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Christopher Aaron – Gold And US General Equities To Make All-Time Highs In 2024

Christopher Aaron outlines why the technical set up behind why he believes both gold and US general  equities will make all-time highs in 2024, but that only one of those moves will be legitimate and sustainable for the following decade.

Fri 22 Dec, 2023

Nick Hodge – Macroeconomic Themes To Consider When Investing In The New Year

Nick Hodge reviews a range of sectors: general US equities, bonds and interest rates, the US dollar, oil, gold, silver, platinum, battery metals, and much more. 

Wed 4 Jan, 2023

Gold and Gold Stocks Ending The Year In Encouraging Fashion

With gold moving above $1,300 on the last day of trading in 2017 there are a number of encouraging signs that developed in the last…

Fri 29 Dec, 2017

The Significance of Gold Breaking Its Downtrend Line

There was a major technical move by gold back on Tuesday. Gold broke its long-term downtrend line which you can see int he chart below….

Thu 8 Jun, 2017
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Inflows Into ETFs Continue At Blistering Pace

This is a general article focused on ETFs. What is so interesting is the focus that commodities are given. Especially at the bottom where Jeffery…

Wed 8 Feb, 2017