Weekend Show – Joe Mazumdar & Jeff Christian – Gold Stocks With Major Partners, Gold Sector M&A, Gold and Silver Investment Demand

March 30, 2024



This Weekend Show is for all the investors watching and investing in gold, silver and gold stocks. Gold closing the day, week, month and quarter at all time highs, and gold stocks have the potential to play major catch up to the upside. Our guests this weekend focus on exploration companies with major miners as partners, recent M&A and the overall investment demand for gold and silver.


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We hope you all have a fantastic Easter long weekend!


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Joe Mazumdar, Editor of Exploration Insights kicks off the show with an extended discussion focused on gold stocks. We start with exploration stocks that have major miners as partners (Headwater Gold, Inflection Resources) and what the major mining companies would consider exploration success. This ties into Finland, the Lapland Gold Belt, where we ask about the area play and potential consolidation (Rupert Resources, Aurion Resources, FireFox Gold) . We also discuss the recent M&A in the sector and what could be coming next.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at the CPM Group wraps up the show with a focus on the investment demand for gold and silver. We discuss the continued buying out of eastern countries, the pick up of western demand and forward price projections for both gold and silver.



Joe Mazumdar
Jeff Christian
    Mar 30, 2024 30:39 AM

    Happy Easter to the ones who celebrate it!

    Thanks to the guys behind the scenes that keep this web going for so many years 💪🔥

    First me I see that from my last post everything seems to be on target. I believe I mentioned April would be the big breakout and I continue to believe that. Although the hi/xau and many of the bigger producers have made moves. Many of the explorer and developers are really lagging. I do think the turn is coming as an example of impact silver most recent low and where they currently are..

    Brixton looks like a double monthly bottom possibly .8 cents for a last shake out. If Matthew or anyone wants to share there charts for future. Still holding brixton here.

    Also, one of the intriguing things I have noticed in the last several weeks and months a few of the main guys that I follow are all online in regards to gold projection midterm and long-term one year to two years max of a possible gold high of $3000 before crashing down. However, if any of you have read savages latest comments, he believes that 2500 or so will be that top he projected in 2 to 3 months and then the crash . Someone’s going to be dead wrong!

    I think what we can all agree on is we need to go much higher and from that point of view then come down and possibly retest the breakout I personally have a target of 2100 test but that’s not until we reach those higher highs of $3000 give or take. I’m betting Gary is wrong on this call. I also knew Graddy who’s is very good at what he does was going to be wrong when he insisted coming back to the scene of the crime would happen after the breakout however after he sold that breakout the backrest never happened. I believe that this bowl is going to be of epic proportions and it’s going to be climbing a wall of worry and leaving many many traders out that’s a prime example of what happened with Grady and I think it’s going to continue to happen there’s a good possibility I’m not seeing it will happen Gold can go straight up to the $3000 mark with little corrections and not coming back to retest that breakout until it hits the 3000. Does anyone else on here believe that can happen because if nobody else thinks that can happen I give it a high probability.

    Cheers to all good health and wealth


      Mar 30, 2024 30:31 AM

      Hello Glen,

      Glad to hear from you…. and Happy Resurrection and Happy Easter….

      As for Gary…. I think $2500 is in the cards…. and could go a lot higher….
      Spending in Congress is assured…. every 90 days and they want $1.2 Trillion…
      The debt is going to overwhelm everyone…. on the way to $50 Trillion
      No one is going to end the FED….. no one is going to stop the Printing Press…

        Mar 30, 2024 30:41 AM

        Thank you Jerry for sharing your views and more importantly the “Happy resurrection” part. Also forgive me for the multiple errors in my previous post. It was garoth soloway in reference to scene of the crime and backtest. No graddy intended lol.

          Mar 30, 2024 30:52 AM

          Hello Glen,
          Do you follow Soloway?………..
          I just started following him , a couple of weeks ago….
          Since I am not a chartist….. , or have not been,… I thought his presentation were kind of good…

    Mar 30, 2024 30:10 AM

    The best scenario for a long term ongoing PM move (and for the stocks) would be a short term pullback for a couple to 3 months. We don’t want to see a parabolic move this soon since our welcome would be worn out too quickly.

      Mar 30, 2024 30:24 AM

      “We don’t want to see a parabolic move this soon”
      Too soon? We’re just coming out of the greatest gloom and doom scenario, DOC – PM stocks have hardly budged.

