Dakota Gold – Gold Explorer Revitalizing The Homestake Mining District In South Dakota

Jonathan Awde, President and CEO of Dakota Gold (NYSE: DC), joins me for a comprehensive introduction to this gold exploration and development company with a specific focus on revitalizing the Homestake District in Lead, South Dakota.  Dakota Gold has the Richmond Hill and Maitland Gold mineral properties covering over 48 thousand acres surrounding the historic Homestake Mine.


The drilling commenced in 2022, and the  Company currently has four drills on site at its properties in the Homestake District of South Dakota as part of a larger $30Million exploration program that commenced last year and runs through 2024.  The Unionville Zone drilling at the Maitland Project is testing for Tertiary epithermal gold mineralization and is one of three ongoing programs being advanced by the Company – the other two being Homestake Mine-Style gold mineralization in the JB Gold Zone at Maitland and the infill and step-out drilling at the Richmond Hill Gold Project to update to the S-K 1300 resource estimate.


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  • In full disclosure, Shad has a position in Dakota Gold at the time of this interview. 





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      Jun 18, 2024 18:24 PM

      DT, everyone should read that piece. I pay attention when Rick says things like “The bullish look of the S&P 500 chart shown above is so clear and compelling…”
      Rick doesn’t throw around such statements frivolously because he knows from experience exactly what “clear and compelling” looks like. He’s also good at assessing the odds of a top happening at one of the targets that come first, in this case that 75% level.

        Jun 18, 2024 18:58 PM

        Hi Matthew, thanks for the reply always appreciated. DT