this blog has lost interest by so many is Jimmy, ………and Als support of him.
    Jimmy was dead wrong about every aspect concerning Ukraine and showed he really didnt understand any of it.
    Al just praised him.

    There were other errors but to me thats a big one.

    Believing a vote will change anytihng kinda showed the level of understanding of issues as well.

    The final straw for others was their declaration of support for the Israeli genocide of the Palistinians.
    What Israel is doing is blatant evil.

    It seems the christian sheeple support Israel as their books tell them to, so they do without really thinking, but here, alot of people think for themselves so blanket support of Israel for a genocide couldnt really go over to well.

    Just my opinion, maybe this is ending simply as Al had very little interaction on his blog. That could be it too.

    Mar 03, 2024 03:18 AM

    The apocalypse we choose

    It’s pretty obvious that if America abandones Ukraine or NATO, the likes of Poland, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan will try to get the Bomb as soon as possible. The USA can’t be trusted anymore.

      Mar 03, 2024 03:23 AM

      The americans could never be trusted, ask the natives.

      Sheeple are the same wherever you go, just look how long it took them to wake up to that fact.
      Lets hope enuff wake up before they kill us all.

      Mar 03, 2024 03:34 PM

      Snyder writes good propaganda – no substance behind a huge barrage of statements…
      Speaker Johnson is just the fall guy for the inability of Zelensky and his busted military to hold back the Russians…The aid package wouldn’t have made any difference… Military materials are in such short supply, and the Western MIC is so corrupt, no arms of sufficient quality and quantity could ever be delivered… And so many Ukrainians have been killed and wounded, they do not have the manpower… Had that aid package been approved, the failings in this war effort would have been clear… And with such a realization, the peacemakers might be able to get some people to listen…

    Mar 03, 2024 03:19 AM

    Russian Forces Destroy Another US-Made Abrams Tank Near Avdeyevka With Upyr Drones

    Thats Leopards, Challengers and Abrams, those are the best we have.

      Mar 03, 2024 03:35 PM

      Without air superiority, tanks are pretty much useless, sitting ducks in the modern battlefield.

    Mar 03, 2024 03:55 PM

    I use to be an avid reader of the Minneapolis Tribune, much like my father. The tribune published a story quoting the University of Minnesota’s Infectous disease expert predicting 75,000 deaths in Minnesota.
    This story turned out to be bunk and realizing how the article affected my early judgement of covid, I will never ever buy their newspaper again.

      Mar 03, 2024 03:56 PM

      …and boycott their advertisers…and let them know it.

        Mar 03, 2024 03:58 PM

        It should be noted that the first state to come out against the boycott of Israeli company’s was South Carolina. Jim M home state.
        Also homestate of war monger Nikki Haley.

    Mar 03, 2024 03:56 PM

    Southfront is spot on concerning Jim M . enough said.

      Mar 04, 2024 04:53 AM

      ditto… of course we are just know nothing worthless eaters /bloggers… lol …. 🙂

    Mar 03, 2024 03:02 PM

    American schools need to teach the history of Zionism. The average person has little understanding between a Zionist Jew and a “Jew”

      Mar 04, 2024 04:43 AM

      ditto John….. Glad to see you are back….

    Mar 03, 2024 03:52 PM

    ASSANGE’S Last Stand . The two day appeal case , to appeal , that was heard over two days in London
    Chris Hedges / Craig Murry / & Alexander Mercouris . The Duran … 52 minutes & well worth the listen , if you have been following this WITCH HUNT, of the PRESS , from day one.

    Mar 03, 2024 03:13 PM

    Larry’s Speech In Moscow…
    … at the conference a few days ago.

    3 mins.

      Mar 04, 2024 04:52 AM

      that was a good one… thanks… sheeple need to wake up….

        Mar 04, 2024 04:36 AM

        I dont know if people are “waking up” but it does seem people are getting tired of their governments creating wars and killing for mic profits.

