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September 24, 2016

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    Sep 24, 2016 24:06 AM

    Thanks Big Al and Cory for all you do and continually making this site a better place.

    … and hello to Skeeta, Andrew, and CFS….. 🙂

      Sep 24, 2016 24:16 AM


        Sep 24, 2016 24:22 AM

        Infinity Trinity

        Sep 25, 2016 25:16 PM

        Renaming the Godhead (correct term) is hardly humorous.

          Sep 25, 2016 25:03 PM

          Relax. The words Infinity or Trinity are not offensive, and merely were used to describe the number 888 (as it looks like 3 infinity symbols in sequence). Numbers only have the meaning that different human cultures have assigned to them as thought constructs, but inherently are dogma free.

          Whether or not 888 and Godhead are synonymous words is very much an opinion and up for debate. Some see it is an angelic number, some use it for astro-theology, and some just see a row of numbers a 0 significance.

          What is not up for debate is the the word “Godhead” in Hinduism predates Christian use of the word by hundreds (possibly thousands) of years.

          Three godheads (Ayyavazhi) or “Trimurti” = Brahmā, Vishnu, and Śhiva

          The breath of God (found in Brahma) is their equivalent of the holy spirit. The human form or incarnation of god as Vishnu is the Hindu equivalent of the Son of God (of which one of the incarnations was Buddha) – similar to the belief in Jesus as the son of God, and the Shiva element of the Trimurti “Godhead” is like the watchful/wrathful/and protective Father God. These three aspects are often lumped together into Krisha.

          So the trinity understanding of God is something beyond just one culture, and infinity is just a concept for our human minds to point at a concept that is beyond our comprehension, but is shared by people all over the globe (not just one group).

            Sep 25, 2016 25:04 PM
            Sep 25, 2016 25:53 PM


            You said, “What is not up for debate is the word “Godhead” in Hinduism predates Christian use of the word by hundreds (possibly thousands) of years.”

            What you conveniently fail to consider is one key detail mentioned in the bible that predates all religions – Lucifer (Satan) resided in heaven with the Godhead and so he is VERY WELL AWARE of the triune nature of the real God (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). And so, he simply took that which is Holy (the Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) and imported it into various manmade religions to make it APPEAR that they came up with the Godhead when in fact they did not.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:11 PM

            Bentnail – I like a nice “off-topic” chat as much as the next guy, but don’t feel that an investing focused blog is the right place to have a lengthy and opinionated religious debate, and I have 0 interest in doing so.

            This will be my last post on this subject, because I also have no interest in your interpretations of how different passages written by people should be applied to 888 or the concept of Godhead.

            “The term Godhead is found three times in the King James Version: Acts 17:29; Romans 1:20; and Colossians 2:9. In each of the three verses, a slightly different Greek word is used, but the definition of each is the same: “deity” or “divine nature.” The word Godhead is used to refer to God’s essential nature.”

            There is never any mention of Godhead and 888 being interchangeable.

            Let me restate this one more time to clear up any confusion:

            The terms Infinity – as they were referenced to the number 8 (looks like an infinity symbol) has no religious affiliation other than what someone transpose onto it) and Trinity (meaning a grouping of 3 – again, this doesn’t necessitate a religious connotation) were NOT intended to be offensive, and most would not have interpreted them to be so.

            When I said ““What is not up for debate is the word “Godhead” in Hinduism predates Christian use of the word by hundreds (possibly thousands) of years,” it was in reference to the academic timelines attributed to when world religions to have appear in human society and mythology.

            I was simply referring to the chronology of use and when different religions appeared. You can see that Vedic Brahmanism which is the foundation of Hinduism predates the start of Christianity and most world religions by quite some time:


            Sep 25, 2016 25:23 PM


            First, you replied to my post, not vice versa. So, please do not accuse me of starting a “religious debate” with you.

            Second, you responded to my post a SECOND time and have closed the “debate” by insisting that there must be no further discussion on this topic. Of course, you then proceed to ignore your own set of rules by slipping in some more discussion on this topic.

            Apparently you get the final say on this matter. Mr. President, you win!

            All I can say is “WOW!”

            Sep 25, 2016 25:31 PM

            Bentnail – you can keep preaching if you want to. I never put any restrictions on your actions, so please don’t put words in my mouth. Also, calling me Mr President doesn’t seem like a friendly comment.

            Simply go back to the top of this thread and You said the following about our previous dialogue:

            On September 25, 2016 at 4:16 pm,
            Bentnail says:

            “Renaming the Godhead (correct term) is hardly humorous.”

            I responded that no offense was intended, and that your statement of Godhead being the “correct term” for 888 is merely you opinion, and there is no evidence to that affect. I simply pointed out the word godhead was being used quite some time before Christianity even emerged as a religious mythology.

            In the proceeding post I simply mentioned that I had no interest in furthering the discussion, because religious debates, that turn in to arguments clutter up the blog. Just my opinion. You are free to have you opinion. That’s life.

            Peace be with you.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:39 PM


            My initial post was directed toward ALL of the previous posters, not just you. As you can see I ALWAYS address a person by starting my posts off with their name. In the aforementioned post I did NOT do so, thus it was not directed toward you specifically. Yet, you felt it your need to respond to my post as if I had addressed it to you alone.

            Second, I was simply making a statement, not entering into a debate with anyone. Again, you took it upon yourself to ASSUME that I wanted to have a religious debate, which I did not.

            Third, by calling you Mr. President I meant no disrespect. I was simply pointing out the fact that you are acting like a bully.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:44 PM

            Pete only wrote +888, so that only leaves two people – myself and Mathew. I said Infinity (referencing the #8) and Trinity (referencing a grouping of 3). Matthew responded with one word “Trinfinity” a combination of those 2 words.

            Since you responded to that discussion and since there were only 2 people that referenced the 888 number Pete has posted then your post was clearly directed at us.

            At no point was I bullying by posting a wikipedia link to the word Godhead that you felt the need to correct us about, or by posting the timeline of world religions. I didn’t call you a name, but you did call me a name. There was no bullying on my part, so that is a big reach.

            Again, have a good night, take it easy man, and may Peace Be With You brother.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:54 PM


            Actually, I did NOT call you a “name” – I simply gave you a “title” that is symbolic of your bullying me.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:58 PM

            Ha! OK Bentnail. Nice try changing name calling to a title. Whatever you need to do to do justify it is fine by me. I released it all the minute I laughed reading it.

            If saying Peace Be With You is bullying then I’m guilty. 🙂

            Sep 25, 2016 25:08 PM


            Your words: “WHAT IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE is the the word “Godhead” in Hinduism predates Christian use of the word by hundreds (possibly thousands) of years.”

            Sounds a bit like Hitler to me.

            Your words: “I also have NO INTEREST in your interpretations of how different passages written by people should be applied to 888 or the concept of Godhead.”

            If that is so (that you have NO INTEREST in what I said about 888) then why did you reply to my remark? Which is it … do you care about my interpretation of 888 or do you not care?

            Sep 25, 2016 25:51 PM


            By the way, I am just having some fun here. No hard feelings — you would know that if you knew me.

            Peace be with you too brother.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:24 AM

            Bentnail –

            There was nothing controversial or offensive in the original discussion this blog where I thanked Big Al & Cory, or the “Infinity Trinity” or “Trinfinity” comments from Matthew and I. It was a fun little interlude, and for the rest of the weekend, nobody else had any issue with those statements and we had all moved on with sharing investing info on the blog.

            It was YOU that decided to reply to a discussion Matthew and I were having. You said:

            “Renaming the Godhead (correct term) is hardly humorous.”

            1) Clearly you felt the need to correct us in our error of “renaming the Godhead” (which you presented as fact) and then felt the need to add that it was “hardly humorous.” (so clearly you were bothered)

            2) Later in this delightful exchange, you wrote: “First, you replied to my post, not vice versa.” Huh? It was your response to our discussion that prompted the reply.

            I had 2 reasons for initially responding to your reply to us:

            A) To point out that no offense was intended (to you or anyone else) by using the word Infinity (8 is often associated with the infinity sign numerically), and Trinity was 3 of them grouped into one.

            B) To point out there isn’t just one interpretation of what the word Godhead means, and that it has been in use for thousands of years by a few different religious mythologies. None of them clearly demarcate the term as synonymous with 888, so that is merely your opinion and not a fact… Thus your correction of our comments was unnecessary.

            Are you following along so far?

            3) We could have dropped it all right there, but you proceeded to start quoting your interpretations of your religious belief system to me, and that is what I personally had no interest discussing any further. I’m allowed to have an opinion and not be interested in engaging on a religious quoting mess on the blog.

            To reemphasize, I never placed any limits on what you could do and simply said I was was not interested in having a religious debate.

            4) Your response was to change what I said an imply that I “closed the debate by insisting that there must be no further discussion on this topic.” Wrong. I never insisted there be no further discussion. All I said was that “I had no interest in discussing it,” and mentioned you could preach away if you felt so inclined. I only cautioned that “I don’t feel that an investing focused blog is the right place to have a lengthy and opinionated religious debate.”

