Politics Weekend Posting

April 20, 2024

Here is the political posting this weekend!


I hope you all have a great weekend!

    Apr 20, 2024 20:46 AM

    Thanks again Cory….

    Apr 20, 2024 20:50 AM

    Can anyone share the status of Mr. Al Korelin, the founder?

      Apr 20, 2024 20:11 AM

      Last I heard he was holed up at that Aljoyan joint…and he had to keep his door open at night due to a problem with the AC…but that was last summer. Hope he’s OK…Seattle is a dangerous place these days. I was urging him to get a shotgun. Haven’t heard anything since. Hope he is OK.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:21 AM

      Irish might have more info.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:39 PM

      Hi Robert….. Read my post further down the page.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:19 AM

    CFS checking in.
    Now catching up on world news.
    Wishing Big Al all the best

    Apr 20, 2024 20:27 AM

    Ukraine claims to have shot down Russia’s strategic bomber.
    There is a video to “prove “ it…….

      Apr 20, 2024 20:39 AM

      Even if one bomber was taken out, what difference will that make?
      How has hitting ships of Russia’s Black Sea fleet changed the course of the war?
      Japan took out the USS Indianapolis and how did that save them from being nuked?
      Winning symbolic battles is not going to win a war.

        Apr 20, 2024 20:57 PM

        It probably will not make any difference. It also could have been an accidentally “luck shot”.
        But it was a state of the art strategic bomber and the first time one has ever been shot down.
        The U.S.,by comparison, has lower quality bombers.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:37 AM
    I am not against the use of FISA, but I am against its MISUSE to allow warrant less spying on US citizens..We have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS which the government ignores.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:48 AM

      that is the PROBLEM….. govt cabal IGNORES the Constitution….
      Since the govt is a FAKE CORPORATION… and is not the same as you think…
      the Fake Corporation which you keep wanting to defend your rights…is not going to
      do anything for the original WE THE PEOPLE……

      The Fake Corporation … was slide into place … around 1871….

        Apr 20, 2024 20:26 AM

        Ditto… The Constitution has turned into a symbolic document… Failure to abide by the Constitution… Failure to abide by the rule of law…

    Apr 20, 2024 20:57 AM

    When a country borrows money to pay interest payments on its debt, it is inevitable that the debt increases.
    Eventually there comes a point in time when the country can no longer borrow enough money.
    We may try to increase interest rates, to attract more lenders, but even that eventually fails.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:14 AM

      Quite right CFS… And our idiots in Congress constantly authorize even more spending that only hastens the collapse… Very sad that all great countries always go down the same path to destruction – overspending, over borrowing, over taxing…

    Apr 20, 2024 20:06 AM

    Sure ,Yellen will mask system failure for a while by printing money, but this devalues money quickly.
    I.e. inflation climbs quickly, leading to massive. Social unrest……possible civil war, or even wars started to mislead the people.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:14 AM

      …old Yellen…it feels like we are on the Titanic…and when you go to the bridge you find Daffy Duck at the helm.

        Apr 20, 2024 20:29 AM

        And the band keeps playing – helps calm the passengers – as the ship is going down… 🚢 ⚓

          Apr 20, 2024 20:44 AM

          🚣🏼‍♀️…no lifeboats for us…if our rulers have their way…📽️📽️📽️

            Apr 20, 2024 20:54 AM

            Your part is not to reason why Eb, its just to do and die.

            Apr 20, 2024 20:08 PM

            …that’s probably coming…after they take all my assets…right now they are stealing me blind with taxes and inflation…and of course, allowing the other criminals to prey on me…

            Apr 20, 2024 20:20 PM

            …maybe the violent felons in their prisons will kill me…like the one getting out next June.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:52 AM

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US House of Representatives passed legislation on Saturday to transfer frozen Russian sovereign assets to Ukraine and ban TikTok unless it severs ties to its Chinese parent company.

    Our leaders seem to be doing everything they can to cause war.
    Short of firing a nuke of course, which they still could do from Israel.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:32 PM

      Hi South:
      On the surface transferring Russian assets sounds like a good idea. Nothing could be farther from the reality that the rest of the world has woken up to.
      Foreign Countries are starting to find other sources than U S treasuries for storing their assets due to the risk that Russia is experiencing right now.
      The United States Political system is undermining the full faith and credit of the U S Dollar by their seizures and sanctions.
      The parasites and cockroaches have sucked the host dry.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:35 PM

    The national debt is not as much of a problem as many would have you believe.
    A big chunk is owed to Social Security.
    When the sh*t hits the fan, you know who will be left holding the bag.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:40 PM

      I think the seniors no longer having an income would be a rather big deal.
      Americans, 40.2 percent, only receive income from Social Security in retirement.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:38 PM

    A better understanding of the situation can be viewed through the financial crisis in 2008 and why all the added money printing and extra debt did not cause inflation.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:08 PM

      Hi John… The coming financial crisis will not be like 2008… Back then the dollar and US Treasuries were solid… Today, the foreign demand for US Treasuries is sure to completely collapse, because the US is demonstrating with the lawless seizure of Russian assets that US foreign held debt will default… First, by just stealing obligations to its enemies, but eventually everyone… Without foreign demand, the dollar and US hegemony collapses…

        Apr 20, 2024 20:12 PM

        Hi Tommy:
        I agree the next financial crisis will be nothing like 2008. My point was how the FED recapitalized the financial system with out inflation after a financial contraction and loss of liquidity.
        This time around we are all screwed.

          Apr 21, 2024 21:55 AM

          Agree John… everyone is screwed.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:52 PM

    When ever I hear a Politician quoting from the Bible I know we are in for some serious sh*t.
    Speaker Johnson “It is a Biblical admonition to stand with Israel.” When all else fails , quote the Bible.
    BB does it all the time.
    Germany has given Israel $70,000,000,000 in reparations.
    The United Staes has given Israel over $250,000,000,000 in foreign aid.
    Israel has given nobody anything except chaos, war, and death.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:59 PM

    Two of the most influencial men in the history of the world told us the same thing.
    Martin Luther of the Reformation and Nichola Tesla who electrified the world.
    Martin Luther 1542 wrote the book “The Jews and their Lies.”
    Nichola Tesla ” Tis, never trust a jew!”
    If this makes me anti-semitic for reposting history, I am guilty.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:03 PM

    Speaker Johnson……… can now claim his package……. He is now vested…. no problem for him to get a job anywhere in the SYSTEM…….

      Apr 20, 2024 20:19 PM

      When one advances to a position of power, the system ensures that you become corrupt… Failure to do so is costly… JFK.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:04 PM

    R.F.K. thinks revolution is possible in the U.S. ……
    according to Glen Beck.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:12 PM

      …not happening…how can it happen when the idiots are still voting for local tax increases and bonds? (The vast majority of local tax increases and bond measures pass.)

      Apr 20, 2024 20:14 PM

      RFK is another bad joke.
      Hec, his own family will not back him.
      All Presidential candidates must be vetted by AIPAC, RFK is no different.

        Apr 20, 2024 20:35 PM

        Have you actually listened to any of his stump speeches?
        R.F.K. Jr is actually calling for closing the border to illegals; reduction of military spending to force more effiency in spending.
        (He did not actually say zero-based increases, but he implied it.)
        He has called for systematic reduction in government general spending, focusing on education waste.
        I don’t agree with everything in his platform, but in many areas he is more conservative than Trump.
        He has condemned NPR propaganda, and they have outright misrepresented his position several times.

          Apr 20, 2024 20:40 PM

          Doesn’t matter.
          Trying to rationalize insanity seems to be one of your strong points.

        Apr 20, 2024 20:11 PM

        CBS reported that RFK Jr’s family were not backing him.
        I have been trying to find the specific family statements. So far, having found two, the statements were that they would support the Democrat candidate.
        JFK is running as an independent, and is not even on the ballot yet in Massachusetts.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:36 PM

      Chartster, maybe listen to that interview to learn a little about Trump.

      People really need to figure out just how corrupt the system is.

      I doubt they ever will, but they could revolt due to their situation getting so bad.

      A person could build themselves some kinda bunker but the safest way would be to follow Bob and others, leave the country.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:11 PM

    What are you boys paying for petrol??? Commiefornia is 5.70 a gallon and that’s for the cheap stuff at the cheap station…and in other parts of Commiefornia even more….Wouldn’t surprise me to see gass over 8 a gallon within a year…especially if Biden wins…

      Apr 20, 2024 20:16 PM

      $3.65….. reg…Here Indiana…………Your Commiefornia… it is all sales tax ad on…..

        Apr 20, 2024 20:18 PM

        …plus they force a “special blend” of gasoline…complete rip-off.

          Apr 20, 2024 20:47 PM

          The summer blend of gasoline primarily eliminates very cheap butane, which would make gasoline potentially explosive in 90F and above ambient temperatures and replaces the butane with a less-sensitive, less volatile component.

          Incidentally, if you have ever travelled in Spain a couple of decades ago when they didn’t have summer-blend gasoline, you might have witnessed some spontaneous car fires.
          I have not spent a lot of time in Spain, but I have witnessed two cars burst into flames when just driving at speed on autoroutes.

            Apr 20, 2024 20:38 PM

            Right…that’s why those poor Arizonans, Texans, etc. less expensive gas is constantly blowing up their cars in the summer…if only they’d see the wisdom of Commiefornia’s CARB (Commiefornia Air Resources Board) “summer blend.”

    Apr 20, 2024 20:17 PM

    Boys! Good old Mike Johnson and the other swamp creatures voted $95 billion more of your money for our good friends the Israelies and Zelensky….never forget…your government masters are thieves…they are corrupt and evil.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:22 PM

      Conveniently it is always referred to as aid.
      Aid my ass.
      Lloyd Austin ” War is good for the economy.”

        Apr 20, 2024 20:45 PM

        Lord Austin…a war whore…completely evil.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:18 PM

    Hi Eddy.
    $3.35 Minnesota.
    With the instability in the Middle East, I would have thought gas prices would be much higher.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:31 PM

      dang…fortunately I don’t drive much any more…all the work I do is remote…so I don’t buy much gas any more.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:33 PM

      …vaccines worse than useless…like so much of “modern medicine.”