        The american military having issues recruting and the election of George Galloway might be clues to that.

        Some might clue in concerning inflation as Tucker Carlson mentions it comes from the central banks but he doesnt explain how/whhy but it could be a clue.
        There might be a person or two look into what he was talking about. Ya never know.

        These Neuralinks and AI could be a step towards becomeing the “borg”.
        At that point we might be able to get thru the fermament Chartster talks about.;-)

    Mar 04, 2024 04:33 AM

    A big week for gold.
    Closing in on 2,100.

      Mar 04, 2024 04:41 AM

      🙂 considering the Dollar is about to go south according to Bo Poney…..
      and Bo states… The PETRO- DOLLAR… is toast… because of Saudi
      membership in the BRICS… but, this is not new info…
      60% of the World is going away from the Petro dollar….

        Mar 04, 2024 04:37 AM

        The dollar will hold up longer that Bo thinks, IMO… The US gov bonds need to collapse first… And that will not happen until WW3 is fully in the open and most realize the USSA is losing bad.

          Mar 04, 2024 04:18 PM

          Bo… , which I do not always agree with,… did have some great points …
          you can hear it on usawatchdog….

          Let’s keep this in mind… going forward.. Bo says Dollar down to 72, in three months…
          Will lose another 1/3, in two years.( think that was the time frame)…..

          OOPS………………. Gold up $2114…. let’s hope it can hold…

          As far as I am concerned….gold way to cheap….especially…when a truck is $100,000
          and a Corvette is $174,000

    Mar 04, 2024 04:38 AM

    Food for Thought ………..of the WEEK……….. Have a great one……. 🙂

    I am posting this from Dean Henderson
    The most demented of these badly damaged cyborgs has to be Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, whose latest act has been to tell us repeatedly that he warned everyone that AI was going to subjugate the human race but no one listened. Musk says now it is too late and his answer (the old Masonic problem-reaction-solution or Order out of Chaos) is to market his Neuralink technology, which will link the human brain to AI.

    DARPA created the Internet. Silicon Valley is a military enterprise well-funded by the City of London Rothschild bankers and Europe’s Black Nobility. Musk, Dugan, Schmidt, Kurzweil and the other tech sycophants are serving these “A”generational bloodline .(sheeple have to do their own research on the bloodlines… Whitney Webb did a great job on connecting these)

      Mar 04, 2024 04:57 AM

      Yes, the development of transistor and computer technology was aided by DARPA (which paid part of my salary and funded some of my research to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars) but computer development and Silicon Valley would have occurred with or without DARPA or CIA funding…… It just might have happened more slowly or in a different location.
      LIKEWISE AI WILL CHANGE SOCIETY, with or with U.S. funding.
      Perhaps the “peak animal” of civilization is not Homo sapiens, but a mix of animal and machine.

    Mar 04, 2024 04:59 AM

    OOPS……………. I think this is THE BIG ONE>………………. sorry AJ… lol…. 🙂

    SUPREME COURT….says Trump “”””CAN appear on 2024 ballot,””” overturning Colorado ruling
    CBS News
    March 4, 2024 at 9:02 AM
    Washington — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday said states cannot bar former President Donald Trump from the ballot using a rarely invoked provision of the 14th Amendment, overturning a decision from Colorado’s top court and handing the GOP presidential front-runner a victory in an unprecedented case that threatened to derail his bid to return to the White House.

      Mar 04, 2024 04:08 AM

      It is good to see that all Justices on the Supreme Court can read the Constitution… You would have to be illiterate or completely disregard the Constitution to see it any other way… Now anyone who supported removing Trump from the ballot should be removed from office for treason.

        Mar 04, 2024 04:43 AM

        The Supreme Court decision was a little bit dodgy…….still allowing for disenfranchisement by vote of the House.
        I.e. Democrats are still hoping for a future dominance.

