Hour 1 – New Rules For Treasuries, Metals Stuck, and An Update From Revival Gold
Panel Discussion – Metal Stocks and Sectors
A Focus on Gold and Gold Stocks
Brent Cook: Comments on the overall gold stock market
Markets Shaken By Yellen’s Comments and Weak Economic Data
Big Al’s Panel at the Cambridge House Show – Rick Rule, Frank Holmes, Brent Cook
From the International Letter Writers Conference Big Al talks with Frank Holmes; Rick Rule and Brent Cook
Gold and Commodities Pullback From US and International Drivers
Comprehensives Gold Analysis and Gold Company Updates
Brent Cook on the changing landscape for exploration companies
International Impacts on Precious Metals and Company Updates
Technical and fundamental outlooks for US Markets and Precious Metals
Brent Cook and his outlook for 2017
Brent Cook what it takes to be a buy out company
Investment Potential in Companies and Markets
What to look for in management teams before investing
Brent Cook likes project generator type companies and expresses optimism on the resource sector.
2016 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium
The Global Economic Environment
US economy, gold and resource stock analysis