            5) At this point you felt the need to shift the conversation from the definition of terms, and academic timelines on when a word emerged in world religious systems (which is agreed upon by history scholars all over the world – so yeah, that part is not up for debate)….to making it personal and calling me names and putting words in my mouth. Yes, I have an issue with both of things, and it is not civil behavior.

            ** You cast the stones of calling me names of “Mr President,” and most recently likened the historical timeline of when the word Godhead appears to calling me another unpleasant name – Hitler (no idea where that is even coming from BTW).

            Even though I wished you peace 3 times, you decided to keep calling me names. And to think I was concerned that my “Infinity Trinity” remark had accidentally offended you.

            6) To put the cherry on the sundae, you turn a 180 degrees and then state: “By the way, I am just having some fun here.” Huh?

            If complaining you are offended is fun then I’m confused. If finding the need to correct people on a term they used, but being unwilling to deal with a civil response back without losing your temper and calling the person Mr President and Hitler is your way of having fun, then count me out the next time you want to have “fun”.

            All I can do is bow to your higher self with love in my heart, and hope you’ll find peace.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:22 AM

      P.S. – Beware of the Cory 5000 found in part 7 Sean Broderick’s interview 😮

      Sep 24, 2016 24:38 AM

      Thanks for the show fellas,
      Appreciated as always.
      There’s a big hole in my backyard thanks to some of you 🙂
      Steel reinforcement done, awaiting local council inspection then concrete pour next Tuesday (weather permitting).
      Thanks again to everyone on here.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:08 AM

      We are at a point now where Cory deserves the majority of the credit. It is wonderful to start something but even better to find someone who can effectively “carry the torch”!

        Sep 24, 2016 24:25 AM

        Big Al – You have been a pinnacle leader and inspiring torch-bearer for us all, but yes, you have done well with your Padawan Cory Fleck.

        “The boy. He your son?”
        “No. He is my Padawan. Something between a student and an apprentice.”
        — Obi-Wan Kenobi

        Now Cory has evolved into a full-fledged Jedi night, and has become quite the show host, developed his interview skills, developed his technical skills, continued building bridges with icons in the mining and economic communities, and will continue to carry the torch quite brilliantly.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:09 AM

    Here is a list format of all the companies that just presented at the Denver Gold Forum.

    All the webcasts are up if you just click on the word “Presenting” or “Fireside chat”.

    There are tons of good VIDEO presentations w/ slide shows to watch. Enjoy!

      Sep 24, 2016 24:11 AM

      The links to “Presenting” or “Fireside chat” are under the [ROLE] column.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:47 AM
        Sep 24, 2016 24:02 AM

        I would recommend listening to Continental Gold
        Just click on the checkmark at right hand side

        Sep 24, 2016 24:30 AM

        CFS – “easier access” – the link I posted only takes 1 click, your route takes 2 clicks 🙂

        come on man….. tighten it up 😉

        I’ll check out the Continental Gold presentation, and appreciate the heads up. Thanks!

          Sep 24, 2016 24:35 AM

          I stand corrected, I just reloaded the page you posted and it is also one click. Funny.

          Regardless investors really should go check out some of the Videos of the corporate presentations on either link, as there are some fantastic companies featured and many great updates. Hours of education and speculation.

          The link I posted has them alphabetically, and the link CFS posted has them by time-slot.

          If anyone feels a particular presentation needs highlighting, click on it to get the video playing, and then the post that link at the top on the blog this weekend.

          Good luck to everyone in their investing next week and happy hunting.

          Sep 24, 2016 24:07 PM

          You can click on name or check……either way is only one click to get to presentation.
          Although it takes a click to start the presentation, I guess.

          Sep 24, 2016 24:09 PM

          Yes, that is why I wrote:

          “I stand corrected, I just reloaded the page you posted and it is also one click. Funny.”

          Regardless investors really should go check out some of the Videos of the corporate presentations on either link, as there are some fantastic companies featured and many great updates. Hours of education and speculation.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:29 AM

    The Weekly Dig – September 23, 2016
    Mick Carew, PhD – Haywood Mining Team


      Sep 24, 2016 24:35 AM

      Gold Unleashed by Fed
      Adam Hamilton – Sep 23, 2016

        Sep 24, 2016 24:38 AM

        Gold Stocks: The Money Stick Play
        Morris Hubbartt
        Super Force Precious Metals Video Analysis
        posted Sep 23, 2016

        Here are today’s videos and charts…. (click on the links in Blue)

          Sep 24, 2016 24:40 AM

          Gold Ends Slightly Higher As Strong Week Closes; Equities Falter
          Gary Wagner – September 23, 2016 – Weekend Review VIDEO – Technical Analysis

            Sep 24, 2016 24:37 AM

            Judging by the fact that the COMEX had to get gold from Swiss refiners, it is my prediction that on Monday morning gold will resume an upwards trajectory. However we do still have the comex options expiry, finishing on Tuesday night and the OTC/LBMA options finishing next Friday night, on first day notice for the October contract months.
            Silver is interesting, with London appearing to be very low on physical. The COMEX is hitting it as hard as it can in after hours situations. The open interest now being still about 140% of annual silver production (ex China)

            Sep 24, 2016 24:12 AM

            CFS – What I am most interested to see is how things will play out of the investor appetite of the West picks up and continues to run up Gold backed ETF demand, causing there to me more pressure to bring back over the Gold that was sold from the West to the East (mostly to China, India, Thailand, Russia) over the last 5 years.

            There is a good chance that if demand went 25-50% more in the large Gold backed ETFs that there may be a bottleneck getting the East to turn back over that Gold to the Western investors. This would put a bit more constraint on the gold available for investment for the ETFs, and cause an uptick in demand, further fueling that kind of rally. (likely in 2017/2018)

        Sep 24, 2016 24:25 AM

        Fed is irrelevant to gold long term. Too many pundits on the bandwagon for gold to rally after the obvious–Fed can NEVER raise rates meaningfully.

          Sep 24, 2016 24:07 AM

          Agreed John Chew. I’m not big fan of the FED, and think it is insane that the marketplace now hangs on every word of the Central banks, when they are mostly full of hot air.

          Personally, I just like to read Adam Hamilton’s thoughts each week, and know a number of other investors have commented on his editorials in the past, so I thought others may like some weekend reading.


            Sep 24, 2016 24:36 AM

            Notice that Hamilton knows the truth about rising rates and gold.

            Sep 24, 2016 24:24 AM

            Of course, I agree with you about the Fed, Excelsior.

            I really believe that its only current and basic purpose is to act like a marketing firm whose job is simply to convince the masses that everything is okay. I cannot tell you how many “intelligent” people who I know who firmly believe that everything is really okay because the Fed says that it is.

            Sep 24, 2016 24:37 AM

            Big Al – Great analogy of the Fed being nothing more than a large Marketing Firm.
            Yes, everything is fine in Mudville, cause Mother Felon and her goons say so.

            The economy is “recovering” and the “Mc-Job numbers are improving” right?

            What could possibly go wrong? …….

      Sep 24, 2016 24:49 AM

      Good morning Ex.Any suggestions on how to play moly based on its stockpiles dwindling?

        Sep 24, 2016 24:19 AM

        Freeport-McMoRan, Thompson Creek, Teck, and Taseko all have exposure to molybdenum.

        It is tragically ironic that now that Molycorp bit the dust, Great Western Minerals bit the dust, and Lynas if floundering around on life support, that so many Strategic Metals and Specialty Metals are now starting to feel the demand crunch again. With the epic rise of the REE bubble, and the even more epic crash….. there are few companies left to help out as most exploration and development of new mines has screeched to a hault over the last 5 years.

        There are a few smaller companies in the specialty metals space that still show promise, and a few more larger Base Metal conglomerates that have some Moly exposure, but the cure will be increased prices driving demand.

          Sep 24, 2016 24:47 AM

          Wolfster – I’ve continued thinking about your question, saw this, and think it does a pretty good job of laying out the lay of the land with Molybdenum:


          10 Top Molybdenum-producing Countries
          What countries were the top molybdenum producers in 2015?
          Charlotte McLeod • March 9, 2016

            Sep 24, 2016 24:31 PM

            Thanks.It reminded me about a hd company called Amarc which I have followed casually but looks like I might have to watch it more closely now…..btw just so I am sharing too going slightly overweight Aug in my portfolio.lots of news will be flowing soon.

            Sep 24, 2016 24:04 PM

            Yes – Auryn has a very solid team at the helm. Is the anticipated news an update on the Homestake acquisition or is it more drill results ?

            Sep 24, 2016 24:34 PM

            Pretty sure it’s drill results.Ivan clearly stated they will need more capital to do the extensive 2017 drilling planned for all 3 properties and they will not be doing it before committee bay results are released.They have already said home stake value alone is equal to the market cap so getting committee bay and Peru for free right now……I never bought but have followed Stratton resources go all the way up to .70 without any asset in it just because Ivan and Shawn are involved in the company.These guys are money.