      Mar 04, 2024 04:10 PM

      IT WAS………………………………9-0………………………. I think that is REAL GOOD….
      some of my faith , has been restored in the SUPREME COURT….

      Left going crazy…. is a GOOD DAY…. 🙂

      Mar 04, 2024 04:12 PM

      Joe better figure out ….. what he is going to do now,… that the Supreme Court… released MAGA DOG… 🙂

    Mar 04, 2024 04:55 PM

    Have you talked to 🦉 Owl?

      Mar 04, 2024 04:18 PM

      Hi Jerry …. No , i did try calling him, but no reply. I would really like to tell everyone on the page what we spoke about & what he told me,but i must respect his privicy. I will try & speak to him over the next few days.

        Mar 04, 2024 04:02 PM

        Irish….. thanks….and I agree with you on the privacy..
        When you talk to him tell him we send him the best….

          Mar 04, 2024 04:10 PM

          Ditto… Wishing Big Al the best.

    Mar 04, 2024 04:58 PM

    Comments of the comments.

    Jim McKinney might have been wrong about the war in Ukraine, but I always appreciated his thoughts in American politics. He had good comments and was spot on quite a bit.
    Most of the other people Al had as guests were shills as well. Jim is not why the political comment section is slow. All of Al’s guests that fail the litmus test with me shill the 9/11 false narrative.
    You lie about 9/11 ? I got nothing for ya!

    Trump wins Bigly, just a day before Super Tuesday when he wins Bigly!😁

    Bo Pony will be right about the dollar heading to
    0.72. But he will get rocked by the bitcoin and gold trouncing.

    It’s not the Americans that started the wars. It’s the oligarchs from England, France, Switzerland and Rome that controlled the people of the DC corporation that started the wars. And they brainwashed people to fight. ( much like they recently brainwashed people to take the clot shot). Learn your true history.

    Wishing Al better health and a recovery.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:23 AM

    England, France, Switzerland and Rome ? You forgot Israel Chartster.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:02 AM

    Hi SF….. Strange how people most often forget about No. 1

      Mar 05, 2024 05:22 AM

      Just like “FLAT EARTH” Chartster to come out and defend J McKinney.
      How many times did J.M and Al claim there were no Nazi’s in Ukraine? Somehow I think the two of them thought if they repeated the same line, people would get on board with their politics.
      Al liked to say as we “talked off mike” and then repeat it which I felt was condescending and rude.
      One must not forget that Al was also part of the banking establishment and would never admit that usury was a big part why the Zio’s are where they are at today.
      Just because I participate in one’s blog doesn’t mean I have to agree with them.
      If they take offense to me, so be it.

      Mar 05, 2024 05:23 AM

      Who controls Israel?
      Go back to England.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:36 AM

    I didn’t really defend Jim. All I said was, “he’s not the reason why there are few comments”. And he did have good political comments.
    And he was 100% wrong about Ukraine.

    Just as you’re 100% wrong about the spinning ball.
    I think water has to be contained to be level.
    You think it sticks to a ball.

    Talk about lost ball in bendy waters…😂

      Mar 05, 2024 05:22 AM

      I still remember when you first posted flat earth. Then to make matters worse you quoted a “pilot” as one of your sources.
      Those of us that fly, soar with eagles and leave the turkey’s on the ground.
      Good day.

        Mar 05, 2024 05:36 AM

        Was it the pilot that said: “ If you think we dip the nose of the jet going Mach 2 only 500 feet above the sea, you’re crazy!” We never adjust for curvature that doesn’t exist, ever!

        That one?

      Mar 05, 2024 05:25 AM

      Personally I never considered Jimmys opinion on politics of any value.
      He was supporting the torture and murder of children when he supported Israel.
      He didnt know enuff even tho he was with military “inteligence” that there are nazis in Ukraine among other issues.

      There is something not right about his thinking, I just cant see a political opinion comeing from that thinking of any value.
      There is something twisted about it.

