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Erik Wetterling – Investors Are So Focused On Macro Noise, That They Are Missing Micro Opportunities

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, discusses block out macro noise for micro opportunities, and discusses Magna Mining and Montage Gold.

Thu 10 Nov, 2022

Jayant Bhandari – Thoughts on LaSalle Exploration and Montage Gold

Jayant Bhandari joins us today to highlight two Companies he is interested in after recent news releases. These Companies are LaSalle Exploration and Montage Gold….

Tue 18 Jan, 2022

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – A Focus on The Precious Metals Selloff and Stock Recommendations

It was another choppy week for markets and metals. With the key driver right now being the Omicron variate and how countries are reacting it’s hard to predict where we will be in a few weeks. Therefore we decided to focus on the big picture for precious metals and more so on some select resource stocks. 

Sat 4 Dec, 2021

A focus on gold stocks and what Brian is buying

Brian Leni, Founder of the Junior Stock Review joins us for a focused discussion on gold stocks and what he likes. With all the gold…

Thu 22 Jul, 2021

A focus on resource and gold stocks – What to look for and how to trade into the stocks

This week again confirmed the recent shift in investor sentiment toward a more risk on/growth trade. Commodities and currencies were boring, while gold had a…

Sat 26 Jun, 2021

Montage Gold – Recapping the PEA for the Koné Gold Project and further exploration and development plans

Hugh Stuart, CEO and Director of Montage Gold Corp (TSX.V: MAU – OTCPK:MAUTF) joins us to discuss the results and metrics from the PEA for…

Wed 9 Jun, 2021

This Weekend’s Show is for the all the precious metals investors out there

On this Weekend’s Show I focus on mostly on gold and gold stocks with a couple comments on silver and currencies mixed in. Please keep…

Sat 29 May, 2021

Montage Gold – A 3.2mil oz gold resource at the Morondo Gold Project with a PEA coming out within 1 month

Hugh Stuart, CEO of Montage Gold (TSX.V:MAU – OTC:MAUTF) joins me to provide a comprehensive update on the Morondo Gold Project, in Côte d’Ivoire, and…

Wed 28 Apr, 2021
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Precious Metal investors need to look to the treasury market and yields for future price action

Brien Lundin, Editor of the Gold Newsletter joins me to look past the recent volatility in gold and silver prices to the bond market, which…

Thu 21 Jan, 2021