            Sep 24, 2016 24:30 PM

            Thanks Wolfster. I’ll keep an eye on the Auryn news flow. Thanks for the heads up.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:43 AM

    Interesting conversation with Avi – sounds like there is still time to load up the train at lower prices for PM miners.

    But be careful if GDX goes below high 19. Noted.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:45 AM

    WOW – a double bottom for oil!! That would be circa $28 and would scare the bejesus out of the oil companies. All those oil companies that have done so well this year would be looking to halve, or more, in stock price.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:46 AM

      The above was in response to Avi’s comments on where the oil price is going.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:02 AM

      Yes, if oil went that low, it would indicate something is really wrong with the global economy, a hidden deflation so to speak.
      I am not too sure how one can forecast a look at 2600 on the SPX while stating oil may undercut the lows from earlier this year. The dollar would have to rally significantly to drive oil that low.
      Avi-What is your leg lower on the SPX translate to?
      The FED needs a lower dollar. If the dollar rallied significantly, there would be an escalation in the currency war!

        Sep 24, 2016 24:59 AM

        Yes, very good point Richard.

        Oil retesting the high 20 bucks per barrel would pull down so many oil and mining stocks that the SPX, and all global indices, would be significantly lower than today.

          Sep 24, 2016 24:55 PM

          I am not sure why one cannot see the next drop in the SPX coinciding with a corresponding drop in oil?

            Sep 24, 2016 24:31 PM

            Absolutely right. I can envision a drop in oil to breach the $40 level to see what it is made of. The SPX back to the 2100 area.
            So I agree with you, I just think you are looking lower than I am.

          Sep 25, 2016 25:52 AM

          With oil at $20 they will turn to cannibalism in Venezuela.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:43 AM

            Then the zombie survivors will head north to the US. Better hurry up and build that wall.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:01 PM


            Sep 25, 2016 25:06 PM

            Bob UK – That comment made me think of thw final scene in this trailer:

            World War Z – Official Trailer


            Sep 25, 2016 25:08 PM

            at the 2 min 10 sec mark.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:51 AM

    Interesting comments from Avi that both gold and general stocks could be going lower in the short term before both much higher later in the year.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:23 AM

    Oh no, AVI , you are during my ALGO bullish on the miners since you are turning bearish-the correction “isn’t over.” Note HOW MANY pundits turned bullish after meaningless Fed ddn’t raise “rates.” I will be covering shorts soon. You just follow price. I have been shorting like crzzy since you published your gold and silver + in Early August. If GDX goes over 33 or below $19–pretty wide whipsaw for your followers.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:51 AM

    The time-stamps on these comments, are they Pacific Time Zone [ UTC – 8 ] ?

      Sep 24, 2016 24:06 AM

      Big Al lives in Washington state, so that would make sense.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:27 AM

      Yes, I believe that they are Pacific Time.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:58 AM

    I resumed my assumptions on volatility with a correction, giving the EU independence vote its own place, while the vote may have given impetus to a rise in the stock markets and set a delay in volatility. So we aught to be seeing the volatility low in the next couple of weeks. It would be ironic if news headlines would be claiming a new economic paradigm has been discovered.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:47 AM

    Avi is that a b wave triangle or a c wave rhombus?

    How many guys are on your euro analysis “team”?

    Just watch $1340

    Sep 24, 2016 24:49 AM

    In Seg 4 @ 7:35 – Valentin Schmid said a Bail-In would cause a classic external bank run. He is correct. But to take it a step further, a Bail-In would cause a long long term loss of confidence by the general people of the banking system.

    As a historical example, common people who lost everything during the Great Depression never regained their lost confidence in Banks. So any bail-in of today’s banks is s VERY bad idea as it would cause a similar loss of confidence.

    As a spin off of those out comes [ Loss of Confidence ] – two unrelated topics :
    1. Perhaps an alternative financial tool will replace banks for the common man – b/c they no longer trust that banks and will not put money there.
    2. The ‘war on cash’ becomes a reality – once there is no cash then the common man would be unable to keep cash out of the system.

    I can’t take credit for these ideas . . . we’ve heard them before. But they do ring true.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:30 AM

      Xriva, the bankers will do anything to avoid the loss of control, bail ins, nirp, zirp, ban on cash, the last thing they want to admit is they are clueless when it comes to financial matters. If the system was allowed to crash and cleanse itself the public would realize what a bunch of fools are running the monetary system. Now they are talking about roboumpires in baseball, humans have created this mess but machines will make it infallible. Bring on the robopoliticians! LOL!

        Sep 24, 2016 24:37 AM

        I agree completely !!!
        Funny you should refer to robopoliticians. In the future I potentially see AI (artificial intelligence) playing a large role in national governance. While there’s a lot to figure out with AI government, it could probably do a lot better than humans – probably more intelligence but certainly with less politics, greed and dishonesty.
        Just think of a government sans those negative attributes.

          Sep 24, 2016 24:16 AM

          God help us, if we are stupid enough to hand over control to robo-anything.
          Do you not realize that anything AI related is only as good as the initial computer instructions?
          Do we really want robotic AI parsing words and saying things like”it depends on what the meaning of “is” is.”?

            Sep 24, 2016 24:31 AM

            We are smart enough to create nuclear bombs just because we can.
            AI could expand to the point of no use for humans at all.
            Just because they can.

            Sep 24, 2016 24:34 AM

            CFS, you are living in the past, most of our society is already being run by artificial intelligence because it is cheaper, faster, and smarter than humans. DT

            Sep 24, 2016 24:49 AM

            If you listen to segment 7 with Sean – he mentions how Big Al may be rolling out the Cory 5000.

            The times they are a changin’ ……..

            Sep 24, 2016 24:51 AM

            Trinfinity fans should note the 888 in that link above 🙂

            Sep 24, 2016 24:53 PM

            At least I’m not so out of touch as my local city, county and state government.
            It is obvious to me that within a decade there will be few, if any, owned cars that are not self-driving.
            The cost or availability of insurance for non-self-drive cars will either not exist or be prohibitively expensive. Yet, do you think the city/state will consider this future in current development of roads, etc. Not at all. So stupid!

        Sep 24, 2016 24:30 AM

        I agree with you, Mr. Tracy

      Sep 24, 2016 24:29 AM

      Xriva, I believe that all folks in our camp have lost a certain amount of confidence in the banking system. I, for one, am imply being very careful because I know the industry better than most.

        Sep 24, 2016 24:01 PM

        I agree with you there Al. There are many good banks, mostly smaller in size, but they are unfortunately in a corrupt system.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:58 PM


      A bail-in would not cause a long-term loss of confidence by the general public unless depositor’s money was involved. A bail-in that involved only unsecured debt would very likely not create much of a concern for the average depositor. Certainly not like what happened back in the Great Depression.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:31 AM

    I would like to hear more about the Lithium market and companies.
    Please have Sean Brodrick back after his Lithium trip.
    Also – if there is a ‘Rick Rule’ or ‘Brent Cook’ of Lithium then please have them as guests.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:02 AM

    I regard Rick Rule as one of my personal house Gods 🙂

    I would absolutely love for you guys to do a follow up on Mexus Gold whenever that is possible. And something on theralase when/if their ITA arrives
    Have a good weekend.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:03 AM

    I have been thinking about monetary policy.
    (What the US needs is fiscal change not monetary changes, but we have a useless corrupt Congress and worse Executive..
    I stated last year that since the US simply could not afford higher interest rates, we would not have interest rate increases.
    I have never met Janet Yellen personally. But I have spoken to people that have made her acquaintance. I am led to believe that she is a politically motivated person, being on the socialist end of the Democrat spectrum. That being the case, I believe what will happen in December may well depend on the outcome of the general election.
    Specifically, if Donald Trump wins, I believe the Ms. Yellen will persuade the FOMC to raise rates; thereby possibly collapsing the stock market, if it has not already happened by then.
    If Hillary Clinton wins, I believe we will see helicopter money injections.
    Call me cynical. I am, by nature. But this is the only scenario which fits all known facts.
    A lot can happen in the 45 days to the election and well over two months to the December FOMC meeting, but that’s the way I see it.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:35 PM

      Glad to see we are on the same page.
      Rates will be dictated by the bond market, nothing else. That is the reason that the FED is so screwed up today. They were expecting higher rates, but rates continued lower. The bottom line, they think the dollar is too strong now. Raising rates would only strengthen it more. So if 10 YR > 2.25%, expect a rate increase. Problem is that Europe’s rates would need to rise as well otherwise the spread would be too large.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:14 AM

    Great show!!!
    Hug was great as was Rule’s fundamental value calculation tips.
    Reggie Mildelton on Valentines show 2 weeks back was terrific. I would like to see a another analysis/argument on DB that brings in more nuanced views regarding DB’s “imminent collapse/break-up”….maybe taking into account what the world’s central banks did for the American banks via the Fed. I can’t imagine the world’s central banks will let the EU implode without giant bailouts and rule changing to keep the ponzi-game afloat with or without a Euro. There are 4 big central banks involved …not only the ECB here! After 22+ years of Japanese and 8+ years of American “ponzification” why won’t the cartel prop up the Europeans for decades to come? All players/trading blocks have too much skin in the game…they will all go under if DB is not saved or Lehman-ised.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:53 AM

      well said confused.