      Out of interest.

      4 Mar, 2024

      Ukrainian city honors Nazi decorated by Hitler
      A street in Nikopol will bear the name of an SS officer and recipient of the Iron Cross

      So much for nazis in Ukraine not having influence.
      Only way not to have seen it has been to ignore it.
      Or just plain lie.

      In an case its Als site the opinion of Ker is entirely up to himself.

        Mar 05, 2024 05:18 AM

        The KER site has been sold to Cory….. me think…. Owl said so….

    Mar 05, 2024 05:54 AM

    Pizza Gate………………..MORE HILLY …. take out… and sickness for sure.

    9 of 12 ………Police Officers………. that Reviewed… Anthony Weiner laptop..(called the “Insurance”)………..
    if, you do not know what that was about… just ask…
    over at rumble…..

    Mar 05, 2024 05:01 AM

    ONLY thing you have to KNOW……………… GOLD BUGS……….. 🙂
    1. Dedollarisation continues, the Petrodollar dies and gold gradually replaces the dollar as a global commodity trading currency especially in the commodity rich BRICS countries. This would allow commodity prices to stay low as gold rises and drives a virtuous circle of global trade.

    If the above option sounds too good to be true especially bearing in mind the bankrupt status of the global financial system, Luke puts forward a much less pleasant outcome.

    And in my view, Luke’s alternative outcome is sadly more likely, namely:

    2. “China, the US Treasury market, and the global economy implode spectacularly, sending the world into a new Great Depression, political instability, and possibly WW3…in which case, gold probably rises spectacularly all the same, as bonds and then equities scramble for one of the only assets with no counterparty risk – gold. (BTC is another.)”

    Yes, Bitcoin couldgo to $1 million as I have often said but it could also go to Zero if it is banned. Too binary for me and not a good wealth preservation risk in any case.

    Luke Gromen in his Tree Rings report

      Mar 05, 2024 05:42 AM

      Thanks Jerry for posting these different market perspectives…
      Gold appears to be ready for at least a pause, if not a knockdown, before significant further upside… Silver is lagging too much for this gold breakout to be sustained… -my opinion.

        Mar 05, 2024 05:09 AM

        Tommy………… You are welcome….. Since the first day I arrived on the Ker…. some 2O yrs. ago,,,
        I have been glued to gold……
        The next movement… is at hand..

          Mar 05, 2024 05:34 AM

          repost………… 🙂
          ‘We Have Liftoff!’ – Spot Gold Takes Out Record High
          Tyler Durden’s Photo
          TUESDAY, MAR 05, 2024 – 09:20 AM
          Extending their run of the last few days, spot gold prices just exceeded their all-time highs, topping $2140 for the first time in history…

    Mar 05, 2024 05:27 AM

    If World War III is about to start be prepared for the US, NATO and Israel to lose. The Russians have better weapons and certainly better leadership. The US has a president who can’t remember where or when his son died and a vice-president who worked as a hooker. The Air Force Space Command has a trans-gender colonel who lectures her/his troops on getting pronouns correct. What could possibly go wrong?

    I thought this was a good paragraph from bob.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:32 AM

    ‘We Have Liftoff!’ – Spot Gold Takes Out Record High
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    TUESDAY, MAR 05, 2024 – 09:20 AM
    Extending their run of the last few days, spot gold prices just exceeded their all-time highs, topping $2140 for the first time in history…

    Mar 05, 2024 05:57 AM

    HEALTH UPDATE…………………..

    The Last of The “Big Seven” Fraudulent Ivermectin Trials Has Finally Been Published
    Oxford’s long delayed PRINCIPLE trial just set a new record for ivermectin research fraud when they silently published it as a negative study despite their data showing profoundly positive impacts.
    MAR 5


    For anyone who has read my book, “The War on Ivermectin”, you may recall Chapter 25 called “Counterfeit Trials – The Big Six,” where I detailed the innumerable manipulations in the design and conduct of the six largest trials on ivermectin (two of them funded and conducted by Big Pharma captured NIH (i.e. ACTIV-6) , and another by Bill Gates and FTX (recall that their former CEO Sam Bankman Fried is currently in jail for fraud and awaiting up to a 100 year sentence).