        Apr 20, 2024 20:44 PM

        …and just shows how corrupt and evil government is…forcing the poison on infants….

        Apr 20, 2024 20:56 PM

        Unfortunately big pharma has been changing the way vaccines are made….to an un-proven safe mode.
        Some of the older vaccines, MMR and Smallpox, for example were more than 99% safe and effective.
        The world population would be much less but for the small pox vaccine.

          Apr 21, 2024 21:21 AM

          The argument that the small pox vaccine saved lives may be seriously flawed. Improvements in health and nutrition may have been the real key to eliminating small pox…. Polio is the other alleged big life saving vaccine, but evidence is strong that polio was caused by DDT and other toxic pesticides… And after the shot came out remaining polio cases were renamed Transverse myelitis…

    Apr 20, 2024 20:01 PM

    Once again can’t fix stupid has posted a partial truth.
    What has not been addressed is the connection with vaccines, the incident rate with cancers and the rise of autism.
    The book Dr Mary’s Monkey comes to mind.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:23 PM

      The Amish are a perfect example of low Autism rates.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:19 PM

      What is probably most wrong is how the CDC recommends injections be given.

      Pinkbook: Vaccine Administration | CDC
      When administering a vaccine subcutaneously:
      Perform proper hand hygiene.
      Cleanse the skin with a sterile alcohol swab and allow it to dry.
      Pinch up the skin and underlying fatty tissue.
      Insert the needle at a 45-degree angle into the subcutaneous tissue and inject the vaccine. …
      Withdraw the needle.

      Please note there is no mention of aspiration of the syringe.

      I would contend that in high probability autism results from relatively rare circumstances of a high concentration of vaccine directly injected into an vein, traveling quickly to the heart and then the brain, doing damage because of the concentration.
      Notwithstanding that statement, recent vaccine manufacturing techniques have changed from older techniques and these are less safe, resulting more often in less pure vaccines.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:29 AM

        Good point regarding needle aspiration CFS… The risk of direct injection into a blood vessel is so high and dangerous that it should never have been eliminated as a safety precaution… But training to administer vaccines correctly would be required and more pain would be inflicted at the site of the injection… Less pain, more gain for the jab manufacturers.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:10 PM

      great book…this country is incredibly corrupt…has been for a very long time…that is because evil criminals run it….

      Apr 20, 2024 20:45 PM

      Even the author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey admits the problem with the polio vaccine was one of contamination, not one of the vaccine itself, does he not?

        Apr 21, 2024 21:47 AM

        Why do I waste my time with you?

    Apr 20, 2024 20:31 PM

    When you hear funding for the Israeli war, remember Palestine has no airplanes, Heavy armament , no tanks. This is not a war, this is a genocide.
    Much like 9/11 was classified a terrorist attack instead of a crime .
    Synagogue Of Satan. Those that worship money instead of God.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:37 PM

      In the letters to the early Christian churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, reference is made to a synagogue of Satan (Greek: συναγωγή τοῦ Σατανᾶ, synagoge tou satana), in each case referring to a group persecuting the church “who say they are Jews and are not”.

        Apr 20, 2024 20:42 PM

        I think we have a real problem , in the Congress… with fake christians….

          Apr 20, 2024 20:55 PM

          Congress no longer represents the will of the people. Christian or no Christian.
          Like I said “Oppenheimer ” was a predictor of the coming Nuclear War.
          The evil ones always put it in your face first.

            Apr 20, 2024 20:27 PM

            I really hope I’m wrong on this one.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:37 PM

    Hi Jerry , / Robert Nugent.. ( Nugent irish surname ) & others . I just spoke to AL 15 minutes ago , he is at a baseball game , he has asked me to call him back at 7pm when he is at home.. ( that is midnight in the UK ) i will let you all know , what He had to say.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:38 PM

      thanks for the comment……..IRISH……

      Apr 20, 2024 20:35 PM

      Wow…I wonder if he is still at the Aljoya place…if they ever fixed his AC…and most importantly, if he ever got that shotgun.

        Apr 20, 2024 20:46 PM

        Hi EBO… The last time i spoke to him i asked him to comment on the blog , but he did not. So i shall ask him again , & ” IF” he does , then You can ask him those questions Yourself….. Fingers crossed…. lol

    Apr 20, 2024 20:11 PM
    Apr 20, 2024 20:59 PM

    The recent war funding for Israel will embolden the Zionists. Speaker Johnson can quote prophesy all he wants but some of us can see through the bullcr*p.
    The real Zionist target is the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple.
    Bob Moriarty is missed at times like this. Even though Bob was a confessed atheist, one could not help to realize that opinion’s without religious convictions make sense as well.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:14 PM

      I listen to Bobby… every time I see him being interviewed …. still spot on with a lot of info…

      As far as Johnson is concerned… he is out in left field,…

      20Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations,***** wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

      21Envyings,**** murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things*** shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

        Apr 20, 2024 20:18 PM

        Galatians 1……… Paul talking…

        6I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:

        7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

        8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

      Apr 20, 2024 20:55 PM

      You are probably right about the desire to rebuild Solomons temple.
      This site was the most holy site to Jews long before they were conquered and the Temple was destroyed.
      (By over a thousand years.)
      The Al Aqsa mosque is actually a rebuilt Christian church with Muslims adding a dome.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:50 AM

        I’m not probably right, I am right.
        Read “Forcing God’s Hand”

          Apr 21, 2024 21:28 AM

          If you are right, what is stopping them?
          Israel clearly has the capability of demolishing the mosque and building a temple.
          I suspect, however, such a desire is a minority opinion at this time.

            Apr 21, 2024 21:33 AM

            Israel is waiting for an other missile attack from Iran… Under that cover, they can blow it up and claim an Iranian missile hit it.

    Apr 20, 2024 20:33 PM



    Apr 20, 2024 20:56 PM
    We seriously need to defund and shackle the United Nations from issuing new edicts.
    It is an anti-American ultra-communist organization.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:43 AM

      Because….. the tax receipts go OFF SHORE…the offshore corporation is the.. IRS… a Corporation for the Crown/Cabal….

      Apr 21, 2024 21:38 AM

      Direct taxes are a tool to intimidate and control the people… Our founding fathers knew that…

        Apr 21, 2024 21:48 AM

        Controlling bondage……… for the bankers… high and not so mighty… going to hell for sure…
        it… is called stealing…

    Apr 21, 2024 21:31 AM

    Whats your Dollar worth today…………. Not a bloody lot. … Print more currency , get it to ZERO.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:45 AM

      And that is the TRUTH…..

    Apr 21, 2024 21:56 AM

    A MUST WATCH , from 2009 …. Bill Still . The Wizard of Oz . It goes from bad to worse . America is racing towards the death of the Worlds reserve currency … The US Dollar…. They abused the privelage of it’s use.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:00 AM

      A Good Review….. Sheeple are really slow…. clueless in fact….
      How long have all of us been talking about the topic, and know exactly who
      has created the MESS…
      Thanks for posting the video…..

        Apr 21, 2024 21:16 AM

        Actually……… this video…. would make a great SCHOOL COURSE….. in Public Education, but, will never happen… the Sheeple must remain stupid….. and elect stupid Congress Sheeple , which are on the take..
        remember… Maxie Water’s statement,..”didn’t know the Federal Reserve, was not Federal “

          Apr 21, 2024 21:11 AM

          Just finished the video……. EVERY SHEEPLE should view…. for a REAL EDUCATION on YOUR BONDAGE….This applies WORLD WIDE….. not just in the US….. have a great one…

            Apr 21, 2024 21:15 AM

            Interesting on the comment on the Gold bugs…. humm , … might have to adjust my thinking….

      Apr 21, 2024 21:06 PM

      IRISH & Jerry The Bankers The Bankers Day never STOP ! 60 Billion to Ukraine the same old story ! Stay strong BOYS !

        Apr 21, 2024 21:40 PM

        Hello Franky…………glad to hear from you…………. YOU also STAY STRONG…..

    Apr 21, 2024 21:40 AM

    HELLO IRISH……………. DID YOU TALK TO OWL…..? thanks….

      Apr 21, 2024 21:06 AM

      Hello Jerry … Yes i spoke to him . It was after midnight here in the UK , i believe just after 7pm US time. The first time i spoke to him, he was watching a baseball game , & he asked me to call back in two hours. Which i did , he said he was in a bad place , & asked me to give him 5 minutes. When i did speak to him he had trouble hearing me & understanding me . Perhaps it was just a bad line , i dont know. I told him people on the blog , including You , were missing him & were concerned about him I asked him to just go to the comment section & say hello to everyone , he replied by saying he might next week , i wont hold my breath. We also spoke about other things ,Re personal stuff , which i cant disscuss here , out of respect to him. Jerry have you got his Email address . if no then i could send it to You . Perhaps You could try speaking to him…. So thats all i have to say on the matter.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:26 AM

        Jerry , i just sent You an Email , check Your in box.

          Apr 21, 2024 21:09 AM

          Hello Irish…. got the email…. I sent you a reply….. check your box…

        Apr 22, 2024 22:21 PM

        Tank’s Irishtony for the info off AL !

    Apr 21, 2024 21:48 AM

    The Christian Zionists of the U S are the enablers for the Zionist Jews.
    “Helping our friends, while helping ourselves.” J Biden
    Once you sell your soul to the evil, the extremes of your evil will know no limits.
    Divine inspired violence.
    The Muslims are no better.

    Apr 21, 2024 21:53 AM

    The offshore dollars were also responsible for the collapse of the Gold standard in 1971.
    They’re called Euro dollars. Not European dollars either.
    The British cabal and the City of London and their off-shore money laundering is bankrupting the system.
    Like I said before, there is nothing we can do except get the popcorn and watch.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:55 AM

      If I remember correctly, back in 1971, in almost all Europe, it was legal to move savings into untaxed offshore countries or states.
      I know, for sure at that time, for a resident in the U.K., paying U.K. taxes, foreign earnings did NOT HAVE TO BE REPORTED, or be subject to U.K. tax. I had money in Guernsey and Jersey in Barclays Bank.
      At that time Barclays Bank had many offices in New York State..

