Jordan Roy-Byrne – Despite A Short-term Corrective Move In Precious Metals, There Is A Longer-term Thesis for $4000 Gold and $100 Silver

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, joins us to review the potential for a short-term corrective pullback in the precious metals, within a much larger very bullish pattern that is underway.  We start of by getting some support and resistance levels to note in gold, but then Jordan outlines that within the handle, of the larger decade long cup and handle pattern, that there is a smaller cup and handle pattern developing.   


Despite some short-term consolidation of the recent move higher, he doesn’t see anything, barring a breach below $1900 or $1920, that would signal much downside left in the sector. We move on to discuss Jordan’s outlook for gold to make it to $4000 by 2025, and what that would mean for the silver price, including a scenario where it could even make it to $100 per ounce. 


Next we looked at how the precious metals have underperformed many other commodities that have been ripping higher due to inflationary pressures and the geopolitical tension in Ukraine.  Jordan highlights different potential paths forward for gold and silver if higher inflation and negative real rates are persistent, and how the 2 metals may react to that scenario. However, he also points out an area of concern that with the Fed hiking rates, as the yield curve has now flattened and nearly inverted, that this could induce a recession in the next year, which would hurt commodities and have gold outperforming silver.


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    Mar 09, 2022 09:57 PM
    Mar 09, 2022 09:23 PM

    David Morgan – The Great Reset, Ukraine/Russia, Inflation, Gold & Silver

    I Love Prosperity w/ Jake Ducey – March 6, 2022

    “In this video, David Morgan gives and update on the great reset agenda. there’s many things happening from currency collapse, inflation, Ukraine, Russia, inflation, gold and silver. David breaks down how to make sense of everything that’s happening and gives an update on the great reset.”

      Mar 09, 2022 09:25 PM

      Alasdair Macleod – It’s All Playing Out In Front of Our Eyes | Imminent Reset of Financial System

      I Love Prosperity w/ Jake Ducey – March 9, 2022

      “In this video, I speak to one of the top financial researcher in the world, Alasdair Macleod. He discusses the imminent reset of the global financial system, the debt markets, hyperinflation, and more. We talk about the coming revaluation of Gold to stabilize the financial system, why he loves Silver, and what he thinks is coming next. Alasdair has been one of the top researchers in the world on the debt markets, how this will play itself out in the future, the currency collapse, gold, silver and more. Alasdair has been ‘spot-on’ for most of his predictions and is one of my favorite guests to discuss the financial system, the stock market, and of course, gold and silver.”

    Mar 09, 2022 09:27 PM

    The New Commodity World Order

    by @Goldfinger on 8 Mar 2022

    “In the past two weeks the world has seen unprecedented events for which there is no road map for how to navigate. I will not recite all of the events other than to say that most ‘experts’ did not think Putin would choose to embark upon a full scale invasion of Ukraine. In addition, nobody foresaw the scope and magnitude of sanctions that the West has imposed upon Russia. It’s worth noting that while Russia only accounts for 2% of world GDP, it has an enormous endowment of natural resources, and Russia is a large producer and exporter of these commodities.”

    Each year, Russia accounts for….

    17% of global natural gas production
    11% of global oil production
    11% of global wheat production
    11% of global precious metals production
    10% of global industrial metals production

    “If we add in the fact that Ukraine and Belarus have also essentially been taken offline then we can quickly conclude that the Russia/Ukraine conflict and the resulting economic sanctions have removed a significant chunk of global commodity production. In particular, agricultural commodities such as wheat and potash are now set to experience huge supply/demand deficits. There simply isn’t a way to replace Russian production in niche metals like palladium, or industrial metals such as nickel.”

      Mar 10, 2022 10:49 AM

      Ex – I have seen your interview with Doc Jones about NG Energy

      Do you have a list of Gas producer/explorers

      Canacol Energy is right beside NG Energy and seems to be interesting (6% dividend)

        Mar 10, 2022 10:13 PM

        Hi Thomas – I don’t have a good up to date list of oil and gas producers unfortunately.

        Yes, Canacol Energy is right next to NG Energy and they are the biggest Nat Gas player in Colombia, which is hungry for more supply and the country is a net importer.

        Speaking of NG Energy, we spoke with Serafino today and have an interview going up with them tomorrow, so stay tuned. They just got their pipeline connected and about to start kicking up their Nat Gas production at Maria Conchita, and they’re going to be bringing on Sinu-9 this year, so getting the production flowing and revenues growing should be a key value driver for them.

    Mar 09, 2022 09:55 PM
    Mar 09, 2022 09:06 PM

    CRB:Silver made a new high today before reversing but its momentum high happened at the end of September.

      Mar 09, 2022 09:10 PM

      Yes, Silver has really underperformed most other commodities for the last 2 years, so I could see the white metal starting to play a little catch up here as 2022 unfolds.

        Mar 09, 2022 09:26 PM

        That underperformance began in August 2020 because silver is not “other commodities” but money.
        Commodities are perfectly correlated to the stock market because both are ultimately driven by the economy while silver, like gold, is ultimately driven by monetary issues.
        As I mentioned recently, gold and silver (and their miners) will benefit when commodities finally turn down as stocks have.