    The others were all carried out by investigators with deep conflicts of interest (COI) with Big Pharma. Know that this fact made the 6 trials unique amongst ivermectin trials – in the other 32 early treatment trials (the near majority highly positive), I could find no investigators who reported COI with Big Pharma.


    The Last of The “Big Seven” Fraudulent Ivermectin Trials Has Finally Been Published
    Oxford’s long delayed PRINCIPLE trial just set a new record for ivermectin research fraud when they silently published it as a negative study despite their data showing profoundly positive impacts.
    MAR 5

      Mar 05, 2024 05:06 AM

      thanks jerry….medical all scam all the time…glta

        Mar 05, 2024 05:11 AM

        Larry……. you are welcome…

      Mar 05, 2024 05:36 AM

      Wow… Thanks Jerry…
      Looked at the trial and compared it to the FLCCC protocol, and they did obvious dosage malpractice to ensure Ivermectin was ineffective… less than 1/2 the recommend dose, for only 3 days (instead of 5 minimum), and take without food (FLCCC says better absorbed with food… ☠️ 💀

        Mar 05, 2024 05:01 AM

        You’re welcome Tommy…….
        Got to keep up with your health,… in order to keep the demon rats from getting the upper hand…
        This is an on going battle……
        Psalm 91:7-10 KJV
        A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; But it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold And see the reward of the wicked. Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, Even the most High, thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, Neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:10 AM

    “Treason!”: Bombshell Report Reveals Biden Has Secretly Flown 320,000 Illegals INTO The United States
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    TUESDAY, MAR 05, 2024 – 11:40 AM
    A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has revealed that the Biden administration has flown at least 320,000 migrants into the United States in an effort to reduce the number of crossings at the southern border, according to Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies.

      Mar 05, 2024 05:25 PM

      Biden is a TRAITOR, and should be treated as such.
      Pure EVIL.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:17 AM

    Ukraine war architect Victoria Nuland RESIGNS!
    💥 boom!! This is huge!

    Mar 05, 2024 05:44 AM
    Mar 05, 2024 05:00 PM

    … nuland… This EVIL / UGLY / CREATURE , wont be missed , if there is any justice , IT should burn in hell , when IT kickes the bucket.

      Mar 05, 2024 05:32 PM

      “Victoria-‘F*ck the EU’-Nuland” Nudelman… Bye Bye 👋👋.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:13 PM

    As Sweden joins NATO, it bids farewell to more than two centuries of neutrality

    Well done Vlad

    Mar 05, 2024 05:14 PM

    “Like someone pulled the metaphorical plug”: Dr. John Gartner on Trump’s “accelerating dementia”

    Deteriorating quickly

      Mar 05, 2024 05:44 PM

      Okay AJ… That was an interesting article… If it did not start off by calling Trump “vile”, it might have some credibility…

    Mar 05, 2024 05:32 PM
      Mar 05, 2024 05:11 PM

      that should be a good one…. especially the 501 c 3 group…
      Wonder , if she says anything new, that we have not talked about… thanks

      OOPS……….. saw that one yesterday….. thanks anyway…

    Mar 05, 2024 05:35 PM
    Mar 05, 2024 05:27 PM

    Biden is bought and paid for by CHINA…….the real enemy.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:35 PM

    Hunter’s kaptop is PROOF of Biden’ s bribes from the CCP.

    Mar 05, 2024 05:38 PM

    BREAKING: Writ of Mandamus Filed in Florida Supreme Court, Seeks to Compel Governor DeSantis, and Attorney General Ashley Moody, to Ban the Jab!