      Sep 25, 2016 25:09 AM

      Interesting article Pete. It makes a lot of sense to go electric in mines, and we’ll see things continue to develop this way moving forward, due to lower emissions in the mine, the ability to store energy that a mine can source from their own private solar, wind, or water turbine (conditions depending), and to get more fixed costs instead of the fluctuations from using gas/oil. If gas/oil prices do start heading up in a major way over the next year or so, then going electric will become more and more appealing.


      “It’s a fully integrated battery technology where you don’t have to remove, handle or swap batteries underground, providing improved safety for operators and maintenance crews.”

      “By using electric energy from an onboard battery during tramming, the DD422iE produces zero emissions while maneuvering between headings. This improves health and safety for miners working underground. Less diesel usage in a mine thanks to diesel-free drilling can ease ventilation requirements, while also reducing associated diesel logistics and maintenance expenses.”

      – Makes sense

    Sep 24, 2016 24:44 AM

    As I posted back on Wednesday here is the list of presentations at Denver

    Sep 24, 2016 24:32 AM

    Bob Hoye seems to think that the dollar is about to rise substantially but that looks unlikely to me.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:37 AM

    Germany About to Raise Property Taxes Significantly –

    The greatest problem with real estate is you cannot pick up and leave. The Federal Council in Germany is planning to re-evaluate the approximately 35 million homes in Germany. It is now expected that the result is likely to be a significant increase in the property tax. Administrative expenses for the state fund-raising action is very significant and more than 50% of municipalities were in financial trouble BEFORE the refugee crisis.

    This is the final stage of property before capital begins to shift to equities.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:31 AM

    I’m mostly in agreement with Avi including his take on bonds.

    It will be very bullish if the miners manage to break higher next week but I share Avi’s reservations for now.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:39 PM

      I would rather see gold stocks continue to correct longer.
      Too early for them to ascend further. If so, could be a B wave type rally. I would rather them embark on a third wave coming up after the wave 2 is complete. I am bullish. Bottom line, I am looking for HUI to go back to 195 or so to evaluate.
      What do you think about PVG?

        Sep 24, 2016 24:48 PM

        Could be, Richard, but I think a break higher next week would catch a lot of smart people off guard and poorly positioned. That’s a recipe for impressive moves. Remember, one of the traits of strong bull markets is that they frustrate almost everyone and often fail to reach even conservative corrective targets.

        Like most of the sector, PVG has some weekly chart technical sell signals but it is holding up well and looks great from a longer term perspective.

        If I owned it, I would be focused on buying weakness not selling rallies at this time.

          Sep 25, 2016 25:45 PM

          Matthew – Good thoughts on the dynamics in a bull market frustrating both bulls and bears alike, by not correcting to the targets many anticipate. It will be interesting to see if investors get caught off-sides over the next few weeks going into October.

          My thoughts were that the summer had such and unseasonably bullish move, taking out a number of prior peaks, that it may have borrowed from some of the fall rally. There were a few editorials out in August to this effect. I expected a little harder pullback in the metals in late August and September than we have actually had, but planned for a bounce in October, with one more solid up-leg in the PM miners before cooling down a bit into the year-end tax selling.

          In anticipation of this, I’ve added to a few mining positions during the weaker prices for the last 2 weeks. It would be great if there was an impulse leg up that took out the recent peaks and kept on trucking, leaving most investors dazed and confused…..

      Sep 25, 2016 25:46 PM

      Matthew, the Aden sisters put this article out in 2013. They use the A – rise, B – decline, C – rise, D – decline model through the years.. If he D – decline going into 2015 was supposed to hit $1033 instead of $1045. The D – decline shoulkd have been close enough. Are we now in a B – decline phase getting ready for the Big C- Rise? This is the closet example I could find. That was a hell of an A rise off the 2015 lows, if I’m on the right track. What say you?

        Sep 25, 2016 25:46 PM

        I think you are on the right track and I consider it bullish that the reversal came before reaching or breaching $1033.

          Sep 25, 2016 25:43 PM

          If this is the B – decline, that is going to be an astronomical C – Rise in the making. The C- rise is the greatest leg. The election will give them an excuse to throw the kitchen sink, but the market may call their bluff. Hopefully this is the real deal on deck. Does it match up chart wise using their template?

            Sep 25, 2016 25:48 PM

            I believe it does match up using their template and that you are right about the astronomical potential.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:15 PM

            Btw, they can throw the kitchen sink at it or even a hot tub, gold will not be derailed.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:18 PM

    Ex, you are making a dubious assumption that gold ETFs have 100% physical and not paper gold.
    After years of looking and seeing the use of round numbers for 100 oz bars (when they are not exactly 100 oz) it is clear that the ETFs contain at least some paper.
    Just how much, I do not know. But we will find out one day, I suspect. People like Harvey Organ, Bill Murphy have been warning about this for over a decade.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:28 PM

      Yes agreed. As for the voracity of paper Gold, that subject has been covered, rehashed, warned against, discussed again, rehashed some more, and then covered again.

      I don’t own any paper gold, as it kind of defeats the whole purpose of holding precious metals without counter-party risk IMO. The ETFs are simply trading tools. I prefer trading the mining companies on their own merits anyway.

      My only point up above was that there are ETFs and Funds that are supposed to have physical gold in storage backing up the shares. Much of that Gold left the investors in the West, was melted down in Switzerland (the gatekeepers) and sent in smaller denominations into the East (China, India, Thailand, Russia, etc…). Now that investment demand is returning in the West, I wonder if this demand my hit a bottleneck as those in the East won’t be as willing to give that gold back.

      This can put a little more of a backdrop behind the metals prices was all I was getting at.

      As for the voracity of paper Gold, that subject has been covered, rehashed, warned against, discussed again, rehashed some more, and then covered again.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:39 PM

      CFS…this is starting to make the rounds. Transition of Price Discovery in the Global Gold and Silver Market

      The following is a presentation “Transition of Price Discovery in the Global Gold and Silver Market” is by David Jensen to the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum (CIM) on September 22, 2016 in Vancouver, BC.

      The following is a presentation that he gave to the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) in Vancouver last week.

      He tried to be clear to the point that metals manipulation has had a detrimental effect on society and that mining companies had breached their duty to their corporations by pricing their metal through bullion banks and the LBMA – and also that it was essential that metals prices rise to prevent financial system collapse.

      He hopes this will help spur some factual discussion in this industry and shareholder pressure for officers and directors to meet their responsibilities to their corporations (their only legally binding obligation. Unfortunately, shareholders do not figure in the legal equation but only from a moral/ethical and societal standpoint).

    Sep 24, 2016 24:11 PM

    Hey Big Al, RE Segment 8: I know that you are not a dentist so I am wondering what sort of special license you had in order to buy gold bullion in the early 70’s and before? Perhaps you owned gold out of the country? Maybe you bought rare coins? Just wondering, maybe like myself you were buying silver or hording junk? In this country, from 1933 to 1974 it was illegal for U.S. citizens to own gold in the form of gold bullion, without a special license. On January 1, 1975, these restrictions were lifted and gold can now be freely held in the U. S. without any licensing or restrictions of any kind.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:42 PM

      It has always been legal to own gold in the form of religious medallions and foreign gold collectible coins. This was one standard way of circumventing the prohibition.

        Sep 24, 2016 24:06 PM

        it was, but came at a premium.

          Sep 25, 2016 25:52 AM

          Since the price was stupidly pegged at $35, what would you expect?
          Of course, there were small premiums.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:13 PM

    Thank-you Big Al and Corey for another informative and timely Weekend K.E. Report.
    This was an exceptionally good show!

      Sep 25, 2016 25:04 AM

      It really was a stacked lineup, and there hasn’t been any blog drama.

      Ahhh…. Breathe that free air!

    Sep 24, 2016 24:20 PM

    Ok,everybody go into hiding,we have a federal agent asking questions on KER.
    Lights out.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:24 PM

      Who is the federal agent?

      Sep 25, 2016 25:13 AM

      been called a lot of things, but never a fed before!

        Sep 25, 2016 25:21 AM


    Sep 24, 2016 24:32 PM

    That guy asking Big Al about his gold 😉

      Sep 24, 2016 24:35 PM

      Ha – I was imagining swat teams kicking in the doors and smashing through the windows of the KER studio and grabbing the mic from Big Al & Cory.

      I wasn’t worried because everyone underestimates the studio dog, and I knew we had that ace in the hole.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:39 PM


    Sep 24, 2016 24:35 PM

    Liked what Sean and Peter had to say. Thanks much.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:58 PM
      Sep 24, 2016 24:41 PM

      I agree. Don’t tell the birdman.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:02 PM

    I wouldn’t touch the Dow here. Sure, it could go up, but the risk/reward is very unappealing.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:28 PM

    “If anyone in the private sector promised workers pensions and did not fund them, they would go to jail and be labelled as a fraud. Yet, this is standard operating procedure for government.”