    Apr 21, 2024 21:41 AM

    The thing about AIPAC is that they have corrupted the American Body Politic and are not unabashed to say as well.
    Just go the AIPAC web page and read it for yourself.
    The good news is that X, formerly twitter is exposing these people for who they are.
    Elon Musk buying twitter was a game changer.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:44 AM

      John, Pat Buchanan said the District of Criminals is Israeli occupied territory…I say this is the United States of Israel.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:13 AM

        Ditto Eddy.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:26 AM

        Well,……….if, you go back to the Act of 1871…… The Wash DC.. is a Corporation for the crown cabal..bankers controlling the SHEEPLE through debt/interest ….

        You should listen to the post ….. that IRISH posted… on the Bankers.. and the history of the
        Central /controller Banks , which only charge interest, …
        i.. go back to 1100 ad… start a little history lesson..
        We The People do have a solution……. END THE FED/Central whore banking system…
        Congress can end it tomorrow …..

    Apr 21, 2024 21:47 AM

    Blinken To Warn China….. What a Dumb Oaf….. Take the time to read the comment section below this article….. The guy is a clown.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:13 AM

      EVERYONE IN GOVT…… is a freaking clown…..

    Apr 21, 2024 21:50 AM
      Apr 21, 2024 21:15 AM

      The editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, wrote: “I like a lot of the people at Haaretz, and many of its positions, but the cartoonish anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism can be grating.
      And I, CFS, consider The Atlantic Uber-socialist.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:59 AM

      Hi AJ… Good article… Worth reading… Thanks.

      don’t forget where they get the cash…. (see Irish post above)… 🙂

        Apr 21, 2024 21:45 AM

        M. GREEN ………. for President…. 🙂 or V.P…. 🙂

    Apr 21, 2024 21:16 PM

    The twitter video by the young lady was interesting to me because not once did the young lady say she was tired of the killing.
    American’s have lost their souls and replaced God with money.

    Apr 21, 2024 21:25 PM

    Interesting comment John………..
    I can not disagree with you on “American’s have lost their souls and replaced God with money”

    Romans 3:23
    King James Version
    23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

      Apr 21, 2024 21:32 PM

      best part…………
      Romans 3:23-26 KJV
      for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; to declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:24 PM

      I strongly disagree with that the lady in the video has lost her soul. Just because she didn’t mention killing was because she didn’t mention it.
      John was just finding a way to bitch about nothing.

    Apr 21, 2024 21:42 PM
    Apr 21, 2024 21:44 PM

    First and goal, American Patriots.
    QB Trump ready to call another play.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:51 PM

      Bravo……………. Very happy for Sidney……. she deserves a break….. went through HELL for the country… IMO

    Apr 21, 2024 21:56 PM
    Apr 21, 2024 21:59 PM

    If the Earth is flat, how come rainbows are dome shaped?
    Take your time. Don’t hurt your brain.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:36 PM

      That’s easy. The firmament is dome shaped.
      That’s why the rainbow is shaped like a dome.
      That’s why thunder echoes with the Doppler effect. It echoes off the dome.
      If it was just open air, there would be no echoes.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:51 PM

        If that were the case Chartster, how do you explain a ground hugging rainbow?

    Apr 21, 2024 21:40 PM

    BOYS! This is your congress, chanting as they steal your money for war… these evil pieces of 💩.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:03 PM

        LOL …… REPO ACT…. 18 :41 min mark…. What the heck… can not make this stuff up… Mockery USA

      Apr 21, 2024 21:46 PM

      Freaking NUT JOBS………….. all the Dems plus RINOs , voted to steal the money…..
      think of all that money …which is not going to anything good in Ukraine….
      stealing lying POS….

        Apr 21, 2024 21:04 PM

        …as Jimmy Bovard says “It’s almost enough to make you cynical.” Who knows, maybe one day the tax serfs will tell their gooberment masters to take their demands for tax payments and stick it up their @ss…of course, our evil gooberment masters will then attempt to crush them like bugs but if enough tax serfs refused it might work…our rulers couldn’t crush them all…after all…why would they want to kill off their tax cattle? At some point that would be counter productive.

    Apr 21, 2024 21:49 PM

    Great entertainment for spinning ballers.

    Apr 21, 2024 21:55 PM

    It was a trick question Chartster:
    Rainbows have nothing to do with the curvature of the Earth.
    See above reply.
    Ground hugging rainbows have nothing to do with the firmament.

      Apr 21, 2024 21:04 PM

      Space exploration is only five to six inches.
      ( that space between your ears..) 😁

      Apr 21, 2024 21:10 PM

      Rainbows are due to internal refraction of light in rain drops which is wavelength dependent.
      Not only single rainbows exist, but double internal refraction can occur giving rise to secondary rainbows up at angles between 50-54 degrees. I
      I.e. above the primary rainbow.

    Apr 21, 2024 21:30 PM

    The stars are attached to the FIRMAMENT- Nikola Tesla

      Apr 21, 2024 21:32 PM

      True, stars are attached to the firmament.
      That’s why the north start never moves.
      And it’s why the constellations are in the same place at the same time every night of your life.

      The earth is not rotating. The sun, moon and stars are. In the firmament.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:41 PM

        If only you could live 26,000 years you would realize HOW WRONG you are.

          Apr 21, 2024 21:56 PM

          Is this the time where you explain how you evolved from an ape?

        Apr 21, 2024 21:38 PM

        Chartster… constellations are NOT in the same place at the same time every night… the constellations are in different places in the sky relative to the time of year… This corresponds to earth’s orbit around the sun…

          Apr 22, 2024 22:12 AM

          Yes Tommy, the stars do move and change position. Just like the sun and moon change position in changes of season.
          The stars are in the firmament, as well as the moon and sun.

          If the globe was traveling 447,000 miles per hour like the spinning ball liars want globes to believe, there would be new stars and constellations replacing the ones we see every night on a weekly basis.
          The world is stationary! It’s not moving.
          That’s the whole point about seeing the same stars every night. They are in the same spot rotating around earth. Just like you see every night.

        Apr 21, 2024 21:41 PM

        If the earth is not rotating, how do you explain the Coriolis effect…..
        e.g. the direction in which bath water rotates as it drains……in opposite directions if above the equator compared to below the equator.

          Apr 22, 2024 22:51 AM

          You know, I don’t have an answer for the coriolis effect. It is a great question to get answered.
          I like it!

    Apr 21, 2024 21:25 PM

    US voter interest sinks to historic low – poll
    Enthusiasm has waned heading into the 2024 presidential election as majorities of Americans dislike both major-party candidates
    US voter interest sinks to historic low – poll

    Americans are losing interest in this year’s US presidential election as both Democrat incumbent Joe Biden and Republican challenger Donald Trump alienate voters, a new NBC News poll has shown.

    Maybe people are figuring out its a uniparty.
    Ya would have to think people would figure it out eventually.

    Still 64% of people are interested so there is a ways to go yet.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:03 AM

      W.T.F. does such a survey question mean anyway? How exactly was the question worded? I vote… I know my vote to doesn’t count for much… No decent choice… I often vote third party to register a protest vote… So, I probably would answer the poll in such a way that they mark me as interested… 🙃

    Apr 22, 2024 22:38 AM
    Apr 22, 2024 22:20 AM

    Temple Mount and the rhird Temple:

    Apr 22, 2024 22:27 AM

    Bring Fauci out of retirement and let him die in jail.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:50 AM

    LMAO………………. Well who would ever guess……… like duh

    Ukraine Gets Their Billions Despite CIA Director Reportedly Warning Zelenksy To Stop Stealing So Much Money
    Tyler Durden’s Photo

    CIA Director Burns had to warn Zelensky to stop stealing so much money.

    ONLY $400MILLION…… lol………

      Apr 22, 2024 22:54 AM

      Hersh went on to note that one estimate by analysts from the Central Intelligence Agency put the embezzled funds at $400 million last year, at least; another expert compared the level of corruption in Kiev as approaching that of the Afghan war, “although there will be no professional audit reports emerging from the Ukraine.”

      THEY ARE NOT GOING TO AUDIT ANYTHING…..otherwise they would all be in JAIL… 🙂
      ONE BIG CON JOB>………
      911……………. Rummy declared $2.3 TRILLION went missing…..any AUDITS….. lol.. go back to sleep… 🙂

    Apr 22, 2024 22:47 AM

    The Challenger crew, still with us.
    Boy, talk about being gaslit.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:43 PM

      Another BIG HOAX……. and they all get big bonuses for being in the system….
      thanks… first time I have seen this one… sickening people love a fraud…

    Apr 22, 2024 22:45 PM

    This lady kept this news paper since 2011.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:10 PM

    Jerry did you really just buy into Chartster’s nonsense about the challenger disaster?
    How about STS-107, Columbia, was that a hoax to?
    Chartster has proven himself as the board dolt.
    Charter member of the three amigos.
    You know what I’m talking about and I will leave it there out of my respect for you.

    Chartster still has a headache trying to figure out why there is a vortex in his bath tub.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:49 PM

      Hello John….. Well, I guess I did fall into the “nonsense”
      I thought the tape, …was rather good…. faked me out… I guess …. 🙂

    Apr 22, 2024 22:34 PM

    You can see those people in todays world that were faked on the Challenger. It’s all right there in front of you.
    I guess it’s like looking out of a window with a forty thousand foot view and all you see is flat.
    But your warped brain says round? Heh heh.
    You do need help, John..

    Apr 22, 2024 22:40 PM

    People like you Chartster are why the U S is going down the toilet.
    I personally watched the launch of STS-81. My son in laws dad was Chuck Yaeger’s fishing buddy.
    You are a fool.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:03 PM

      Bravo, John.
      Of course a reflector was placed on the moon, which we can bounce laser light off, to measure moon-earth distance.That is hard to fake.
      Tucker on wasted spending in Ukraine……

    Apr 22, 2024 22:52 PM

    Do you think the moon landing was real?
    Do you believe the space station is in space?
    Do you believe the blue marble picture of earth is a real picture?