    Mar 06, 2024 06:25 PM

    On Wednesday, Lilly CFO Anat Ashkenazi warned investors at the TD Cowen annual……..
    …… get a look at this guy’s name 📛
    You can’t make these things up 😭
    Get your fat shot…..

      Mar 06, 2024 06:26 PM

      Exactly Jerry.
      Everything is so in our face.

        Mar 07, 2024 07:03 AM

        Hello John……….
        Ditto……. and the Sheeple have a hard time seeing it….
        I doubt they will ever see it…

    Mar 06, 2024 06:27 PM

    China IS the biggest threat.
    Biden is a traitor…..PAID by China.
    There are more Chinese ILLEGALS in the U.S.than U.S. citizens in military service.

      Mar 07, 2024 07:30 AM

      I agree CFs….China loves doing the opium trade war thing on us to weaken USA this time around…Revenge…China luvs making USA citizens addicts…

        Mar 07, 2024 07:04 AM

        Chinese… long on the pipe… lol..

    Mar 06, 2024 06:37 PM
    Listen carefully 31 minutes plus
    China is the enemy.

      Mar 07, 2024 07:32 AM

      The European oligarchs and the American politicians that the oligarchs used to control is who created communist China.
      Xi Ping is unwinding the communist control.

      Get it straight, CFS.

        Mar 07, 2024 07:02 AM

        I could only stand 7 mins of that vid.

        Even if it was true that chinese spys are looking at U.S.military bases, which doesnt make much sense as satalites can literally read newspapers, but ya never know I guess.

        In any case can china be blamed for looking at american weapons? The U.S has weapons on the Chinese boarder, arming Chinese and promoting revolution.

        Consider american history around the world and tell me China should not be concerned. They are not stupid people, they are going to consider what they can do to counter the U.S.

        Economically, sure the Chinese are a threat, but imo the real threat is the americans themselves, nations prefer to do business with China, what a surprise.

        I think china simply wants to do businessan the ameicans are upset they have been loosing influence.

        When all else fails they take us to war.

        I hope Putin and XI can balance things well enuff the americans dont use nukes.

        1 other note of interest, its the americans supporting the torture and murder in Israel, not China uummmm whose the bad guy?

    Mar 07, 2024 07:16 AM

    Lawsuit over unethical retraction of paper reporting inconvenient truths about the COVID jabs:

    Mar 07, 2024 07:23 AM

    Joe Biden may not be alive.
    – Tucker Carlson

    Mar 07, 2024 07:09 PM

    D Trump says he will get tough with the Chinese.
    Does this include members of his family? I doubt it.
    I wonder if Ivanka will let her patents with the Chinese go?
    Much like Jared and his 2 billion with the Saudi’s.

    Mar 07, 2024 07:12 PM

    I’m sure D Trump has his yamaka ready to go, even though he is not Jewish.
    D Trump will do as the Zio’s command, just like every other President.

    Mar 07, 2024 07:41 PM

    I figure Trump is too close to Israel as well.
    Thats been my concern about him even more than the consistant lying he does.

    The only thing that might make him a better choice than Biden is so many people in power dont want him.
    That could be a game tho.

    I still think they ALL have to go.

      Mar 08, 2024 08:09 AM

      DITTO…………….. ON “ALL”….. have to go…

      BLOW JOE BIDEN is just the tip of the Scum/Scam…….

    Mar 07, 2024 07:52 PM

    Trump Weighs In On Gaza Ahead Of November: “Firmly In Israel’s Camp”

    Former President Trump, the likely GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential election, said he supported Israel’s brutal, ongoing military operations in Gaza in an interview with “Fox & Friends” this week.

    His administration recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli territory and declared that ‘illegal Israeli settlements’ in the West Bank do not violate international law.

    So Trump supports the murder of aprox 100 children daily, genocide? Thats ok.

    Ya, this guy is real dif big time, who couldnt support tortureing children?