      Sep 25, 2016 25:31 AM

      I wish that were true Matt, but it isn’t. For evidence look to Nortel pension debacle in Canada. . My 87 year old uncle who got f-ed by the neutering -45% of his Nortel pension will be dead by the time this is settled.

        Sep 25, 2016 25:39 AM

        Like so many mega corporations, Nortel is part of the untouchable corporatocracy – not main street. In other words, I wouldn’t consider Nortel a good example of the private sector – far from it.

          Sep 25, 2016 25:09 AM

          When a company gets in bed with the government, it ceases to be private.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:35 PM

            Well sure, Why would the govt become inwvolved if it did not control all the shots. I certainly would not be involved in a company I could not leave at anytime that I chose to. Would you?

            Sep 26, 2016 26:53 AM

            It seems to me that your definitions are a bit black and Maybe we should get into other things like American direct and indirect subsidies while we are at it? All trading countries do this. I believe that would make about 80+% of so called “private corps” in your definition tainted by “big government”. If that is your point, I get it. Otherwise, this is not worth arguing about.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:36 AM

            Confused, the vast majority of the thousands of corporations out there are harmed by government not helped. You are focusing on the high profile big ones. And, yes, if a company gains a competitive advantage due to government favors, it can not be considered private. Private companies compete in the private sector on the same terms. They do not get to shakedown the public.

          Sep 26, 2016 26:44 AM

          all most big corporations, especially American tech companies, since the second World War, have been propped up by tax payer monies and government contracts. Please read or listen to Noam Chomsky for informed guidance on this issue. This is what M.I.T was for.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:40 AM

            I’ve known all about Chomsky for decades and, despite the many truths he tells, he is a fraud. That’s a general FYI and not necessarily a statement about his writings on the topic we are discussing.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:44 AM

            Former lefty James Corbett explains:

            Sep 26, 2016 26:03 AM


            R.E. Chomsky, I’m coming around to your point of view. That’s unfortunate, because I’ve learned a lot from him. But after watching youtube vids of him saying (paraphrasing) ‘Who cares who killed JFK, we’ve got more important things to think about’, and his horrible sophistry regarding 9/11, I’ve lost a lot of respect.

            The best defense I can think of for theses lapses, is that these were positions he had to take in order to maintain his privileged position, but that he did so in such a blatant way that no one would be convinced by them. But that’s a fairly lame defense.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:21 AM

            GH, he is also terrible when it comes to economics. The masses are so easy to dupe because they dutifully trust credentialed establishment academics rather than attempting to learn the facts for themselves.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:58 AM

            On a related note, a lot of problems would disappear if the masses would learn to distinguish left from right based on policy “means” rather than “ends” and, of course, sound money/monetary policy/economics. “Sound” = moral.

            For example, the neocons are just as left-wing as any collectivist/socialist because they, too, are big government authoritarians who are happy to sacrifice the individual “for the greater good” by trampling on his rights and arbitrarily stealing what’s his to fund whatever they please.
            Of course, the sheeple focus on campaign rhetoric as they’ve been programmed to their whole lives so they differentiate between left and right based, not on principles or ethics, but merely what a politician says he will do with the loot the government has taken from them.

            The big government bird has two left wings to choose from so real choice is an illusion – and by design. The original right wing promoted very limited government, free markets and individual rights. This is why it had to be systematically smeared for the last several decades. Now people think racist, redneck, extremist, etc., when they hear that someone is a “right winger.”

            As Jim Rogers said the other day, both Trump and Hillary would bankrupt the U.S. and take it to war but Hillary would do it faster. Could it be that Trump would take longer because he must show the few who know better that he’s a little more “right” than Hillary?

            Sep 26, 2016 26:08 PM

            I never even thought of looking to Chomsky for economic insight, lol.

            As far as ‘left’ vs ‘right’, I’ve pretty much given up using them as meaningful labels. Everyone seems to have their own notion of what they mean. As alluded to in your comment, I find a spectrum from individual liberty to centralized control to be a more useful way of assessing policy and politicians.


            Sep 26, 2016 26:15 PM

            You’d be surprised at the number people I’ve come across that think Chomsky knows his stuff about economics. Pitiful.

            As for left and right labels, they shouldn’t matter but seem to more than ever. The people have never been more confused or more divided.

            I’ve seen the explanation in your link before but it complicates things too much, for me.
            I think the scale should be a straight line with big, intrusive government at the left end and no government at the other end. The bigger the government, the more theft, force and collectivism there is, i.e. the more “left” there is.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:25 PM

            Isn’t it interesting that Eisenhower was against the bombing of Japan while Carter and Bush Sr. thought it was a good idea. Yes, the right was infiltrated and taken over by the globalist left a long time ago. And neocon Bush has endorsed neocon Hillary…

    Sep 24, 2016 24:31 PM

    Nevada Lithium Brine Top performers since June 27th 2016
    1. Nevada Sunrise NEV.V 71.11%
    2. Pure Energy Minerals. PE.V 36.84%
    3. Sienna Resources SIE.V 26.67%
    4.Zimtu Capitol Corp ZC.V 21.62%
    5.Lthium X LIX.V 20.53%

      Sep 25, 2016 25:22 PM

      Thanks JohnK. I’ve only paid attention to Pure Energy Minerals and Lithium X on that list, and I’ve actually scrubbed both those companies from consideration personally for the immediate future. I had higher hopes for Pure Energy, but their exploration program has run into issues and it turns out that they are not going to have the resource they were hoping for. Lithium X has struck out on 2 properties in a row, and is now trying to make their mark on their 3 property. I’m just not buying into the Frank Giustra hype, and feel they have moved up based on marketing fluff, while other legitimate Lithium companies have been over-looked.

      The only solid Lithium companies I feel good about are the 3 new Lithium producers Orocobre, Galaxy Resources, and NeoMetals, and the developing Lithium plays of Nemaska Lithium, Lithium Americas Corp, Critical Elements Corp, Dajin Resources, and there are about another dozen explorers that show some potential, but they are still very early stage at this point.

      I’ve added more thoughts, articles, and editorials on the Lithium thread up above throughout the weekend. If anyone has any thoughts or info to share regarding Lithium fundamentals or Lithium miners, please don’t keep them a trade secret.

    Sep 24, 2016 24:39 PM

    Nevada Lithium Brine Worst performers since June 27th 2016
    1. Resolve Ventures RSV.V -78.95%
    2. American Lithium Corp LI.V-72.61%
    3. Alix Resources AIX.V -56.00%
    4. Nevada Energy Metals BFF.V -42.22%
    5. Zadar Ventures ZAD.V –41.30%

    Sep 24, 2016 24:58 PM

    Wow, a lot of comments.
    So what is the bottom line?
    Do people think that after this mild correction completes, does the market have enough energy to make a higher high?
    I guess it all depends on the USD.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:31 PM

      2016 is the year paradigms shift .. . so don’t assume the dollar is a driver. Time to look at markets a bit differently.

      Sep 24, 2016 24:36 PM

      Yes, the important 64 dollar question. Seems we had a post Fed bounce and could now be heading back down. Flash crash before the election?

    Sep 25, 2016 25:43 AM
      Sep 25, 2016 25:54 PM

      People have to eat!

        Sep 25, 2016 25:40 PM

        I’ve swing-traded Mosaic, Potash Corp, Intrepid Potash, Israel Chemicals, and been keeping an eye on Danakali, Encanto Postash, IC Potash, Potash Ridge, and Gensource Potash (the company in that Palisade Radio interview) as other potential candidates. There is also the ETF (SOIL) that has a number of them included as well, but I haven’t been impressed with it’s holdings or weightings over time, so I usually just trade the individual stocks.

        I’ve got a list of about 50 Agricultural-based companies (Potash, other Fertilizers, growing innovations, agricultural land investments, and then a number of soft commodity-based ETFs and Funds. This sector has been going down for the last few years, but I believe we are seeing massive change on a global scale, and that the world’s increasing population will simply need more food, and that these companies will play a pivotal role. The Agricultural sector is definitely on sale and not overbought at present, but it should turn up with the rest of the commodities over the next few years on a macro level.

        Thanks for the post CFS!

      Sep 25, 2016 25:39 PM

      Been involved financially in only one potash company and I lost a lot of money and time. Sad to say. Did not listen to my gut level feelings about management.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:01 AM

    Matthew, have you seen a chart of the Topps 1959 Mickey Mantle card vs. the price of gold? In 2002 my Mantle cards were going for $400 ea. and gold was 250/oz. I knew I should’ve swapped my Mantle cards for gold eagles, but sadly I just couldn’t part with my Mantles.

      Sep 25, 2016 25:30 AM

      No, I haven’t. Collectibles tend to be well correlated with the economy and can be fickle for many other reasons so it can be very difficult to sell the top (or in this case, Topps 😉 ). The IRS wrongly considers gold a collectible, too.