        Mar 30, 2024 30:28 PM

        Cali, in the past I’ve disparaged a lot of the “pops” in the PM markets along with the stocks but this one is feeling different to me. I believe we’re finally seeing the beginnings of a movement off the bottom for many of these mining stocks. They won’t go parabolic in my opinion but things are looking better (IMO) this time around. We’re a lot closer to an end of this miserable bear market for the PM stocks. I’ve personally been upping my positions over the last few weeks and will continue to at appropriate times in the future.

      Mar 30, 2024 30:45 AM

      Hey doc,

      Thanks for giving us your views. Doc do you not see a 2008 type correction in the future “after” we hit those $2500-$3000 plus target? After that correction a final move to the bigger numbers many have suggested?

      This is where a lot of confusion can happen or misinterpretation of things. I guess my bigger question is do you believe once we hit 2500 or $3000 the bull market is completely over?

        Mar 30, 2024 30:03 AM

        Hey Glen,
        Pretty sure if Gold hits $3000, half the humanity is already gone by then 😁

        Mar 30, 2024 30:33 PM

        Glen, I personally don’t like the numbers game; all I know is we’re just in the beginnings of this breakout in the gold sector and have farther to go. It’s interesting to me that the long term bond market does not signal an imminent move higher and that the next major move may be another leg lower which means higher interest rates—-at that time it may be a short term negative for the PM market but we’re a ways away from that happening in my opinion.

          Mar 31, 2024 31:46 AM

          Thanks Doc

          Mar 31, 2024 31:28 PM

          Doc and Matthew and Jerry, happy Easter! I also think that gold is going to 3000, and that there may well be a correction then, but I won’t be selling very much. Eric Sprott’s favorite gold and silver analyst, Michael Oliver, thinks gold is going to 8000 and silver to 200. A correction at 3000 does not worry me as much as missing the ride up to 8000 or 10000. I just hope when gold gets up there we won’t be in WWIII and be unable to enjoy it.

            Mar 31, 2024 31:37 PM

            Happy Easter Bonzo! I agree with Oliver. The question is the manner in which gold gets there.

            Apr 01, 2024 01:58 AM

            Bonzo……….. thanks I just saw your note…. and I hope you had a Great Resurrection Day……..

      Mar 30, 2024 30:04 AM

      In the current macro-economic scenario, there are no good scenario going forward.

      Having no good future macro-economic scenario, equates to the best macro-economic scenario still being a good scenario for physical precious metals.

    Mar 30, 2024 30:34 AM

    With Gold at all-time highs and grabbing some headlines, I cannot help but critically think through the corporate mainstream media’s overly bland take on investing in precious metals.
    In a 3/29 WSJ article “Gold Is Rallying. It Isn’t About Inflation This Time. – The metal serves as a hedge against fear itself, making it an appealing asset for our times” by Aaron Back the metal receives the standard insult that it is merely a “barbarous relic”.
    The “barbarous relic” traducing of gold is often attributed to John Maynard Keynes as the foundational support for its economic legitimacy.
    John Maynard Keynes never wrote that gold was a “barbarous relic”.
    John Maynard Keynes wrote “the gold standard is already a barbarous relic.”
    This is an immense economic difference.
    To pose that gold itself is a barbarous relic assaults the inherent value of the metal.
    However, to launch the “barbarous relic” label onto the gold standard you then are assaulting government fiscal and monetary policies.
    Keynes was certainly attacking post World War I government fiscal and monetary policy.
    Keynes referenced the British pre-WWI gold standard’s pre-War fixed price of 3 Pounds 17 Schillings and 10.5 pence, akin to the then $20.67 level fix for USD.
    The price fix of gold being too low was not gold’s fault.
    Keynes would not have objected to the standard so vehemently had there been the wisdom to raise the fix to 7 Pounds sterling or $50 USD.
    In line, FDR saw the need within that decade to raise the USD fix dramatically to $35.
    If Gold was “a barborous relic”, then why would FDR confiscate from citizens ownership of the yellow metal?
    Keynes certainly was not disparaging the inherent value of gold itself; he was in fact complimenting gold and disparaging spendthrift government monetary and fiscal policies.
    If there is any doubt Keynes was ridiculing government then consider the title of his 1923 book where the quote appeared: “A Tract on Monetary Reform.”When Nixon “temporarily” took gold off the gold standard the tethered price was fixed at $35, it was illegal for U.S. citizens to own it in quantity, and the DOW traded at 888.
    The DOW closed 3/28/2024 at 39,807.
    Divide yesterday DOW close by its 8/15/1971 close and we arrive at:
    39807/888 = 44.82, or The DOW has increased 44.82X(times) since Nixon abandoned the Gold standard.
    Gold closed 3/28/2024 at $2,233.
    Divide yesterday’s close by its 8/15/1971 $35 fixed price and we arrive at:
    $2,233/$35 = 63.8, or Gold has increased 63.8X times since Nixon ended the Bretton Woods Gold Standard.
    One would be foolish not to have wanted to have bought gold in 1971 instead of the DOW.
    Consider next, with Gold recently outperforming, then the question arrives to us, is Gold overvalued relative to the market?
    Gold trading at $2233 and the DOW at 39,807 arrives you at a 17.8 to 1 Gold/DOW ratio.
    In The Great Recession’s aftermath, in August 2011, The DOW to gold ratio compressed to 6.75 to 1. In terms of the DOW, Gold even at its current all-time highs is almost three times cheaper today than it was just 12.5 years ago.
    8.5 years after the Nixon closed the Gold Window the DOW to gold ratio, in March of 1980 was under 2 and much closer to 1 to 1. Think about that! In terms of the DOW Jones Industrial Average Gold is almost 18 times cheaper today than it was 43 years ago.
    In the depths of the Great Depression gold, even at its fixed $20.67, would have bought 2 units of the DOW when the DOW bottomed out at 40. Gold is 9 times undervalued relative to the DOW than it was 91 years ago.
    In March of 1999. when the DOW hit 10,000, you could have sold a unit of the DOW and bought 36.36 ounces of gold (GOLD $275 in March 1999).
    If you sold a unit of the DOW today at today at 39,807 you could buy 17.82 ounces.
    Which should have you been selling, and which should you have been buying in 1999?
    Only fools listen to fools that tell them “Gold is a barbarous relic.

