Brien Lundin – Precious Metals Move Higher Despite Their Supposed Headwinds

Brien Lundin, Editor of the Gold Newsletter, joins us to share his thoughts on the recent trends of higher commodities and precious metals prices, even in the face of rising interest rates, the Fed starting it’s tightening cycle, higher inflation metrics, and the higher US Dollar.   Brien points out that many of these financial data points, so often used by main stream financial media as reasons to steer clear of gold, have actually had either a neutral or even constructive result in precious metals prices.  We discussed that monetary and fiscal issues are going to regain dominance as the primary driver of the precious metals sector, as interest rates approach levels that make the cost of funding federal debt mathematically unpayable.


Next we shift over to silver and the silver stocks, which have not performed as well as gold and the gold stocks since the PM corrective move started in August of 2020.   Brien points out that silver and the silver stocks tend to lag the moves in gold at first, but then end up outperforming the yellow metal and gold stocks as the bull market in precious metals picks up steam.


We wrap with a review of a few mining stocks that Brien likes at present and where he’s see the growth opportunity:  Valore Metals (TSX.V: VO); Libero Copper (TSX.V: LBC);  Goldshore Resources (TSX.V: GSHR); Anacortes Mining (TSX.V: XYZ).



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    Apr 14, 2022 14:45 PM

    GDX vs Gold just had its best weekly close since August 2020. The whole picture bodes well for a good time next week and beyond.

    Apr 14, 2022 14:11 PM

    Earlier today I was looking for another small gold producer with exploration potential and came across Mako(MKO) again, which seems to be ticking all the boxes. They’ve recently reported some good drill results at La Segoviana near San Albino and appear to have a district scale find on their hands. At the CEO of Mako, Akiba Leisman had an extensive commentary going. The stock is suffering from very low volume and is stuck at the .35 – .40 CAD range and Leisman was talking about doing a reverse split to get things moving. Apparently this is not a good idea so I kind of lost interest in MKO because of this and a couple of other things, in spite of the great work they are doing.

      Apr 15, 2022 15:32 PM

      Hi Terry – I’m a shareholder of Mako Mining and feel they are one of the better growth-oriented gold producers out there with how much they can expand their resources, and they are also a show sponsor so we have Akiba on periodically.

      Here was the last interview we did where he lays out their strategy if you are interested in getting an update from the CEO directly.


      (MKO) Mako Mining – 110,000 Meter Drill Program On 7 Core Rigs And 2 RC Rigs To Expand Resources And Production Profile At San Albino Project

      March 2, 2022

        Apr 15, 2022 15:00 PM

        Ex, I’m aware you are a shareholder and some others here may be as well. I did relisten to that interview as well as the one previous to that. There certainly is a lot happening with that company, as Akiba Leisman laid out. I also did a search of Akina Leisman and found some information that might be of interest.

    Apr 14, 2022 14:56 PM

    Freaky Friday………………. Again…………. wonder what pops on this holiday………
    Death , Burial , and Resurrection…………