Mako Mining – Unpacking Recent Market Disclosures, Key Takeaways From Q1 Financials, And An Exploration Update At The San Albino Project

Akiba Leisman, President and CEO of Mako Mining (TSX.V:MKO – OTCQX:MAKOF), joins me to unpack a few recent news releases on various market disclosures, the key takeaways from the Q1 2024 financials and San Albino Mine operations, and a review of the exploration strategy this year in Nicaragua.


We start off with Akiba unpacking the restatement of prior news releases with a second qualified person and the nuances around their filing of an updated technical report for San Albino.  Next we shifted over to the key takeaways from the financial and operational metrics from Q1 of 2024, where the operations team in Nicaragua demonstrated another quarter of consistent operational performance and execution at the San Albino Mine.  Then we wrap up with getting an update on this year’s ongoing exploration strategy at San Albino, Las Conchitas, and other regional targets.


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  • In full disclosure, Shad is a shareholder of Mako Mining at the time of this recording.




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