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GMG – Announces the Company will build an in-house battery manufacturing plant

Craig Nicol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSX.V:GMG) joins me to recap the news released yesterday on the Company starting to move forward…

Thu 15 Jul, 2021

Is it time to start focusing on the COVID stocks again?

Joel Elconin joins me today to share his insights on the trading in Amazon and Apple heading into their respective events. We also discuss the…

Tue 13 Oct, 2020
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LexaGene – Answering questions regarding the Company’s revenue model

After introducing LexaGene to everyone back on August 8th I received a number of question and comments. Most of these questions were focused on the…

Tue 22 Aug, 2017
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An Introduction To A New Tech Diagnostic Company – LexaGene

LexaGene (TSX.V:LXG & OTCQB:LXXGF) is Company that was just introduced to me about three weeks back. I have done quite a bit of research behind…

Wed 2 Aug, 2017