    Mar 30, 2024 30:18 PM

    The cup with handle alone suggests 3100+ for gold and it is one the best looking specimens I’ve seen with its wide rounded bottom and long handle that didn’t retrace too much.
    Now for some other possibilities supported by moves of the last big uptrend. All are conservatively measured from monthly closes following breakouts like we have now:
    -September 2005 to May 2006 gold gained 54.5%. Today that equates to over 3450.
    -The September 2009 to September 2011 move was over 90% which today would take gold to almost 4300.
    -June 2019 to August 2020 gold gained 47.5%. Today that would be good for 3300 gold.

    Don’t let the big numbers fool you like they fooled everyone since 1970! When gold was 35 the masses thought it was preposterous to suggest that it could even double yet it went 25x by 1980. When it pulled back from 195 to about 105 in the mid ’70s no one thought it would go up over 8x let alone do so quickly. Economists (Keynesians of course, like today’s “experts”) even suggested that gold could collapse to $8 if it lost its “dollar backing” – got that? They wanted you to believe that gold got its value from the dollar and not the other way around! You can’t make this stuff up! Only fools think that “huge” moves are absurd. Those who understand know that the absurdity lies completely with the farce we call a central bank and its constant counterfeiting. The USD has lost well over 99% of its value since the central bank took over the country 110 years ago and there’s nothing stopping it from losing another 99%+ from here.

      Mar 30, 2024 30:48 PM

      The good old cup and handle….. I love it…. only one I have used for years….

      I have said numerous times …. FAKE FED….

      Mar 31, 2024 31:51 AM

      I agree with you as well matthew in regards to all those projections. I Do you believe in the pre bust numbers and the post bust numbers as some have mentioned? I actually think it would be healthy to have such pull back down the road from a much higher high for us to get to those much higher $5000 plus targets

        Mar 31, 2024 31:28 PM

        I’m not sure I understand what you mean by pre bust and post bust numbers so I’ll just tell you what I think will happen. If gold tops somewhere between 3000 and 3500 and takes more than a year to get there then it will probably have a correction of around 20%. However, if it takes much less than a year, let’s say 8 or 9 months like the 2005-06 action from the breakout to the top, then the pullback would probably easily exceed 20%. I see no reason to bet on gold coming back to test the 2000 area. Look what happened to those who were sure it was going back to 1375 after the 2020 top. The handle on that 9 year old cup was almost 4 years long and for the most part was at or above the highs of 2011-12 so there’s little if any “unfinished business” at the breakout level that should make us expect a backtest, especially AFTER reaching 3000 or so.