      Wow, in the best condition, yours cards appear to be worth as much as $15,000…

        Sep 25, 2016 25:52 AM

        —-> On August 5, 2016 at 11:13 am,
        Excelsior says:

        “I know right? Who wants to invest in companies that are risky, when it is probably much safer to buy cardboard pictures.”

        “Investors will be sorry when the economy falls apart in a debt spiral any moment, and human beings finally make the obvious transition over to Sports memorabilia cards for all daily commerce and transactions.”

        “It seems the best thing to do is trade all my gold & silver (that doesn’t pay a dividend or yield, it just sits there collecting dust like an old relic) for a piece of cardboard for the upcoming financial meltdown. It’s the wave of the future!!”


        —-> On August 5, 2016 at 11:21 am,
        Excelsior says:

        “Of course, if times get really tough, even Sports memorabilia cards may go up in smoke, because I heard there are 100 paper contracts on each actual cardboard picture, so it is a derivative juggernaut waiting to implode.”

        “If it truly becomes a meltdown, it is clear the world would most likely throw all these financial hedges out the window and revert back to PEZ dispensers, porcelain figurines, and Velvet Elvis paintings. Be schmart – buy art.”

          Sep 25, 2016 25:10 PM

          Excelsior, your info is truly appreciated, and everyone else! Been looking into starting a position into the lithium market. The links all you folks put on, only insured my ideas. Galaxy Reasources, good company to start a position with? I like that there price is down at the moment.

            Sep 25, 2016 25:27 PM

            Excelsior, I definitely second what Whit said. Thanks man!

            Sep 25, 2016 25:22 PM

            Hi Whit. Thanks for the kind words. It is fun to share good investing ideas.

            Yes, Galaxy Resources is one of the primary Lithium companies I’ve hitched my wagon to. I’ve been trading in and out of their stock since 2012, and over that time have seen them evolve through many changes.

            Galaxy built their massive world class Jiangsu Battery plant in Asia back in 2012 and got it processing battery grade LI back in 2013, way before Tesla had dreams of his gigafactory. They ran into challenges after an unfortunate death at the plant right when they kicked on the switch and didn’t really recover because it shut them down and limited their production with all the government and social scrutiny. As a result, they had to sell the plant (which was processing all the Talison Lithium for Sichuan Tianqi Lithium). That was a real bummer, but it allowed them to live to fight another day. That day is now upon us.

            They took all that money, made a strategic acquisition in the Sal de Vida asset in Argentina, and they also have their original flagship Mt Cattlin asset in Australia that is now in production, and the 3rd project James Bay in Canada.

            2016 has been a transformational year for them, because they went into commercial production at Mt Cattlin on their spodumene mine, but they also were very strategic and bought out all the interest in the project from their JV partner General Mining just a few months back. They now have 100% interest on that the Mt. Cattlin mine. That was a bigger deal than the marketplace gave them credit for, because it came out when LI prices and LI miners started to correct down as a sector.

            The real roadblock for Galaxy has been that it took more money than expected to optimize that mine, and they are over-budget on that project. That’s mining for ya….

            Moving forward their plan is to take the incoming revenue from Mt Cattlin to continue funding development work on Sal de Vida to get it ready to build that mine. They’ll have to raise more capital down the road of course to put that into production, but they’ll have a mix of production revenue and debt to move that one forward.

            One of the things that makes it hard to establish an accurate projection for how fast they can pay down their debt, and what kind of revenues to expect over the next few years, is the very uncertain underlying price of Lithium. Some projections I’ve seen are too optimistic, but there were more analysts that started covering their company recently that are much too bearish on where the Lithium prices will settle down, and thus see challenges with their current debt load Lithium is one of the most hotly debated commodities and energy metals there is in the space today, but pricing projections are just all over the map…..

            Most the of the price projections for Lithium prices are either pie-in-the-sky, or super bearish claiming batteries, Electronic Vehicles, and such are all just a fad and the bubble will pop any day now. Both camps (cult-like bullishness, and cult-like bearishness) are a bit crazy, and the reality is that the Lithium story will continue to develop, and there are clearly legitimate needs for more energy storage in a number of industries (especially tech, automotive, back up batteries for Solar & Wind, ceramics, glass, grease, and medicine).

            Back to Galaxy — Personally, I’ve had a free ride in the stock for some time, and have traded in and out of it so often that I’ve lost track where the percentage returns are. I acquired much of my position over years buying dips and selling rips, but a large portion of the position I picked up between $.018, $.038, $.054, $.057, $.058, $.068. $.033, $.05, and that general zone. I unloaded a lot of the position between $.32 – $.41, but still have a core position in place. It is definitely been around a 15-20X bagger for me, but I see the potential as being much, much larger than that over the next few years.

            GALXF closed on Friday at $.2305 it pulled down from where it was a few months back ($.42), (with the rest of the Lithium sector). I actually added some GALXF on Friday for the first time in months and believe it represents very good value at it’s current level. It may have a bit more downside risk, (and I’m actually very interested it buying it all day long if it dips down below $.20). Personally, I’ve been watching this company for a while, and it is one of the few legitimate companies available to investors, and it will have it’s day.

            The biggest headwind to their price appreciation is their higher debt load, and the slower than expected and more costly ramp up into commercial production this year at their Australian Mt Cattlin Mine. The upside is that Sal de Vida is a world class deposit, and it will be a force in the Lithium marketplace for decades to come.

            It is clear that most of the 70-80 companies now claiming to be Lithium miners or explorers are completely rubbish, marketing hype, deal jumpers (prior REE stocks, Medical Marijuana stocks, prior terrible Uranium explorers, or prior terrible gold/silver explorers). When analysts knock the bubble and froth that has appeared in many of these stocks….. Then I agree 100%.

            As I’ve mentioned repeatedly on the KER for several years now regarding Lithium stocks, most are crap. That is absolutely true. There are real companies that went from Explorer, to Development stage, to Production.

            So far only 4 companies have done this. Talison (now privately owned by the Chinese), Orocobre, Galaxy Resources, and NeoMetals. I own positions in the 3 small producers (OROCF) , (GALXF), and (RRSSF) because personally I like the leverage that small producers can experience, and they are much safer than betting on some willy-nilly exploration story in Nevada that is all the buzz right now.

            The other 2 companies I hold are Lithium Americas Corp (the next company that will go into production and they are JV’d with one of the Big 3 – SQM) and Nemaska Lithium (one of the most advanced Exploration and development stage companies). Pilbara Minerals is also a company that will be going into LI production soon. Other companies that seem to be on track are Critical Elements Corp, Dajin Resources, Bacanora Minerals, and I still am watching Pure Energy Minerals and Lithium X to see if they can both do something to improve their resource and get back on track with better exploration results.

            There are a number of explorers that have had insane moves up in shareprice this year, but I do believe many of those are just a flash in the pan. I’ve decided to go the more slow and steady route with Lithium due to the highly risky and speculative nature of the business. There are another dozen explorers that seem to have located interesting deposits or a few good drill holes, but as far as defining their resources as economic…..that is a big IF for 90% of them.

            Best of luck doing your research, and if you come across any good exploration projects that are more defined with with real resources, please post on them.

            Sep 26, 2016 26:50 AM

            One word.
            Cheers (admittedly its already a 6 bagger for me).


            Sep 26, 2016 26:35 AM

            Yes Skeeta – 2 words – Well done!

            Kidman has been on a role, and has spiked on their news of their drill results once they located their pegmatite deposit. It may well turn into an economic LI deposit, but at this point it is still speculative. Since Kidman is a gold company that found Lithium, I am wondering if they may just spin out that resource separately down the road to keep their focus on Gold?

            Kidman is on my list of the dozen companies that may have found a legitimate resource, but the burden of proof is still on them to prove it could be an economic Lithium deposit after mine construction, etc… Also, they only have an Australian ticker, and no OTC. Until I get switched over to a new trading platform, that one is unavailable to me.

            For Australia, Pilbara seems much more focused on just Lithium, and I believe they will get their asset into production.


          Sep 25, 2016 25:48 PM

          EX,Don’t sell ur gold mang! It is going mainstream!!!
          I was listening to CBC this afternoon and Darrell MacMullin ceo of Goldmoney was on a technology show called Spark….talking about the return of gold.
          He is not a tin-foiler. The segment is a 26 minute interview about money…called “Adapting to tech disruption in the financial sector”

    Sep 25, 2016 25:11 PM

    La lunga notte

    Sep 25, 2016 25:20 PM

    This is the night we settle all business

    Sep 25, 2016 25:16 PM

    You are a natural resource company encyclopedia! There is a another company that is interesting Houston lake mining …now Frontier Lithium.

      Sep 25, 2016 25:34 PM

      Frontier Lithium [formerly known as Houston Lake] (HLKMF) (FL) is actually one that Chris Temple follows more closely. He’s probably be able to speak to the nuances of their projects in more detail; but yes, they are in that dozen of quality LI explorers that are still trying to develop their resource to see if it will be an economic deposit overall.

