Weak US Economic Data and a drop in oil to the teens – A look ahead to where markets will go from here

April 15, 2020

Chris Temple joins me today to recap another weak round of economic data out of the US today. Market are moving down along with oil and a wide range of other assets. We discuss Chris’s outlook as the world is still dealing with economies that are shutdown.

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    Apr 15, 2020 15:06 AM


    Possible. China opening up seems to imply it.

    More infections, but no deaths reported.

      Apr 15, 2020 15:35 AM

      Mainland China:
      Apr Last 15 days

      # of cases
      (including C.D.)
      2020-04-01 ​​​ 81,589(+0.04%)
      2020-04-02 ​​​ 81,620(+0.04%)
      2020-04-03 ​​​ 81,639(+0.02%)
      2020-04-04 ​​​ 81,669(+0.04%)
      2020-04-05 ​​​ 81,708(+0.05%)
      2020-04-06 ​​​ 81,740(+0.04%)
      2020-04-07 ​​​ 81,802(+0.08%)
      2020-04-08 ​​​ 81,865(+0.08%)
      2020-04-09 ​​​ 81,907(+0.05%)
      2020-04-10 ​​​ 81,953(+0.06%)
      2020-04-11 ​​​ 82,052(+0.12%)
      2020-04-12 ​​​ 82,160(+0.13%)
      2020-04-13 ​​​ 82,249(+0.11%)
      2020-04-14 ​​​ 82,295(+0.06%)
      For internal cases: No deaths. 1 death reported from entry quarantine.

    Apr 15, 2020 15:50 AM

    Here is an Epoch Times video.
    Watch it and listen.
    Then watch it again and ask “Do these people look worried about catching any disease.”

    My conclusion is that Covid-19 WAS ELIMINATED in Wuhan.

    Apr 15, 2020 15:29 AM

    It will be a testament to the dollar’s weakness if gold can cruise higher from here after hitting weekly “R2” resistance…

    Apr 15, 2020 15:48 PM

    PUSH BACK has started…………
    I said Trumpster had 30 days…..and that was 3 weeks ago……

      Apr 15, 2020 15:49 PM

      Check the footage……….the people have guns……and that is a good sign….screw the politicians……….

        Apr 15, 2020 15:54 PM

        $1200 ……… chicken feed………the “Let them eat cake” mentality of the political classless………is going to hit the fan….

    Apr 15, 2020 15:22 PM

    He, he, ha, ha, ho…………gold going up…….big time….
    THE MINT IS OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Apr 15, 2020 15:48 PM

    America’s Supply Chains in Jeopardy

    by @newswire on 14 Apr 2020

    “Reliance on foreign and malign sources for critical materials is a national security risk. The United States is by far the largest consumer of uranium in the world, yet the country imports nearly all of its uranium from state-owned and subsidized foreign sources, squeezing domestic suppliers and putting the U.S. supply chain in jeopardy. Uranium is designated by the U.S. government as vital to the nation’s security and economic prosperity, and the Department of Interior warned, “This dependency of the United States on foreign sources creates a strategic vulnerability for both its economy and military to adverse foreign government action, natural disaster, and other events that can disrupt supply of these key minerals.”

    “Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE: UUUU) (TSX: EFR) (UUUU Profile), the United States’ largest domestic producer of uranium, has led recent efforts to warn the U.S. government about the security threats to uranium supply chain disruption and the vital importance of having a sustainable domestic uranium sector. If the U.S. fails to act, 20% of the nation’s electricity — and 55% of its clean, carbon-free electricity — may become hostage to malign foreign sources of uranium, and recent events show that any supply chain disruption, benign or intentional, can have devastating impact. Business takes supply chain security seriously, and government should too.”

      Apr 15, 2020 15:23 PM


      The Expert View · Featuring Arthur Hyde – April 15th, 2020

        Apr 15, 2020 15:27 PM

        John Quakes @quakes99

        “Yee-Haw! US-based #nuclear fuel brokers “#Uranium Markets” report an 88c jump in their #U3O8 Broker Price Index today, punching above $32 to close at US$32.13/lb Their Bid/Ask now at $32.00/$32.25 for April 2020 delivery. #SupplyShock ”

          Apr 15, 2020 15:32 PM

          The Uranium Price Is Finally On The Rise – Here’s The Easiest Way To Bet On A Bull Market
          by: Dominic Frisby – 15 APR 2020

          “Stocks have crashed then rallied. People are falling over each other to buy government bonds. Gold is at seven-year highs. Oil has capitulated. Industrial metals are rebounding. Oh, my goodness the noise!”