      Mar 31, 2024 31:37 PM

      Matthew, After gold fell from about 200 to 104 when Carter was POTUS, I bought some krugerrands, and after they had doubled in price I sold them, thinking I was smart, and then watched gold go up 4 fold in 2 years. So I won’t be selling at 3000 this time. I’m going to ride this gold train all the way to the Emerald City.

        Mar 31, 2024 31:41 PM

        I will be selling miners around the next top but probably not gold. Of course my intention will be to buy those miners back at some point.

          Apr 01, 2024 01:23 AM

          I’m glad you clarified the part about selling miners at the next important highs but not gold! Two totally different breeds imo. Everything else you mentioned makes sense as well.

          Apr 01, 2024 01:47 AM

          How about silver? Will you sell the miners and hold the bullion as you’ll do with gold? I guess silver will correct at 50 before it breaks through and goes to 200.

            Apr 01, 2024 01:43 AM

            I am unlikely to sell silver unless it goes much higher than I currently expect for the next year or so but I will hedge it in some way because it will pull back harshly once it does find an important high.

    Mar 30, 2024 30:25 PM

    AEM blastoff:

    AEM is high quality so it has led the way along with a few others but now the rest have fresh intermediate price and momentum buy signals so get ready for greater outperformance relative to gold.

      Apr 02, 2024 02:40 AM

      I bought AEM @8 bucks in the last century and never sold, although I should have sold @85 and bought it back @40. But one day I’ll be glad I held on for the ride to 200 or higher.

    Mar 30, 2024 30:28 PM

    SILJ is 29% off its low of one month ago while at very important resistance but I think it take out that resistance this week.

    Mar 30, 2024 30:08 PM

    Brixton had its biggest weekly volume in 21 months as it reached its lowest level in 4 years.

      Mar 31, 2024 31:56 AM

      There was a lot of hype around Brixton, especially when BHP became involved, but it seems they didn’t make any noteworthy discoveries after that. So mostly downhill from there.

        Mar 31, 2024 31:15 AM

        Looks like Brixton is going through cash fairly quickly, see:

        I wonder how long it will be before they need to raise more?

        Mar 31, 2024 31:34 PM

        Brixton’s story is far from over in my opinion and that includes the BHP part. Keep in mind that the “low” share price isn’t nearly as low as it seems when adjusted for dilution. In other words, when the company traded at the same share price exactly 4 years ago its market cap was FAR lower than the current MCap of about $44M.
        Copper is going to surprise a lot people including gold bulls and gold bears since most on both sides expect a bear market in stocks to drag it down. That expectation hasn’t been good for Brixton.

          Mar 31, 2024 31:23 PM

          Thanks for your take on BBB

        Apr 01, 2024 01:29 AM

        Terry the most recent interview by the Brixton ceo was about a week or so ago. He repeatedly mentioned the three billionaires that are invested in brixton including sprott, mark m and one more. Mentioned they plan to drill many more holes this year and have the money to do so. Also seemed very excited in regards to the land mass they have and more importantly the location. Spoke big on there copper projects. Something tells me once copper gets going Brixton is going to benefit a great deal.

    Mar 30, 2024 30:58 PM

    The long bond bottomed last October and now looks ready for its next leg higher.

    Mar 31, 2024 31:34 PM
    NatGas Week: Continuation
    Into The New Quarter

    Apr 01, 2024 01:53 AM

    Speaking of IMPACT Silver, Moxie triggered a buy on weekly, first time in a long time. I”ve become a fan of TG Watkin’s work.

      Apr 01, 2024 01:45 AM

      Thanks for sharing that. “First time in a long time” means a lot under the circumstances.

    Apr 01, 2024 01:13 AM

    Any thoughts why PAAS is lagging behind? This is one of the most frustrating silver stocks I own.

    Apr 01, 2024 01:58 AM

    I’m not sure PAAS is doing anything concerning considering what it is. Between its size and the fact that it mines so much gold in addition to being of higher quality than most silver miners (high quality is obviously bad for leverage to the metals all else being equal) it’s doing okay. Since bottoming a month ago it’s outperformed GDX and SIL matched GDXJ. Once silver finally puts the bulls at ease I think PAAS will beat AEM like it did in 2016 and 2020.

    Apr 02, 2024 02:14 AM

    NatGas is getting ready for an intermediate advance that should be a strong one.