      From what I’ve observed, Houston Lake/Frontier Lithium has had some good drill results, with their pegmatite recoveries of Lithium. They used to be a specialty metals company, before re-branding as a Lithium company, because they also have sizeable quantities of Tantalum, Rubidium and Cesium.

      Their focus seems to have shifted towards developing their resource into technical grade Lithium carbonate (for ceramics, glass, grease & lubricants, and industrial uses) versus the more stringent processing for lithium hydroxide, that is gaining traction with battery use.

      Frontier Lithium is definitely one on my watch-list, but I have no position in it at present, and with them want to see a bit more proof of concept. Of course, if they do prove their concept more, then the share price appreciation will have already occurred, so the speculator in me is tempted just to throw some funny money their way and see where this new directions takes them. Still very high risk IMO though.

        Sep 25, 2016 25:33 PM

        Much obliged…….Captain Shad

    Sep 25, 2016 25:03 PM

    Global Supply Of Gold Tightens After Barrick Mine Closure

    An Argentinian judge has ordered an indefinite suspension of mining at Barrick’s Veladero gold mine in Argentina due to a serious cyanide leak. To underscore the severity of the situation,it is being speculated that Barrick’s mine manager – who is no longer working at the site – has fled to Canada to avoid any possible prosecution.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:47 PM

    PMs going up on the SGE, down on the GLOBEX.
    I’m getting tired of this.
    Perhaps the Presidential debate will move them up in the US.

      Sep 26, 2016 26:50 AM

      Same old juke , the SGE only slowed the NY globe sham down.

        Sep 26, 2016 26:54 AM

        Juke should be joke, ..but, new term…..Juke= joke in UK exchange

    Sep 25, 2016 25:52 PM

    The dark side is defending the $1340 level at all costs.

    You are getting tired of it?

    I think everyone is tired of it.

    If you can’t shake them out, wear them out.

    They will keep attacking until it all blows up

    Sep 25, 2016 25:54 PM

    It may be the biggest gold producer ex-Asia, but Barrick’s management sucks.
    They almost bankrupted the country by hedging a decade ago, they’ve sold off good assets at the bottom of the bear market to get them out of that mess, and now spills.(They probably cut some corners). Am I glad I have not owned them for over ten years.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:01 PM

    I bought a lot of gold mining stocks but never Barrick

    Sep 25, 2016 25:03 PM

    Hong Kong is even selling off PMs.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:07 PM

    I give up trying to figure out what China is doing with gold.

    In my mind whe gold opens up Asia should be buying.

    I don’t get it

    Sep 25, 2016 25:32 PM

    The plot thickens…..
    While Hillary was negotiating the Iran deal, the story goes, her plane was forced down over Iran and she sustained head injuries in December, 2012.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:40 PM

    SGE SILVER DROPPED TO $20 and then buyers began pushing the price back up.

    I still don’t think it can be pushed down by London because of shortage of physical, but I don’t know.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:45 PM

    According to vonGreyetz over at

    The BoJ is a top 10 shareholder in 90% of Japanese stocks. So not only is the BoJ holding Japanese bonds that they can never repay, but they are desperately trying to support the Japanese stock market. Just as the bonds will become worthless, they are likely to lose at least 90% on their stock holdings. The balance sheet of the BoJ is now approaching 0.5 quadrillion yen ($5 trillion) which makes them the biggest money printer in the world. But it won’t stop there. Kuroda’s latest folly is to hold the 10-year bond interest rate at 0% for an undetermined period. As investors start dumping Japanese bonds, the BoJ will need to print unlimited amounts of yen and increase debt exponentially to keep rates at zero.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:52 PM

    Japan Gold Corp. is pleased to announce that the Company has been invited to speak at the Tokyo Mining Investment Seminar. The Embassy of Canada to Japan has organized a mining investment seminar on September 29, 2016 in Tokyo. The seminar will provide an opportunity for Japan Gold to meet with Japanese companies interested in investment or partnership, and to further solidify its relationships with Japanese government officials.
    Further to the news release dated September 16, 2016 announcing Japan Gold’s acquisition of Southern Arc Minerals Japan KK for 25,000,000 shares (“Acquisition”) and the issuance of 17,500,000 common shares for the private placement financing of C$7,000,000 (“Private Placement”), and as a result of the dilution associated with these transactions, Mr. Frank Giustra and Mr. Brian Paes-Braga are no longer deemed to be insiders of the Company.

    Sep 25, 2016 25:15 PM

    A MUST WATCH: (off topic, but important)

    Sep 25, 2016 25:52 PM

    If Trump wins the Presidential election, I believe there will be genuine infrastructure spending in the US to stimulate job growth. This will be part of the helicopter money drop spending.(please note I am neither endorsing or criticizing such action.). In light of potential infrastructure spending, both concrete and zinc companies are potential beneficiaries of such spending.
    Also zinc was mentioned in this forum a few days ago.
    The latest TFMetals on Callinex, a zinc company:

    Sep 25, 2016 25:43 PM

    There is nothing scary about silver right here for the buy-and-hold investor.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:33 AM

    The emerging markets ETF, EEM, is holding up very well – a good sign for silver and the miners:

    Sep 26, 2016 26:57 AM

    OMG are you still pumping silver…I am a buy and hold investor.

    Silver = F

    I would love you to be right.

    If gold goes silver will follow

      Sep 26, 2016 26:25 AM

      James, it is up 42% this year and has spanked gold. I’m already right.

      FYI, I am not “pumping” silver, I’m calling it like it is and don’t care one bit if anyone buys it. I’m not even buying it right now because the miners still offer far more upside.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:18 AM

    Al, Corey et al.
    Wow this is how desperate our central bankers are to get inflation going!

      Sep 26, 2016 26:40 AM

      Written by a forest fire-fighter who knows diddlely squat about economics and inflation….

    Sep 26, 2016 26:35 AM

    Meanwhile Sprott is expecting a Sino-Russian attack on the dollar this month:

    Sep 26, 2016 26:50 AM

    I said last week I can get inflation in 5 seconds…just reprice gold to $5000 an ounce, you will have all the inflation they want. But they won’t do it!

    Just keep repeating to yourself…

    Deutsche Bank = Lehman
    Deutsche Bank = Lehman
    Deutsche Bank = Lehman…

    Sep 26, 2016 26:01 AM

    Tonight is the night, Trump and his deplorables as Hillary refers to them are constantly being lambasted in our media. Obviously a lot of people like him or he wouldn’t be where he is. The irony is that as she insults his supporters it will only shore up their resolve. The drama will be in Trump’s favor, he is the “King of Reality TV.”

    Sep 26, 2016 26:06 AM

    100 million will turn in tonight to watch the slugfest

    get some popcorn

    its now or never for $1340

    Sep 26, 2016 26:09 AM

    I know little about CORR
    CoreEnrgy infrastructure, except to notice it was up this morning.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:27 AM

    If Hillary wears her pearl shaped ear bud, Trump will make mention of it in tonight’s debate, it’s presence cannot escape being concealed if it gives her an advantage. DT

    Sep 26, 2016 26:05 AM

    Germany just said you can’t compare Deutsche Bank to Lehman.

    In other words Deutsche Bank is Lehman. Only worse!

      Sep 26, 2016 26:27 AM

      james we all better hope DB doesnt fail as Lehman sent gold down $250 and silver fell 70% as the US$ rose 20 cents

        Sep 26, 2016 26:13 AM

        Keep in mind that gold was coming off of an all-time high ($1033) at the time of the Lehman hit so that drop loses a lot of significance. Also, the Fed used that period to secure rule-changes that give them more power to “deal” with what’s coming quickly and without regard for the politics of their actions.

        So, aside from some very short term knee-jerk action, I think we are more likely to see the dollar take a dive this time instead of gold.

          Sep 26, 2016 26:04 AM

          kneejerk in gold yes but still $250 drop but no kneejerk in the mining shares as they were crushed! When Europe first had their debt crisis Matt the US$ took off ad the Euro fell .32 andsilver fell from $19.50 to $14.65 along with HUzi from 520 to 365

            Sep 26, 2016 26:15 AM

            James, read my comment again. I did not call 2008 a knee-jerk response. The point is, almost everyone had a reason to sell gold since it had just made an all time high. Smart money would sell it and sell short while everyone else was levered-up to own it – all time highs are made when dumb money piles-on in a frenzy. Now it’s the opposite; the dumb money doesn’t own much and smart money is looking to add to their position. Where’s the juice going to come from to crush it?

    Sep 26, 2016 26:44 AM

    if DB fails gold and silver might take a hit temporarily due to margin calls, liquidation and false safe haven $.

    After that though gold and silver will be the last man standing as banks bail in, banksters go QE to infinity and confidence in fiat paper currencies collapses.

    I say raise it! Raise it to the ground!

    Let DB and all the rest of the central banksters get what they deserve.

    its only after we purge the system, get rid of too big to fail and let bets have consequences that we could finally begin again.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:45 AM

    screw DB, screw Morgan, screw Goldman, screw them all

      Sep 26, 2016 26:50 AM

      thats fine james IF it were that contained…OMG man you sound like the typical gold home insurance and hope your house burns down. A DB failure could create massive global selling destroying many portfolios ….you need help!