          Mar 09, 2022 09:33 PM

          Note that commodities had to catch up to silver first. Following the covid crash lows, silver was up 120% by August that year while the CRB was up 30%. The two are out of sync which is why I don’t talk about one catching up with the other. It’s now time for the monetary metals to outperform everything else once again.

            Mar 09, 2022 09:11 PM

            Good points Matthew. Yes over the course of 2021, I shifted over the largest focus to date over to the monetary metals (about 80% of my portfolio if adding together gold, silver, and PM royalty stocks), and have placed my bets that they’d be the asset class to outperform on the medium to longer term. It sounds really good to me if it is time for the monetary metals to outperform everything else once again.

    Mar 09, 2022 09:21 PM

    GLD Shooting Star :
    Retrace to Crowline? (Fifth Data Point!)

      Mar 09, 2022 09:31 PM

      There’s no shooting star on the daily chart and a lot can happen in the two days we have left in the week so it’s premature to assume the shooting star is a done deal.

        Mar 10, 2022 10:22 AM

        What are the odds, considering those gaps?

          Mar 10, 2022 10:54 AM

          Maybe not great but very possibly better than the daily chart suggests. Gold has already pulled back about $100 and there’s obviously a lot of strength on the bid side while the weekly chart was hardly overdone even before the pullback.

    Mar 09, 2022 09:49 PM

    I think we’ve probably seen the high for oil vs gold but the ratio did hold an important support today.

    Mar 09, 2022 09:20 PM
    Mar 10, 2022 10:22 AM

    Is The Stock Market Starting To Discount An Earnings Recession? Part Deux

    Jesse Felder – The Felder Report – March 9, 2022

    “About five months ago, after the stock market started to correct last fall, I suggested in a blog post the weakness might be due to the fact that it was increasingly looking like there might be an earnings recession on the horizon. Stocks rallied from that point but breadth continued to deteriorate, insider selling surged and the monetary tailwind began to abate.”

    “At the same time, interest rates, oil prices and the dollar have all continued their individual uptrends, putting even greater pressure on both end demand for products and services and the profit margins corporations can earn on them. As such, the probability of an earnings recession, possibly a very significant one, has only grown over the past few months. Small businesses are already signaling as much…”

    Mar 10, 2022 10:18 AM

    Inflation sets fresh 40-year high: February CPI rises 7.9% over last year

    Emily McCormick – Thu, March 10, 2022

    “The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 7.9% in February compared to last year, marking the fastest annual jump since 1982. This took out January’s previous 40-year high rate of 7.5%, and matched consensus economist expectations, according to Bloomberg data.”

      Mar 10, 2022 10:31 AM

      Gold back up over $2000 – Currently at $2006

      Silver back up over $26 – Currently at $26.29

      Inflation has been an ongoing factor in the markets for over a year now (and many would argue much longer than that if looking at real life inflation in prices of goods and services, versus the skewed and incomplete government CPI readings).

      Obviously there is much more going on to the rise of prices in almost everything than just a Ukraine war situation, but it does make a very timely scapegoat, like the pandemic was the last 2 years, to a trend and reality of the markets rolling over and prices set to ratchet higher that was already going to be set in motion. Obviously these exogenous events like the pandemic and Russian sanctions have been clearly been fueling the trend higher, but the financial ground was laid, and the technical setup on the charts was already there, just waiting for a pin to pierce the balloon.

      The base effects ended last summer, and all the price rises we’ve seen and are still experiencing are not simply explained away by supply chain issues with cargo ships off the coast of LA or Russian exports. Not even close. The prices of goods, services, wages, and everything is going up in almost all aspects of life, because people’s purchasing power is being eroded away by 7.9% inflation. Regardless of price of the fiat dollar’s level compared to other equally devaluing fiat currencies in the dollar index (which is really a silly thing to judge things by), the true measure of purchasing power of all global currencies versus gold is extremely telling. Gold is breaking out and making new highs globally in all currencies. (ding ding ding).

    Mar 10, 2022 10:47 AM

    Pop in Emerita is due to lower criminal court in Saville forwarding the 16 criminal cases up to the Provincial Court for consideration. Lower Court evidently found evidence of criminal acts associated with the Anzacollar mine being awarded to the bad guys. This gives more strength to a near term ruling by the Administrative Court to award Anzacollar to Emerita, the only other legal bidder. Thus Emerita up 17% at moment.

    Now up 27.59. Short squeeze most likely with Doc Jones leading the way.

    Mar 10, 2022 10:36 AM

    1st Buy – GRSLF @ $.2144

    Mar 10, 2022 10:06 PM

    Emerita had a good recovery today and chased away a few shorts. Account + 22.62%. Now to go clean windows before the temp goes from 70 degrees to 27.

    Mar 10, 2022 10:29 PM

    SILJ pulled back over 10% from Tuesday’s high to Wednesday’s low and today it had its best close since July 9th. Such action is typical of bull markets as it gets most people doing the wrong thing.

    Mar 10, 2022 10:32 PM
    Mar 10, 2022 10:47 PM

    I wouldn’t be a buyer of GLD based on the daily chart alone but it is holding up very well…

    Mar 10, 2022 10:51 PM

    It’s great to see oil confirm yesterday’s bearish action. This will be good for gold and especially the gold miners.