    Hooray Israel, our most chosen people. Special people, better than all other people.
    So much for all men created equal.

    Mar 07, 2024 07:51 PM

    Politically the United States is in a very precarious position due the amount of debt, both private and Govt.
    Case in point, the U S still hasn’t passed a budget.
    Regardless what the next President does, the debt will force his hand.
    The U S is screwed because the Fed needs to keep interest rates high, while this in turn creates more debt for the Govt in interest expense.
    There is not IMHO a Political solution to the debt.

      Mar 08, 2024 08:07 AM

      A DEBT JUBILEE……….. will solve the problem… real fast…
      Who would be the winners and who will be the losers….. humm…

      Who is harmed by Printing Fiat out of THIN AIR, and fractional reserve lending… lol…

        Mar 08, 2024 08:20 AM

        Good Morning Jerry:
        Hard assetts are giving us the verdict.
        Debt Jubilee or a total melt down are the only path IMHO forward. Concerning finance the U S Government has always been reactive rather than pro-active. I do not see the BRICS as a viable alternative either.

          Mar 08, 2024 08:47 AM

          Hello and Good Morning JOHN…………..
          I hope you had a great time in Arizona…..
          Glad to see you posting again,… I feel we are the last of the Mohican here at the Ker….

          Yes… HARD Assets… Gold…… , Central Banks are loading up on gold according to some..
          with the Petro Dollar demise , and becoming less relevant in the future to the BRICS…

          The WARMONGERS, MIC,… are in a deep doo doo ….
          SHEEPLE will never get a handle on all the corruption in Congress….

    Mar 08, 2024 08:46 AM

    More… Miki Klann – Operation Restore the Republics!

      Mar 08, 2024 08:40 AM

      Thanks Tommy………… Sheeple need to wake up…..

      HIDDEN LAW………………. INVADED in 1871………..
      I have been talking about his for over a decade….
      I have suggested that the SHEEPLE ….read Anna Von Reitz….

      HEY PROFESSOR How about listing to her…. and give us your take…. 🙂

      WE DO NOT HAVE >>>>>>>>>FREEDOM……. listen to Why at the 5 min mark…. 🙂

        Mar 08, 2024 08:42 AM

        LAW…………………..( L)AND……… (A)IR……..( W)ATER……….. (BAR LAW)….. lol…been taking about this for years.

    Mar 08, 2024 08:53 AM

    Thanks for the Miki info.
    She sure did fill in some important info I didn’t know. Fascinating stuff!

      Mar 08, 2024 08:33 AM

      Chartster………………. I though you knew …. what Anna Von Reitz … has been saying for years….

      Which part were you not knowledgeable of……. ? Just wondering…
      this would go hand in hand as to the FAKE ELECTIONS which are coming up…. me think?
      Fake election of THE CORPORATION…. (the Crown Corporation , that existed since 1871)

    Mar 08, 2024 08:54 AM

    I wonder if the Democratic machine will let J Biden debate D Trump. I believe D Trump would totally eviscerate Biden and have him off the rails in less then 15 minutes.

      Mar 08, 2024 08:49 AM

      Exactly!…I could not stomach the liars at the president club last evening…..all those smiling faces as they sell the country down the torlet…sad….I only heard about 5 minutes of the state of the nation propaganda

        Mar 08, 2024 08:09 AM

        YOU should listen to ……… TOMMY’s Tape………….

        You were listening to the CORPORATION PRES… not of we the republic people…

          Mar 08, 2024 08:23 AM

          OK Jerry…Actually, many thanks for pointing out that Tommy post!…It goes in my Anna folder…1871 discussed by a less legally technical person is real helpful…..I am listening…thanks!

      Mar 08, 2024 08:12 PM

      Why did the Republicans not give the responding address to Trump ?
      They seem to hate a Republican……………..guess he won’t support MIC.