    Apr 22, 2024 22:59 PM

    Things that I cannot verify in person, I trust those who have proven themselves with their accomplishments.
    My faith takes care of the rest.
    You are a fool.
    Now go find your TORE says doll.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:05 PM

    Irish Tony was the first person who questioned me about the moon landing. That was the first day when I had to question my beliefs about NASA.
    I really don’t care about the moon.
    I will say the brave men who strapped their selves in on the Saturn 5 rocket are heroes. Not only are they hero’s, they have a set of balls unlike 99.9% of the human population.
    Before the space station, there was Soyuz. Were the Russians lying as well?
    You are a fool.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:16 PM

    I’ll take the off base negative reply as an answer
    “Yes” to all three questions.
    I got it. It makes sense. We need not converse any longer.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:25 PM

      Don’t think that you can post your nonsense with out some one rebutting you.
      Here’s your trophy Chartster.
      Your track record speaks for itself.
      I started this and I will finish it as well.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:35 PM
      Apr 22, 2024 22:14 PM

      The Trump apologists will turn a blind eye to this as usual.
      Once a Trump Tard, always a Trump Tard.
      Remember Al and Jim M were drinking the kool aid as well.
      And don’t say that I must be a Biden supporter because I don’t support Trump.
      Simplistic thinking for simple minded people.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:33 PM

      Just more exposer of Trump, anyone following him has been well aware Trumps lips are glued to Israeli butt.

      RFK jr is far too close to Israel as well, people simply need to understand we have a uni party.

      Against the rules to say dictatorship tho.

        Apr 22, 2024 22:42 PM

        And his son in law “Jared ” has been on his knees for the Arab $$$$$$$

      Apr 22, 2024 22:45 PM

      DANG GOOD ARTICLE >>>>>EBO……………………… thanks……

      OOTB Jerry
      Apr 21, 2024 21:45 AM
      M. GREEN ………. for President…. 🙂 or V.P…. 🙂

      Forget the VP post….. PRESIDENT she should be…… Trumpster just screwed up again…

        Apr 22, 2024 22:01 PM

        I hear you Jerry… M. Green sounds good… But Jim Jordan sounds good… Trump sounded good… I fear all the good sounding players are just controlled opposition… Sound gooders… But when needed, the deep state devils will tell them what to do…

          Apr 22, 2024 22:10 PM

          Tommy………… I think you have something there…… “we the SHEEPLE”…. are being shortchanged…
          Trusting in the system of man… kind of sad…

            Apr 22, 2024 22:01 PM

            Ditto… Thanks for the replies Jerry.

            Apr 23, 2024 23:48 AM

            You’re welcome Tommy…. and thanks for your contribution…. we need some more from others

      Apr 22, 2024 22:32 PM

      …and Johnson and the rest of the Uniparty authorized funding to build a new FBI headquarters bigger than the Pentagram…but “he’s doing a very good job.”

        Apr 22, 2024 22:53 PM

        Thanks Ebolan for the unz article… Perhaps Trump made a deal with the devils… He knows the justice system is rigged… Without making a deal, he would be convicted and go to prison… I understand the entire jury pool is preselected and he does not have a chance of being acquitted… Whether he has been controlled opposition from day one, or has just recently converted to the dark side, IDK… But add this to his support of the jab… just horrible, IMO.

          Apr 22, 2024 22:59 PM

          Tommy…… sure gives one pause……. what a mess…….

    Apr 22, 2024 22:04 PM

    Here’s one last thought just to put things into perspective:
    D.Trump was indicted before anyone on the Jeff Epstein client list.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:29 PM

      John……. has anyone else been indicted ,,, besides Maxwell?

        Apr 22, 2024 22:48 PM

        From what I know Jerry, the answer is no.
        This is the Ehud Barak, Mossad network that gave us Chuck Schumer, Anthony Weiner, Epstein, Maxwell and it keeps going back to Meyer Lansky, organized crime and also included was the mentor of D Trump, Roy Cohen. Roy Cohen was a homosexual who died of aids and was J Edgar Hoover’s sex partner.
        These are the tenacles of AIPAC that runs our Country.
        Try this one
        Our Country makes more sense when you realize everyone in power is either a Zionist, a pedophile, a Zionist pedophile or being blackmailed by Zionists, pedophiles or Zionist pedophiles.
        And sometimes it’s even Zionist pedophiles being blackmailed by other Zionist pedophiles.

          Apr 22, 2024 22:57 PM

          Thanks John…………
          … I like the comment…. “Our Country makes more sense…….. by other Zionist pedos”
          gives one a whole different mind blower… sure not Camelot..

            Apr 22, 2024 22:09 PM

            Funny you mention “Camelot”
            The Book is Dr. Feelgood.
            A European Jew came to America with the recipe for Meth and was giving it to JFK as well as many Hollywood celebs.
            Hyper active sexual drive goes with methamphetamine use as well and could explain JFK.
            Nothing about any Politicians surprises me anymore.
            Jackie Kennedy lost a child and JFK was not present at the birth. It was said that JFK was not the father and I think it was William Holden’s. Anyways Jackie left and had an affair with Onassiss. Her sister was Ari’s mistress first.
            This is a really twisted tale.

            Apr 22, 2024 22:12 PM

            Camelot… lol…. I did not know that…. learn something new everyday… :)….. thanks..

            My grandmother, asked me , when I was 11, what I thought of JFK…
            I thought she was always referring to him being a Catholic…. lol…

    Apr 22, 2024 22:21 PM

    Some of the stories of Joe Kennedy, the old man are even more twisted yet.
    This is the bootlegging connection with the Bronfman family and the Kennedy’s.
    Want to blow your mind with American history do a deep dive on the Bronfman’s of Canada.
    And yes they’re Zio’s.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:26 PM

      Definition of a Zio “Somebody who wants you to move to Israel, as long as it’s not them.”

    Apr 22, 2024 22:54 PM

    I wonder why the deep state DC swamp is after Trump so hard? And has been since he came down the golden escalator.
    I think they all know quite a bit that you anti Trumpers, don’t.
    They know he will drain the swamp. And it’s quite obvious, none of you can come to grips with it.
    And it’s right in front of you.
    Watch and see! NCSWIC

      Apr 22, 2024 22:01 PM

      Because some of us have I Q’s larger than your average dolt.
      We know that D Trump nor anybody else can solve the problems that face America’s fiat money system and the dependence on usury and debt.
      Those of us also know that this is the time when the Politicians will take you to war.
      Social unrest is about to tear America apart.
      The Trump tards are going to be taught a hard lesson in fiscal reality.

        Apr 22, 2024 22:11 PM

        Trump may not be great, but traitor Biden’s administration is spending money we don’t have at a much faster rate than Trump’s.
        And even worse than that he’s a warmonger, destroying the country with his open border……just to import votes illegally.

          Apr 22, 2024 22:18 PM

          “Can’t Fix Stupid” “Trump may not be great” Please.
          Post your figures to back up your facts.
          One grows very tired of half truths.
          AIPAC runs the show regardless you dolt.

            Apr 22, 2024 22:55 PM

            Did Trump support Ukraine financially
            I don’t think so.
            Did Trump give money to Palestine, which mostly ended up in Hamas pockets ?
            I don’t think so.
            Did Trump pay millions for illegals to be housed and shipped around the country ?
            I don’t think so so.

            Google for a graph of debt as a percentage of GDP, because this neutralizes inflationary effects, and you will see a step jump starting in 2020 when Biden took office.
            (Incidentally the House no longer seems to set the budget….biden does it by executive order.)

      Apr 22, 2024 22:02 PM

      Hey Chartster……
      Do you have any comments on the Johnson/Trumpster article on Unz, that Ebo posted….
      …. not trying to be smart…
      What is your take on it… thanks…

        Apr 22, 2024 22:48 PM

        My take is that Trump is setting all of them up. Just like he always has. They all think nothing is going to happen to them. Pretty much, just like all of you think nothing is going to happen.
        You all think that it’s business as usual. And it’s not that way at all.

          Apr 23, 2024 23:19 AM

          Chartster……….. thanks for the reply….

            Apr 23, 2024 23:02 AM

            “Trump is setting them all up”………….Chartster says…..
            I can see your point, from the standpoint of all the Q drops……..
            which has been the story from 2016,(or before) concerning the “inside military” group…

            I am still with an open mind……… since we might be headed into a civil war, by design…

            We know the CONGRESS and GOVT… is totally corrupt,…especially with the CENTRAL BANK,
            (is there any doubt about this from the crowd.. ?)

            Apr 23, 2024 23:05 AM

            Anybody………………following Gen. Flynn……… ?
            Does anyone have in opinion ………. on FLYNN?

    Apr 22, 2024 22:08 PM

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, do not go there.
    Trump delusion syndrome.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:21 PM

      Ok… John…. I was doing an OWL… “we must hear from all parties”…. 🙂

    Apr 22, 2024 22:21 PM

    Go to twitter and follow AIPAC tracker to see who gets the money.
    Open your eyes to what is really going on here.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:24 PM

      Good point John….

        Apr 22, 2024 22:48 PM

        The Trump tards will never objectively look for reasons to discredit there choice.

        The Book is POWER VS FORCE- The hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. David R Hawkins, M.D PhD.
        “Man in fact operates primarily out of pattern recognition; the logical arrangement of data serves mainly to enhance a pattern recognition system that then becomes “truth.”
        Many of the lessons learned as a child will be prevalent as an adult.
        This is by far the most intriguing book I have ever read. Kinesiology can tell if your lying with out ever opening your mouth.

      Apr 22, 2024 22:30 PM

      Thanks for the tip John…
      For those avoiding twitter:

        Apr 23, 2024 23:28 AM

        So shows a photo of Biden with $11million plus across the photo.
        Does that mean aipac paid Biden for his anti-Israel statements?

          Apr 23, 2024 23:01 AM

          Can’t Fix Stupid
          Post the link to the picture.

    Apr 22, 2024 22:53 PM

    Ashton Forbes is doing a deep dive on Malysian flight 370 on twitter. He is explaining a new technology believed to be military.
    He has been buffered for over ten minutes now. I think he is on to some thing.

    Apr 23, 2024 23:46 AM

    Ask yourself why ISIS and Al Qaeda don’t attack Israel?

      Apr 23, 2024 23:18 AM

      Because their allies such as Iran, Syria and Lebanon will.