          “And yet there is one essential strategic metal – Uranium – that has quietly, discreetly crept to four-year highs. I believe it’s worthy of your attention.”

            Apr 15, 2020 15:44 PM

            Uranium Market Commentary, April 16,2020

            by: Doug Beattie

            “So the gloves have finally come off, which is good to see. The announcement of a three month closure of the Kazakh mines tells me that yes, God, Kazatomprom finally realizes they have oligopoly pricing power. They finally have the legitimate reason they have needed to tell their joint venture partners, mostly the Russians, French, Chinese and Cameco, to go get stuffed.

            Since Kazatomprom are the operators of most of these mines their closure also means that their partners are suddenly caught out not receiving Uranium they expected to receive for awhile. This likely has more shock value than actual physical value. In other words, I don’t expect much scrambling around by the recipients of Kazakh production to replace this uranium anytime soon.

            “Apart from Cameco and perhaps the French (Orano) they likely have plenty in the supply chain already.But, this provides Kazatomprom with the rare opportunity to stand back while they watch Cameco run the spot price up to slightly less than the price needed for, say,Paladin or Ur-Energy, to lock in contracts to reopen their mines. I would put the ceiling at about $US38/lbin the short term.With a short term price higher than the term price, fuel managers will finally have the cover to go to their bosses to tell them they think it may be a good idea to lock in some future term supply.”

            “This is the sort of pre-condition Cameco has been trying to orchestratefor three or so years. But thischangeof eventsmay representonly a short-termtrading situation. In other words, when Cameco and/or Kazatomprom announce the reopening of their mines, the spot price party is likely over for 2020. ”


      Apr 15, 2020 15:17 PM

      Ex, if there is one thing this crisis has driven home it is how vulnerable western economies are to supply chain problems with other countries who may or may not be adversaries. The people here know what is going on but when medical supplies are not readily available it forces the public to look at and understand the problem we are facing in so many areas. Finally there is a light being shone on this insanity. DT

        Apr 16, 2020 16:34 AM

        DT – A solid point about all the supply chain issues, and how interdependent the world is on other countries in this global network.

        Warren Irvin, a fund manager had this to say 2 days ago about how the medical supply chain disruption is illustrative of other markets, in this case the Uranium market:

        “Perhaps the US Nuclear Power Utilities will soon learn the same lesson just learned by their health care system. Keeping medical mask inventory low and sourcing them from China bit the health care industry firmly in the ass. For the Nukes, sourcing uranium in the spot market,”

    Apr 15, 2020 15:59 PM

    The Federal Reserve’s Recent Actions to Support the Flow of Credit to Households and Businesses

    April 14, 2020 – Lorie K. Logan, Executive Vice President

      Apr 15, 2020 15:02 PM

      An Alchemist Explains to Joe Sixpack: ‘COVID-19 Alters America’s Hidden ‘War’ Forever’

      Alastair Crooke – April 13, 2020

      “A perception ‘gap’, so wide, you could sail a Cruise Liner through it. On the one hand, we have the looming spectre of recession; a major loss of jobs, and of earnings cratered (some 80% of the global workforce has seen their workplaces closed, or partly closed, as a result of the virus crisis), and on the other hand, the shocking non-sequitur of the U.S. Fed reporting that, despite the crisis, ‘the average consumer expectation for higher stock-market prices one year hence has now surged to 47.7%, the highest on record’.”

      ZeroHedge wryly comments, “Right … because with his job gone, his $400 dollars of emergency savings just spent on a roll of toilet paper, his bank preparing to foreclose on his home, all while a deadly virus lurks in every corner, all Joe Sixpack can think of – is how to get his ‘money on the sidelines’ into the stock market – since it is about to soar to all-time highs. And so, thanks to the Fed’s now grotesque interventions in all capital markets … as the economy slides into a depression, it is only ‘logical’ – we use the term loosely – that expectations of higher stock prices have never been higher.”

      “A freak result, devoid of serious consideration? No. Actually, the paradox rather neatly ties together what is implicit, from that which has been explicit in U.S. policy, both domestically, and in terms of its foreign policy.”