West Red Lake Gold – Gwen Preston Outlines Her New Role As VP Of IR And The Larger Vision Of Moving The Madsen Mine From Development Back Into Production

Gwen Preston, Vice President Of Investor Relations for West Red Lake Gold Mines (TSX.V:WRLG – OTCQB:WRLGF), joins us to discuss her new role with the company, and the key steps from exploration and development towards a mine restart plan targeting mid-2025 at the Company’s 100% owned Madsen Mine located in the Red Lake Gold District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada. 


Many listeners will recall Gwen’s last decade in the mining sector, as Publisher of Resource Maven, and so we start off getting a behind-the-scenes look at why she has decided to now focus on sharing with the marketplace the vision of where West Red Lake Gold is headed in the years to come.  In addition to having quality assets in the Red Lake area, it really came down to her confidence in the solid management team and operations team, after having spent time visiting the project and talking to a range of personnel in various roles.  After probing into why the prior operators failed, and getting consistent feedback as to why the new team will be able to fix and optimize many of those prior bottlenecks and inconsistencies, she has conviction in the pathway in front of West Red Lake Gold to get the Madsen Mine back into production in about a year.  


We discuss the importance of doing so much exploration to really reinterpret a better geological model of the deposit, that feeds into a better feedback loop with the engineering team designing the mine plan.  We also review the company cashing up through recent capital raises to be able to execute on a number of initiatives for exploration, derisking, and development work that will feed into an updated Pre-Feasibility Study at the tail end of 2024 or early 2025.  This study will lay out  the remaining steps necessary to get the operations back into production the middle of next year.


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  • In full disclosure, Shad is a shareholder of West Red Lake Gold Mines at the time of this recording.




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    May 27, 2024 27:21 PM

    I didn’t know Gwen had moved to West Red Lake. Years ago, One of her presentations got me into Great Bear at .43 cents US.
    I know She wouldn’t make such a move for no reason … but did you all talk about the reasons for her giving up the Letter. It may be none of my business, so don’t tell me privileged info… but I was wondering if intervention made the job of a forecaster somewhat impossible. Just a thought. (Most likely just an opportunity She could not pass up)

    May 27, 2024 27:01 PM