        Apr 23, 2024 23:35 AM

        Your reply makes no sense and anybody with two functioning brain cells left knows it.
        Al Qaeda was never an Allie of Iran.
        Your reply was the same as those who attacked us trying to bring forward 9/11 truth.
        Much like your Trump comments that deny it was the “Dancing Israeli’s” not the dancing Muslims.
        Times like these is when I miss Bob Moriarty, he would set your ass straight.

          Apr 23, 2024 23:53 AM

          Good point on 911 ……… John…….
          With all the pictures produced,…. and Who benefited from the buildings being brought down…
          the insurance claims, the non attendance of all the tribe members being warned not to
          show up in the buildings that day(Canter club)… engineer reports…. etc….
          Hard to believe some are still asleep……..

            Apr 23, 2024 23:05 AM

            Follow the Money.
            Elliot Spitzer
            Call girls and glitz
            Blackmail always fits.

            Apr 23, 2024 23:07 AM

            Thanks John….
            FOLLOW THE MONEY……………. (central bankers)

            Apr 23, 2024 23:22 AM

            Insurance money. Short options on airlines. Bond notes.
            People caught up in the “Religon” of the law.
            Where as if it’s legal it’s ok. Taking in no consideration if it is immoral and violates the immutable laws of the universe, mother nature and God.

            Apr 23, 2024 23:17 AM

            Good add on points……………..JOHN………
            Law…… we have BAR LAW….. lol…. lawyers part of the problem…
            Insurance….. been part of the scam… going way back….
            Religion…..organized … corporate 501 3b… IRS… like duh…

          Apr 23, 2024 23:23 AM
            Apr 23, 2024 23:05 AM

            You give me a Brookings article quoting the 9/11 commission report about a secret relationship.
            The people documenting the 9/11 event weren’t Iranian.
            Look who funds the Brookings Institute. Try harder next time.

    Apr 23, 2024 23:21 AM

    So North Korea starts Nuclear practice drills……

    Apr 23, 2024 23:53 AM

    When D Trump said it was the dancing Muslims and not the dancing Israeli’s documenting 9/11, I realized how compromised he was.
    Not to mention he was an out right liar.
    Some people do not care about “truth”
    Some of us do.

      Apr 23, 2024 23:26 AM

      2 Thessalonians
      3 We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly,

      2 Thessalonians 2:11-12
      King James Version
      11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

      12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      Apr 23, 2024 23:07 AM

      At a time when most of the world thought it was dancing Arabs.
      And I’m sure Copernicus thought the sun orbited around the earth, until he looked deeper into relative star measurements.

      Apr 23, 2024 23:43 AM

      I got a giigle from that John.
      There are websites that count the lies from Trump as he goes along.
      In the thousands now.

      Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years
      Analysis by Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly
      January 24, 2021 at 3:00 a.m. EST

      Course the counters could be lying too. 😉

    Apr 23, 2024 23:02 AM

    Bidenomics 101: the American dream of owning a home has become the American nightmare for almost half of the entire population…

    Apr 23, 2024 23:29 AM

    This is a must listen and watch!
    Big lesson learned here!

      Apr 23, 2024 23:34 AM

      Thanks Chartster…. I will view….

        Apr 23, 2024 23:49 AM

        I see this is a follow up to MIKI K…. at the 15 min mark… interesting…

          Apr 23, 2024 23:04 AM

          Like I said…………… A LOT OF MOVING PIECES……..

            Apr 23, 2024 23:48 AM

            at 1:11:54…. they mention Roger Stone… humm … at the Ukrainian mansion… humm
            As Black, Manafort & Stone, the firm was one of the first political consulting groups to work for Ronald Reagan’s presidential candidacy in 1980,[2] and would later also have extensive connections to the presidential administrations of George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.[3] Donald Trump was this firm’s first client.[4][5]

            Apr 23, 2024 23:11 AM

            Interesting the guy …mentions… Anna Von Reitz….. humm….

            Apr 23, 2024 23:53 AM

            Anna, David Straight and Wayne Willet. There are a lot of infiltrators in the patriot community that are going to get, outed.
            What Miki Klann did was pretty bad. Now it makes sense because I know a few people that were pushing her stuff hard and come to find out, they are agency and ‘pay’triots.
            That video with Michelle and Matthew was important work for the community.

            Apr 23, 2024 23:47 PM

            Have not followed Straight and Willet……..
            Keep coming back to the Bill of Rights… which goes back to 1100 ad…
            The money changers…. and the bondage …

            Apr 23, 2024 23:50 PM

            The community needs to wake up…….. lot of fake info…. all around….
            Dots are starting to be connected… which I have been waiting , waiting and waiting,
            Truth is surfacing……. there are a lot of money schemes being played on MAGA supporters..

            SHEEPLE…. only have the Constitution(the earlier one) and Bill of Rights to rely on…

            Apr 23, 2024 23:00 PM

            Thanks Chartster for the video and Jerry for the comments… The Miki K info was quite something.

    Apr 23, 2024 23:38 AM

    Jim Rickards just followed me on twitter. I feel better now.

    Apr 23, 2024 23:57 AM
    Apr 23, 2024 23:32 AM

    George Galloway and Douglas Macgregor talking about state of the union…

    Apr 23, 2024 23:09 AM

    Cant Fix Stupid.
    You give me a Brookings article quoting the 9/11 commission report about a secret relationship.
    The people documenting the 9/11 event weren’t Iranian.
    Look who funds the Brookings Institute. Try harder next time.

        Apr 23, 2024 23:15 PM

        Funding details
        As of 2017 the Brookings Institution had assets of $524.2 million.[1] Its largest contributors include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Hutchins Family Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, the LEGO Foundation, David Rubenstein, State of Qatar, and John L. Thornton.
        Can’t Fix Stupid

          Apr 23, 2024 23:27 PM

          You implied Brookings to be right-wing I thought. I.e. not pro-Islam or pro-Arab.
          However, in my opinion, it is a fairly neutral think tank.

          Apr 23, 2024 23:50 PM

          Someone is not connecting the DOTS…… 🙂
          Public education… might be the problem….. figure out who publishes the books… humm

    Apr 23, 2024 23:17 AM

    Ever since the CIA planted, U S educated Shaw of Iran was run out of Iran along with the British’s investments in the Iranian Oil and Gas Industry, the powers that be have had it in for Iran.
    Saudi Arabia is responsible for billions of dollars of terrorist activities in the Middle East. This never gets reported because they are the U.S’s supposed ally. Much like Israel, Saudi Arabia has never been held to task by the Liberal Capitalist Democracy we call the United States, or rather “The Corporation of the United States.”

      Apr 23, 2024 23:51 PM

      Good one John…….

    Apr 23, 2024 23:48 AM

    The real CFS has not shown up for a while. I hope all is well.

      Apr 23, 2024 23:54 PM

      Ah………. never thought that the real CFS… might have been missing in action and
      his handle stolen…. humm

    Apr 23, 2024 23:16 PM

    The anti-Christian attitude of the Biden administration continues.

      Apr 23, 2024 23:56 PM

      Biden is a fake Christian… so he can offend any and all Christians….
      You will know them by their FRUITS…..

    Apr 23, 2024 23:21 PM

    Trump’MAGA views have not changed in 40 years !

    Apr 23, 2024 23:24 PM

    Can’t Fix Stupid
    Brookings Institute.
    How much cash do you think the Clintons have stashed in Qatar?

      Apr 23, 2024 23:49 PM

      I don’t know how much Clinton money is parked undeclared off-shore.
      However a conservative estimate would place their income at around $250 million over the last 15 years. A significant, but relatively small amount was undeclared and off the books.
      Most Presidents do not declare physical gift items, and often leave them in the White House on leaving office. The Clintons, however, left nothing and even tried to take some White House furniture. There were discrepancies between donations and expenses filed for campaign contributions. The Clintons were also notorious at writing off expenses as legal expenses, and they never declared income from the Clinton Foundation, even though much of it paid for personal expenses and vacations. if I was forced to guess how much was sheltered off-shore, it would fall in the range: not less than $20 million; not more than $50 million.

        Apr 23, 2024 23:40 PM

        You are way off………. on the numbers………..IMO….

    Apr 23, 2024 23:47 PM

    I estimate theClintons earned $250 million in the last 15 years.

      Apr 23, 2024 23:38 PM

      I THINK you are way off………. How much is Haiti worth….?
      Multi Bullions would be more like it….

        Apr 23, 2024 23:49 PM

        Most of Clinton income is funneled through the Clinton Foundation, which is tax exempt……$2 billion.

        I estimate conservatively and can always back up what I state UNLESS I specifically state gues or estimate.

    Apr 23, 2024 23:57 PM

    I estimate the Clinton Foundation received about $2 Billion in donations.
    Of which about 13% was reportedly spent on overhead. Of this most went to funding Clinton travel and vacations.
    They and Chelsea and other relatives received salaries.

    Apr 23, 2024 23:01 PM

    The Clinton’s Foundation should not be confused with the Clinton Family Foundation, which exists as a separate trust. Details on this Trust are not publicly reported.
    (Nor do they have to be.)

    Apr 23, 2024 23:05 PM

    Most Presidents do not report gift objects, but leave them behind in the White House as they leave office.
    Not only did the Clintons not leave gifts behind, Hillary took some White House furniture when Bill left office.

    Apr 23, 2024 23:45 PM
    Apr 23, 2024 23:37 PM
    Apr 24, 2024 24:57 AM

    We give money to Palestine.
    Hamas takes the money and pay student leaders
    for anti-Israel demonstrations in the U.S.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:59 AM


        Apr 24, 2024 24:58 AM

        Ditto Jerry… Typical political behavior… Give money to both sides… Money to the Israelis to help kill Palestinians… money to Palestinians for humanitarian aid purposes… See how the politicians care! Most money, given to both sides, gets recycled/laundered into the politician’s campaign pockets…

          Apr 24, 2024 24:20 PM

          I agree 100%,,,,,,,with you Tommy

          I believe Voting is this time….. the System is TOTALLY BROKE and BROKEN….

          I have encouraged many to read BEYOND DEMOCRACY… 98 pages short read….
          voting for these scum bags produces nothing for the WE THE PEOPLE….

