TraceSafe – Smart Connective Technology To Assist Companies With Integrating Carbon Credits

Shad Marquitz
September 2, 2022

Wayne Lloyd, CEO of TraceSafe (CSE: TSF) (OTC: UTOLF), joins us for an update on the new Company focus into technology to help enterprise customers integrate carbon credits into their businesses, as well as an update on the wearable tech division.   In discussing their connective smart devices with many sustainability departments, it became clear that there was an opportunity to assist these departments with the fractionalization of carbon credits to apply them to specific applications, locations, or even down to the end users, to more properly integrate the credits in their appropriate areas for offset.


We focus on where the growth avenues for the Company will be, starting with existing customers, and expanding into larger scale smart cities, hospitality and travel businesses, and sporting event, and what will drive revenue as these platforms start to get implemented later in the year and heading into next year.


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