    Sep 26, 2016 26:13 AM
    Sep 26, 2016 26:29 AM

    2 Gold Miners Beating The S&P 500 By More Than 2,300% In 2016

    (Should this mainstream headline be taken as a contrary indicator or more of a starting gun for the next leg higher?)

      Sep 26, 2016 26:43 AM

      You need to know the author of a report, before contrarian action or following advice.
      This is not a knowledgeable person particularly. A thirty-something salesman. e.g.

        Sep 26, 2016 26:21 PM

        I would usually agree but the MSM probably doesn’t care about an author’s credentials if it has an angle to promote.

        For example, the MSM sure didn’t mind big names like Gartman, Roubini and Cramer promoting gold in August 2011 but I doubt those names would have been given airtime with their bullish views when gold hit 680 in 2008.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:31 AM

    I suspect the MSM will declare Hillary the winner regardless of her performance.
    So far the media has pretty much controlled who the candidates will be.

    What surprises me is that the general public do not seem to be able to understand and realize how much propaganda is being fed to them.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:45 AM

    jr – news flash – I don’t care what you think!

    Sep 26, 2016 26:46 AM

    Matt, may I ask what your game plan is using Jag as the example owning it at.20 now .70 if a DB crisis hit global markets as it did in 2008 what is your sell signal as we know so many just held as all the gains in the miners evaporated…your exit plan is. what technical suggestion on the charts would tell you to lock in gains ?..TIA

      Sep 26, 2016 26:55 AM

      I trimmed about a third into recent strength but my position was too big to begin with. If I get the coming scenario wrong, I am prepared to hold or buy more. If the bargains in the miners are good enough, I won’t hesitate to sell gold and other assets to raise cash for buying.
      In 2008, only the one company that I sold ended up going off the board. For the rest, I either bought more or held. GORO is one that I watched drop from $6 to $2 (near my average price). I did not buy more but did end up taking my capital off the table around $10 (in mid 2010) and sold the rest in the mid to high $20s. I have owned several juniors that were ultimately delisted, but none were delisted while I was an owner – knock on wood.

      I held a large portion of my 2008 positions in certificate form so it would have been virtually impossible to do anything with them as the SHTF. Even though I no longer hold any certificates (due to my current belief that it is unnecessary to fight the last battle), none of my spec juniors will be dumped into a panic situation.

      Technical/sentiment readings and rebalancing will guide most of my selling until the bull matures and valuation becomes a big driver in that decision-making process.

      We all have to decide what we are comfortable when planning our strategies. It is impossible to throw out a plan that would be right for everyone but I attempt to assess the odds technically (looking for overbought readings and negative divergences) and do my selling when most people are doing most of their buying and feeling confident.

      Right now, I think the dollar and bonds are scarier than stocks and gold is in a far different situation than it was in 2008 – technically/cyclically/fundamentally.

        Sep 26, 2016 26:03 AM

        I would also avoid margin and consider using stops to protect positions that are liquid enough. Stops should not be used with the vast majority of nano to micro cap juniors. Even if your positions are tiny, the spreads that could open up would be devastating to your exit price.

        Sep 26, 2016 26:44 PM

        “I no longer hold any certificates (due to my current belief that it is unnecessary to fight the last battle)”

        I first became aware of this issue with Jim Sinclair’s GOTS campaign.

        So you think it’s okay to hold in street name, DRS and/or paper certificates not needed? Could you explain your reasoning on this point, Matthew?

          Sep 26, 2016 26:55 PM

          No one should copy what I do but I am convinced that enough “liquidity” and whatever else it takes will (continue to) be provided to keep the system together. The system works so well for separating willing participants from their money that I can’t see the case for the big boys letting it go. They will do what they have to and, from a contrarian standpoint, I feel confident about that. Fear has steadily widened its grip for the last decade and now includes an awful lot of “regular” people from what I can tell.

          In light of this, it makes a lot of sense that the risky juniors have had such a spectacular year so far – no one wants risky assets and most are afraid of the wrong risks. Remember, huge moves happen when very few are positioned for them.

          The armageddon trade is so crowded, conventional stocks will probably be stuck in a large trading range for years versus the dollar while they simultaneously collapse versus gold, safe from public scrutiny or recognition.

          I was concerned about systemic risk before 2008 but now I am more concerned about market risks – bonds and currencies in particular but most conventional stocks are unappealing too.

          I agree that it’s a good idea to avoid placing many assets in the care of the banks, but I think most brokerages will be fine. Maybe Al and Cory should do a segment on this.

          When all is said and done (if it ever is), I think a lot of preppers are going to feel like they’ve been had.

          The long wealth transfer is now sixteen years old yet few understand it. It’s ironic that so many are perpetually afraid of some kind of dramatic event “just around the corner” but are oblivious to the fact that they are right in the middle of the event that should really scare them.

          The collapse of 2008-2009 amounted to a huge asset grab. The size of that raid suggests that it will be a long time before there’s another one like it.

          P.s. – Have you noticed how many scared youtube “experts” have only been interested in physical metal for the last few years? Those guys really screwed up by failing to understand the opportunity in the miners – and they were not alone! People like that will help power the rest of this bull market.

            Sep 27, 2016 27:54 AM

            Scared “experts” — Andy Hoffman comes to mind, as he has been a very vocal critic of mining stocks, after his bad experience a few years back.

            Thanks for your response, it makes sense to me, though it seems best not to have all in a form that can be frozen/taxed away/confiscated by a single hostile gov’t entity.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:49 AM

    like I said decisions have consequences

    bets have winners and losers

    wake up!

    Sep 26, 2016 26:55 AM

    james why are you so angry? Im just showing the other sjde of your opinion from truth or history when Lehman collapsed so many portfolios were crushed, sorry your not up 200% owning Mux.Ipt.Bto this year and gold is having a tuff time at $1340 but your very inmature hoping another baning crisis takes place as thats just EVIL

    Sep 26, 2016 26:10 AM

    JR I am well aware of the fallout from Lehman brothers and the credit crises.

    Many people portfolios were crushed, and many peoples live were also crushed.

    I also now many people who tried to do the right thing, like sell their house, rent, not take on excessive debt…were also punished.

    There is two sides to every story.

    Do I want people to suffer and go through another 2008 crises?

    Of course not.

    But do I want justice?


    If that means banks that have exposed themselves to wrong way derivative bets that are blowing up on them, fraudulent behavior, highly leveraged bad bets, and have ripped off the retail public – then yes I want them to fail!

    People need to be responsible for their own investment decisions.

    What is EVIL is greed.

    Take your profit and get out.

    If you stay in and didn’t due your due diligence and it gets crushed, then you have no one else to blame but yourself.

    Of course they will cry they are the victims and once again the people that behaved sensibly and prudently will get punished again, bailing out the people that only want to win, and subsidize the losses.

    I’m not angry.

    And stop the nonsense about being up 200% I could care less.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:32 AM

    well james I tried to have commentary with you but I cant lower myself to your level of thought and regarding 200% gains as nonsense really isnt this site all about trying to make money in gold and silver which I did with many thabks to Matt and his cgart work. wgat Im supposed to be ashamed??? well thats it for me bye KER…Matt will look for your Exit reply

    Sep 26, 2016 26:51 AM

    JR – It is you who are taking the low road.

    First if you made 200% gains in the mining sector this year – congratulations.

    I truly am glad for you.

    However you seem to want to throw it in my face (and perhaps) others which is low.

    First of all you have no idea what my portfolio consists of, and what my profit for the year is. Don’t you think if I am bullish on gold, hold a ton of psychical that I too have mining shares that are doing quite well?

    You sound like a newbie.

    Again you are up 200% thanks to Mattews expertise, congratulations.

    Stop gloating about it, no one cares.

    You seem to be the type that likes to put digs into people to get a rouse.

    Go haunt someone else

    Sep 26, 2016 26:34 AM

    thank you Matt. firstly I agree the last bull in gold 2001-11nobody owned and if they did it wad a 10-20% weighting. my selling approach is a wee bit more agressive using weekly charts as IPT stayed above its 12dma from.27 my position till.85 where I exited and will repurchase when bull trend returns so my approach is more defensive instead of me suggesting a bottom is in thats too risky for my money.thank you Matt. Im back reading and no longer posting…james I feel sorry for you! 😨😨

      Sep 26, 2016 26:10 PM

      Yes, I have a high risk tolerance and managed to sell plenty of IPT (not all of it; not even close) well above 1.10 and into the 1.20s.
      I am currently at above 40% of my January position.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:51 AM

    You don’t need to feel sorry for me – I am doing just fine.

    As far as the last bull in gold goes you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Learn to respect others and win with class

    I feel sorry for you!

    Sep 26, 2016 26:06 PM

    Creepy Hilly and the Don….World wide wonder land….tonight. This should be a good one.

    Sep 26, 2016 26:03 PM

    If there is high margin debt again. Why won’t we have a quick rush for the exits. And another big downdraft in everything – including gold, silver, and the miners.