Jeff Christian – Investment Demand For Gold and Silver, Growing Globally

April 19, 2024

Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at the CPM Group joins us to share his insights on the investment demand for gold and silver.


As much as we have heard of central bank buying out of China and other eastern countries, Jeff points out that we have seen a broadening of demand from other investors. Even the western investors are starting to show interest in the metals


As for Silver, we discuss recent comments that the world is running out of silver and if industrial demand is driving recent price moves.



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    Apr 19, 2024 19:33 AM

    China Dumps U.S. Treasuries To Buy Record Amounts Of Gold As The U.S. Dollar Weakens. DT

      Apr 19, 2024 19:07 PM

      Jim Willy was pointed that out last week…. Nobody showing up for the auctions…..

    Apr 19, 2024 19:20 PM

    Over 2 months ago jon syl said the following (which might explain his disappearance):
    “All about the dollar and 10 yr. treasuries backing down for at least an oversold pop.”

      Apr 19, 2024 19:40 PM

      You never know in life; I have a funeral suit that I haven’t been able to put away for about 6 months. The baby boomers will be leaving in record numbers, I have lost quite a few relatives lately it seems that they go in threes. I am a realist. “When your number is up you have to go”. Enjoy it while you can. DT😊

        Apr 19, 2024 19:06 PM

        Yes, there’s always that… ☠😁

        Apr 19, 2024 19:05 PM

        How many…………got that JAB……. ?

          Apr 20, 2024 20:55 AM

          Hi Jerry, I assume at least 90% got the JAB. What I’m seeing are deaths that seem hereditary in nature, because of family history however they seem to be dying at an earlier age. DT

            Apr 20, 2024 20:21 AM

            DT………… thanks for the follow up……
            The early age deaths is interesting…. I am seeing more early age deaths , or at least it seems, here as well…

            Apr 20, 2024 20:17 AM

            The jab is unequivocally the cause of countless deaths but of course you can expect nothing but gaslighting from the perps and those who unknowingly helped them. In addition to the clotting problem the jab trashes your immune system which is why “turbo” cancers have skyrocketed along with many other diseases. Dr. Cole of Idaho reported on this almost 3 years ago when his laboratory saw the increases first hand just months after the jab rollout. Of course he was smeared by the fully owned gatekeeping corporate media along with many others who dared to tell the truth.
            This is worthwhile:

    Apr 19, 2024 19:49 PM
    Apr 19, 2024 19:12 PM

    SILJ now has 3 high volume weekly closes above its nearly 3 year downtrend resistance.

    Apr 19, 2024 19:50 PM
    Apr 19, 2024 19:19 PM

    Silvercrest bucked north. Any others today?