          Apr 24, 2024 24:30 PM

          Be careful not to totally believe the media.
          e.g. the media says money given to Israel.
          Will it actually go to Israel? I don’t know.
          It has been allocated, according to the wording of the Act, to a fund over which the President has discretionary use. Biden could allocate much of it to C-dome development, over which the U.S. has copying rights. So suppose sophisticated missiles and programs are developed, and then Biden sends some of these missiles to Ukraine.
          He would probably be acting within the law.
          Hitherto Acts passed by Congress have included money for building a Southern border wall, and Biden has not used the money to build a wall……HE ACTUALLY USED THAT MONEY TO FLY ILLEGALS AROUND THE COUNTRY.
          He should have been impeached over this, but not enough votes in Congress.

    Apr 24, 2024 24:10 AM

    Winking, Blinken and nodding off.
    Biden totally asleep…..BOUGHT AND PAID by China (the real enemy)

    Apr 24, 2024 24:34 AM

    63% of imigrants are on welfare,
    Compared to 34% of the general public.
    Do you think illegals will ever vote for other than Democrats ?
    We just have to wait until in. Few months the traitor will give them the vote by an UNCONSTITUTIONAL EXECUTIVE ORDER.

    Apr 24, 2024 24:55 AM

    Iran/Israel escalation.

    One rumor has the Russians shooting down a nuclear armed Israeli f-35.

    Many stories swirling about, hard to decipher truth, which is consistant with escalation.

    French look to have moved 1000 into Odessa.
    American “advisors”already in Ukraine.
    American congress waiving Ukrainian flags.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:00 AM

      Freaking sad……. CONGRESS OF TRAITORS……….

        Apr 24, 2024 24:01 PM

        WW3 open conflict starting soon…. before the election… willing to bet. 🤬

          Apr 24, 2024 24:22 PM

          I would have to agree with you again…
          .. MIC always wants a WAR…. SHEEPLE should already
          know that…. generation after generation….. Peace… lol…. have not had peace from day one.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:32 PM

      I found this comment I stumbled upon entertaining:
      “The f35 is a piece of shit flying coffin. Your air defenses are trash, you don’t have hypersonics, your doctrine is out of date. Your country makes shitty overpriced weapons to make executives rich, not to fight wars.”

      Apr 24, 2024 24:45 PM

      I doubt the Israeli F-35 I-S planes would be carrying nuclear armament.
      Also, the Israeli fighters are better than U.S. F-35, pretty damn hard to knock down.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:02 PM

      The only Russian plane that might have a chance of downing an F-35 is a Sukhoi 57
      I’m not sure has any SU-57s operational in Ukraine.
      The US secretly slipped ATACMS to Ukraine with more to come, putting high-value Russian targets in danger.

        Apr 24, 2024 24:10 PM

        Seriously CFS, we have no real idea how stealth and hard it is to shoot down the F-35.

    Apr 24, 2024 24:13 AM

    RON PAUL………….

    You Only Had To Listen: Ron Paul Destroys Mike Johnson For Betraying America
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    WEDNESDAY, APR 24, 2024 – 01:45 PM
    Former US Congressman Ron Paul has gone completely ham on Speaker Mike Johnson, first – writing in a recent Op-Ed that Johnson has “betrayed liberty and the Constitution” after reauthorizing FISA surveillance but casting the deciding vote that tanked an amendment to require a warrant.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:56 PM

      Excellent words from Dr. Paul… Short and to the point… Tucker’s comment’s are great too… Thanks Jerry.

    Apr 24, 2024 24:48 AM
    Apr 24, 2024 24:57 PM

    HEY PROFESSOR…………. DID you ever think it would get to this…… ?????

    Tennessee Republicans Pass Law Allowing Teachers To Be Armed – Democrats Cry “Fascism”

    WEDNESDAY, APR 24, 2024 – 11:45 AM
    Tennessee House Republicans on Tuesday passed legislation to allow some trained teachers and school staff to carry firearms despite aggressive opposition from Democrats and gun control advocates calling for the bill to be defeated. The bill is all but guaranteed to become law within weeks, as Gov. Bill Lee can either sign it or allow it to become law without his signature. Lee has never vetoed a bill.

    The law requires criminal and mental health background checks of prospective teachers along with training courses and approval from school administrators.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:01 PM

      Teachers are at risk, from cocky little disrespectful… kids and parents of those kids….

        Apr 24, 2024 24:34 PM

        …the gooberment run schools are evil and need to be abolished…separation of state and education.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:53 PM

      I don’t have a problem, for schools where there there are no safety officers or police, with trained teachers carrying guns……FOR THE PROTECTION OF STUDENTS.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:25 PM

      sorry………. this is not what I thought it was…. except for BAR law corruption … in family planning courts…

    Apr 24, 2024 24:30 PM

    Your Bomb Shelter is Not Going to Save You – Steve Quayle

    Christians might like this usa watchdog, demons are running the U.S. and the 2nd coming is around the corner.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:35 PM

      Seems at some point the rest of the world may pass the Zioglobalist block…since it is purely based on coercion…plus it’s decaying from debt and corruption…not to mention it is evil.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:46 PM

      thanks Tommy….. good video ….good take on the MICorruption….
      More confirmation on a daily basis…. we have been saying it for a long time… but, it is
      so evident …. it is IMPOSSIBLE to refute it now…. CONGRESS OF WHORES…

    Apr 24, 2024 24:41 PM
    Apr 24, 2024 24:12 PM

    Good discussion about Antarctica.
    Two non flat earth guys and 1 flat earth guy.
    But great info about Antarctica.

      Apr 24, 2024 24:58 PM

      These guys are mathematics and physics MORONS.

        Apr 24, 2024 24:09 PM

        Make a long pendulum…….set it swinging back and forth ….say north to south.
        Wait a few hours and you will find it swinging East to west.
        Depending on your latitude you will find the plane of swing will rotate.
        This is a Foucault pendulum.
        (At the latitude of Purdue, it took about 30 hours for the plane of the swing to rotate.)

          Apr 24, 2024 24:00 PM

          Good one CFS… I wonder how the flat earthers explain that pendulum effect… 🤔

          Apr 25, 2024 25:39 AM

          I’m glad you brought the pendulum up.
          It is an absolute proof of a stationary earth.
          But it doesn’t prove flat. But it’s not spinning!

            Apr 25, 2024 25:31 AM

            Stupid video… Says nothing intelligent…

            Apr 25, 2024 25:21 AM

            A pendulum staying plumb means zero movement. When you get in a car and drive, it no longer stays plumb.
            A high crane of several hundred feet is proof the earth is stationary. Not spinning.
            You guys should have never mentioned the pendulum. It completely destroys spinning ball theory. 😉

            Apr 25, 2024 25:38 AM

            The flat earther’s explanations and yours are always half-baked… the force of acceleration must be properly considered… the Earth’s rotational speed is pretty much consistent… moving a pendulum around in a moving vehicle is not comparable.

            Apr 25, 2024 25:52 AM

            Let’s talk about half baked!
            You stand with the liars that faked the moon landing. The liars of the space station.
            And you can’t even get a real picture of earth?
            You have zero proof of ANYTHING concerning around spinning ball. ZERO!
            Your defending liars. I’m defending truth.

            Apr 25, 2024 25:42 AM

            Oh Chartster… You forgot that I acknowledged that there is little chance humans made it to the moon… That space station in the pool is there for training purposes… I remain open minded… but overwhelming evidence indicates the earth is round, rotates, orbits the sun… I and others have posted much evidence…

        Apr 24, 2024 24:43 PM

        That guy will pay you 200k in bitcoin if you can prove the round ball.
        Put your mathematics genius to work. 😏
        Let me know how it goes.

    Apr 24, 2024 24:37 PM

    We have somewhere between 5 and 10 years before stealth planes become unstealthy, although China AND Russia consistently surprise U.S.MIC by their technical advances.

    Quantum weapons technology may seem to belong more to the realm of Star Trek than a real-world weapon system. However, the technology is real, leveraging the principle of “quantum entanglement.” This is a phenomenon in which conditions affecting one subatomic particle also manifest themselves on an ‘entangled’ partner particle—even when they are far apart.
    A quantum radar functions by using a crystal to split a photon into two entangled photons.
    (Reportedly, finding a “fast, on-demand source of entangled photons” is the technical hurdle Canadian researchers are focusing on.)
    Then the radar beams one half of the entangled pair outwards, and monitors the corresponding effects on their entangled partners.
    If the beamed particles bump into, say, a stealth fighter, the effect on the beamed photon would be visible on the un-beamed partner photon as well. Then the photons which register a ‘ping’ are sorted out from the unaffected photons to form a sort of radar image.
    This radar-like capability would not be susceptible to many of the techniqus designed to circumvent radio wave reflection—ie, a reduced radar cross section and radar-absorbent materials—and also would not be affected by jamming and other electronic warfare ploys, which play an important role in defeating air defense radars.

    Furthermore, the entangled photons would not be detectable—giving detected targets little warning—and would not be traceable back to their source. This means that, unlike a traditional air defense radar, which exposes itself to detection whenever it actively emits radio waves to search for aircraft, a quantum radar does not broadcast its presence and make itself vulnerable to anti-radiation missiles.

    However, quantum radars have their limitations; like traditional radars, they degrade in resolution over longer distances. This is because the entangled particles do eventually lose the coherence of their quantum state over long distances, a phenomenon which can worsen in adverse weather.

    In September 2016, China claimed its China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC) had developed a working quantum radar with a range of 100 kilometers (sixty-two miles). This was reportedly achieved through the development of highly efficient single-photon microwave frequency transmitter.
    (It’s worth noting that many commentators are skeptical that the Chinese quantum radar is close to being usable under nonlaboratory conditions.)

      Apr 24, 2024 24:08 PM

      Thanks for the detailed lesson CFS… but I think we have no idea how sophisticated Russian and Chinese detection and tracking systems are… I doubt they even need quantum technology to see these, now roughly 20 year old, stealth designs.

    Apr 25, 2024 25:49 AM
    Apr 25, 2024 25:18 AM

    Above …… post ……….. from the Q News……… will give some understanding about HOW THE AMERICAN GOVT… was taken over…. and gives some info on the ACT of 1871 which changed the govt. we think we have…. but,… the Constitution was changed…. “for”… “of”…. two simple words…
    If, you wonder for the reason WHY… the politics is screwed up… you must understand the background…

    Apr 25, 2024 25:58 AM

    OOTB, You know laws are broken every day. Any act, passed in 1871 or whenever, ONLY has validity of those that enforce it, and THE CITY OF LONDON DOES NOT HAVE ANY SUCH POWER…….despite anything you may claim……….the British Empire has long gone and passed into history.

      Apr 25, 2024 25:32 AM

      I think you are a little lost on history…. You sure do not know anything concerning the Act…
      Wonder if, you know anything on the creation of the FAKE FED…. humm…

      Since you mentioned the law…. you might go back and do some research, on
      BAR LAW… and what does it mean.. might even consider doing some research on Common Law.

      Since……. you say…..”laws are broken everyday”…. yes, laws are broken everyday…
      problem you have the wrong court system to enforce the “so called law”….
      You have been violated, ever since you were born under this “birth certificate model”….

        Apr 25, 2024 25:47 AM

        The so called” British Empire” you say has long gone…….
        I think you might consider….. “The City of London”…… LBMA…. Gold pricing… hummm.
        which has not gone away…

          Apr 25, 2024 25:20 AM

          Perhaps CFS will find this video on the act of 1871 informative… short and to the point:

          Apr 25, 2024 25:22 AM

          Regarding the city of London. And the Rothies.
          Trump and the military got the stolen gold from the Vatican. Trump ended the federal reserve control which ended city of London/Rothie control when the Treasury absorbed the fed. The treasury is run by the military because we are under continuity of government.

          The Rothies still control the Bank of England and city of London. The war in Ukraine and Israel is all about taking down the Rothies and other oligarch families control.
          We have two governments running side by side.
          The corporation which is the deep state. Most of DC and the senior executive service and all the corporate agencies.
          And the restored republic, which is in view by some of us. And will be in view by all. (hopefully soon)
          The end of the control of the city of London is when Ukraine and Israel have new governments.

            Apr 25, 2024 25:08 AM

            Except the Russians will, I believe, the war in Ukraine, and what it is REALLY doing is sapping American power and strength. (and to a limited extent European power.)

            Apr 25, 2024 25:10 AM

            there is still a lot to unpack… with regard to your above comment.

            Some things , still need to be seen… not disagreeing that they are not in operation or exist,..
            I am still sifting through for verified information… to my satisfaction…
            I have decided…. trust no man., at this juncture…I am verifying for my own edification.

            There will be a lot not to believe, and some will be revealed in the times to come….(Miki example)
            “in due time”……

            Apr 25, 2024 25:13 AM

            CFS………….. WHO is America? WHO runs America?

            Apr 25, 2024 25:27 AM

            I understand about trusting no one.
            But if the deep state was in control, Trump and family would have been wiped out. And half the country would have been in camps or dead.

            I reported the Vatican raid as it was happening in 2019 with zero response on this site. And the gold and other documents were recovered.
            There will be a big reveal about that sometime.

            All the Derek Johnson stuff is spot on.
            100% true and happening.
            All can be vetted out.

            Apr 25, 2024 25:20 AM

            Trump and family…. deep state would have a hard time wiping them out… if, they know there
            are three DTs…. rest of the family… now that is still a question..

            the Vatican raid……….. I will dig it up…. I remember the video… I have no comment on that one…

            Derek Johnson….. time will tell on that one…

            Keep up the great work….

            Apr 25, 2024 25:10 PM

            Update…………… Derek Johnson…….. I said time will tell…….
            let me know if, you listen to the pod below….

    Apr 25, 2024 25:06 AM

    More important is the power to cheat on elections to gain real power.
    If you did not watch Glenn Beck’s hour election special last night, watch the Blaze first hour this morning when it is posted on YouTube, showing how the four encryption codes on “safe” voting machines can be circumvented and the “ results” changed, without any trace of manipulation left behind.

    Apr 25, 2024 25:48 AM

    The F-35 is … using a polite term… a white elephant…

      Apr 25, 2024 25:17 AM

      To some extent a white elephant, in that it was excessively expensive and its controls programming was poor.
      They have remedied a lot of the programming problems now.
      We are getting close to pilotless versions of fighters…..I would gues in less than a decade.
      Such fighters would not be limited in g-forces that would black-out pilots, and only be subject to material strength of the air-frame and parts.

        Apr 25, 2024 25:31 AM

        The F-35A now costs less than any other ally-produced fourth-plus generation fighter. A fully combat-equipped F-35A is the same price of an F/A-18 E/F, $9.8 million below the $87.7 million base price of an F-15EX, and $40 million less than the Eurofighter—and all three of those competitors require additional equipment like multi-million dollar targeting pods before they can employ weapons in medium threat combat environments. The F-15EX self-protection system is estimated to cost $7.5 million, and the Sniper Targeting pod costs more than $1.7 million per jet, making the total cost for a combat configured F-15EX $19 million more than a fully combat configured F-35A. And none of those other jets would last for a day in a modern-day high-threat environment.

        Competition has increased performance and driven down costs. The total price of an F-35 is comprised of the aircraft, assembled and produced by Lockheed Martin, and the F135 engine produced by Pratt and Whitney — plus profit. When a Northrup Grumman-produced aircraft subcomponent called the Distributed Aperture System (DAS) failed to meet reliability thresholds, that system was replaced with a DAS produced by Raytheon that delivers twice the performance and five times the reliability at a per-unit cost 45 percent lower than the Northrup Grumman model. This switch alone will save the government $3 billion over the life of the program.

          Apr 25, 2024 25:04 AM

          …if only they worked…as advertised…and paid for.

    Apr 25, 2024 25:03 AM

    More on the covid conspiracy……

      Apr 25, 2024 25:50 AM

      MUST WATCH! I hope Mr. Big Al Korelin and Jimmy watch that…

      …and why your are at it…watch this…by Campbell…

      Murderous, evil gooberment…

      Apr 25, 2024 25:52 AM

      …amazing how Campbell has done a total 180 on gooberment and “public health” since the COVID evil began…seems he’s been totally black pilled…

      The lesson???

      Gooberment is corrupt and evil and our rulers are evil murderers…NEVER TRUST GOOBERMENT OR YOUR RULERS!!!

      Apr 25, 2024 25:57 AM

      THAT is a MUST watch video….hope OWL and JIMMY watch it!


      And while you are at it see this one…

      Apr 25, 2024 25:01 AM

      Here is the link to the FULL CFS video…

    Apr 25, 2024 25:24 AM

    A You ALL (( Ukrainers )) Know ? Boys AL and Jimmy ???

      Apr 25, 2024 25:35 AM

      …Al…and Jimmy….long gone…will NOT return.

    Apr 25, 2024 25:47 AM

    While Russia claims to have no nukes in space, it is thought that China has already put some designed to take out the U.S. electrical grid.

      Apr 25, 2024 25:21 AM

      CFS….didn’t YOU…GET the CLOT SHOT???

        Apr 25, 2024 25:24 AM

        …that makes you…a…genetically modified organism….

        Apr 25, 2024 25:31 AM

        Yes CFS you take the Shot No ?

        Apr 25, 2024 25:46 AM

        Yes, I had one J&J shot, because my daughter-in-law refused to let me see my grand children unless I did. I won’t comment on her I.Q.
        And YES, I have had health problems ever since.

          Apr 25, 2024 25:50 AM

          …sue them into the stone age…or if you don’t want to…support those who are trying…

      Apr 25, 2024 25:22 AM

      …my recollection…is…that YOU and OWL….were the only ones here who got the clot shot….and probably AJ….assuming he is not a bot…

        Apr 25, 2024 25:35 AM

        Both admitted……….. they took the JAB… in order to see their grandkids…….

          Apr 25, 2024 25:45 AM

          Plenty of evidence…….. proving the Jab was and is harmful…..
          Only been covering it since 2019……. I do not think any more info is necessary here…
          Only thing we want to see is some JAIL TIME… , good luck on that one… as long as
          the present DOJ is still ran by the cabal…

            Apr 25, 2024 25:47 AM

            …in the interview…Campbell’s guest details how he is trying to do that in Australia…

            Apr 25, 2024 25:51 AM

            …sheds more light on just how corrupt and evil these politicians, bureaucrats, pharma and the rest of the “healthcare” industry are….

          Apr 25, 2024 25:55 AM

          Both admitted……….. they took the JAB… in order to see their grandkids…….

          …sadly…they are now GMOs…

    Apr 25, 2024 25:49 AM

    More about E.M.P. Preparations…..

    Apr 25, 2024 25:49 PM

    And now you know why cash should not be allowed to disappear ?

      Apr 25, 2024 25:44 PM

      …dang…the cash (C) even disappeared out of your moniker….

    Apr 25, 2024 25:49 PM

    …well CFS/Fs, here’s some cash…disappearing from the Dimon in the Rough’s bank…Repo Act…then Reverse Repo Act…

    Apr 25, 2024 25:02 PM

    …ha…just heard more than one in three Ameroconned Sheeple plan to go in debt this year TO GO ON VACATON! Who the h#ll would go into debt to take a vacation? That only makes sense if you are already so far in debt you never plan to pay it back. More than 1 in 3 sheeple CANNOT afford to go on vacation but to so anyway.

    Apr 25, 2024 25:11 PM
    Apr 25, 2024 25:18 PM
      Apr 25, 2024 25:17 PM

      ..dang…hope he listens to that guy

        Apr 25, 2024 25:21 PM

        Ditto Ebolan… Also agree with your detailed comments below… Good to know… But sad that people got conned by that “pay”triot… And other Q “pay”triots… Thanks for the post Jerry.

          Apr 26, 2024 26:29 AM

          Tommy…….. you are welcome

    Apr 25, 2024 25:23 PM


    According to CBS News, “the agent spouted gibberish, was speaking incoherently and provoked another officer physically,” and “pushed the special agent in charge while they were near the lounge of Joint Base Andrews.”

    Apr 25, 2024 25:24 PM

    I posted the below & above on Derek Johnson… just as a review, and to get your comments…

    I said ” time will tell on Derek Johnson”…… I ran into this today, listening to Michelle ,
    and this Bo guy posted a heads up concerning DJ… so, I listened and thought you might be
    interested also…..

    Just have questions at this point, … not deciding either way….. thanks….

      Apr 26, 2024 26:50 AM

      Wow, that guy told lie after lie.
      I know all I’ve researched about the stuff that Derek has is true. It’s all public info.
      The guy was trying to lump Derek in with some of the shills. And there’s going to be a lot of that type of stuff. The infighting within the truth movement is a good sign we are close to the time where it all pops off.

        Apr 26, 2024 26:36 AM

        Hello Chartster….. Thanks for the reply…..
        Glad you replied, appreciate it..

        Have a couple of questions at this time….
        1, What did you think of the comment from Gen. Flynn concerning DJ….
        The comment was…something to the effect.. he had nothing to do with DJ…or wanted nothing to do with him.
        Reason for asking… I am trying to figure out Gen. Flynn…There are some negative comments
        coming out on him,… concerning the bus tour he is doing… and his motives…
        It is related to Gen Flynn’s background in the military….

        2. Concerning Derek’s step brother….. when he commented that DJ was not telling the truth, on
        his injuries… and that he was not what he pretends to be….


        PS… I am not trying to corner you on any of the above questions…. I am just piecing things together.
        thanks again

          Apr 26, 2024 26:57 AM

          I don’t feel cornered at all. I know you are asking legit questions, as we all should.

          That guy and the others he showed clips of, are all liars. They literally lied about everything.
          I don’t know about the step brother, but I don’t trust it because of all the other lies.
          I don’t know the injuries, but assume they are lying.
          Regarding General Flynn: Don’t trust him for squat at any moment.
          Never is invited to Mar a Logo or any rally’s for a reason. He’s bad news from what I hear. But he is a super spook and could be playing both sides.

          Mar a logo has a no fly zone.
          Trump gets military jet escorts.
          That should tell you everything.

          Check this out. I think it’s correct.

            Apr 26, 2024 26:51 PM

            Chartster……….. Thanks for the reply and especially on FLYNN……..
            appreciate you confirming what I have heard… just wanted to make sure…

            Always like bouncing things off you… It is hard to cover all the info…

            Thanks again….

            Apr 26, 2024 26:25 PM

            From the tape………
            John F. Kennedy
            John F. Kennedy jr.
            Wartime President Donald J. Trump
            General Flynn******************************humm what does this mean…..???????
            Derek Johnson
            Space Force
            Pascal Najadi

            Apr 26, 2024 26:18 PM

            50 USC 1550………..WAR POWERS RESOLUTION………
            …. article everyone should look up…… who knows what is going on…..
            I am going to dig into it…. I will let you know if, I find anything of question….

        Apr 26, 2024 26:02 AM

        ?? lie after lie ?? Seems to me he made many good points… Even admitted his analysis may be flawed… DJ on the other hand, as demonstrated in the second video in his presentation, rejects questions and criticism from his own followers, losing his temper without reasonable provocation – a sure sign of an abusive cult leader, IMO… Derick never struck me as trustworthy… My research into one of his statements – a while back – indicated it was just BS…

          Apr 26, 2024 26:54 PM

          Tommy……… thanks for viewing the tape….
          appreciate the review…..
          It is good to have people doing the DD… many just think they know.. most do not know…
          some you like to trust… some you discover untruths….. WE THE PEOPLE all need to
          work together….. in uncovering BS… because there is a lot of it out there….

    Apr 25, 2024 25:17 PM

    Ebo…………did you listen to entire thing…. ? thanks….

      Apr 25, 2024 25:28 PM

      I am 52 minutes into it right now…

      Heard him say right off the movement had “plants and gatekeepers from the very beginning” and that got my attention right away because that is what I thought from the beginning.

      I thought the q stuff was baloney and was part of a Crass Sunshine type gooberment disinformation campaign. But I admit what I heard sounded so ridiculous that I stopped paying attention to it a long time ago (like the thousands of corrupt Deep Staters that were supposed to be put on trial and then later when Trumpster was supposed to re-take the White House shortly after Uncle Joe was inaugurated and of course none of that ever happened), so I don’t know all the details. All I know is that what the Q’sters were telling me would happened never happened. After enough lies, I just stopped paying attention to it. So in my opinion, listening to the Q’sters is a waste of time.

      And what happened to Trumpenstein prosecuting the evil and corrupt Clintons? And why did he drain the swamp right into his cabinet, especially when thousands of Deep Staters were supposed to be Gitmoed? And why didn’t he pardon the Jan 6’ers? Assange? Snowden? And why didn’t he release everything on the Kennedy assassination? And on and on. Trumpster turned out to be just another phony. But of course there’s no way you can become Emperor of this corrupt country if you aren’t a phony and a criminal.

        Apr 25, 2024 25:30 PM

        And Trumpenstein not only did not prosecute the evil Clintons, he said they were “good people”!

    Apr 25, 2024 25:32 PM

    How they stole elections………


    Apr 25, 2024 25:53 PM

    Col Douglas Macgregor Update – Vote For Trump – 4/25/24..…html

    Seems col d macgregor has givin up on Trump, took him long enough to figure Trump out.
    Its a uni party Col.

      Apr 26, 2024 26:54 AM

      Thanks SF… Very good words from Col. MacGregor.

    Apr 26, 2024 26:16 AM

    Trump plans to sanction countries for refusing to use dollar – Bloomberg

    Advisers to the former US president are considering penalties for nations seeking to trade in national currencies, the outlet has reported

    Trump will definatley MAGA, 😉 lol, more likely he will finish off what ever is left of the country.

    Apr 26, 2024 26:00 AM

    Trump plans to sanction countries for refusing to use dollar – Bloomberg

    Advisers to the former US president are considering penalties for nations seeking to trade in national currencies, the outlet has reported

    Trump will definatley MAGA, 😉 lol, more likely he will finish off what ever is left of the country.

      Apr 26, 2024 26:26 AM

      …just wait…until you try to use gold or silver…as currency…instead of the Empire’s or its vassals’ fiat currencies…

      Apr 26, 2024 26:16 AM

      Trump has definitely joined the dark side… If he had not sold out before his latest trial, he since made a deal to stay out of prison, IMO… just support the MIC and deep state, and the jury will be allowed to follow the law… Maybe he’s in on a plan to throw the election by pissing off his base. LOL.

    Apr 26, 2024 26:42 AM

    Biden’s FTC just exposed one of the GOP and businesses’ biggest lies to workers

    Antitrust is a labor issue

    On the banning of noncompete agreements

    Apr 26, 2024 26:46 AM

    This made my day … Go to Zerohedge to see the vids. For some reason , i can not copy & paste from Zerohedge ………..Enjoy

    Israel’s Controversial National Security Minister Ben Gvir In Serious Car Accident
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    by Tyler Durden
    Friday, Apr 26, 2024 – 06:05 PM

    There have been emerging reports Friday that Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir has been hospitalized after a serious car accident.

    Regional media outlet The Cradle writes that “Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir has been hospitalized after his car overturned in Ramla while leaving the scene of a stabbing attack.”

    Axios correspondent Barak Ravid also confirms that the cabinet minister was in a government car which was in an accident and flipped over.

    Ben Gvir has reportedly been injured, and images and footage from the scene shows what appears to be a very serious accident. Unconfirmed reports say that “According to Israeli media, his car had run a red light before the accident.”

    The incident comes as the country is deeply divided over the Netanyahu government’s Gaza policy. Ben Gvir is considered among the most ‘extreme’ ministers in the governing coalition, also having ties with internationally sanctioned settler movements which engage in attempts to cleanse West Bank areas of any Palestinian presence.

    Israeli media is already spotlighting controversial elements surrounding Ben Gvir and the Friday car crash, with Haaretz reporting the national security minister’s driving habits have been flagged as dangerous. According to machine translation of the Hebrew report:

    The Shin Bet contacted the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of National Security following several cases in which Minister Itamar Ben Gabir’s car was driven in violation of traffic laws, Haaretz learned.

    According to security sources, the minister’s security guards complained to their superiors in the ministry that the minister was ordering his drivers to commit offenses. Traffic, including passing a red light at traffic lights, driving at excessive speed and driving on the side of the road.

    Images from the scene show that Ben Gvir’s injuries might be quite serious (though some reports suggest only minor injuries)…

    Earlier this month Ben Gvir stirred more controversy when he deeply criticized Netanyahu’s ‘limited’ retaliatory attack on Iran, calling it ‘lame’ and implying that the response was weak and should have been much bigger and stronger.

    Currently there is a lot of reported infighting even among the top decision-makers on Gaza wartime policy. The Wall Street Journal recently featured a headline that underscored Israel’s war leaders don’t trust one another. This comes as they are dealing simultaneously with the operation in Gaza, repelling Hezbollah daily drone and missile attacks in the north, and of course the new tit-for-tat crisis with Iran.

    Pro-Palestine pundits took to social media and immediately began speculating over the apparent serious car accident…

    The Americans tried to off Ben Gvir today 😂
    — Sharmine Narwani (@snarwani) April 26, 2024

    “Long-simmering grudges and arguments over how best to fight Hamas have soured relations between Israel’s wartime decision makers—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and the former head of the Israeli military, Benny Gantz,” the publication wrote.

    Amid contrasting reports, public broadcaster Kann news says the minister was “lightly injured” in the accident.

    “The three men are at odds over the biggest decisions they need to make: how to launch a decisive military push, free Israel’s hostages and govern the postwar strip.”

      Apr 26, 2024 26:00 PM

      The PLOT THICKENS…………………. The CHECK IS IN THE MAIL………….

    Apr 26, 2024 26:21 PM

    You boys see this???

    UK Defense Chief Says Ukraine To Increase Long-Range Strikes In Russia

    Apr 26, 2024 26:36 PM

    What a bunch of whomps the Brits are.
    Why don’t they simply blast these Islamic attackers to smithereens .
    I guarantee, after a few annihilations of attackers the attacks would stop.
    And don’t tell me there will be terrorist attacks in response !