    Mar 08, 2024 08:59 AM

    I support the LaRouche Org as they were the only ones that would call out the British.
    Lyndon LaRouche published Dope Inc which was in my opinion one of the most factual and honest account of the British and their ties to drug money.
    Everybody focusses on Fentanyl coming into the U.S but fail to focus on where the cash leaving the U S ends up.The easy answer is it goes to the cartel, but that is not the whole truth.

    Mar 08, 2024 08:16 AM

    If so…..Think of the panic that gangs machine gunning citizens would provoke…makes 9/11 look like a well contained localized small minor event…glta

    Mar 08, 2024 08:25 AM

    January private sector hiring revised from 317,000 to 177,000.
    Just a rounding error I’m sure. LOL

    Mar 08, 2024 08:31 AM

    Gold futures just crossed 2200.
    Somebody not happy.

    Mar 08, 2024 08:07 PM

    Did you listen to the State of DisUnion Address ?
    A rant by an insane ass.

    Tucker knows.

    Mar 08, 2024 08:33 PM
    Mar 08, 2024 08:51 PM

    After AIDS in much of the Western World STDs had almost disappeared.
    Did you know they have now spiked on the Southern U.S. border ?

    Mar 08, 2024 08:56 PM

    You don’t think traitor Biden is bought by China ?
    Are you that. Ignorant?


    Mar 08, 2024 08:01 PM
    Mar 08, 2024 08:20 PM

    International Public Notice: To All Players, Air, Land, and Sea
    By Anna Von Reitz

    This is to underline our Express Trust in the matter of any aggression toward Russia and its current government by any Party, Principal, Subcontractor, or subcontractors of our Federal Subcontractors:

    We, the actual American Government, have had a peaceable Treaty Alliance with Russia and the Russian People since 1858.

    Regardless of political and social upheavals within Russia, and even changes of Governments within Russia, Russia has always honored the Alliance between our two countries and our two peoples.

    We shall do nothing less in return.

    The “investments” that the Biden Administration and the Municipal Congress have recently made in the Proxy War in the Ukraine and the genocide in Gaza must be understood as expenses accruing uniquely to them and their foreign government and its District of Columbia Municipal Corporations, having nothing whatsoever to do with our country, our credit, or our assets.

    They have acted as Subcontractors providing specific enumerated services under contracts known as Constitutions, but they are not us and are not to be mistaken as our American Government, nor as representing the American People in any unspecified or non-enumerated capacity not delegated to them with specificity.

    Charge their war-mongering costs and investments to them, to their Municipal corporations, specifically. Let the world know that they are not representing this country in their war-mongering activities.

    No element of their Constitution of the United States which has not been ratified by our States of the Union is enacted as anything beyond a private corporate policy. This includes policies adopted as “War Powers” and designations of “Enemies” codified under Federal Subcontractor auspices.

    The private and self-interested policies of these District of Columbia Municipal Corporations should not be confused with the actual Public Policies of this country.

    This country has been at peace, officially, since 1814.

    We do not consider Russia an enemy, and this fact has been published and set upon the Public Record since 1858, so it need not come as any surprise that our Subcontractors cannot violate our Public Commitments and Alliances in our names.

    Any “sanctions” against Russia cannot be applied with our authority or in our names by any Subcontractors of ours; any such sanctions or claims of “Enemy” status must be clearly stated and validated as USA, Inc. or White House Office, Inc. policies apart from any powers or roles obtained from or delegated by our Federation of States.

    The abuses that our foreign Federal Subcontractors have exacted against our people and many other nations via manipulation and weaponization of the legal system and by plain usurpation against our lawful government — their Employer — must be held to their account and viewed as a result of their own decisions and paid for on their own tickets.

    In no case are they allowed to mischaracterize their Employers as “Enemies” for honoring the American-Russian Alliance of 1858, nor are they empowered by any enumerated or granted or delegated power to wage war against Russia at our expense nor can they impose any sanctions against Russia “for” us.

    Issued by:
    Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary