Matt Badiali – Copper Break Out, Earlier Stage Copper Companies, Cost Of Capital For New Mine Builds

May 14, 2024

Matt Badiali, Editor of The New Energy Investor and CEO of Quetzal Copper joins me to discuss the copper price breakout to all time highs earlier today and if money will filter down to earlier stage copper companies.


With copper demand and expectations continuing to increase we discuss the supply side of the market. Majority of the supply growth will come from exiting mines expanding, not from new mine builds. But will this increase come close to filling the supply gap?


Filtering down to possible copper mine builds we discuss the financing environment and cost of capital for companies. We also balance out the size of copper assets for which could be build and make investors money.



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    May 14, 2024 14:47 PM

    GameStock was up 60% today it jumped over $18! WOW! DT! Nobody Cares!


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